2010-06-28: Hanner Roadtrip



Date: June 28th, 2010


Harley comes by to invite Robin on a roadtrip to meet another of his sisters, but things don't quite go as planned.

"Hanner Roadtrip"

Hanner Manor

The sound of a car pulling up the driveway of Hanner Manor can be heard and it parks directly in front of the house. A moment of silence happens as a figure slowly exits the car. A man's dark loafer shoe can be seen on the gravel as they exit the car and make their way towards the door. When he stops in front of the door, he knocks gently but loud enough for whoever is home to hear and come to the door.

Robin doesn't normally live at Hanner Manor, of course. He actually came by to invite Kitty to the carnival that, somewhere across town, is just opening its' doors. Of course, he found she either wasn't at home, or too busy to see him at the very least. So, he decided to wait around. He's just sitting down when he hears the knock at the door. Not really thinking that hey, this isn't his house, he stands up quickly and moves to open the door.

In the doorway, leaning against the frame would be Harley Hanner, dressed in a suit like always. His sunglasses cover his eyes but he is indeed looking at Robin. "Hey little brother." He says with a soft smile that makes him look dangerous, that's because Harley is dangerous.. very much so actually.

"Kit isn't home, is she?" he just walks into the manor, looking around no invitation in. He isn't a vampire.

Robin closes the door behind Harley, not at all looking nervous about his brother. Either he has faith that any family is at least safe to deal with, or his seventeen-year-old brain doesn't quite see himself as mortal enough to worry. "Hey. No, she isn't. I was just here waiting for her too."

"Well I actually came here to speak to you." He says with a bright smile and then he's leaning against the wall. "You care to meet another of your siblings?" He asks with a lift of his eyebrow and he crosses his feet at the ankle. What is Harley proposing?

Robin blinks at that offer, but nods quickly, not even hesitating, "Yes, of course! Who am I meeting?" No hesitation, no fear, he's eager to meet the rest of his family. He grins and says, "When my family moved back to New York, I was looking to meet all my family. I didn't have a clue it was so big." Not looking outside, he doesn't notice as the sky starts to darken out the window.

"Another sister.. in California." Harley says as he studies Robin. "I thought it'd be good for you. So did dad." He says the last bit and sneaks a peek outside, "Ah, a eclipse?" he frowns briefly before looking back over to Robin. "You'll need to tell your parents that you're staying at Kitty's for a few days. Or going on a trip with her, it is summer after all." He says with a light grin towards his kid brother.

Robin nods to the mention of his father, and asks, "Will I ever get to meet him?" He nods again to the eclipse, glancing outside as well, "Yeah, Twitter's lighting up about it." He blinks, "Wait… Back in California? You mean I was living right by another of my sisters most of my life and didn't even know it? Wow." Then he nods quickly and says, "Yeah, ok." He pulls out his cellphone, and steps away slightly to make a call. The sky continues to darken as he talks, and he hangs up, "Ok, set. They didn't even…" Mid-sentence, the sky reaches it's darkest point and Robin suddenly stumbles and reaches for his head.

"You have a Twitter?" Harley asks and then Robin is walking away to talk to his parents. "Your rents are so cool, huh?" he snickers and shoves his hands into his pockets. He feels it too.. "Are you okay little brother?" he asks, looking down at Robin.

He looks worried as he also feels what Robin felt, what is this?
Robin nods a little, and stands up straighter again. "Ok, something either just fried every transmitter in New York, of any kind, or my ability just stopped working. I just hear silence in my head now. Which.. is kind of a relief, and not at the same time, you know?"

"I.. we need to talk to dad.. about it." Harley says and he looks down at his phone. "I'm going to come back and get you. Tomorrow morning, be ready little brother." He says and then he blinks a few times. What the fuck just happened?

Robin nods quickly to that and says, "Ok, I'll be here, promise. Now I need to talk Kitty into letting me stay the night, as my parents think I'm already staying with her. But I'll be here." He steps back again and checks his phone, "Definitely my ability, cell towers are still working. Ok, see you tomorrow."

"Okay, sounds goo-." He doesn't finish his sentence because Bernard rushes into the foyer, the butler looks over at Robin and Harley, tears in his eyes. "There was an explosion at Hanner Enterprises offices. Kitty was there." And as he says this, both of the Hanner's boys come crashing down.

Surprising to everyone, Harley's sunglasses come off and tears can be seen rolling down his face.. "What?"

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