2010-04-06: Happily Never After



Date: April 6th, 2010


Gabriel brings a brainwashed Zelda back to his apartment in an attempt to make her remember…

"Happily Never After"

Gabriel's Apartment, NYC

The door to the apartment flies open, the sound of wood banging off of the wall echoing throughout the apartment. Gabriel moves his way through, a limp, unconcious Zelda cradled in his arms, and he manages to close the door behind him with his foot. A brief burst of telekinetic power latches the deadbolt behind him, a satisfying click announce its success. Quickly moving through the apartment, he lays Zelda down on the couch, before hurrying to the kitchen.

Grabbing a few towels, a couple of bottles of water from the fridge, and one of the kitchen chairs, he makes his way back into the living room, placing the chair in front of the couch. Throwing one of the towels over his shoulder and keeping the other in his hand, he sits down in the chair, and begins the process of wiping the trace amounts of grime and dirt off of Zelda's face. All he can do now is wait for her to wake up, and maybe, somehow, he can make her remember.

Gabriel has awhile to wait. Whatever it was that was in Cody's dart is strong enough to knock the woman out for a couple of hours. It makes sense, considering that those knock out drugs are there to make sure a subject is out for the count to get put into custody and a drip put into them to keep their powers away. Prone on the couch, the woman remains where she is, the collar still in place and possibly her memory still scrambled.

After a few hours of her not even moving or twitching, she starts to stir and mutter.

All the while she's still unconcious, Gabriel keeps looking at the exploded collar, wondering if he could somehow force it off of her without making it explode. He also entertains the notion that if she could make a shield that surrounded her, but not the collar… maybe he could get it off that way. He could survive an explosion— if she could, too, with a shield, then perhaps they'll find a way out of this. He would make a shield himself, if he knew just how he did it, but that's something he'll have to investigate later.

When Zelda begins to stir on the couch, he leans forward, grabbing one of the extra bottles of water and holding it out in her direction. "Zelda?" he says, tentatively, watching her. Here's hoping the tranq dart somehow gave her memory back, but he isn't giving in to high hopes on that one.

As she starts to stir, Zelda suddenly realizes that she's not back where she was. This is some place new. And the sound of Gabriel's voice is enough to get her to freeze in place. The dart has still worked it's way through her system and she's not exactly herself, or awake. But, instincts kick in and a forcefield winks into place around her, so that Gabriel's hand will smack against it if it gets too close in his offering. No, it does not seem like her memory is back. Instead, it looks like she's still convinced he's a bad guy. Unsteady, she attempts to sit up, only to collapse back down onto the couch.

"Nngh," she mutters, not quite sure where she is, or why she isn't contained somehow. "L-let me go."

"Zelda," Gabriel says, the sheer disappointment that she's still not herself evident in his voice. "It's me, Gabriel," he says as he sets the water bottle down, already knowing he won't be able to get through to her— at least in the physical sense. But he can still make her remember. "I'm not going to hurt you. You remember me, don't you? I own the watchshop.. we met in your bakery… anything?"

"Yeah, I know who you are." It's much like she said earlier in the day when they confronted each other on the roof. She knows of him and about him, but other than that, she doesn't know what else to talk to him. She's not tied down in any way, which is strange, but this is a killer, a bad person and someone she's supposed to apprehend. Slowly, she pushes herself up to a sitting position. It's disorienting and the room swims for a second, but she can manage it. "I don't know what you think you can accomplish with this, but I'm not about to fall for it."

"I'm trying to help you! You're Zelda Bailey! You've been brainwashed, or had your memories taken, or— something! Don't you wonder about the collar wrapped around your neck, like you were some sort of.. pet that had to be leashed?" Gabriel stands from his chair and begins pacing around, index finger and thumb moving to his face so he can massage his eyes as he continues to walk in circles and speak. "I'm not trying to get you to fall for anything. I only want you to remember who you are."

A pet. That's just like what that man who came into her room called her. Narrowing her eyes, the woman glares at Gabriel. "Are you one of them, then?" The people who randomly show up and insult her and then leave? It seems likely. She's not even sure of what the other man's name is, but it would make sense that he was in league with Grey. "Look, I don't know what you all want, but I just want to get out of here. You have no idea what you're talking about and just because you know my name doesn't mean you know me. I'll even consider a truce for now or something."

"I'm not one of anything," Gabriel retorts, shaking his head slightly. "And I know exactly what I'm talking about. I'm talking about you. About us. Don't you remember? I own a watchshop. You came in one day after we had met, so I could fix your grandmother's heirloom." He continues to pace, fingers still massaging his eyes, which is probably a bad idea considering he isn't keeping an eye on Zelda. "I fixed it, and you went on your way, but we still saw each other… eventually we started a relationship. We've been together for over a year, but you were kidnapped by these people, and they've done something to you. You're not who you think you are. This isn't the real you."

"Convenient." Zelda sneers just slightly at Gabriel's memories. "That you have all these memories about me when I'm sitting here. I don't remember any of that." Whatever it is that's brainwashed her, it's brainwashed her but good. "This is the only me I know." Finally, she feels okay to stand, which she does. Protectively, she puts out a hand between her and Gabriel. She'll wrap him in a bubble if she has to, she already has a shield around herself and him. "Just…stay back."

"Zelda!" Gabriel exclaims, a look of disbelief on his face. Is this really what their relationship is going to come to? She doesn't even know who he is, or what they had? All of this is a product of the same thing— of Peter Petrelli "rescuing" Zelda from Gabriel. Now she's in the same situation, unable to remember anything, anything that matters, and all they'll have now is a past that only Gabriel will remember? He's not going to have it.

"Listen to me," he says, stepping forward, but only a couple steps. "I'm not lying to you. You're confused. You're hurt. This isn't you. Do you really believe you're someone who would hurt other people? I know you're not, and I know you can get past this! I know you would never hurt even so much as a fly." He takes another step forward, his desperation increasing as she continues to deny him. "You just have to remember. You have to forget about what you've been told about others, what you've been told about me… you just have to remember."

The disbelief that's there in Gabriel's eyes is a strange crystallizing moment for Zelda. For the first time, she looks unsure of herself and when he approaches her, she doesn't flinch away or automatically bring up her shield. Instead, she listens to him. It's almost like a flash of remembrance, of knowing his voice for some reason or another. Her face softens for just a moment before it hardens again, the moment passed. "Stop…stop trying to mess with my head, Gray. I don't have to hurt you to keep you away from me. But I will do it." The forcefield comes up and she edges toward the door again.

The flash doesn't go unmissed. He can see it in her eyes, the uncertainty in them that he may just be telling her the truth… and it's all he needs to seize the moment. "Please," he says, stepping forward, risking putting his hand out to touch her shoulder— only to be interrupted by another forcefield. Instead, he places his palm against it, fingers spread wide, the field shimmering a light blue color in the outline of his hand.

"I know that somewhere in there you know.. if you'll just take the shield down and listen to me, I promise I can make you remember. I'll find someway. I'll get every telepath I can find to undo it. I don't care what it takes." His eyes move to the door for just a moment, before he looks back at Zelda, shaking his head to dissuade her from moving closer to it.

"You would just like to get a telepath into my head, wouldn't you?" Zelda's game face is back and she isn't taking kindly to Gabriel's kindness. Finally, she's by the door and she bolts for it. "If you follow me, you'll regret it." With a wrenching, she pulls it open and then, she attempts to flee as fast as she can.

"I didn't mean like that! I mean to fix the—" Gabriel just stops talking, his hands out in front of him in a display of total and complete frustration. It isn't with her, but it's with this whole stupid situation and he has no idea how he can even begin to fix it. If only HE could use telepathy. He would never admit it outloud, but at this exact moment in time, he regrets he never killed one. He could certainly use the ability right now.

"Zelda, no!" Gabriel says, immediately giving chase. Even as she pulls the door open and is making her way into the hall, he's right behind her, reaching through the door to grab her and pull her back into the apartment.

And, much like Zelda warned, Gabriel will find a solid forcefield waiting for him a few feet down the corridor. It's far enough along that should he be building up speed it will hurt if he bounces off of it. The former-baker doesn't respond to his plea, however, she's making for the stairs.

Just missing her by the door, Gabriel throws it open and makes his way into the hallway, spotting her already a good distance ahead of him. She's fast. Not caring if they make a scene (and quite a scene it would be,) he gives chase, calling out her name— only to bounce off of the forcefield, which forces him back a few steps.

… and she's gone. There's no way he could catch her now, not with the forcefield in his way. Rearing his arm back, he punches the forcefield as hard as he can, a violent shimmer of blue announcing where he connects. He punches it hard enough that it splits the skin over his knuckles, blood slowly dripping off of his hand as he slides down the wall to the floor, his forehead resting in his hands. The injured knuckles begin to heal themselves, skin sewing itself up over bone as he rests against the wall, already at a loss of what to do. It wasn't even four hours ago that he finally found Zelda, but now she's gone… in seemingly more ways than one.

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