Gwen Louis
Portrayed By Emma Caulfield
Gender Female
Date of Birth Month Day, Year
Age 35
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Aliases Gwen
Place of Birth Long Island, NY, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Gold digger. High class Call Girl
Known Relatives She has brothers and sisters. Somewhere.
Significant Other Grant - someone she sponges off of. Lots of ex-husbands.
Known Abilities None
First Appearance To Chinese Slavers

Some may call Gwen a gold digger, a heartless woman. She thinks of herself as just a good time girl.


Gwen grew up on Long Island with a family that was well off. The Louis' weren't terribly rich, but they were definitely above middle class. The baby of the family, she was spoiled and liked it. Able to bend her father's will with the right pout or perfectly timed tantrum, she got anything that she wanted and grew quite used to that arrangement.

After high school, she forwent college in favor of cruising the Hamptons in search of rich men with her friends. Why study boring subjects when you can just marry some billionaire and live comfortably for the rest of your life? That didn't work quite so well for her, as apparently rich men liked beautiful blonde girls with no education for flings, but not for their Fortune 500 wives. So, Gwen decided to get an eduction in baking. That didn't require silly reading or writing papers. She went to culinary school for desserts, planning on only using it to cook up a rich husband. Or meeting one of those famous chefs and having him sweep her off her feet.

Though she turned out to be a dynamite baker, Gwen certainly didn't want to end up working in some floury bakery. She wanted to be a trophy wife. So, back out to the Hamptons she went. And finally snagged herself a rich man. However, only a year of marriage, she realized that being married just wasn't for her. Plus, her husband didn't really like the way she spent all their money. However, she got a nice settlement from the divorce and she went on to find husband #2. Rinse, repeat. As long as she got money from the divorce, she was happy.

Somewhere along the line, Gwen ran out of men. Yes, it is indeed possible. It was at this low point that she met Grant Fitzpatrick. She met him at one of those intellectual parties that she once in awhile dropped in on. Determining him to be an egghead sucker - come on, he's from Iowa - she decided to seduce him as a sort of placement man until she found someone else. She must have been right in something since the two did hit it off and she managed to wriggle her way into his apartment where she stayed for many months, sponging money off of him and paying for nothing that she could help paying for.

After a couple months of this, she left without any sort of explanation for greener pastures. Or as green as she could get. Realizing that she may not be able to marry and take men for all their worth any more - her reputation preceded her for most of the men she wanted to do that with - she did the next best thing. She started sleeping with men for an already established price. She was not a whore, she was something classier than that. A call girl. She was someone that rich men could take to parties and show off on his arm and then take her home with him for the naughty parts. It's the sort of arrangement that suited Gwen as she never saw sex as anything else but a means to an end.


March 2007

April 2007

  • Takes Grant's credit card to treat herself to some drinks. She gets treated to a show along with those.
  • Out for the night, she ends up singing on the bar of the Fly by Night with Benjamin who is out drinking away his break up with Angie.
  • Another night at the Fly by Night yields very different results when blood and scariness confronts Gwen and a couple of other strange souls.

May 2007

  • Has a night of unreasonableness when she meets Desmond.
  • Again at the Fly by Night, Gwen runs into Desmond, but doesn't remember him at all.
  • Swinging by the Den of Iniquity, Gwen stumbles upon a fight between Jessica and Jack. After picking Jessica's pocket, she finds herself recruited for the Vegas heist.
  • In Vegas, Gwen, D.L. and Niki attempt to knock off a Casino. Things don't exactly go according to plan. (Ante Up, Deal, House Wins)
  • After everything goes wrong for Niki during the heist, she and Gwen meet up in the drop off area. She takes her money and runs.

July 2007



  • Grant: Insane. You. Kind of missed it.
  • Gwen: Of course you did. Sanity is boring.
  • "Everything okay back there? Okay! Great! Good! You just keep doing what you're doing. With the screaming and stuff. I'm going to go the other way!"
  • "If you're going to make with the murdering, would you mind doing it /after/ I get my drink and once I can move out of blood spattering range? This outfit's dry clean only."
  • "What the hell'd you do to piss off Legs? She looked like she was about to either fuck you or kill you. And neither one was gonna be the way you wanted it."
  • "Dying's for losers."
  • "Cheer up, honey. Millionaires are never sad. They pay other people to do that for them."


  • Gwen is an exceptional baker.
  • If you're looking to be one of her clients or ex-husbands, @mail or page!


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