2007-08-17: DF: Gun Shop Gomers


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Summary: Bonding over weapons maintenance in the Alliance safehouse. Note that this is the first Alliance scene in which nothing happens. (And even then we couldn't stop from starting something at the end.)

Dark Future Date: August 17, 2009

Gun Shop Gomers

An Alliance safehouse - an abandoned building in New York City

Lee comes back from patrol to one of the safe houses, where Rochelle and William are re-arming from one of the last stashes that was able to be brought in. Homeland Security has found several of them, and of course, there's no more guns or bombs from the Saints and no support coming in from outside. It's a matter of making less go further these days. Lee has a gas can and a backpack full of carefully arranged bottles. Aileen's still in her 'moved around a lot' mode, to confuse any pursuers or clarivoyants, so she happens to be here too.

William is reloading a clip from a box of bullets. He's sitting against one wall, the picture of relaxation, if you don't notice the already loaded gun beside him. Hey, at least the safety is still on. "You know, I've always wanted to try making bullets." William states his tone quiet.

If there's anything Aileen tends to do now that she's out, it's watch and listen. Mostly because, if she can't contribute, she wants to be fully aware of whatever she can until she's given an opportunity /to/ contribute. She glances over at William and his bullets, but says nothing.

At this point, even personal stashes have been dipped into. For Rochelle, this means more papery resources and what she had used before in sport. Guns is guns is guns. The woman sits at a table nearby, the metal top filled with all manner of arms; she appears to be cleaning them bit by bit and making sure that they work before either passing them on to be matched with bullets or set up as a reminder to get more. Rochelle has a simple nine millimeter pistol picked apart at the moment. Her eyes flicker up to look at William when he breaks the monotony. "Never thought about it. Might not be a bad idea to learn at this point, y'know." Can't buy everything these days.

Lee says, "Aren't there, like…presses or something to make shotgun shells with?" His virtually complete ignorance of all things gun-related becomes absolutely clear when his confident voice says something so completely obvious. "Not that we have a lot of empty shells lying around. If we'd known we'd hit this wall so soon, we would have saved our empty bullets." It's called 'brass', idiot. "I guess the good news is we don't fire a lot of shots on our operations."

William says, "Yeah. Then we'd have to melt down some metal to fill the press. And gunpowder. Never done it myself though. I think it would be fun." Because Will's idea of fun these days is quite weapons based. "Whose got the extra silverware?" He asks before he looks over to Rochelle with a quick smile. Yes, working with weapons is his idea of fun."

"We don't fire because we don't need to." Their aim is always more subtle. "The less mess we make, the less to clean." Rochelle turns her head to raise both eyebrows at Lee. Then she makes a disgruntled face back at William. "I'm not opening my storage until we're melting down our zippers, I'll tell you now." The pistol in pieces on her lap and the table is now getting put back together with a few successive clicks of metal on metal. "I have some stuff, but only if we need it bad. The city is full of shit, I don't see why I need to use mine." She is content enough with that to smile lightly.

Lee says, "If there's one thing we're not short of, it's useless metal debris." He leans forward and puts his face in his hands. He's exhausted. "I still can't believe they found the cache we had up in the rafters at the old community hall. They must have torn the place apart."

"All we need is gunpowder, or a chemist with supplies to make it, and a mold for bullets then. Hopefully it won't get to that point." Even if Will really wants to try it. "And the less noise we make, the better. If we do have to take someone out, slitting their throat or snapping their necks is better anyway. Less likely to draw more attention to us."

Lee shudders reflexively. He doesn't like planning to kill someone - even in contingency, where he knows it's necessary.

Rochelle gets in a chuckle before William even finishes the last part. "I smashed yesterday's guard right into the wall. I think I broke his face, but it worked." The amusement there dies away when she sees that Lee is visibly troubled by a few things at once, it looks like. Rochelle clears her throat and sets aside the pistol on the table only to pick up another. "I guess they figure to just look in the 'people's' buildings first or something." She probably knows about Lee's reluctance for killing, maiming, and otherwise injurious situations, so she moves the topic back to his field just a little.

Lee says, "Well, you know, it's a cache, we've come and gone from the place before. Someone must have seen us, and talked. Normally people have been willing to look the other way, since we try to help the community, be there for the community. Not anymore." He leans back. "Who can blame them? Maybe we had the President stashed in there." he tries to joke.

"I don't get why anyone feels loyal to him. Fear, I guess." Will says setting the now full clips aside. He stands and moves to take a whetting stone off a box, starting in on sharpening some knives. "Sounds like fun, Rochelle." He jokes darkly.

Rochelle allows her fingers a flighty tapping over the edge of the silver pistol in her hands, the other set of fingers holding tight to a Swiss Army Knife's tiny screwdriver. "I'd just /love/ to know where he is." Her voice is clenched, but she passes the next thought by when she finishes speaking the prior one. "It /was/ fun. 'CRUNCH'." Sound effects fix everything. "Poor kid didn't see it coming though, I had him pissing his pants by pretty much just /being/ in that Sergeant's uniform."

Lee seems aware that Aileen is here and up until a few days, she /was/ loyal. He says, "Fear and the opportunity to get ahead. It's not rocket science. He has the power, he gets to dole it out to those that are loyal. And whoever they get to replace him - the Vice President, or whoever - people will shift their loyalties to him, and the system will continue to function, and nothing will get better - in fact, I'm going to guess the successor will be, unless we make some political progress, one million times worse, because they'll have a stronger support base." He grins at Rochelle. "A busted nose, some smoke inhalation, and…was he Evolved? Did you turn him off?"

William gives Rochelle another quick smile for the sound effects. He starts with one of his own blades in the sharpening, this one worn in a holster at his boot. "We'd be way too lucky to have a better successor. Life doesn't seem to go like that anymore."

Rochelle nods once, a tight-lipped smile on her face. "Yeah. But not like that cryo back in the data-grabbing business. Telekinetic, helped me push the stretchers in. I just gave him a sticky dose. Same effect, but it can wear off if someone tries enough." Back to president stuff again, too? Ugh. She hates to even think about them directly. Her brown eyes flicker toward the silent form of Aileen, but just for a moment. "Who says we would have to wait to have someone step up? Cut the head off the snake and just stomp the rest to death. Coups aren't just for Africa." She catches herself quickly with a following 'fft' to herself. "Who am I kidding."

Lee says, "Yeah. I'm not at liberty to say exactly how many we have… But there's a reason the standard order of battle is to /dis/-engage. Right now every resistance member is, as far as the public is concerned, a torturing asshole. They have a word for guerilla forces that don't have the support of the people. Corpses." He ponders. "Maybe there is an opportunity here, though, to squeeze some concessions from the government. We'll denounce the kidnapping and help resolve the situation if you restore non-Evolved civil rights and habeas corpus?" He then grins: "Now I'm the one kidding myself."

William shakes his head over to Lee. "That would be kidding yourself. A coup is just a dream, but it's such a nice one." He states. Aileen gets a look from him as well before he goes back to the shiny knives. Pretty.

Shaking her head a little, Aileen just smiles weakly. "I don't know where any of it's going anymore. I'd just like to live, I'd like other people to live, and really.. just as few more deaths that need to happen should happen. I think the ground's stained enough. Can't say I know how everything should be solved.. I just think we're all dangerously close to losing our humanity if we keep this whole thing up for too much longer."

Rochelle lolls her head back a moment with a grin. "I hear the Yukon is nice. If I was less I'd have been gone a long time ago." Then she probably would not be here cleaning out pistols with rags that used to be flags. Figuratively. Literally, this one was probably a shirt. "I'll be honest. I'm tired. Not done yet, though. Personally I'm hoping Darth Petrelli's guys trip up /for/ us. Feels like we're chasing each other around the tree and nobody has the claws to climb it."

Lee says, "That's one of our big advantages, we're tactically agile enough to take advantage of mistakes by the opposition. Like the current chaos, we're going to be able to successfully hit a lot of detainee camps. Now if we can just work out where they are going to end up, it will be a huge relief…" He seems somewhat distracted by the thought, then adds: "There are other places in the world, Rochelle, if you ever want to move on, you've already done a lot more than we could reasonably ask of you."

William looks over to Lee. "Count me in on whatever you need to get them out of the camps and relocated." He slips his knife back into it's sheath and takes one of the extras turning it to look at the steel before he starts to sharpen it. "I don't want people to have to die. But if it's for the good of a large number of people, then I'll snap their necks or put a bullet in them without a second thought. As quickly and painlessly as I can." William aims the comment towards Aileen, his tone even.

"I'm not leaving til things are done." Rochelle says this only to Lee, though. "It'll end eventually. But not if I move to the Canadian Wilds." Smirk. "I'm too useful to just leave. Now, if I were mean, that would be another story." As the clean pistol finds the end to a quick wipedown, Rochelle preemptively eyes a rifle across the table. "But I'm not, and inside I'm the same old bleeding heart I always was."

"I understand. I don't think it can be done entirely painlessly. But I'm saying that the fewer deaths.. the better. Enough have already died. I mean, if I had to die in order for a bunch of people to live.. I'd do it. Doesn't mean I want to die, though." Aileen glances over to Rochelle for a moment, giving a nod. "For my part, I'm glad you're helping." She glances to Lee. "I'm sure we can hit a lot of them, but we need to be careful. Even without the President there to cause problems.. the others in the government that are still around are very good at what they do. George, Mr. Donovan.. then there's always Erin McCarty.. who could easily kill us all in an instant if she ever decides to snap."

Lee replies, "People never really change all that much, which is comforting and scary at the same time. Who the hell is Erin McCarty?" They haven't really had a chance to debrief Aileen yet.

"No, it can't be entirely painless, likely, but it can be over quickly or you can let people hurt and hurt and hurt." And Will doesn't like torture. "The more the merrier." He says to Rochelle with another quick smile before he turns to listen to Aileen's reply to Lee.

Rochelle has her bewildered attention trained on Aileen now. What's this about instantaneous death?

There's a blink, and Aileen glances back to Lee. "You mean, you haven't heard of her yet?" The doctor lets out a breath. "Well, let me first start by saying.. I'd recommend getting rabies vaccinations as soon as possible. That's one of her favorites. It's bad enough that she's got an Evolved ability to cause disease, but.." Aileen shakes her head. "I'd never really met her before, not til the meeting held after the President was grabbed. She's completely off her rocker. She apparently even gives the people she /likes/ diseases. I don't know if she reports directly to the President or what, but she's not right in the head. She seriously wanted someone to give her the command to just come out and wipe out everyone. She hasn't, yet, but there's no guarantee she won't just get in and give us the most infectious thing she can think of."

Lee doesn't seem too freaked. "If you haven't noticed, we don't take a lot of things personally, and as a result, we don't tend to target specific people either. We're keep our eyes on the goal. There've been other Presidential attack dogs capable of levelling the city before. With Evolution the way it is, from what I can tell, we can expect a constant stream of people like that for the rest of the time humanity exists." he says. "But vaccinations…that's a good idea, and one we might be able to actually work up."

William looks over to Lee. "I'm sure the docs would be only too happy to get to stick us all with needles." Yes, there's humor there. "It is good to know what the next threat may be, though. There will always be someone, but this may allow us to be better prepared." Will states as he reaches for another knife.

Rochelle has the ordinary response of having her eyebrows lifting into the stray hair always over part of her forehead. Her brain crickets give a few chirps before she lowers one brow to squint over at Lee. "See, now, I'm glad I didn't choose to move to Canada." The large woman gives a short huff before shifting in her chair. "Levelling the city with an explosion or giving it deadly, fast acting HIV is a /little/ different, /Leto/." This is somewhere between serious and teasing Lee because there was simply an open spot for a dose of it. "Plus, she works for them. That counts against the whole 'there are lots of people like that' bit. And the sprout over there said she was crazy as a loon. Vaccines can only do so much, even if they'll help."

"Mm. But the only thing that makes me worry is that she's.. definitely not all there. I mean, /everyone/ might have to watch out for her. If we can get ahold of vaccinations, great. Get them to everyone you can. There are other abilities that can hurt, but that one.. she just needs to infect one little child and send them in and we could all come down with something." She rubs her neck. "It never hurts to be cautious."

Lee replies with the same calmness, "I'm not saying it's not a threat, I'm just saying, there'll be another one after her, and there was another one before her. Remember when the lightning guy was going to blast us all to pieces with one flex of his brain? We're still here and he's gone." He nods. "It's a threat, no question." And adds: "/Lee./"

"Might be worth taking her out. Chelley should be able to damp down her powers." If she's going to call Lee Leto, William will dub her with a name of his own. Maybe she'll just give all the President's people rampid Herpes and distract them, though."

Lee snorts. "Wouldn't take long for /that/ to spread." he says sardonically, and just for a second he sounds like he used to, way back in the day. Before anyone can react to this, his headset bleeps and he flips down the mic. "Go." he says. "Yeah….yeah…ah no. Okay. Well, get the survivors under and I'll be over there to check the damage." He lifts the mic back up. "No rest for the wicked. Thanks for the info, Aileen. I'll see you two gun-wielding maniacs up the road." he says as he hefts himself to his feet.

Rochelle purses her lips smartly, sitting up and pretending to clean the pistol in her hand. "But, there's the time period in between when they won't have someone like that. Gotta find a replacement before you can use it. It'd probably be worth a shot, seeing what we can do about her." As Lee gets called into something new, she hums back into work. This working song is for Lee. Who she probably thinks needs it. "—Some gal would giggle and I'd get red, and some guy'd laugh and I'd bust his head, I tell ya, life ain't easy for a boy named Sue~…" Later, Lee. That means 'Good Luck'.

William looks over to Lee. "Do you need backup?" He asks towards the man he once taught with. He's eager for anything these days, really, so long as it doesn't involve sitting still.

Lee says, "No, but they will at 36th and the blockade line. Go via underground." Lee's a lot more mobile than William, and he needs to move fast, it seems, which means walls and ceilings and big arcing jumps through the city. On his way out, he says to Rochelle: "Har har har. You know, I'm actually sort of relieved you don't know Leto's a guy's name. It speaks well of your taste in books." She'll get hers later.


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