2011-02-14: Hanner Reunion



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Date: February 14, 2011


On the morning of Valentine's day, two of the Hanner siblings look back on what happened the day they all met their uncle.

"Hanner Reunion"

New York City

It's a cold but sunny day on Monday, Kitty is sitting at the table in the kitchen. Spooning cold cereal into her mouth, Arnie didn't cook breakfast this morning for the two. Her hair loose and falling into her face a bit, across from her younger brother Robin is doing something.

"Bird, pass the salt?" Kitty muses aloud before she closes her eyes and they snap open again. "Do you remember.." she trails off with a look of sadness entering her eyes.

August 3rd, 2010

The sound of gunfire and the fighting going down on the ground floors of the warehouse is deafening. The actual foundation of the warehouse shaking every now and then with loud crashes, outside the moon illuminates much of the dark and large room, doors thrown open and debris all over the floor.

Roberto's men are fighting to the death, no exceptions.

The crime lord in question stands at the highest level of the warehouse, pacing back and forth as the fighting is head below. Munching on what is.. skittles? Roberto throws a few back and cackles and claps his head as he looks over his shoulder at a dark corner. "Are you ready?" He asks with a wicked grin. "I said.. ARE YOU FUCKING READY?"

Still no answer from the dark corner.

But there is a brush of movement, four figures clad in dark clothing shift from one foot to the other at the same time. Two women and two men, the shortest woman with a dark hood covering her head tilts her head at the man and her lips can be seen to quirk into a dark smirk.

The blonde man, Roberto stops a moment as the woman tilts his head and his eyes narrows before nodding his head. "Good, it's time to see dear ol bro. I'm sure he's here. He has to be, he always wants to ruin what I have going for me. Like when I built the tallest sand castle ever and he stomped it out!" Roberto screams out and kicks a nearby chair into the wall. Still no words from the figures shadowed in darkness, but Roberto is use to that

Outside in the room, in the hallway dusts settles as the building shakes even more. A few splatters of blood here and there, what exactly has been happening up here is anyone's guess.

With a loud grunt, a young man hurtles into the wall of the hallway. His usually immaculately clean clothes have dust and dirt all over them, even a little blood. Though he isn't injured himself, Harley Hanner has looked better. His younger brother can definitely attest to that. With a look over his shoulder and hair falling into his eyes, he pushes the hair away staring at his brother behind him.

"Come on, dad said we have to make it into the room before him." He says in a loud whisper, not that it matters. It's surely too loud for Roberto to hear anything going on in the room he's in much less hear what's going on outside.


Outside of the warehouse, a few buildings over a man stand on top looking through a pair of binoculars. "We move in two minutes." says the voice of Bo Hanner, his voice heavy with exhaustion and stress. For this plan to work, nothing can go wrong. Dressed in dark clothing as well as the figure behind him, it's a woman.

"Are you ready?""

Robin's eyes are a little wide as he follows Harley, stopping just a moment as Harley speaks to him and then following again. Half his attention is on the radio waves going around, trying to keep as up to date on everything happening. Sticking close to Harley, he follows, though whispers to him, passing on Bob's words, "Two minutes."

Robin's older brother looks behind his shoulder and nods his head at him. Harley wipes a bit of sweat from his face, he grips Robin's shoulder firmly and gives him a little grin. "Okay, you remember what I taught you? How to use a gun?" He tilts his head at his brother and tries to give him a look of encouragement.

"Also.. what you will see when we go in there." He leans in closer to stare Robin directly in the eye. "It will freak you out, but you have to keep your cool. Okay?" Harley needs his little brother to be strong for this, he has to be able to count on him.

The two boys can hear the sound of their uncle yelling and swearing about something. He must have ran out of skittles.

Robin nods a little seriously to Harley as he pulls the gun he was given before they went in, keeping it pointed at the floor, as he was taught in likely the first lesson, "Yeah, I remember." Then he nods a bit again and says, "Don't worry, I can keep cool."


Harley smiles down at Robin and then they are moving along. Smoke is filling the hallway the earlier explosion causing for flames to begin to burn the place down. Just why Bo helped Harley and Robin inside and then left is anyone's guess but Harley trusts his dad, he hasn't failed him yet.

In the room, Roberto stands and looks at his nieces and nephews. Allegra, Luis, Robbie and Simon with Kitty in the middle of them. Allegra, the oldest of all the siblings smirks and flips her hair, obviously bored. The others just stare ahead at their uncle, waiting for further instructions.

An empty bag of skittles lat wrinkled on the floor, there's nobody to run to the store and fetch him more, this leaves Roberto highly upset. "POPPY COCK!" he yells and waves his gun around in the air.

Motioning for Robin to follow, Harley dives into the room and levels his gun at first Roberto and then on his siblings. "Drop it motherfucker."
Robin takes a deep breath, and then dashes into the room after his brother. His gun stays trained on Roberto. He can't bring himself to point a gun anywhere near Kitty, even a brainwashed Kitty.

A pause as the two boys enter the room, their siblings only moving into defensive postures as Roberto whirls about to regard them. His focus more on Robin then Harley, he's seen Harley before. A shudder passes Roberto as he tilts his head and then stomps his foot.

"Fuck you!"

Harley looks amused but then he looks over at his siblings for a moment. "Guys.. I need you to-." His words are cut off as Roberto fires a round into his leg and Harley falls to the floor, crying out in pain.

Roberto dances over to another side of the room and looks at Robin. "You're Robin, right? Hello nephew." he says with a manic grin. Kitty can be seen to flinch when the bullet enters her brother's leg, her eyelids flickering for a moment and showing a bit of fear before she shakes her head at that hollow eyed stare returns.

"You know your father is an asshole."

Robin jumps a little as Harley is shot, but as he told Harley, he keeps his cool. This is a far more literal battlefield than he's used to, but his brain is already going into chess-mode. Thinking of what he can do, what the consequences might be, and what he can do to counter those. "Yeah, he is," he answers. "But at least he didn't kidnap my sister." His finger on the trigger in case Roberto makes a move to shoot him, he's looking for info. Know your opponent, know what they're capable of, and it's easier to win. He could shoot now, but he doesn't know what that'll do to Kitty and the rest, "What's all this about?"

"You mean, daddy dearest didn't tell you?!" Roberto shouts and moves around the room, tapping his gun on his leg. His blue eyes looking wild before he looks over at Kitty and the others and then Harley on the floor, whose glaring at his uncle.

"You's guys father.. wanted everything. EVERYTHING."

Roberto looks visibly upset as he goes down the road. "We were all special, the three of us. Bo.. Libby and me. We all had gifts! Bo could tell what ability you had.. I could control people, if they did bad things to me especially when we were kids. It was so sad. They beat us up all the time." Roberto looks like he's on the verge of tears.

"Libby.. Libby could do pretty things.. always so pretty." He mutters with a faint smile. "THEN I started hearing the voices.. and Libby and Bo left me! But I loved Libby so much.. I love her so much. Sissy.. sissy. Where are you?" Roberto cries and leans against the wall. "Bo started working in science, he always liked to show off he was better then me. Smarter. He started having you guys.. and I was jealous. At least that is what Bo would say."

"I killed a few.. to take something away from him." he shrugs his shoulders lightly, no big deal.

Robin nods then and says, "I know what you mean about hearing voices, everybody thinks your crazy when you say that. My stepdad didn't believe what I was hearing was real until I could call every play in a hockey game without looking at the TV." Then, Roberto's last words, or more importantly the way he shrugs that act off as nothing, seal the deal. He knows, then and there, that Roberto is a psychopath. Reasoning with him isn't going to work, not on any level that Robin's able to anyway. So he waits until Roberto is most distracted, then shoots.

As the bullet from Robin's gun enters Roberto's shoulder. The older man cries out and fires his gun at Robin, though the bullet hits the wall behind him instead. Harley takes the chance to fire another round though it just grazes their uncle's arm. Roberto sinks to the floor, back against the wall and the other Hanner siblings begin to charge towards their brothers when the sound of a voice stops everyone from moving.

"Stop." Is said calmly.

Bo appears in the doorway, his breath ragged from all the smoke but it wasn't him that spoke. The woman behind him steps out from the shadows and stares ahead at Roberto. Her blonde hair pulled back into a tight ponytail. "Ro-Ro.." she frowns as tears collect at her eyes.


Roberto's eyes widen and he begins to scramble to his feet. "LIBBY!!!!!!!!!!" He screams out and throws a hand out as if he was close enough to pull her in for a hug. Harley is helped to his feet by Bo. While Kitty and the others watch, eyes flicking from Roberto to their aunt and father.

Robin is ducking for cover as soon as he's pulled the trigger. He'll freak over having shot someone later, right now he's still focused on the situation. It's the way his mind works, while he has a situation to think his way out of, his emotions can be kept (relatively) under control. He looks then to his charging siblings, raising his gun defensively, when the voice interrupts, and he relaxes, catching his breath as he looks up to the new arrival, and back.

It's as if Roberto has just seen Bo though, because he growls and yells at him. "You bastard! You bastard! You took her from me! You left me alone! Ma and Pa put me in a home, they locked away the key! But I got them back.. you bet I did." He fidgets as Libby edges closer to her brother and she shakes her head at him.

"Ro, we told you not to use your ability on too many people. You were new with it, but you were turning into.. a monster for God's sake." Libby tries to plea with her brother but the man shakes his head. "We were suppose to be family! We're triplets!"

"What the fuck?" Harley blinks over towards Bo, who looks grim and then nods his head. "We were all born at the same time. Yes.." he admits to the people in the room. Noticeably, Kitty and the others can be seen to be apparently having a hard time. Shaking and rubbing their heads as if just coming to themselves.

"We had to leave Ro, we knew you would get out.. we knew what you would do." Libby says in a soft whisper, her eyes coming to Roberto's. She doesn't get any closer though, she just stands a few feet away. Tears rushing down her face.
Robin looks between the three older Hanners, still holding his gun, though perhaps a bit more shakily now than a moment ago. He starts to say something, then stops. He looks to Harley and back to Libby and Roberto. Just waiting to see what happens, for the moment.

"I hate you all." Roberto sinks to his knees before Libby comes down and lays a hand on his forehead. "I'm sorry Ro.. but it has to happen this way." And with that, she does something. Because the man screams out and arches his back as whatever is happening makes him hurt. Tears run down Libby's face as Bo comes over to grip Simon and Luis by the shoulders. "Help your brother up." He growls and the two find themselves shocked to comply to their father. Kitty and Allegra both shake their heads and Kitty almost seems to fall, walking shakily towards Robin. "Put the gun down Bird.. it's me." She says in a whisper as her forehead scrunches up and she moves towards Robin.

Bo watches as Libby does what she does and then finally, she let's go and Roberto sags to the floor, his eyes wide as his mouth opens and he lets out a high pitched scream that seems to echo around them. "It's done." She says softly to Bo, before backing away. "We need to go."

Simon and Luis carry Harley out of the warehouse as Allegra follows and Bo motions for the others to follow.
Robin sticks his gun back into his belt, a trick he picked up from movies and TV, and grabs Kitty in a hug as she says that. "Glad you're ok." Then he takes a last look to Roberto and walks out with the others.
You have just been served a waffle by Angela! It even came with toppings, look: Tiny seer.

Taking a moment as everyone leaves, Libby looks over her shoulder at her brother and she frowns before turning to leave. The sounds of people entering the hall, police and the like have her quickly following after the others. "Love you Ro.."

Present Day

"Remember when.." Kitty trails off and then looks over at Robin with a sigh, "Nevermind." She says softly still waiting on the salt for whatever reason.

Robin looks up from his laptop, where he's playing a game of chess online while he eats his own breakfast. He nods then and passes the salt over, and comments, "I usually remember everything."

A nod as Kitty takes the salt and sprinkles some in her cereal and takes another bite. Smiling as she chews the bite and then swallows. With a look up at the clock, she raises an eyebrow and grins over to Robin.

Daddy and Harley are coming."

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