2007-03-05: Half-Truths


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Mohinder visits Jane and helps her understand some things.

Date It Happened: March 5th, 2007


Doctor M. Jane Forrest's Apartment, Greenwich Village

It's morning, not too early to be considered impolite for a visit for a few reasons. Mohinder looks down at the sheet of paper in his hand. There's Jane's message, and then her address. It wasn't a problem to get her location, after all, she was tagged and released. He raises his hand to knock upon her door, then at the last minute switches hands. His right is still rather sore from the previous night.

Getting ready inside her apartment, preparing to pay the doctor's lab another visit, Jane is slipping her arms into the jacket of a navy blue business suit. It's what she calls lawyer garb. A small cooler rests near the door, ready to be grabbed on the way out and taken with her. The expression to her face is solemn, perhaps to cover her remaining confusion and the shame her suspicions cause. Just as Dr. Suresh switches hands and prepares to knock with the one that's not so sore, her door swings open unexpectedly. Surprise registers, it takes her a moment to form words. "Doctor. I… I was just heading your way."

Mohinder takes a step back as the door opens unexpectedly and before he can even knock. "Good morning Dr. Forrest," he greets with a hesitant smile. "I got your message yesterday, I apologize that I'm only just now responding to it. All of a sudden I find myself quite in demand." As with the other day, he's dressed quite casually, nothing like someone might think a geneticist of some reputation might be garbed.

She steps aside to let the geneticist in, as her features register some confusion. "It's good of you to come, Dr. Suresh," Jane begins, "but… I don't remember giving you my address." The cooler is picked up and held by her side as she watches the man, and the mention of not remembering something brings to her features a trace of the state she was in at their previous encounter. In fact, one might well guess her opting to wear business attire is an attempt to cover, to present a far more composed and confident image.

Mohinder enters when gestured that he may do so. He stands just inside the door and out of the way. He folds up the piece of paper with Jane's address on it, then slips it, along with his hands into his pants pockets. "That's quite alright, I was able to look you up with the information I did have. You did give me your full name." Along with other methods. "I thought I should pay you a call in person rather than simply phoning."

She considers this for a moment, and seems to accept it, at least in part. "Interesting. Coincidentally," Jane adds with a bitter chuckle, "I yesterday afternoon discovered one of my neighbors is your Viking friend." She closes the door and turns to lead into the main room, carrying that cooler with her. "Please, do make yourself comfortable. Could I get you anything to drink?"

Mohinder's brows raise with some interest in regards to Anders. "I see, that could be a little unfortunate." He doesn't delve into detail, considering that Jane probably got the impression they were chums and that Suresh /should/ know where Anders lives, right? "Thank you. I'm glad that you decided you wanted to contact me. I hope that I can be of some assistance to your situation."

"Yes," she replies simply, turning to business when her offer of something to drink is unacknowledged. "It's extremely embarrassing that it even happened, Doctor," Jane begins, "but you already know about my recent blackout, as does your friend, part of the reason I find it disquieting to see he lives here. It's not something one wishes to be reminded of simply by passing one's neighbor in the hall. In any case, my desire is to learn answers and minimize further embarrassment, so I've not contacted the police, and you do have labs." She opens the cooler and takes out two small sealed jars which hold a quantity of pale fluid. "I don't believe I left a drink unattended prior to the episode, but I think I might've been dosed with Rohypnol or GHB."

Mohinder settles himself down on the couch, sitting on the edge of the cushion. "And no thank you, about something to drink. I'm quite alright." He inclines his head in a nod as Jane starts speaking. "That's perfectly understandable. I'll have a word with him about discretion and showing some respect for your emotions." Again, brows lift at Jane's cautious handling of her blackout. He knows he won't need to test her for date-rape drugs. "I don't think that you were, Dr. Forrest. Your blackout could be attributed entirely to something else. A special ability perhaps." In a roundabout way of speaking.

As the doctor enters her main room and takes a seat, he may well notice a copy of his father's book on one of the tables, with a marker in it somewhere near the front. His words cause her to stiffen noticeably, and her eyes undertake a long, careful study of the man. Jane is clearly cautious about the topic, and her reply reflects it. "So my musing when you first said your name was correct, sir. I had thought there might be a connection between yourself and an author I've come across, but thought it was perhaps coincidence, much as the name Forrest being run across." She settles into a seat of her own, legs crossing at the ankles after she smooths her skirt to sit.

Mohinder does in fact notice his father's book on a table, but he says nothing about it. That is until Jane brings it up. "Suresh isn't exactly a common surname in the West. So the coincidence would be small." He says with a small, half-smile. "He was my father." His eyes travel over to the book before resting on Jane in a studious manner. "Unless you're in a theoretical class, would I be correct in assuming you have a personal interest in the topic of evolution?"

"It's possible," Jane offers with displayed calm, "that I might know of some… unusual phenomena, Doctor. One of those was experienced by someone who discovered the ability to emit ultrasound, and to process it in her brain from external and internal sources. Dog whistles and the like became painful to encounter, and a frustrated scream revealed a capacity to be the ultimate soprano. Not to mention broken glass. But this development didn't involve blackouts, it's been some weeks since the phenomenon started."

Mohinder listens intently as Jane speaks. He has a feeling that she's describing herself and is just being cautious with him. If that's the case, no offense is taken whatsoever. "I see, would this be a friend of yours, or you in particular? The phenomenon started a few weeks ago? No ill or adverse affects upon the individual otherwise? It's entirely possible that the new found anomoly did result in a period of blackout or memory loss as the brain attempts to adjust. No two bodies will react the same way to such a change at the molecular level."

"It's been nearly a month, Doctor Suresh," Jane assures. "The first experience was on February 9th, to be precise. While visiting a bookstore, a man walking his dog passed by. The dog got away, he used an ultrasonic whistle, and it was painful. In more than one way," she relates calmly. "Not only the physical sensation, but the attention it brings, to suddenly cover my ears and wince at something no one else heard. But I didn't have any experience of vertigo or missing time, until the night before we met. I still feel being drugged is the strongest possibility."

"Ultrasonic frequencies.. remarkable.. and you're able to hear and to project such things?" Mohinder asks, straightening himself in his seat. "The physical pain can be dealt with in time as you grow accustomed to this ability. It will take practice and quite possibly testing to help you manage your manipulation of this ability as well." He sighs as Jane doesn't seem willing to let go of the blackout and the drugging theory. Again, he doesn't blame her and quite reluctantly, admits, "Dr. Forrest, I do have another theory about what you experienced. It's just a theory mind you. And I assure you, that it does not involve date rape drugs or such."

She studies the man for several long moments, considering his words. As much as two minutes might pass before Jane speaks again. "I've worked with it a bit, and learned to use it for navigating in the dark, sir. I still have to somehow get a handle on the reactions to ultrasonic sources, I've no wish to experience pain whenever someone whistles for a disobedient dog, believe me. And, as to drugs, well, I'm listening. It's true there was no physical evidence of what tends to happen when such chemicals are used, but that doesn't mean no intent or attempt existed." Her demeanor now: Convince me.

Mohinder inclines his head in a nod. "I can help you work further with this ability, as well as solutions on your reactions to certain frequencies. There is no guarantee of course that any solution will work in all instances." Still, he can't blame Jane's skepticism, so he chooses his next words very carefully. "There is a known ability out there, memory manipulation. It's quite possible that such a thing was used on you. The after effect would be as what you're describing. A lapse, a black hole in your memory. This is my theory as you state there was no physical evidence of a drugging."

She listens intently, the words producing another extended silence, as they're absorbed and considered. "Memory manipulation," Jane eventually repeats. Her face hardens, an expression one might see through as a thin shell holding in a torrent of emotion. "You think someone might have gone into my head, and… If that's true, Doctor, then it would seem my fears are true, although on a different track. I still feel just as violated as I would had it been a physical crime." Her eyes close, the hands curl up, and her mouth opens, with no sound emerging. She might, for all appearances, be about to emit a scream he can't hear, but she apparently hasn't yet. There's no glass shattering.

Mohinder puts on a look of complete understanding that's not faked. It's genuine. He knows that it was a violation of the mental and emotional kind, just as painful if not more so than a physical one. "Yes Dr. Forrest, that is what I think, based on what you have described to me. I agree, it was a violation of you. As to why someone would do such a thing? I have no idea. The culprit's motives are his or her own. It's difficult to say who is responsible as there is no complete list of person with abilities. My father and I worked on a list, on contacting people with abilities, but it is far from complete."

Her mouth remains open for several more seconds, Jane's working to contain herself and not let that building scream loose, at least not now. Not here. Inside her is the desire to not hurt the doctor with flying glass, above and beyond the cost of replacing her belongings. Maybe she'll let it all out sometime later, in the middle of a forest. The mouth eventually closes, leaving her showing an expression which borders on tears, but she at least attempts to project the image of lawyerly confidence. "Can it be reversed?"

Mohinder gives the woman a very kind and sympathetic look, one that says he understands what she's feeling. Despite him feeling very anxious on the inside, not aware of what Jane is fully capable of doing with her ability. "It's hard to say," he suggests. "With time, perhaps that memory will come back. Should you be able to get some of the holes surrounding it filled. There's also the probability that those memories are forever gone. I know that's not what you want to hear and I'm deeply apologetic about that."

"Thank you for being honest, Doctor," she replies quietly. Jane's holding herself together, she no longer seems about to scream. "I'm a survivor, not a victim." This assertion is important to her, clearly, as she continues. "I need to take back control of my life, and get past this. Somehow." She rises and crosses the room, takes up a guitar, and returns to her seat. Her fingers slowly move across the strings, but the sounds are very small without it being plugged into an amp. Perhaps this is something she can draw some comfort from. "I don't think I could ever prove who violated my mind, could I? Retribution, justice, doesn't seem in the cards, although I want it so desperately." And the anger does flash through her eyes.

Mohinder isn't exactly being honest and deep down, he's squirming inside over it. It's best if he just move on, and forget the technicalities that make him despise the Company and just remember why he's with them. "That's a very healthy attitude to take, Dr. Forrest. Try to remember that, and you'll be fine." He quietly watches as she takes the guitar. Slowly he responds, "It would be rather difficult, and I think, it would be a far better use of your time to move past what happened. Focus on your newly found abilities, work on your career. Try to direct your emotions to a more positive outlook. Dwelling and seeking retribution, it's not healthy."

"No," she agrees, "it's not. It gives whoever violated me too much power, to dwell upon it." Jane's eyes focus on her fingers for some long seconds, when they lift to settle on the doctor again she has apparently chosen not to discuss that matter any further. "Tell me your strategy to get me past the intolerance for ultrasound. I think the most of it is being unprepared, and wonder if by repeated exposure I might develop tolerance. Get my brain to not process it as something painful."

Mohinder is quite relieved that Jane is willing to drop the topic and seems to accept what he said. While it wasn't a lie, it wasn't the complete truth either. So he's all too happy to discuss her ability. "The first thing I will want to do, is to study you. As with many people that I observe with abilities, I will want to study your vitals at a resting rate and when utilizing your power. There will also be tests of your abilities in a controlled environment to guage your reactions and capabilities. From there, we can work on your reactions and control."

"I understand," she replies. "But I'm not submitting to anything I can't walk out of if I feel discomfort, or have misgivings about anything I see taking place. I've no intention of being anyone's lab rat, or being locked away in a cage." Jane hasn't mentioned it, so quite apparently she doesn't yet have any idea she's already been marked like a zoo animal. "When shall we commence, Doctor Suresh?" Businesslike, practical, straight and to the point, as a graduate of an Ivy League law school might be expected to operate.

Mohinder rises to his feet. "That's reasonable. I can even have a waiver for you to sign if you like. I do hope that the testing will not make you uncomfortable and having you become a lab rat is not my intention. Nor is locking you away in a cage. My goal is to help those such as yourself to understand their ability, the responsibility that comes with it. How to control and cope. Otherwise, your abilities can turn you into a monster." At the question of when to begin, he withdraws a blackberry from his jacket to check his schedule. Hrm, something may have to be cut short this weekend, no big deal. "How about this Saturday morning at my lab?"

"Saturday morning," Jane echoes, followed by a dry chuckle. "I still feel like screaming, and I'm sure that'll still be the case when I come to your lab, Dr. Suresh. Please do indulge me by having plenty of glass objects to bear the brunt of my anger and frustrations. And a dark room with an obstacle course, if you'd like to observe echo-location." She rises also, prepared to walk to the door with him. "And thank you for your time today."

Mohinder smiles with some dry humor. "I'll make sure to pick up a large quantity of cheap glasses then. We can also see about letting you turn your scream therapy into a focus exercise." The dark room idea, that's interesting, and he could have some fun setting up a little obstacle course too. "Let's take this one step at a time. I don't want to tire you out in one session. I don't think we'll be able to get to everything in one morning." Especially when he has a lot of other demands on his time. "Thank you for contacting me, and I hope that I can be of assistance. I will be sure to do what I can for you," he says as he's walked to the door.

"Good day, Doctor Suresh," Jane replies, opening the door for him. There's something of a thin smile settling onto her features, one that doesn't reach her eyes. She's quite possibly picturing herself having a chance to really let loose, and get it all out. Singing above the range of human ears, testing the effect of each note she can reach, and screams at the top of her ability. It's unmistakable, she has issues to resolve.

Mohinder catches sight of that smile, and doesn't know quite what to attribute it to. There are many reasons for the girl not completely smile or feel good. "Good day to you as well Dr. Forrest. Try to rest and I shall see you on Saturday." His own smile for the woman is genuine with a touch of warmth as he steps through the door and heads out of the building.

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