2010-04-08: Hallis' Cousin



Date: April 8, 2010


After their adventures at Gemini Meats, Jamie and Trent go home.

"Hallis' Cousin"

Hallis' Apartment — NYC

Trent and Jamie are dropped off and he sits there near the entranceway, not daring to 'try' to venture further in, even to clean up in the bathroom. Sure Hallis is going to have a fit about how dirty he is.. before she even realizes some of that 'dirt' is his own. He's in a lot of pain yet, and he's trying not to cry over it. Even though the whole thing is still fresh in his mind. Playing over and over like a recorded message, meant for torture, to purposely make people flip out. His eyes closed and curled up in a tight little ball, he's not even looking at or for Jamie, wherever she is.

Jamie, of course, arrived in the same spot as Trent, when they were dropped off. She's just standing up. She's not quite the mess that Trent is, but especially her feet and legs and hands are covered in the same bits of dead rats and blood from the floor of the factory that's all over Trent. She, of course, has no wounds to add to that, unlike Trent. She's still wearing just Peter's coat, which is large enough on her to keep her covered well. She looks around the apartment after their arrival, but doesn't step far from Trent yet, calling, "Sydney?"

When Sydney doesn't answer right away, Hallis gives a pained sigh and opens the door to her bedroom. Walking down the hall she's already on a little bit of a rampage, just because she had been trying to study her new script. "I thought I said when my door is clo — OH MY GOD!! WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?!?!" Then whatever Mother Hen instincts have been instilled in the young heiress come out.

"Jamie, uh uh uh.. oh my god… oh my god. Trent… Oh my god… oh my god…" The young blonde is actually shaking as she bends over the boy and trying not to touch him. "SYDNEY HURRY! WE NEED TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL!!"

Sydney has been home most of the day other than when she went out for groceries earlier — this is likely when the pair of pre-teens disappeared. And ever since she'd been looking for them every place she can think of namely the gym, the library, and the roof. Finally coming back down from the roof of the building, she walks down the hallway towards Hallis' apartment, sending a glare to the door of her former one and up to Hallis' door, her eyebrows furrowed and forehead wrinkling. With a heavy sigh, she lays her forehead against it and clamps her eyes shut, trying to think of other places the pair might be. And then Hallis' voice breaks into her thoughts. "Dammit," she murmurs as she turns the doorknob, only to swear loudly this time as it's locked. Fishing into her pocket, she takes out the keys, unlocks the door, opens it, and then steps inside.

Her gaze lands on the pair. Immediately, she's on her knees. "What happened?! I need to know!" She glances at Hallis and then from Jamie to Trent and back again. "We need to get you to a doctor…"

Jamie looks up to Hallis, wincing a little at the yell but she starts to stammer an explanation. Then Sydney's there, and she relaxes enough it starts to come easier, "We were just going in to look but there were people there, in collars. This woman woke up and she was all crazy and could move stuff with her mind and attacked us and we tried to get away but we couldn't and then this lady who could talk to animals showed up, she rescued Trent and the room collapsed on the crazy woman and then Peter and Micah showed up. Peter healed Trent a bit but couldn't fix him all the way and he gave me his coat, said I could keep it." Not exactly a coherent story, but she's shaking a little and obviously she's been scared bad.

Trent hears Jamie calling for Sydney, "We're going to get it for sure.." he murrmers into his knee. Then there's Hallis, he looks up at her and then back down. Still fighting the tears. Not wanting her to see him as upset as he really is. With just everything. He is trying to say something, and then his adrenaline or what have you fades and is trying to get himself to the bathroom, quick as his one good leg can carry him. Not wanting to lose it on Hallis' floor. Hearing Sydney he just stops and all his fear, and everything comes to a head, and he's crying and vomiting and unable to answer anyone.. POor Jamie is going to have to explain. He knows Hallis is going to have a fit over the floor, but he can't help it.

Already Hallis has her phone in hand and is dailing 9 — but she's too panicked. "OH GOD I LOST THE ELEVEN ON MY PHONE!!" She's trembling, Trent is barfing, the floor is caked with vomit and blood (poor Mr. E), and Sydney's on her knees. "Sydney! I can't… Oh my god!!" And then she hit another number. As she waits for someone to answer she looks at Sydney with tears in her eyes. "This is why boarding school is a good idea!!" She's having a fit, for a good reason. Things like this just don't happen to rich people.

"Hello? Hello? Oh god.. I need an ambulance. M-my … little cousins… little cousins are hurt! Right now!" Then her address is given and she hangs up the phone, not waiting for the emergency operator to calm her down. "Sydney, I'll go with them… I… What do I do?!?"

The story makes little sense at this moment to Sydney who is, shockingly, clear-headed through this. She'll freak out later. She will freak out a lot, just not yet. In one fluid motion, she rises from her knees and disappears into the kitchen only to come back with a garbage can, paper towel, and cleaner. "Vomit into this," she instructs while she quickly wipes up the floor — it's not a perfect clean, but at least the room won't smell like vomit.

Turning to Hallis she shakes her head, "Jamie doesn't need a hospital — I think she needs a bath." The bullet-water incident proved this. "Trent does though." Kneeling again she reaches over to squeeze his shoulder; she shouldn't go with him, Baker found her once. "I…" pale-faced, she shakes her head. "I'll come." It's a risk. A huge risk, but she couldn't stay away if she wanted to. "I won't give my name, and I haven't heard from government agents in some time…"

Trent grabs the garbage can, and hugs it, tight.. as if it were his life line or something. And fills it some more. He feels Sydney's hand and is still crying too.. Well it's easier then trying to crawl to the bathroom, or something. Every shift of that leg though, hurts like hell.. and probably doesn't look too pleasent either. He rubs at his eyes, which is probably a misstake. He doesn't usually cry from pain. but just everything adding up.. he can't help it.. "S.. sorry about floor Halli… I clean.." his words broken up between sobs.

Jamie shakes her head quickly to Hallis at the phone call, "I'm fine! I'm just a little sore from where the chains squeezed me, I'll be ok after a bath." She nods quickly to Sydney, calming down in reflection to Sydney's calmness. (Sydney's power, or just she trusts Sydney enough that she's reassured?) In any case, she wrinkles her nose as Trent throws up, and stays standing where she is right now. She adds to Sydney, "Lost the wig, and all my clothes." No tears from her, but then, she's not been injured and she's been through stuff like this before.

Shaking her head, Hallis walks over to Trent and places a hand on his shoulder. "No.. no… they'll ask questions." Hallis seems to be a little calmer, given Sydney's reaction to the situation, which Hallis just finds creepy. "I'll go with him, you stay here with Jamie and help her get cleaned up… Oh god… Oh god…" The young woman is almost on the verge of hyperventilating when her phone rings, causing her to jump and scream in terror. Looking down at Trent and then to Jamie she tries to calm herself, but she's still shaking. "And when this is over… You're so grounded!! I don't care if I'm not your guardian… or whatever… My house, my rules!"

"Trent, I want you to focus on my voice," Sydney instructs as her hand remains on his back. "Take a deep breath in and let it out… slooooowly. You're going to be okay," she really has no idea, but for whatever reason, she's still shockingly calm. Adrenaline is a wonder drug. Or maybe she's finally getting a handle on her ability after all of the practice she put in. Freaking out about it now isn't going to do her — or any of them any good. A side glance is given to Hallis, and then she looks back to Trent. "I want to go…" but Hallis is right, they will ask questions. She wants to lose her temper; she wants to get angry at the situation, but she manages to remain neutral. And so she actually turns to Trent, "Do you want me to come?"

Trent looks at Sydney and tries to smile at her. "I want you to be safe." he says to her, softly. "I would like you to, but it's not safe." he's done being sick.. and is just more sobs right now. "Bad enough we got into a situation that I am going to have to try and explain, and I am not sure I can, without revealing stuff I shouldn't." About all the evolveds in the place.

Jamie flinches a little again at Hallis' words about being grounded, and she hugs herself quietly. She doesn't say a word now, just looking to Trent and Sydney as they try to decide about the hospital. She leans up against the wall by the door just a little, too.

"No, no, no, no… Sydney, someone has to stay with Jamie, she can't go to the hospital if she's not hurt. She… She was on the internet and … and television." Hallis answers her phone and then nods to it, like the person on the other end could possibly heard that, then she hangs up. "The paramedics are on the way up… the doorman let them in. Trent, you were playing on the roof and you don't remember what happened. Jamie… uhm… go to the bathroom. Sydney… uhm… go with her." At this point, she crosses the carpet to the closet and grabs her fur coat. Swinging it over her shoulders, she just lets it hang there before hurrying to her room to grab her oversized purse and script. "Okay… playing on the roof. You can get hurt doing that… Bad Trent."

With a heavy sigh, Sydney concedes. "Fine," her hand is lowered from Trent's back. She turns to Jamie, putting an arm on the child's shoulder and tugging her towards the bathroom. "We need get you into a bath and cleaned up." She's not exactly concerned about the wig or the clothes. No, right now, it's crisis mode. Only the facts and nothing else.

Trent smiles at Sydney a little. "I'll be alright." he is sure of it. Trying not to hug her all covered in goo. Hearing Hallis' words he nods, "Um ok.. that works." Though he's not sure ow to explain all the animal and human blood on him, that's not his… but well.. he'll still think of something. He waves at Jamie and Sydney.

Jamie bites her lip, and nods a little to Hallis and then Sydney. She's a little sluggish to get moving initially, not really wanting to leave Trent, but finally she hurries along with Sydney towards the bathroom. She does look back to give a little wave to Trent before they disappear inside.

Many Many Hours Later

"Sydney! Jamie! We're home!!" Hallis cheerful voice rings out through the apartment just after the door opens to let the still dirty little boy through. They have McDonalds! As she places her purse and script down on the entryway table and walks over to the kitchen to place the take out bags on the counter. "We brought supper!"

In the hours that they had been away, Hallis had cooked up a marvellously simplistic story about an absent mother and father on a spring getaway along the coast of Spain with a phone number to Sydney. Trent's mother's name? Sydney of course… Sydney from the south of Spain. "Great news! Apparently kids get hurt all the time and they didn't even question the roof story. Well not much anyway… Did they call you from the hospital?"

The blonde therapist sits up from the kitchen table at the sound of the Hallis voice. A small smile playing on her lips as she sips her cup of tea again. She's made multiple pots of tea, and has drank them all. It has a kind of cool down effect for her. "They did call," Sydney says with a small grin as she steps into the kitchen to help Hallis with the bags of McDonalds. "Thank you."

A glance is given to Trent and then one to Jamie. "So… you're okay then Trent?" That really is the first worry. She takes out some plates for the kiddies to eat their McD's on — no reason to mess up the house with ketchup spills.

Trent follows Hallis in. He's walking. A bit sore yet, taking his time. Definetly dirty yet, other then the places on his arms where they were stitched and the scratches tended to and places on his face where the butterflies and those scratches were tended to being clean. So they didn't get infected, he's at least walking and looking somewhat better. He smiles at Sydney, "Yup, all better. Still gonna be sore awhile. The socket was cracked and the leg was out. And stitches." He's grinning a little at that. Stitches are always cool… right? "I'm gonna go clean up before I eat. I feel all gross."

Jamie is sitting at the table with Sydney. She's, of course, all cleaned up and wearing one of her other changes of clothes. She smiles as she sees Trent walking in, and says, "Glad you're ok!" She's back to her normal self for the most part, it seems, smiling as brightly as ever.

"And the doctor was hot! I gave him my autograph, dazzled him with a smile… they didn't even call the police about it. I can't believe it was so easy." Hallis' mood has done a complete 180 degree turn. It could have everything to do with the fact that she and Trent were practically mobbed at the hospital by fans. "Oh yeah… I didn't know if Trent had insurance, so I just had them bill me. I signed something… Daddy will pay for it, don't worry." Daddy pays for everything, even if the little princess has a job, all of her hard work on redeeming herself hasn't gone unnoticed.

Moving to the fridge, the young celebrity takes a bottle of water and a bunch of grapes from the fridge. She proceeds to munch on those rather than the fatty fare she brought home. "I should get back to studying my script… I'm so not going to be ready for tomorrow, I didn't get anything memorized at the hospital." Flipping her hair over her shoulder she gives Jamie and Sydney a raised eyebrow and lets loose a long and dramatic sigh, "It's so hard to be me…"

Trent thought the mob was kinda cool, despite how dirty he was. Poor Hallis though.. he has a new respect for the woman.. despite the fact he thought the mob was cool. He yawns absently and slips off to the bedroom he shares with Jamie to gather clean clothes. Then head to the bathroom for a long shower. Food might be cold when he's done, but he doesn't care. He wants a shower, which for him isn't too big a surprise. He takes at least 2 a day anyway, now that he can. Not living on the streets anymore.

"Well thank you for taking care of Trent," she manages to issue Hallis a grateful smile, "And for the bill. I'm pretty sure he doesn't have health insurance…" Biting her lip, she places the burgers on the plates (still wrapped in foil."

Sydney doesn't comment much, but her expressions turn serious after Trent says he's okay. "Good." That's all she needs to hear. Pressing her lips together, she just refocuses her attention on what she's doing and yet another cup of tea.

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