2010-02-12: Happy Birthday Kelyssa



Date: February 12, 2010


Some prisoners discuss dreams and the like…

"Happy Birthday, KeLyssa"

Common Area — Building 27, Governor's Island

Who hasn't been captured yet? That's the thought that has been constantly on KeLyssa's mind. Her brother is one that she's sure isn't here. If he was, she'd probably know it by now. She doesn't even know if he's known about yet. Of course…she doesn't know how they found out about her. She's been fairly guarded about her ability, or so she thought. Up until now, except for in the interrogations, she has tried to put up a strong front, and try to act all cool as if everything is going to be okay. Her resolve and composure is nearly diminished, however, and something that caught her attention on the television just broke her. She saw the date: February 12th. Her and her brother's 22nd birthday. Her brother was supposed to come up to New York so that they could celebrate their birthday together. But now that's not going to happen. 'Does he even know I'm missing?' She's wondered quite often. 'Is he worried about me?' Seeing the date pushed that over the edge, and she's spent the past couple hours in the corner of the barrack's common room huddled up and crying, any energy she's had draining.

Whispers can sometimes be heard as she chokes out the words, singing to herself over and over again through the tears, "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Lyssa. Happy birthday to…" She chokes out a sob before finally finishing of with "…me." She's silent for for quite a few minutes before she stands up and heads to a table to properly sit down. Wiping tears from her face and tugging slightly at the big metal tracking collar around her neck, she stares ahead blankly for a few moments, as if all emotion has drained from her.

The move to the barracks had been little more than a change of scenery for one of the prisoners of Alpha Protocol. No matter the locale, whether the tiny little cell many floors up, chained to a chair, or the 'freedom' of the prisoner barracks, Alexandra Lambert hasn't been able to shake the images that a particular AP hunter, one of the ones that captured her, put into her mind. Those happen to be the faces of the victims, the familes, the orphans of the soldiers that she was responsible for killing in the AP train rescue. Murder, in fact. The AP prison keepers have informed her of that fact that what she did do was murder, in not simple terms. She is a murderer.

That's why she still wakes up at night screaming and sweating. That's why, despite, the fact that she can actually sleep in a bed, thin though it may be, she's been spending her nights in and out of light, unrefreshing sleeps. Half the time, she spends that lights out time curled up against the cool cinderblock wall of the barracks, knees pulled to her chest. That's why, even when she's in the communal area, she still looks haggard, still looks washed out and miserable, 10 miles away from reality. No matter where she looks, she can't stop seeing their faces, and that in and of itself, is the greater torture.

Out and about in the common area, KeLyssa's crying doesn't go unnoticed, but far away, on the other side of the room where Alex is sitting, she does little more than raise her eyes and look at the poor girl. She's only barely gotten to know these prisoners, and most of them are in similar situations…but without the blood of soldiers on their hands.

After a few particularly long minutes, what felt like an eternity to KeLyssa, really, the girl's tear streak face gazes about the room. She sniffles a little bit, still showing that she's not back to her otherwise 'confident' self. Not that she thinks she'll ever get there again. Her gaze lands, before long, on Alexandra. She gazes at the girl, sniffling again. Perhaps she stares too long. Perhaps not. Perhaps her gaze isn't even entirely focused on Alexandra any more. It's hard to tell at this point.

Having been overdosed and pushed to what would be most people's breaking point, Nathan's shockingly cool since they've brought him to the barracks. He's been withdrawn from the other prisoners, assuming that he's still being watched for more information. After his short-lived coma and overdose on the solution, he hasn't been in a chatty mood. In fact, he's been polite, but unusually quite as he calculates something in his own mind. Unlike many people here, he knows where he is and what's between him and New York.

He hasn't given into life in the barracks at all. He's cooperative enough, polite enough, and more diplomatic than usual (which says something), but Nathan hasn't been particularly personable. He hasn't mentioned anything about his original plans, in fact he borders between villain and hero.

Yet today, something unsettling has happened. He feels off. Very off. The dream he had left him in a cold sweat shivering and unsure. He died in it. But worse than that; Peter killed him. With a heavy sigh he manages a few cleansing breaths.

Despite his secluded measures, Nathan is curious about one thing: whether anyone politically has missed him. Finally, for the first time since he'd arrived he rolls off his cot and onto the floor. Pressing his lips together, his eyes scan the room for cameras before he turns to the hall. He hmmms once again as he glances down the hall. Both KeLyssa and Alexandra come into view. One he knows well enough; it's his assistant. His hands rise to his collar as he sighs heavily.

Last night had been a particularly bad night of bad nights for Alexandra. Perhaps it's the transition to the new solution from the old sedatives, or perhaps something more, but her nightmare had been particularly vivid. It was real, visceral…and she had not liked what she saw one bit. Maybe it's the work of the iterrogators into convincing her of her own guilt, but the nightmare had seen her taking things to a whole new level. Pushed to the brink, then over, then down from there even, the nightmare had ended with her quite literally sinking New York City, destroying Manhattan in raw, terrifying use of her temporarily-removed powers.

The screams and sweats, frantic clawing at the wall, the floor, anything to get out, had been enough to summon extra guards who found it necessary to sedate her more heavily. Today happens to be the aftermath of that. Alone on an uncomfortable couch, Alexandra sits alternating her view between her hands, the nails there broken from the outburst last night, to the rest of the room, regarding the rest of the prisoners. Aside from the screams, and since she's only been here a day, the others might not have heard her say a thing, not until she finally says to KeLyssa in a raspy, sore voice, "Happy birthday." There's no small sense of sarcasm in her voice, as well.

Resting her arms on the table, KeLyssa hunches over and rests her chin on the top arm. One or two more tears drop down from her eyes and fall onto the table beneath her. She blinks once, twice, three times as Alexandra speaks to her. It has been so long since she's heard another person actually speak in here. The only voices she's heard for a while (besides a screaming woman at night) have been her interrogators. "I…" She swallows. "Th-th-th-thank ya, m-m-m-Miss." She manages to stammer out in a shaky breath. She furrows her brow. "D…do I…ya look kinda…ya seem familiar." Is all she says, before dropping her gaze. "M'sorry. Prolly jus' a dream I had…a horrible dream. Horrible dreams, horrible places, an've all things, I'm stuck in this god forsaken place on m'birthday." She wells up again. "M'sorry. I don' meanta…" She sniffles. "I mean…we're all in the same boat an'…"she buries her head in her arms. She hasn't seen Nathan quite yet.

Swallowing, Nathan hesitates as he peers at his crying assistant; crying women make him feel uncomfortable. He glances down at his orange jumpsuit and suppresses a chuckle. Irony of all ironies, he finds himself here. He smirks momentarily and shakes his head allowing the smile to fade from his lips. Straight-faced, he walks up to the pair of women. "Ms. Gallagher," he offers her the smallest remnants of a smile. Yes, he has the dignity to find his diplomatic grin in here, or perhaps, he's just acting. But who's to know?

He gives Alexandra a nod in greeting before allowing his eyes to casually scan the room for cameras. His gaze turns back to the two women as he takes a cleansing breath. He heard the birthday part during the exchange between the two women, but he doesn't say happy birthday, instead he hmmms and allows the edges of his lips to edge into a smile, "It's your birthday?" And then his eyes glance around the room. "At least you're with other people, even if they wouldn't be your first choice…"

When KeLyssa mentions that she might've seen Alex before, it makes the brunette raise her brows a bit. "A…bad dream?" she asks, getting up from the couch and moving to join KeLyssa at the table. "You…you get them too here?" Sliding into a chair next to KeLyssa, Alex has adopted an almost frantic tone, in the way she asks her question. Up close, both she and Nathan can see just how absolutely bloodshot and wild her eyes have become. For all intents and purposes, she looks as if she might've been captured off the street, rather than while doing work for an engineering firm in her rather nice apartment. "What kind of dreams? Tell me. I have to know!" Alex looks as if she might start shaking KeLyssa if she doesn't find out.

KeLyssa can't help but look up at the sound of the familiar voice. She sniffles loudly. "S…s…s…Senator Petrelli?" She asks, her face visibly wet from tears. "I…oh no…I didn't tell 'em! I swear I didn't! I didn't know nothin' 'bout you! Please, you gotta b'lieve me! I never knew nothin'! I ain't never wanted this ta happen to ya none!" Her pleas are full of worry. Will she still have her job if and when they gets out of here? She sniffles again, nodding and trying to get the words out to answer the question. "Y…yeah. It's m'birthday. M'brother was gonna come up an' celebrate it with me. D'ya think he knows I ain't at m'place?" Once again, she's worried. But her attention is drawn quite quickly by Alex. "I…bad dreams ain't nothin' special. It ain't suprisin' if people get bad dreams 'round here." She sniffles again. "Jus'…jus' dreams. Dreams o' destruction. Dreams o' killin' people an' destroyin' stuff. Probably side 'ffects o' the drugs or somethin'. But…you look soooo much like someone in m'dream. M'nightmare."

Nathan is momentarily distracted by the report on the television. Not the one airing, but the text that scrolls across the bottom of the news feed: Nathan Petrelli's Office Still Hasn't Commented on the Senator's Health. This causes a flicker of a frown that only lasts a moment. Seconds later, he's putting on a soft smile, "It's alright Ms. Gallagher. My being here is…" Fated? Genetic? "…predetermined. As I'm sure all of yours was. Some things in life we can't help." He forces a comforting smile. "I'm sure he knows." His office had tried contacting her family; sadly he doesn't know if anyone managed to speak to them.

Nathan doesn't mention his dream. Seeing Peter like that leaves a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach. Although he does offer this, "I imagine nightmares are common occurrences in places like these."

When Nathan speaks, Alex can't help but find herself turning to looking and listening to him. He just sort of has that presence about him, you know? And at this point, Alex is pretty bowled over by anyone that can speak with any conviction; a sad but inevitable fate from being drugged and broken down by the prison keepers for weeks. "No…no you have no idea. These aren't just nightmares. They're worse than nightmares." Alex is shaking her head side to side as if denying something, but what it is, she hasn't let on…yet. "In these nightmares, I'm the terror. I'm every bad thing that's ever existed. In my nightmares, I've killed…I've killed thousands." How, she doesn't say, but now Nate and KeLyssa know a little more about why she wakes up screaming.

KeLyssa's lower lip quivers, as if she's about to tear up again. She's one sad ice princess! She's able to keep herself from flooding her face again, though it's probably going to stay wet for a little while after all the crying she's done. "D…do ya need anythin', sir? I…I mean…um…coffee, ifin they've gots some? I mean…I…I'm sorry. The drugs've addled m'brain, I think, somethin' awful. "I don' know 'bout them nightmares sir. They seemed really real. I done some bad things in 'em. I killed people too. Me'n the Miss here, or the person who looked lots like 'er, killed people, some've 'em innocent people, in m'dream. I killed innocent people in it. It was horrible. I ain't never thought o' doin' that in m'life. I don't like pain'n sufferin' o' nobody."

Nathan turns his gaze to Alex, and forces a diplomatic smile although something occurs to him that he tucks away in his own mind for later use. "You had her in your dream?" Nathan asks as he points to Alex. He hmmms quietly before he turns to Alex, "Did you dream about Ms. Gallagher?" And finally he shakes his head and replies, "No. I don't need any coffee." Like he could get it anyways. "We're here and we need to make the most of it. What I do need is for you to close your eyes and take deep breath and release it slowly."

He'd done this with Tracy once. "I want you to think of the most calming place you've ever been and focus on it carefully. The sights, the smells, the sounds. And keep breathing." He waits a moment before he soothes, "Inhale. And exhale." It seems he may have a talent or two that could be useful at this place.

"Her?" Alex asks nobody in particular, while looking KeLyssa over carefully. "No…not in my last nightmare. It was someone else I know though. Someone who I think is, or was my friend. I don't know anymore." Already her lip is quivering a bit, and she's tearing up. If the other party in her nightmare shared the same thing, their friendship is likely going to be strained if she ever gets out of here, and that's in the best case scenario.

When Nathan suggests closing their eyes, however, Alex seems extremely hesitant. "No…no, I can't do that. I don't want to close my eyes. I'll see them again. I'll see their faces. I can't do it…I won't do it," she pleads to Nate, even though he's not really one she should be pleading to, fellow prisoner and all.

KeLyssa sniffles a few more times, tearing up again, nodding. "Yeah…the her-a-like an' I…destroyed a facility o' some kind. An'…an'…I killed a janitor. A helpless janitor. With ice bullets." Tears stream down her face. "I don't wanna kill no one, sir! Honest I don'!" She closes her eyes like she's instructed, even if Alex doesn't want to close her eyes. She follows his instructions carefully. Just as quickly, though, her eyes fling open. "Maybe I'll b'fore I try'n sleep." She says quickly.

"Look, it's a focus exercise. It's not… a trick. When nightmares come or the walls get monotonous… what will pull you through is focusing on what is good. Whether that's your duty" thank you marine-training "and who you are or your personal mission and philosophy" thank you Buddhist monastery "or what's worth living for outside" thank you Ma, Peter, Heidi, Simon, and Monty. "This is what will help you keep your sanity even if you…" have a very disturbing nightmare where your own brother kills you.

"But…what makes me who am I, one of the biggest parts, is gone. I can't do it anymore. They took it away from me so I could get out of the little cell they kept me in. Sometimes I wish they would put me back, so that at least I still had my…power." Even so, she does find herself shutting her eyes a little, trying to do something along the lines of what Nathan is saying. But what is her duty? What is her personal mission and philosophy anymore? What's worth living for outside? Those things, when she thought she was acting on them, get her in here in the first place!

KeLyssa looks up at Nathan with watery eyes. "Do ya think we'll ever make it back ta the outside?" She asks him quietly, forgetting about the exercise for the moment. "I hope we make it out. I don't wanna be here no more. This ain't no good place with no good things. If anyone can figure a way fer us ta get outta here, I know it'll be you. Please…please…we gotta figure a way out."

"Ms..? You can't lose yourself here. Then…" Then they win. "…you need to focus on who you are. It'll —" give her strength. This all seems so ridiculous to say. And after KeLyssa speaks of escape something on Nathan's face changes. He glances at the walls for cameras again. They're being watched; they're always being watched. "Things will come to some resolution, eventually Ms. Gallagher." He can't be looking for a way out; he knows what's on the other side of the walls — water on every side. Pressing his lips together he hmmms. "We just must be patient." He can't talk about it — the place they're being held. He's pro-project. Or, at least, that's his official stance.

"Lambert. Alex Lambert. Once upon a time, I used to be a doctor, even, but not anymore…" Aaaaand back to faraway Alex, as she sort of stares off into space for a moment, before coming back to the conversation. "If I had my power, I could bring this whole place down…I could kill all of them. They'd never hurt anyone again," she says, a vicious little sneer forming on her lips. Anyone who knew her before would immediately recognize that as totally out of character. Maybe that's why she immediately seems to regret saying it, and starts to sob. The tears that were barely being held back start to flow now, and she puts a hand over her face to hide it.

"I'm sure everything will be cleared up legally in time," Nathan assures smoothly as he mentally shudders. If this ever went to court he could see anyone in the protocols utilizing embracery to win the trial. "Dr. Lambert, I'm sure you could do some damage, but these men and women are carrying out their jobs." Not that Nathan wouldn't like to see one or two burn, but then he knows more than he ought; more than he's let on.

AHHH! So many tears! Clearing his throat, Nathan shakes his head, "Ladies. Please." He raises his hand to his head before shaking it, "Dr. Lambert, you need to keep it together. Ms. Gallagher, you're in politics now, we always make the best of situations." The image of his mother flickers into his memory which results in a very fleeting smile. "M —" And then it occurs to him, he isn't supposed to remember what his mother used to say so he lets it fall before he says in his own words, "We symbolize hope, Ms. Gallagher. If we lose it, we can't expect any more of the people we govern. Crises require… coolheadedness."

"How can I keep it cool? Really? How can I? I murdered people. I. MURDERED. People." Alex starts to explode, standing up from the table suddenly, knocking her chair over backwards in the process. "Do you know what that's like? DO YOU? When you see their faces EVERY TIME YOU CLOSE YOUR EYES?!" To emphasize, she slams her hands down on the table. "I probably belong here. Maybe I belong here. I don't know anymore, I just don't. I thought what I was doing was right. I thought I was saving kids and other prisoners, but clearly, I didn't get the whole picture." The emphatic statements have mussed up her hair, and by the time she's finished mini-raging at Nathan, she's panting a little, and brushing hair out of her eyes.

Hearing the ruckus as she passed by one of the windows of the barracks, Cody decides to take a detour from her original destination of her 'office' inside to visit the detainees. She arrives inside the common room just as Alexandra finishes her little rant about murdering people and takes a cool sweep of the room. "Simmer it down, soldier," she says lowly. She's dressed in her usual black combat uniform, her boots looking a little scuffed which is unusual. "What happened is what happened. You can't change it, you can only work to make it better. If you need to write a family or two to apologize, do it." Not that the letters will ever get anywhere, but it's supposed to be therapeutic just to write them.

KeLyssa widens her teary eyes at Nathan's words. "How kin I go 'bout keepin' lookin' at the best've situations ifin I ain't out there ta be seen by people ta show 'em how 'wonderful' an' how 'happy' yer staff is an' how 'optimistic' an' 'sweet' yer li'l assistant is? Huh? How? I wanna be optimistic, but it's so gosh darned hard in here!" She sniffs and wipes her eyes with her horribly orange coloured sleeve. "An' these outfits do absolutely nothin' fer my figure." She says, letting out a little high pitched giggle. Did she make a joke? And one about her figure? She never talks about how she looks! But then Cody's voice erupts from somewhere and she juts her vision toward the woman, eyes piercing her with an icy gaze. "What're you doin' here?" He shakes her head. "Ya know…I kinda felt sorry fer accidentally shootin' ice atcha. Or I used ta." She's not making the situation better, is she? No, Sad KeLyssa's becoming Angry and Bitter KeLyssa.

"Dr. Lambert…" Nathan begins before he shakes his head and sighs. He murdered in cold blood with only selfish motivation, but he shouldn't remember that. He shot his own daughter and held her for her precious blood, but he shouldn't remember that. He killed his own brother, but once again, he shouldn't remember it. So instead he hmmms. "You can dwell on the past or you can learn to move forward with hope for better choices in the future." His eyes flicker with recognition at Cody, but before he can greet her, KeLyssa has switched into bitter mode causing Nate's eyes to twinkle with mischief. "Ms. Gallagher, as usual, I'm guessing this agent is just doing her job. A cog in the wheel. Like all of us." He crosses his arms over his chest.

Simmer. That's a good word for it, really. That's just what Alex does. With a little huff, she swallows that rage, that helplessness, the horror of what she's done (or might do?), and stalks off. Not far, mind you. Just far enough to get away from Nathan and Cody mostly. "How can you be so cool and calm about this? Last time I checked, you're wearing orange too!" she yells at Nathan, tugging on the shoulders of her own jumpsuit. "Clearly, you're one of…us. Why are you trying to make peace?" Hooray volatility and no clear train of thought. She may be making circular arguments, or contradicting herself, but she's so numb to it, she hardly cares.

Giving Alex a quick glance, Cody purses her lips and raises her eyebrows. "The last time I checked, Dr. Lambert, the penalty for multiple counts of first degree murder was much more than socializing with people in a common room. Like I told you before, reign it in." Turning toward KeLyssa, she gives the young woman a little bit of a guilty look and sighs. "Miss Ghallager, I'm sorry that you were born with a dangerous ability capable of killing people. All I can say is that it was only me that you were able to unleash some of your frustrations on and not an innocent child in a park somewhere."

"Senator Petrelli, I'm glad to see you awake, how are you feeling?" She puts the notebook back into her pocket and moves toward the man, stopping a few paces away from him. "I just wanted to let you know that I'm investigating what happened. I'm not satisfied that it was merely an oversight or an accident."

KeLyssa glances between the three others she's now engaged with in some kind of conversation or another. She frowns at Nathan. "Jus' doin' her job m'pet pig Oinky!" She says quite firmly. Okay, so maybe she's never had a pet pig, but the statement holds true. Whether Cody was 'just doing her job' or not, KeLyssa is angry. She glances at Alex. "He's always calm an' all fer some reason. I ain't never understood none o' it." She glares at Cody now. "M'ability's only dangerous ifin I choose it ta be! Bu' I don' wan' it ta do no harm! What happened ta ya was an accident. M'no more dangerous than a mechanic or a doctor or somethin'. An' I'm less dangerous than a highly trained killer in the military or somethin'. Are ya gonna throw 'way all doctors, mechanics, an' people in the military too, since they could possibly kill people due to negligence or b'cause they're ordered ta?"

Eyebrows are arched at Alexandra. "We can complain and be angry or we can make the most of it. Prisoner or not, I am still the Senator for New York and I will not be torn apart by adversity. If I allowed myself to get upset at everything, I would be a terrible leader and a worse politician. And an even worse parent." He presses his lips together and then nods at Cody, "Yes Baker, I am feeling better. I'm awake. Although my stint has had some… adverse effects, I trust that it won't happen again." His eyebrows are raised expectantly before he turns to KeLyssa.

"Ms. Gallagher, diplomacy, please." He presses his lips together. "It's not quite the same. When you're in the military you're trained to deal with your … talents. When you have a natural ability…" he shrugs.

Before she begins to sound like a broken record, Alex retreats to the couch where she started this whole thing. "I doubt they've even had the professional courtesy of informing our employers where we are. Of course, for you," she says, nodding to Nathan and KeLyssa. "I doubt that's much of a problem. However, some of us work in the private sector, and have bosses and deadlines and things like that. That's all probably a wash now," she laments, flopping down on the couch and pulling herself up into a little ball.

"Yes, it was an accident, and what if it had been someone else that your accident happened to? Your boss is right, you need to keep a cool head." The right corner of Cody's lips twitch a little at her own little joke, but other than that, she shows no outward sign of emotion. Taking a small notebook from the left side pocket of her cargo pants, she plucks a pencil from her hair and jots a few notes down. "Doctor, I'm sure that in the time that you've been gone there have been some arrangements made to explain your absence." Then she crosses the room, the clumping of her military boots seem to favor the right foot in proper cadence. When she reaches one of the chairs, she leans against it and turns her head to address Nathan again. "Senator, I should let you know that I haven't found your glasses yet, but I'm sure they will turn up soon. I'll have them brought to you as soon as it's feasible."

KeLyssa frumps and grumps. "I ain't never signed up fer this when I b'came yer assistant! Naw. I signed up fer gettin' yer coffees, settin' up appointments, dealin' with press conferences and the issues that arise durin' 'em! I signed up fer makin' sure people like her don't loose thing like yer glasses. In short, I signed up to make sure ya were on the ball. I ain't never signed up fer no diplomacy part've the job. I gave that fer free, Senator." She shakes her head. "The diplomacy was yer job. I've run out've mine. I've run out've m'patience with 'er!" And that's that! She shakes her head at Cody. "My head'd be cooler ifin ya took off this li'l thing 'round m'neck." She says in a matter of fact tone.

Nathan hmmms at the comment from Cody and nods. "Thank you. I don't know how many oversights can happen in one place. Clearly your superior's administration needs work." He narrows his eyes and clears his throat. "And Ms. Gallagher, we are always diplomatic. That's what our role is. We are the government, even when you're an assistant." A knowing glance is sent towards Cody, "Helen is a publicist and lives diplomacy, she's better at it than I am and far brighter as is Anais." He clears his throat again, "Besides you were nothing but diplomacy when it came to Simon and Monty," he sideglances Alex, Baker (somewhat longer) and then KeLyssa… in that order.

Move along. Nothing to see here when looking at Alex. She's merely simmering on the couch, knees pulled up to her chest, chin resting there, and staring daggers at Cody. No doubt thoughts of their one, and to this point, only conversation are running through her mind; the discussion of human weapons, the possibility…no, the realization that she is a weapon of mass destruction. She hasn't told any of her captors about the specifics of her nightmares, however, maybe for the best.

"I'm sure she was very good with Simon and Monty, from our observations she seems to be a very compassionate individual. As for Helen and Anais I've never had the pleasure of meeting them so I wouldn't know about their diplomatic skills compared to Miss Ghallager's." The soldier pushes herself off the chair and slips the notebook back into the side pocket of her pants again and tucks the pencil behind her ear. Without a word, Cody exits the room for about ten minutes before bringing back a small plate of chocolate cupcakes decorated with pink and red icing. "Happy birthday, I'm sorry this is all the celebrating you get to do." After placing the small plate on a table, she exits the room again without another word.

KeLyssa lets out a little scoff and shakes her head. "You throw insults at me and then you say a kind word about how compassionate I am? Ha! I bet your psychologists have something interesting to say about that!" Not that she's an expert. She's only taken one or two introductory classes in the subject. Plopping herself down in chair, she gazes, frustrated, between Alex and Nathan, as well as Cody when she returns. "Cupcakes? Probably have drugs in them." She mutters, mostly to herself.

Nathan nods at Cody's words and turns on his heel. That's all he needed to know. He has no interest in cupcakes, instead he pads back down the hall from where he'd come. He has all he needs to know. His family probably thinks he's having health issues too… at least they're safe. And same with his staff. Hopefully it stays that way. "I… need rest…" he murmurs as he heads out. "You don't survive an overdose without some side effects. Good day, ladies." That said, he disappears down the hall, convinced that he needs to be even more careful about what he says.

Maybe she can trust them, maybe she can't. But good lord, they look delicious. Not so much caring if they're drugged or what, seeing as how they'd been drugged 24/7 since arriving, Alex decides to snack on a cupcake. She does it back on the couch though, snatching one and savoring it. As folks start to wander off, to do their paperwork, to get some rest, Alex seems content enough to just be left alone in the silence with her own thoughts. The only other time it's this silent around here is at night…and she doesn't want to face that unless she absolutely has to.

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