2007-08-26: 'm no' a Guinea Pig


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Summary: Mohinder checks in with Megan

Date It Happened: August 26th, 2007

Log Title 'm no' a Guinea Pig

Primatech - Hartsdale Facility

It took some work, some promises of cooperation on all parts.. maybe even some paperwork signing.. but Mohinder came through. He got Megan out of her cell and into a more comfortable room. It's still more or less confinement, meaning no outside access, she's still under watch and security.. but it's a nicer room all the same. Lab coat shed for now, Mohinder knocks at Megan's door, a thick folder under his arm, containing the woman's charts and assorted information, recent test results.

While she's still in confinement and still under the impression that what has happened to her is wrong, Megan at least has nicer rooms to deal with now. Her arm is healing nicely and soon her cast will be off. Things are slowly looking up. Now, if only she could convince them to let her go and never bother her or her brother again, things would be perfect. The knock on the door is met with a "Come in." Not exactly friendly, but not as openly hostile as she was in the past.

Unfortunately, things aren't as easily done as that. The Company wants Megan for her power, it's hard to wriggle away from that. When permission is given to enter, Mohinder opens the door and slips into the room, shutting it behind him. "Good afternoon Miss Deatley," he says with a pleasantly friendly smile. "I was going over yesterday's test results. We're moving along quite nicely and your control is getting better."

"Dr. Suresh," Megan greets. It's somewhere between cordial and cold. Just because she has nicer prison rooms doesn't mean she's forgotten where she is. It's still just a prison with a higher thread count on the sheets. "S'mean I'll stop faintin' when people touch me?" That she's actually curious about knowing. Something she's actually willing to ask seriously, a touch optimistically.

"I hope so.. give it time however.. It takes practice." Mohinder's smile never wavers, even at the reception he gets. "I hope the fainting is just the body and mind's initial reaction to using your ability. The tests we've run are inconclusive on that point. My initial observations are that until you gain further control, the fainting is temporary. Another patient I've been working with, she was having violent reactions to her ability when touching things. It would cause her to pass out for several minutes to as much as a few hours. I was able to create an injection to counter that based on results from testing.. It works very similar to the way an anti-depressant corrects chemical embalances in the brain." In other words.. something along the same lines could be devised and tested for Megan.

"'m no' a guinea pig. " Megan glances over at Mohinder and then looks away. "If I faint, I faint." All the testing, the drugs, they don't sit well with her. She understands that they're actually helping her and that she's starting to get better control over what she can do, but still. The whole kidnapping and broken arm thing has colored her pretty upset about the whole experience. "Wha' happened to the other guy. Was in here, too. Namir, think his name was."

"I know that.. which is I wouldn't test anything on you without your consent." The same as Mohinder did for Mara. "If you should change your mind, just know that option is on the table. The decision is yours." He settles himself down in an empty chair in the room, the files are placed in his lap. No sense getting into the technical jargon right this minute. General conversation might help Megan relax further here. "Mr. Dayan.. he was allowed to go home already… I know you don't agree with it, and to some extent I don't either.. Sometimes, we take people who could be perceived as a threat, or those we aren't sure what their ability is. I prefer a more direct approach rather than simple kidnapping a person. This was the case with Mr. Dayan. I think it was a mistake for him to be brought here. He had full control and knowledge of his abilities."

"Oh, wha'!" That suddenly sets Megan into sitting straight up, full attention on Mohinder. "Why'd he get to go home, while'm still stuck in here?" Now she's annoyed. This man showed up after her and then left before her. Where is the justice in that? Sure he was nice enough and she's glad he gets to go home. But what about /her/? "Was a mistake to bring /me/ here. Just faintin' isn'nough to keep me here!"

Mohinder patiently waits for Megan's temper to flare, and for her to have her say. "Because your ability.. we don't fully understand it just yet. Some abilities are more complicated than others and require more indepth study and testing. Miss Deatley, it's not so much fainting as that you are possessing the bodies of others. Right now.. it appears to be a simple brief inhabiting of another's mind.. but are you able to control their body? Can this be done at will? What continues to happen to /your/ body when this takes place? We don't know."

"Ye dinna understand it. S'no' a good enough reason to keep me here." Her temper doesn't so much deflate as dissipate slightly. Megan is still obviously bristled by the idea and she slumps against her chair with an unhappy expression on her face. Absently, she itches at the skin where her cast ends. "Dinna ask for any of this. Dinna ask to…to…wha'ever it is ye think I do." So why does she have to be punished for it? Doesn't seem right.

"I know you didn't.. nobody asks to be born different, special, to have extraordinary abilities. You were born with these gifts for a reason.. and please.. don't think of this as punishment. You aren't being punished." Mohinder's tone turns more gentle as he tries to get through to Megan. "Let me ask you this.. if I were to have approached you on the street, or appeared at your home, told you I suspected that you had a gift.. asked you to come with me for testing, where I could help you.. would you have believed me? I regret that you were brought in with force. The decision was made by those who thought you might cause an accident."

"'M no' bein' punished?" Megan gives Mohinder an incredulous look. As if he just told her that his hair was just that pretty naturally. "'Ve go' my arm broken, stuck in a room, canna get out, canna speak ta my brother, canna speak to anyone I care about. They probably think 'm //dead/ or something." Exasperation is plain on her face as she idly tugs on some of her auburn hair. "If ye were on the streets with tha' line I'da thought ye were tryin' to sell me something. At my door, that ye were trying to convert me to Mormonism or something. But if ye were actually nice 'bout it, I'd like to think I'd hear ye out."

"No.. you aren't being punished Miss Deatley.. and again.. I cannot apologize enough about your arm. It was an unfortunate accident. I just want to help you here. To make you comfortable, and to help you with your ability." Mohinder remains patient with the woman.. and yes.. his hair is that pretty naturally. "I'm sorry that I can't erase the slate and give you a 'do over' on this situation. The decision to bring you in did not rest in my hands.. if it had.. I would have approached you differently. As for your brother.. would you like to write him a letter? I got out a letter from Mr. Dayan to a loved one for him."

"Mebbe not by ye, but whoever ye work for." There is no delusion that Mohinder is in charge and that by sucking up to him, he'll let her out. She has no idea who she'd have to talk to or rough up in order to secure a get out of jail early card. "If ye wanna help me, get me out of here." There's not exactly a pleading tone to her voice, but this is a bit of a plea. She's been here for at least a month. All she wants to do is go back to her normal life. "I'd do that. But I've got no way to trust ye wouldna read it or if ye'd even get it to him. Just somethin' else to try and make me more compliant."

Mohinder inclines his head in a nod before rising from his seat. "Miss Deatley.. again I'm sorry. I'm doing what I can for you. The progress however cannot be forced. I want to work with you more later in a controlled environment with another test volunteer." His expression is apologetic as he continues, "And I don't blame you. You have no reason to trust me, beyond the fact that I've not harmed you. I have kept to my word on getting you a more comfortable room with your cooperation."

"Ye wanna have me /test/ on someone?" Megan looks horrified. Not only does she not like the idea of showing anyone who doesn't know already about her ability, she doesn't want to knowingly possess someone just to see what she can do. It's weird. "Ye've no' harmed me /yet/." There's always the possibility in the future. Especially with this crowd. "I know." Grudgingly she looks around her. It's a lot nicer than the cells she was in previously. "Thanks. I guess." For that.

"Yes.. only on a volunteer of course. If we can't find one, then you may practice on me." Mohinder says kindly with a faint smile. "And I don't intend on harming you Miss Deatley. You have my word on that." He looks around the room, while it's not much, it's better than the cell. "You're welcome. Is there anything else you might like that would make things more comfortable?"

"Mm." Of course he would /say/ that it's a volunteer, but Megan's not sure. This place is filled with those loop holes. People who /seem/ nice, but who hide something. But, she knows the game now. She has to play nice if she wants to get the cheese at the end of the maze. "I'll keep ye to that." His word, that is. "Nah." Then there's a pause. "Ye made me some o'that chai stuff awhile ago. Though' it was poisoned. S'it really any good?"

Mohinder gives Megan a very genuine smile, "It's quite good.. and not poisoned. Unless you're allergic to the contents. Black tea, cinnamon, cardamom.. it's quite tasty with sugar and milk. If you would like to try it, I will be more than happy to bring you some."

"If ye dinna mind." Megan looks around her. While it's more comfortable than her cell, there's not really a kitchen to speak of. Or, anywhere. "S'no' much in the way of good food around here." For a moment, there's something almost like a hint of a smile. "Thank ye." Not an almost sort of thank you, but a thank you.

"It will be my pleasure.. and I think you have more friends than you realize here." Mohinder says with a smile before leaving the room.

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