The Haitian
Portrayed By Jimmy Jean-Louis
Gender Male
Date of Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Zodiac Sign Unknown
Aliases The Haitian
Place of Birth Haiti
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Company Eraser
Known Relatives Guillame (Father, deceased), "Baron Samedi" (half-brother)
Significant Other
Known Abilities Mental Manipulation (Memory Erasure, Power Suppression)
First Appearance One Giant Leap


The Haitian is a mysterious man from Haiti recruited by the Company and partnered with Noah Bennet to aid into the investigations of evolved human. He is an evolved human with the ability to manipulate people's minds. The Haitian is also very religious, and openly wears the Symbol around his neck.


Notable IC appearances on Heroes MUSH:

2011-02-11: Prestidigitonium plunderbunnyplunderbunny
adam carl haitian lillian ophelia
2010-02-04: Unlikely Heroes for Haiti SerotoninSerotonin
adam haitian hallis samedi sierra
2010-01-30: In the Jungle AveryGreyAveryGrey
haitian lena
2009-12-08: A Tea Party to Forget, A Lifetime to Remember SerotoninSerotonin
anais angela brayden haitian nathan
2009-10-05: Building 26 In Level 1 SerotoninSerotonin
angela benjamin haitian peter
2008-09-15: Lessons In Empathy XXXNikki4uXXXNikki4u
haitian niki peter
2008-06-29: The Final Hour SerotoninSerotonin
angela haitian kory
2008-06-07: The Greater Good MelangeMelange
angela benjamin haitian kory
2008-04-05: The Final Founder thundermoppetthundermoppet
church haitian maury noah
2008-02-05: Open Door Policy bakanomikobakanomiko
angela benjamin haitian
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  • "Can you keep a secret?"


  • The Haitian has also encountered at least three characters off-screen.
  • Although he was loyal to Noah and his cause to rebel against the Company, the Haitian went to New York, where he still works for - or at least with - them. His motives are unknown at this time, but it may be safe to say that his loyalties are not 100% to the Company.
  • René is most often referred to as "The Haitian", but has also been called "The Man at the Bar", "Mysterious Man", "Mystery Man", "Mysterious Black Guy", "MBG", "Mr. Mute", "Memory Wiper", "Mr. Bennet's Assistant", "Mr. Bennet's Cleaner", "Spooky Euro-Dude", and "SED". (See the Haitian called something else in a scene? Add it here!)
  • His father was a powerful village leader and his half-brother is a bad man.
  • The Haitian's first name wasn't revealed "on-screen" on Heroes MUSH until Volume Four's A Tea Party to Forget, A Lifetime to Remember when spoken by Angela. On Heroes, it wasn't spoken "on screen" until Volume Five in eighth episode of Season Four, "Shadowboxing".
  • Like his namesake on Heroes, Jimmy Jean-Louis is from Haiti. He founded the organization Hollywood Unites for Haiti and, in the wake of the Haiti earthquake, Haitian Hero to spread the word about relief efforts. Heroes MUSH supports the same cause at Be A Hero for Haiti.
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