Hailien Hunter
Portrayed By Emily Browning
Gender Female
Date of Birth June 23, 1992
Age 15
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Aliases Hail
Place of Birth New York City, NY, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Student
Known Relatives Janet Hunter(mother), Matthew Hunter(father)
Significant Other None
Known Abilities Phasing
First Appearance —-

Hailien Hunter is a fifteen year old student and resident of New York City, with the ability to Phase.


Hailien 'Hai' Elizabeth Hunter was born in a small suburb of New York City, New York, on June 23, 1992. She is the only child in her family, her mother, Janet, being a pre-school teacher, and her father, Matthew, a computer programmer. She leads a semi-typical life for her first years, perhaps a bit advanced in her age as she loved to read, a trait that her mother fostered in her so that she would be well-prepared when she started elementary school. Hailien is also unaware of the fact that she is a twin, but her younger sister died in childbirth.

Elementary school was pretty traditional as far as things went- Hailien got an A-B average pretty steadily, and she always seemed to fit in well. However, she had the oddest ability to appear right when she was needed, even if she was classrooms away. This was passed off as good intuition and attention, never though of as odd. It was in middle school that her power finally revealed itself, when Hailen, hurrying home one day because her mother was injured, was followed, by someone she didn't know. She literally phased through her front door, and that's when the fun times began.

Tests were given- nothing seemed wrong, and it wasn't a bad ability, just useful, and it explained many things about her past that she couldn't explain before. She went to high school, where even then she used her power, even if it was just to grab a schoolbook if she was running late. She's recently turned fifteen, and it's late in the first semester of her sophomore year. Where life is taking her, she has no idea…


  • In March
  • Hailien's soccer team wins a scrimmage match. Go JFK High School! She meets up with a variety of people, including Niki, whom she remembered from the bank robbery. Chaos ensues. What.
  • Hailien's soccer team, practicing in the gym, departs right before TKO does. Hailien stops by to watch the rest of the show, and she and Chris meet. Nextel guest-stars, and there's certianly something going on, there. 'Next' Time
  • Hailien, at NYU Campus, returning one of her books, walks across a party going on during Spring Break. Chaose ensues, she nearly gets caught, and she gets put up on Youtube.
  • In April


  • There's something missing. I don't know what, but somethings missing.


  • Twin.
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