2007-09-25: Guessing The Future


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Summary: Ben has his first on the job encounter with possible evolved, and lets him go.

Date It Happened: September 25th, 2007

Log Title Guessing the Future

Outside 'Timekeepers', Midtown

Flynn strolls slowly down the street. Pausing suddenly, he turns to look into one of the shop windows along this street. An odd look crosses his face for a moment. Pain? Not really. Turning away from the window, he continues moving in his original direction.

Glancing at his watch, Benjamin is fairly proficient at navigating the crowded New York sidewalks. Just a little early, as is his bad habit. Looking up from his watch, he slips his hands into his pockets, moving a little out of the crowd. This movement puts him up against the shop window Flynn is looking into.

Flynn turning as he notices someone move up next to him, Flynn stops. Regarding the man for a moment, he tilts his head to one side and goes back to looking into the window.

Benjamin is a native New Yorker, but a polite one. Sensing Flynn from the corner of his eye, Ben turns his head in the other man's direction. A polite and guarded smile is made. "Hi." In a not so surreptitious manner, he glances over his shoulder and into the window to see what keeps getting Flynn's attention.

Flynn turns to face Benjamin again, "Hello yourself." The window he's looking in to, contains time pieces of all varieties, and set to different times.

"Oh those are nice," Benjamin says, turning to get a better look without straining his neck. "Which one has your eye?" Something in there has the man's attention!

Flynn smiles, "The one there." He moves his hand to almost touch the glass, "A pocket watch. Like my dad used to have." At the end of his gesture, it sits. A small, white gold pocket watch, seems to be set a few hours ahead of EDT at the moment. "Too bad this place is closed."

Benjamin looks closely at the watch, or best he can through the glass. "That's really a nice piece. The sort that can be passed down. If you have a son.. or even a daughter that would appreciate it."

Flynn lets out a half laugh, half snort. "Not yet eh." He stares through the glass, almost concentrating on the watch. "I'm the one person I can't…" Trailing off, "You have kids my friend?"

Benjamin's brows raise some as he glances sidelong at Flynn, "You're the one person who can't what?" Turning to place his back against the storefront, he looks up and down the sidewalk. "One, a daughter." Not seeing whoever he is on the lookout for, his attention turns back onto Flynn.

Flynn shakes his head, "You're going to think I'm crazy." Looking over to where Benjamin keeps looking, turns back to his new aquaintance, "I can't see me having kids is all…or anything for that matter."

"No, I don't think that's crazy at all. I never expected it, and it happened." Benjamin can be a little fatalistic with a splash of optimism. It's a weird mix. "Just when I thought I had given up, I found myself with a second chance at life."

Flynn shakes his head, "It's not that. I want them…I can't SEE it. I can't SEE anything about myself." His intonation a bot odd he shakes his head again.

Benjamin's brows knit just a little as he contemplates that. "Well.. When I look ahead, I can't really see much of a future. I mean, I imagine that I won't remarry.. I may or may not have any other children." So far, Ben isn't exactly following Flynn's train of thought. "What do mean? The future is kind of … not a blank slate.. There are things that can happen, but it all depends on what happens now."

Flynn smiles, "Not as blank as you would think my friend. Not blank at all." He turns back to the window, "Unless you are me of course."

"Dunno.. there are those psychics with tarot cards and crystal balls that claim they can see the future," Benjamin says with a slight grin. He's not letting on that there are people who can travel in time, or people that can really and truly see the future without hokey aids. "What do you mean by that?"

Flynn shakes his head, "Just a feeling I get. In the pit of my stomach." He looks over at Benjamin. "I told you. It seems crazy…even to me some days."

Benjamin pulls his cellphone out of his pocket and sends a text message, but he's still listening to Flynn. "Really? What kind of feeling? It might not be so crazy, really. I mean some people do have that extra sense about them on things.. Y'know? Like having a gut feeling about who's calling before you even look at caller id or pick up the phone." Text message fired off, the phone is tucked back into his pocket.

Txt Msg: Pssbl evolve. Midtown W. Might see future.

Flynn looks at the phone for a moment. "Something like that yeah. Only sometimes on a more global level."

Benjamin blinks as he ponders that. Deep down inside, it's not so weird. He's heard and seen weirder. "You ever predicted anything?"

Flynn sighs. "How large of an example?"

"Wow.. you aren't kidding then.. Did you like predict something about elections? Or a country attacking another?" Benjamin asks, looking very interested, and his attention directly on Flynn.

Txt Msg: Ttly in the Lincoln Tunnel. FTW timing, d00d.

Flynn shakes his head, "I've never tried. The first time, it was nothing specific. The Challenger disaster. It starts as a feeling something os going to happen. Then next thing I knew, Boom!"

"Huh.. I remember watching that on TV, it was shaping up to be a spectacular launch. I had no feeling about anything happening." Benjamin keeps Flynn engaged in conversation.. partly because he really /should/ fish for information, and he's truly interested. "So the Challenger.. anything else?"

Flynn nods, "Small stiff after that." He stops, "Why you so interested anyway?" Looking back into the window, "Mostly stuff about people I meet. Odd feelings, some good, some bad." His eyes kind of glaze over. "Sometimes I can even see specific things…but I have to think to hard to do that."

Benjamin remains standing with his back to the storefront window, angling himself so that he's facing Flynn. The watches and time pieces on display in the glass behind them. "Does it just happen? I mean, is it something that comes and goes.. oh so you /can/ control it in a way?"

TXT MSG: Out o/tunnel, direct?

Flynn shrugs. "Sometimes it seems I can control it. I think if I concentrate on people when this feeling comes over me, I can get specific. The feelings however, they come unbidden. Like the 9/11 ones."

'What Is Love?' is heard blaring from Benjamin's pocket. That would be his cellphone ringtone. Whups. He reaches into his pocket and pulls the phone out, and answers back. "Sorry, it's work.. Even when I get downtime, they don't leave me alone," he says with a sheepish grin. A grin that fades the moment Flynn mentions that day. "Tell me about it, please?"

Txt Msg: Def. think evolved. Timekeepers, not far from LT.

Flynn shakes his head, "I'd rather not. No one needs to hear about it. Suffice it to say it was worse for me than anyone else. I promise you that." He shivers, but it's not that cold outside, "I wish I could have stopped it…seen something that could have helped."

TXT MSG: B&T or watch him?

"I think.. you would have had to have forseen things farther in advance to have prevented it.. Even then.. No one in the government would have believed you." Strangely, Benjamin is either believing this odd fellow, or he's playing along. The man's attitude is far too genuine for it to be the latter. "I can't even begin to imagine.. It was bad enough being at work that day and seeing things from where I was." His phone goes off again, and his attention drifts down to the message, which he responds to.

Txt msg: Observe for now I think? Don't like b/t.

Flynn shkes his head, "I wish I could have helped. Spent my whole life trying to figure our what causes it." He watches as Benjamin aswers his phone again. "I've taken up too much of your time. I should be going."

Txt msg: U r 2 sweet, Ben. Lemme pick u up. Outside!

As if practically on cue, a slick-looking black sedan squeaks to a halt outside of the shop. The man that pops out has tousled brown hair, glittering brown eyes, and a very distinctive jawline. He stands at the side of the car with his elbows perched on the top. Howdy, Ben!

"Wait.. fudge.. here!" Not too sure if he should knock the guy out, detain, Benjamin reaches into his back pocket. The phone going off again is ignored this time. He pulls out a business card with nothing on it but a phone number. "Here.. No.. you haven't taken up too much of my time at all. This might sound weird to you as well. But I know of a group of people who can help you with this.. gift." Yes.. He called it a gift. He's mildly aware of the sedan that pulls up and the man that steps out. A nod is made in Church's direction.

Flynn turns at the sight of the car. He stops talking now, skeptical of the sudden and convienient arrival of the newcomer. Reaching out to take the card, "Priamtech….You're offering me a job?" He risks a glance at Church. His stomach in knots now, he squints at the man. Glaring at Church, "You…What do you want?"

Church looks just as innocent as he can, what with the always-suspicious black car. "I'm here for Benji, there, is all. Hope I'm not intruding. Business." Lawrence motions a hand towards Benjamin, leaning heavily on the roof of his car and eyeing the others that move past on the road-side.

"It's not a job." Yet. That sometimes comes with the territory of being approached. "Research. There are people out there who can help you. You aren't alone with what you can do." Benjamin is trying the direct approach here, rather than the underhanded way of snatching people that he doesn't agree with. "My name's Benjamin."

Flynn extends his hand, "Theo…Theo Flynn." Casting a suspicious glance at both men, "And you want to help me? How?"

Church keeps his attention only indirectly on the stranger, either ignoring the glance he gets on purpose or just by simply looking away as a taxi scoots past. This is Ben's fishing hole. Lawrence isn't about to start brandishing bait.

Benjamin shakes the offered hand, "It's nice to meet you Mr. Flynn." He turns and holds up an index finger at Church in the y'know, 'one moment' gesture. "Because.. I know what it's like to feel alone with something strange happening to you, around you. You don't know what it is, what's happening to you. There is help out there for you, if you want it." Sometimes even if you don't want it.

Flynn nods. Slowly. "I would like some kind of help with this. But I just met you people. How do I know I can trust you?"

Church feels like a fox watching the henhouse at this point. He smiles at the gesture from Ben, passing the same, grinning expression to Flynn. The agent also takes that moment to look the man over with a quick shift of his eyes.

This would be the problem with the direct approach. You get a silly looking tall man with a white man's afro who looks rather trusting, but looks can be deceiving.. anyway.. tall silly man approaching you and telling you that you aren't alone? Who would trust that anyway? Benjamin looks just a little frustrated.. Talk about trial by fire here. He's never even done a bag and tag! "Because I believe you when you say that you get a feeling about the future. I can do things too." Pause. "Not that.. that's a reason to trust me."

Flynn narrows his eyes. Looking at each of these men in turn. "Very well." That's it. "Benjamin. I wll consider your offer, and will call this number. I promise." He extends his hand again, "One way or another, I will call you. Thank you." Not looking at Church again. "I do not want to have you kee your associate waiting."

Benjamin shakes Flynn's hand one more time. "I believe you." Then again, Ben's still very naive. Despite who he works for. Briefly, he's kicking himself for contacting Church. It's a crisis of conscience. Perhaps he should have taken Mr. Flynn straight to Cass. Too late now for that.. alas.. Letting Flynn part his way, Ben turns and approaches the sedan. "Did I do the right thing? I don't know of any other way beyond kidnapping people off the sidewalk, which isn't right.. unless given no other choice."

Church curls his hands up to perch his chin on them, keeping peripheral vision on the road. Got hit by a car once this month- that is enough. "Sure you did. I just happen to like the other way because it's a lot less messy." Well. That can be contested. Perhaps he means in terms of those that get the one-missing-day treatment and a pair of cute little bitemarks. Less explaining to do.

"A card and a name is really all they need, if they seem peaceful." Lawrence resigns to the fact with a smirk. "You looked like you did alright."

Benjamin walks up to the passenger side of the car, speaking over it at Church. "I didn't see a threat out of him. Just a guy in the same boat I was in a year ago. Trying to make sense of something he's been dealing with." Again. Benji. Naive. Threat? What? "As for bag and tag being less messy.. for who? My experience was being hit upside the head.. The other one my date was kidnapped, and I got punched in the face for not standing down. Seems pretty gosh darned messy to me." But all in all, he seems content with Church's assesment of how that went. Senior agent, a likable guy, professional. His word means a lot.

Lawrence responds with an amused laugh. "Yeeeah. I suppose my first one here was a bit of a…mess too, but usually they go more smoothly. I wonder if New York is naturally more rough than out west. Or maybe we've just got more bumps here. Drugs work well for bagging, FYI. GHB, Ketamine, Chloroform, Rohypnol, chloral hydrate…I suppose in your case you could just knock'em flat, huh?" A finger rises in a thoughtful gesture. Then- "You come out here yourself, or would you fancy a ride somewhere?" The man switches tracks smoothly, raising an eyebrow over the roof of the car.

Benjamin just kind of stares at Church, silently wondering if he's going to reach a similar point.. Where nothing seems wrong about drugging and kidnapping.. Well not so much drugging in Ben's situation.. as Church points out. "I suppose it's better than getting hit in the head." Which seems to happen to him more often than it probably should. "No.. No real reason to be out and around. I was thinking of just going straight back to Kirby Plaza. I don't really know what to do with myself when I get some off time." Which isn't really time off. It's just away from the office.

Want the short version? Yes. Totally.

"With a job like ours, Ben- we never really have off-time." Lawrence grins. "Just not-occupied time. I've learned to manage mine rather well. You'll get used to it, I expect." Hopefully. "Sometimes we'll get lucky and get relocated, too, but unfortunately there's never much vacation time." He sighs and laughs at a stray image in his head. "You'd look so out of sorts stationed in Vegas, buddy." Even the idea is funny. Ben. In Las Vegas.

"Yeah. It's just.. adjusting. I just have to look at it like an extended tax season. I used to only go home long enough to shower and change." Benjamin frowns a little at the idea of being relocated. Sure New York is crowded, noisy, but it's his home. He doesn't want a relocation. Blinking, he looks directly at Church. "I never thought about that possibility. A relocation. I've never even visited Vegas." Which is something that might need to be corrected. "Come to think of it.. I rarely leave the eastern seaboard."

Church eyes Benjamin over the top of the car. "Rarely. Does that mean at all? How far south have you ever been?" Now this is just Lawrence being pokey.

Benjamin thinks about this a moment, drumming his fingertips against the roof of the car. "Washingon DC. There was a CPA conference, it got a little wild." Drunk accountants. They get /wild/. "I didn't even leave the state for college. Syracuse."

CPA Conference. Syracuse. Lawrence looks…sad? There's disappointment in his eyes. Oh, Benji. You poor, sheltered man. "Wow. Not even sunny little Florida?" As if that might somehow change the answer. "Just the phrase 'CPA conference' sends a chill up my spine." No offense, of course.

Benjamin is indeed a sheltered man. Or rather, just not a very adventurous one. It must be from his unknown and very absent father. Because his mother? The woman would probably skydive at 80. He shakes his head, "Not even Florida.. and that's okay. Most people have that reaction to hearing CPA Conference. I'll spare you the jokes about the IRS tax code." Which is scary. "Hey.. are you hungry?"

Please spare me. Church can't help but laugh at Benjamin's…normalness. It's almost sickeningly adorable. "You need to get out more, you know." And then comes the essential Do Not Ask from his mouth.

"Of course I'm hungry, I'm a man." He doesn't elaborate with 'I'm a bottomless pit', however.

Benjamin is painfully normal. And unadventurous. But he's coming out of his shell little by little with exposure to people like Church. He laughs though at Church's explanation about being hungry. "There's an Irish pub not too far from here, supposed to be good. Let's go."

A hand motions toward the passenger side of the car. "Good idea if I ever heard one." It was a straightforward question from Ben, but Lawrence isn't going to counter it. Nope. No sir. He's even getting back in the car.

Benjamin takes that as the cue and invite to get his butt on in, which he does. Church must /really/ be hungry.

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