Harriet "Harry" Parker

"This is remarkable! The blood left traces of a substance that actually turns yellow under black light. And, also, the splatter looks like a butterfly…but, that's more creepy and less relevant to the case."

Casting: Amy Acker
Date of Birth: ♓ March 20, 1983
Age: 28
Place of Birth: Austin, TX
Occupation: ACRU CSI
Registration Status: ☐ UN ☒ REG
Theme Song: "Peng! 33" by Iron&Wine
Hooks: ✔ ACRU ✔ Science! ✔ Tea Enthusiasts ✔ Pro Registration

Harriet Parker works for the LAPD CSI department, more specifically for the ACRU unit. Trained to handle Evolved crime scenes, Harry has been with ACRU since it's inception. Smart, though a bit quirky, she is always happy to educate people about either science or what she's learned about the science of Evolved.



"Keep Austin Weird" is the tagline of the city Harriet Parker was born in, and it's one that she's decided to make her own motto. The only child of her close knit family, she was used to being loved and understood for who she was. Even from a young age, Harry - as she was known - was inquisitive and curious. She always wanted to know the why and the hows of things. She'd take appliances apart just to see how they worked and then struggle to put them back together. Her parents dreaded leaving her alone with anything expensive, because they knew she'd only want to dismantle it.

A very smart woman, Harry was always the head of her class and many times was ahead of it. After skipping a grade in elementary school, she always felt a little out of her league in dealing with students her own age. Though always very friendly and cheerful, Harry always was a bit of a dreamer and lived life in her own head. The same went for high school and college. She had friends and people she hung out with, but she always seemed clueless in social interactions.

In college, Harry thought she wanted to study history, however she took a course of biology sophomore year and became completely hooked on the complexities and beauty of the human body…and all that could go wrong with it. From then on, she devoured all the different sciences she could get her hands on. After college, she went straight into criminal science studies and found a job with the LAPD in their science labs. Though she stayed in the labs more often than not, she was called out into the field in order to help now and again. As she proved her aptitude, she was promoted to do more and more active duty. While she still enjoys quiet nights in at the lab, she finds helping solve a case with science is thrilling.

When the papers and news channels broke the Evolved Story, Harry didn't know what to think about it. At first, she thought it was an elaborate prank, but as more details and corroborations came forward, she wondered. What did that mean? For science, for people, for the law. How did she know that the fingerprints she'd taken from a scene that convicted someone was not actually from a 'shapeshifter', did they change down to their DNA code, did their blood type change? It was a fascinating idea, and one that kept her up at night, thinking of possibilities. It was like being back in high school again - in her own head with ideas. As she thought more and more about it, she asked to be transferred to the newly formed ACRU division in order to help come up with more effective ways of dealing with the complex scientific issue of crime involving Evolved people.

When the call for people to be tested for being Evolved or not came out, Harry thought long and hard about being tested to see if she had an ability. She was pretty sure she didn't. After all, she had never frozen anything with her fingertips, nor had she set anything on fire accidentally (not without the proper reagents, that is). However, what if she did? What would that mean for her. Eventually, she couldn't take the not knowing - a curious person down to her core, she needed to find out. She couldn't say whether she was saddened or relieved to find out that the test showed that she did not have an ability. Whatever the case, she knew for certain now, which is all that she could ask for.


The 1st Show Off A pick pocket causes Alfie to buy Harry a coffee Alfie & Harry


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  • "That's Kev— Detective Parrish. He's not a zombie clown. Not even for Halloween." - To Jude in Wide Awake
  • "An act of trauma. This is starting to sound like the soap my mother used to watch. There was something about devil possessions? I saw one of the episodes once. There was bad lighting and a lot of dress changing and then someone was taken over by Satan and tried to kill someone who was sleeping with her husband. I knew we were living in new and different times…but…I didn't think someone could—-can you actually compartmentalize an ability? So severely that you wouldn't know it existed and only surfaced through an alternate personality? And…is that what the soaps were really getting at? Maybe I should watch TV more." - To Shea in Justice
  • "Don't get all defensive and touchy with me. This has nothing to do with abilities and everything to do with spilled coffee. That guy ran into me, you ran through me and I came to help. And now, I will fingerprint the bad guy, and then the wallet, show that this is the man who took the wallet definitively so it will be easy in court, and his lawyer will probably get him a deal or something without it even showing up on a docket. I don't wave a wand over it - though, well, that's a lie, sometimes I do, but it's a black light wand not the wooden kind - but that's not my point. I had a point at one time. Oh! Right, this guy definitely owes me a large coffee." - To Alfie in Show Off


  • Harry collects teapots. Big ones, small ones, ones shaped like ducks, she loves them.
  • Though she may not look it, she has a huge appetite and loves spicy food. She's even beaten the Dynamite Spicy Food Challenge at Jitlada Thai.
  • Her favorite element is Osmium.


  • "Rox in the Box" - The Decemberists (song starts at :53. Also, enjoy awesome Longboarding Chicks!)
  • "Cats and Dogs" - The Head and the Heart (It's really an adorable music video)
  • "Dog Days Are Over" - Florence + The Machine


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