Friends, Flings, and ... the rest.
Olivia Thorpe -Olivia is the queen bee of Hallis' social set and has been Hallis' friend since they were 5 years old. Though they have had their little squabbles (namely Olivia's recent engagement) they've always had each others back. Olivia recently became engaged to Hallis' ex-fling, Ray, after dating him for only two weeks.
Chelsea Allen -Chelsea is also a very old friend of Hallis' they met the first day of kindergarten and have been solid since then. Chelsea isn't as fashion forward as Hallis or Olivia and thus has earned the rank of third place in the group. Nevertheless, if Olivia and Hallis are out, you can bet Chelsea is right alongside them.
Mitsy Smythe-Blakeley -Mitsy is the cling-on of the group. Not really a good friend, but hasn't exactly been kicked out because of her family's money. She joined the clique in third grade and has always been the gofer. Hallis and Mitsy have a strained relationship due to Mitsy's obsession with being exactly like Hallis. Right down to her choice of men.
Soleil -Known only as Soleil, this child actress, turned singer, turned back to actress, met the clique in the seventh grade and usurped Olivia's position as queen bee. She's a rather bad influence on the girls having introduced them to alcohol, drugs, and parties at the tender age of thirteen. She lives in Hollywood now but visits frequently enough.
Trenton Hawthorne -While not an actual member of the clique, Trenton is Hallis' on again off again boyfriend, currently they are off again. Parents of the sometimes couple have been angling for an engagement: Hallis' because they hope that Trenton can calm her partying ways down, Trenton's because they want to combine fortunes. At the moment, it doesn't look as though the two will be getting together any decade soon. He had a little run in with Emily who decided to teach him a lesson for Hallis. Trenton is now trying to clean up and seems to be in a rather happy relationship with Emily.
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