2007-08-11: DF: Hatching Plans


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Summary: Felix tells Aileen of his plan to leave. Kitty happens upon a vision of impending danger for Felix. William is there to make sure there's no one he needs to kill and helps how he can. Plenty of plans are made.

Dark Future Date: August 11th, 2009

Hatching Plans

Central Park, NYC

It's a beautiful summer evening, and the shadows are lengthening down the concrete canyons as the sun descends to the West. Felix is standing companionably with Aileen on a bridge - the one he used to use as a drop, in actuality. There are still half-tame ducks paddling in the stream, and Felix is idly feeding them crumbs of bread left over from a sandwich. He's explaining something to Aileen in that flat, rather clinical voice he uses when he's talking about something profoundly uncomfortable, and his face has gone equally unexpressive and Agent-ish. "Listen," he says, having dragged her here after work. "I haven't been telling you the whole truth. And to be honest, nor will I now. For your own good. But I won't be here much longer either way, Aileen. So when the time comes that you have to go, this is how you need to contact certain allies of mine. Don't write it down, but repeat it to me," He recites the contact info that Nima and Lee gave him which the player presently doesn't recall. His face is still pointed towards the pond, but his gaze keeps wandering to Aileen's face, as he toys idly with the frame of his glasses.

William is stolling through the edge of the park. His pace is at odds with the way he's watching the area around him, as if he expects something might happen at any time. He's dressed casually in a black hoodie and a pair of loose dark jeans. It may be warm for the hoodie, but that doesn't seem to bother him much. Felix is spotted, and he stops in his tracks, watching him and the woman next to him for a moment.

Wandering around, seeing as she is free for a few hours as the Kittens are being watched. Kitty walks the path that leads past Aileen and Felix on the bridge. She is wearing a blood red dress with black boots and her hair swings free down to her waist. Tiger walks beside her and looks to be on high alert. She tilts her head up to look at the sky and her eyes open wide. "The sky is pretty this evening" she states and then looks back to Felix and Aileen, but it doesn't seem as if she is looking at them. She then tilts her head back up to look at the evening sky. Tiger paces around the Kitty and after spotting William pads over and rubs in between his legs. Kitty's head snaps back down and she looks to William and then Tiger. "Hello Will" she remembers him from years ago. She was once trying to set him up with her best friend Dorian. It never happened. A gentle breeze blows Kitty's hair in her face and she brushes it away before looking back at Felix and Aileen. Just content on watching the two right now.

The doctor smiles, weakly. It's the smile of someone who knows the irony of something profound. Aileen doesn't repeat the information, instead gazing off at the water. "Chandra Suresh, author of Activating Evolution… did you know he had a son?" Tapping the railing of the bridge with a finger, she continues the odd smile.

"Yes. Also a doctor, isn't he? Mohinder? I recall the name being mentioned," Felix says, with a faint frown. "Aileen, did you hear me?" he asks, urgently, voice low. That little confession was tantamount to admitting that he's up to treason of some sort or another. He taps her gently on the shoulder with the tips of his fingers. "What's gotten into you?"

William looks over to Kitty for a moment. "Hello Kitty." Tiger is given a quick wary look before he moves off, and over to the edge of the bridge. He's quiet in his movements, but not obviously trying to hide them. His stroll had just picked up enough speed to be called a walk.

"A geneticist, actually." Aileen murmurs, not quite looking at Felix for a long moment. She purses her lips, then glances towards him. "I heard you. But you'll not be wanting to give me that information, Felix." She looks back down at the water. "You told me to wait it out. So I did."

Nodding to Will's greeting she walks up slowly towards Aileen and Felix, Tiger following closely. She leans against the bridge. Not to far from the two, they have to notice her, right? She then drags a hand through her hair, "Hi Felix" is all she says and she looks out to the water. "That duck is going to die tonight" she states and frowns slightly as if the thought of the duck dying is like losing a friend. Kitty tilts her head looks to Tiger.

And there are two people he knows. Felix glances up at Will, offers an almost sheepish grin to the ex-SEAL, and then glances over at Kitty. "Evening," he says, diverted, before looking back to Aileen. "I know. And if you can, you should. But just in case…."

William tilts his head to give Felix a curious look before he comments in Russian, in a joking tone, «"Not telling her anything I'd have to kill her for, are you?"» He looks over to Kitty and shakes his head. "Maybe it'll escape at the last second. The future can change."

"You don't get it. It's already too late." Aileen murmurs, her gaze shifting over as Kitty speaks. "Could be worse. Duck could get shot. It's really a miserable way to die." Her gaze shifts warily towards William. "You really still believe that?"

«No,» Felix says, patiently, though his expression is only a hair sheepish. «But trying to give her an option or two, shall we say?» he ventures, before glancing to Kitty with a faint frown. And then he peers at Aileen, brow furrowing. "Define too late," he says, quietly. "If we have to leave now, we can."

"Being shot is bad" Kitty comments and looks to Will, "Hopefully, it does. Future changes. Not all the time though. " she says this in all seriousness and then walks over quickly to Felix and touches his arm. Tiger rubs against Aileen's legs. "Be careful. The things you plan to do. They might get you killed" she says in a whisper and she sighs as her eyes close. The vision hitting her.
You get two images concerning Felix. One is of Felix, though his hair's cut short and his eyes are somehow a different color, in plain clothes, fleeing through mostly empty main hall of Grand Central Station, government agents in pursuit. There's gunfire. The second is of him, in his usual suit, handcuffed to a desk in the sort of blank room that's obviously an interrogation chamber. He's slumped over, as if sleeping, but by the color of his skin and his open eyes, he's dead. Poison.
Kitty blinks a few times and shakes her head. "Be very careful" she squeezes Felix's arm and Tiger meows.

William looks over to Felix and then to Aileen and Kitty before he turns his attention back to the man. He sticks to Russian for this as well. «"If you need to go, I can help you get across the border."» He can't offer Aileen the Alliance's protection, just help on the run. "I still believe it. What good is life if we can't effect the future?"

"Too late, a phrase meaning, if I say anything else to you I'm already dead." Aileen murmurs, then shakes her head. "Too late means I can't leave." She looks down at the water. "Did you know Mohinder Suresh is dead? Honestly, who would want a simple geneticist dead?"

"Considering who his father was, and what he did, I can think of quite a few people," Felix retorts, before the impact of those statements hits him. "Dead? That I didn't know. Who? How? Aileen, we can go now," he says, bluntly. "Right this minute, if we need to." And then there's Kitty's comment, and he turns a pale and wondering stare on her. "I know," he says, gravely. "I know." He murmurs to Will, «I'm not leaving. I'm staying to fight. She is gonna need an out, though.»

"Anyone can change the future, if you have learn what is going to happen in enough time. I think it is too late for Mr. Duck but let's hope it isn't for Felix" Kitty says her head and then shakes it fast as if coming out of a trance. "Visions have been oming a lot these past two days. Please be safe Felix. I don't want to have to tell Maddie you are dead" she bends down to pet Tiger and she looks up at the sky again.

William looks over to Aileen. "It's never too late. If you get out, can we trust that you won't tell on anyone who helps you? That you won't give up contacts? Because I'd hate to see that be the cause of your death." That's all said evenly, as if he wouldn't kill her himself if she snitched. «"Are you joining up full time?"» The ability to have little side conversations in random languages is probably the biggest benefit of Will's power.

Kitty starts to walk off without another word. "I must be getting back to the Kittens. See yall later" she says and quickly begins to walk back to the orphanage. Tiger following.

"You didn't know because it's not widely spread about. I don't think anyone killed like he was would really be found out." Aileen's gaze flickers to Will, then to Felix. "I'm not a snitch. I wouldn't give up anything related to this. I've got no reason to. Right now, though, I'm on borrowed time. I'm already risking a damn lot saying this." She looks Felix over, for a moment. "Leave before you get caught. I'd like to know you're not dead." She glances back over at the ducks. "It's too late when the President himself informs you of the consequences of your failure."

Felix takes her by the arm, and his grip is none too gentle. "Are you watched now, Aileen?" he demands, shooting a quick look to William. What he means by it isn't a hundred percent clear. "Because we can go. What hold does Petrelli have over you? He wouldn't hurt Dawson, would he?" To William, he asides, «If they'll let me. I could be of use. Better that than rusting in idleness up North.»

William looks over to Aileen and nods. "Then I won't have to kill you. Good." Because really, he'd rather not. «"I will help get her across, if it is important to you."»

GAME: Aileen has rolled WILLPOWER+ALTRUISTIC and got a result of AVERAGE.

Aileen sucks in a breath, glancing back to Felix. "Not that I know of. I don't think the President has any reason to have me watched, not yet at least. George is fine, I'm sure. He can take care of himself. I'm more worried about the detainees." She purses her lips. "Above all I'm only doing what I am for the people I can help. So long as I'm still.. useful.. things should be fine for me."

«It is,» Felix says, curtly. « I've mentioned her to the brass. It's iffy.» He worries at his lip, watching Aileen with something akin to despair. "What about the detainees?" he demands.

«Did you mention moving her across the border, or her joining us?» William asks before he looks to Aileen. "I didn't see any watchers today." And he's constantly on alert for them.

"Good." Aileen murmurs, glancing back between the two. "It's risky for them either way. With me there.. there's a lot better chance for them to live, so long as I can stay alive and keep producing results. I stay, there's a good possibility that the project can succeed. If I go.. who knows where they end up. Someone will continue the project." She pauses, fingering a picture in her jacket before pulling it out. "I got a bit of a promotion. A promotion that involves.. new test subjects. The President made sure to let me know the consequences for failure."

The back of the photograph, reads the words, "This is madness." - Mohinder Suresh. It's the President's handwriting. The other side is an angled shot of Mohinder Suresh himself, very much dead. Riddled with bullet wounds in his chest.

Honestly, Felix would like to think of himself as a hard man. He's seen his share of death, especially in this horrible future. Been responsible for a few, himself. But the image makes him blanch, and he looks up to Aileen, horrified. "Is this what he's come to? Aileen, you -can't- stay," he insists. "Don't you understand? This is beyond you, now, and all you can do if you stay is be consumed. Don't. Leave with me, or let me come get you." To William, he gives another of those unreadable looks, though there's something of asking for help, there. «Just getting her out and over the border.»

«I wish I didn't know that. Then I could just help. But it's hard to move when the brass hasn't decided.» Will leans on the railing of the bridge, trying to look casual. "Well, we all know the President means business." The picture doesn't seem to really surprise the ex-SEAL.

"There's nothing implied about it. He gave me Suresh's old clinic to work from." Aileen murmurs, though her expression is much harder to read. "It's terrfying. I mean, I know if I make a wrong move, I stop being useful, I don't succeed? It's all gone. I die. Maybe if I'm lucky someone will actually find out I'm dead. But staying? Don't you realize what I could do if I can get the project to succeed? Ordinary humans could have powers. You give everyone a power, you even the playing field like that..? Do you really think things would stay the same if that happened? It's a gamble, but.." She shakes her head. "I don't know if I can just run. I can't decide if I'm the stuff of maryrs. Gave up so much of my life to help before the war… even if I was selfish and went the route to get out? It would kill me not to be able to help any longer."

And that has Felix throwing up his hands in despair. "Aileen, fuck them," he says, bluntly. "You sound like Doctor Frankenstein. If you manage what while in the government's control, you know they'll just use it as a tool to keep themselves in power. Flee, and finish the work somewhere else in the free world," he pleads. "What you're doing isn't help. It's creating another weapon for a coercive regime." Yeah, he's wandered right out in to open treason by now.

William takes another long look around as Felix moves into the openly treasonous speech, just making sure there's no one who can hear them but the ducks. "I'll have to agree with him on that one." William says. "I can't see them doing any good with it. Or letting you live long past the discovery."

"Shit. You always make things more complicated, Felix." Aileen murmurs, glancing over at the ducks but mostly focusing on him. There's a long pause, most likely the pure moment of decision. "Alright. What do I have to do? George can't know. I trust him to keep me safe, but.. I can't trust him not to view this as a betayal. The project was his idea in the first place."

Felix slumps in sheer relief. "The information that I gave you. That's how to contact me, if I'm gone when you decide to run. The third arch on the left from the main entryway to the garden in the ruins of the Cloisters. If you can't get that, put a plant of some kind in your bedroom window. I'll find a way to watch, and to contact you."

William looks over to Aileen. "I'll try to keep an eye for you as well. I'm Will, by the way." He may not offered to help her himself otherwise, but Felix wants her helped. So he will. "I usually know the best routes up to the north."

"Alright." Aileen murmurs, glancing between the two. "It should be soon. Every day I'm working on that project is going to make the President more anxious for results and makes me much less useful and much more dead." She glances to William. "Nice to meet you, Will. I trust you'll keep Felix safe?"

It's relief making him a bit giddy that must excuse what Felix does next. Which is drag Aileen into an embrace, and plant a kiss on her lips. It's more jubilant than passionate, but hey.

There's a moment of what might be jealousy on Will's face at that kiss. But just a second before his mask is back in place. "I'll do my best. And I'm pretty damn good at keeping people safe." It's what he does.

There's a bit of a laugh at Felix's sudden giddiness as Aileen finds herself swept up into an embrace, as well as a kiss. Both of which are a little surprising at the excitement, but Aileen's not going to complain. "I'll be fine, Felix." She gives William a stern but slightly playful look. "Good. Cause, y'know, if anything happens to him I'm going to have to hold you personally responsible."

Felix grins broadly at the both of them, which is one of those expressions for which his face is apparently completely unsuited, and then lets Aileen go.

William raises his eyebrows at Aileen. "And what could you do to me?" There's curiousity there. It's not an entirely sarcastic statement. "What he does is dangerous. I can't promise he'll always be safe, just that I'll try my best to keep him that way."

"I might just have to go back into surgery." Aileen grins for a moment. "I worked as a neurologist for many years. I know exactly where to cut to.. well, I'll leave that as a surprise." She's entirely teasing, but there's truth to it. She does know that sort of thing. She lets go of Felix, looking back towards him. "Let me know when you're safely out. I can plan for shortly after that. Don't dare try and get out before you do. George doesn't seem to trust you entirely, just from what I can get out of him. I'm sure he'd come right for you." The gaze flickers back to William. "You're a man of your word, I think. I believe you."

"Yeah, the eye of Sauron is definitely turning in my direction," Felix says, grin gone again as if it'd never been. "But I've got a little more time in me. You'll know when I'm gone. The government will know, and thus I bet you will through George," he says, looking to Aileen somberly. He sighs. "Aileen, you should be getting on. Or George is going to be sure we're having clandestine sex in some no-tell motel."

William looks over to Felix. "Would that make this a threesome? Because I usually don't do girls." There's a quiet humor there and even a quick smile. He looks over to Aileen. "I was a SEAL. I could kill you with my bare hands before you had the chance to take me into surgery." Not to mention the knives and guns he has on him at all times in this world.

"I'm sure I'll get the word. I can usually tell when all's gone to hell by the mood George is in once he gets off work." Aileen murmurs, glancing back to Felix. There's a playful grin. "Oh, if only." The question is, is she wishing that was what George thought or that she was off in a no-tell motel? That question, however, is easily answered as she glances over between Felix and William. "Oh really? Well, that's not a problem. You take one side, I'll take the other." She quips, nodding to William. "I don't doubt it. I'm not much of a fighter. Anyways, Felix is right. I'd better get back, just to be safe. You two take care."

Will gets a moment of owlishness from Felix, followed by a full blush. And on someone with that complexion, it's obvious. And then Aileen ripostes, and he's slack-jawed, just an instant, before the Agent-face is back in place. "Take care, Aileen," he says, finally.

William cracks another smile at Felix's reaction. "What? No comment?" He says with a nod for Aileen. "Sounds like a plan." He can crack a joke when he wants to. "Be careful out there. Bullets hurt."

"I will." Aileen replies, looking between the two. "I don't plan on getting shot any time soon. I'll let you know if plans change." She heads off with nothing other than a quick glance behind her.

Felix lets out a slow breath. "No comment, no," he says, though it's followed by a ripple of almost sheepish laughter. "Thanks," he says, having watched Aileen out of sight. "I'm afraid for her. But glad for your help," he says, putting his hands in the pockets of his pants.

William watches Aileen go and then turns to look over to Felix. "My goal is to help as much as I can. If you say it's important to get her out, I'll trust that, whether it's for scientific or personal reasons."

"Both," Felix says, blinking a little. "She's a friend. And Petrelli will chew her up and spit her out without a thought. Her skills should be on the right side."

William nods his head. "If she really can help level the playing field, that isn't something that Petrelli should have access to. It's too dangerous for him to have."

"Precisely," Felix agrees, looking suddenly weary. "I gotta get home. Take care, Will. I'll see you around."

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