2010-07-11: Hands Off





Date: July 11, 2010


Robert tries to poke a little at Mark, unaware he's poking a sleeping bear.

"Hands Off"

Mark's Office: Lane Industries: New York Branch

This wasn't where he wanted to be. Ever since they came back to New York, he's been missing the rainforest. Even though he fought so hard to get back here, he wants to go back. Marcus Lane the third sits in his plush New York office, trying to go over all the paperwork that has piled up in his absence. Even though they thought he was dead, Robert didn't want to mess with it, so it mostly just sat. His attention span is failing badly, he can't concentrate on papers in front of him.

A hand props up his head, suit jacket rests on the back of his chair, leaving him in his dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up sleeves. Never the professional.

There is no knock and not warning from his assistant, when the double doors of his office swing open admitting his brother, Robert. The younger man's arms spread wide and he gives the other a big bull shit smile. “Marky… my dear older brother. It's good to see you alive and well…. if a bit…” He seems to size up his appearance with a disapproving look. “…thinner then normal. I imagine that kinda diet plays havok with the system. Mom's going to freak you know it, right?”

In typical Robert fashion, he moves to perch at the edge of Mark's desk, folding his hands in his lap.

“What do you want Robert?” He sounds so thrilled to see his younger brother that, Mark gives him the barest of flat glances, before flipping to another page of paperwork. “Don't you have some gold digger to woo?” Mark's pen scribbles his signature on a form and sets it aside, looking at the next.

The question is waved off with a flick of a wrist and a scrunching of Robert's nose. “Nah. Natasha is at the spa making herself look good for me. I'll be hitting that later….” So much pride when he says that, it makes Mark's stomach churn. Glancing down at his own pants, Robert plucks a bit of lint from his dark blue slacks. “… met Jo.” He offers conversationally, glancing at his brother out of the corner of his eye, fingers sliding along the crease in his pants, making sure it's still crisp.

What he can see is Mark stiffen at his words, pen clutched in his hand, the knuckles going white. Even so he doesn't give Robert the satisfaction of knowing how it bothers him, when he offers back calmly. “Oh yeah? What were you doing at my apartment?”

“Oh… you know drop off some paperwork, scope out the newest piece of meat.”

As soon as he says those words, Mark is on his feet and grabbing Robert, large hand around his little brothers throat, other hand takes a painful grip of his shoulder. With surprising force, he swings Robert around and shoves him against the wall with a meaty thump. The impact has an old vase from Native American dig, rocking precariously on it's pedestal. It's ignored for the man up against the wall. “You and dad will stay away from her. Doyouunderstand?” The anger is so completely raw it leaves Robert speechless, even as he can feel Mark's fingers digging into his shoulder. “Hands off.”

The youngest of the two boys can only stare at his bigger brother, with wide and frightened eyes. This was the first time this has ever happen between them. All these years he teased him and stole his girl friends for fun… Mark tended to just put up with it. It was all a game to Robert, not now… now he's scared.

Mark is realizing what he's done, his own face registers surprise. Quickly Robert is released and the adventurer takes several steps back, dropping to sit on the edge of his desk, like a sack of potatoes.

He doesn't apologize, or say anything anything really and Robert just stares at him.

It really is a shock.

After a long awkward moment of silence, Mark leans over to snatch his jacket off the chair, sending it into a lazy circle. “I'm not ready to be back to work.” He says gruffly, still looking disturbed by his own outburst. Quickly, he is on his feet and heading to the door, calling out, “I'm going on vacation.” He doesn't look at his brother again, only moving towards the door, while pulling his jacket back on.

“Where?” Robert calls out after him.

“None of your damn business!!” Is shouted back from outside the office.

Robert sits there for a long moment, before he grins like a Cheshire cat. “I think we found your weak link, brother.” He glances at the pot next to him, brows falling into an annoyed straight line and he gives it a little push with the tip of his finger, sending it crashing to the office floor.

“Daddy will be pleased.”

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