2010-01-09: Have His Nuts



Date: January 9, 2010


It's another sting with an accidental target in sight and poor Peter is sexexposed to the distractions in Cody's head.

"Have His Nuts"

Central Park - NYC

It's a relatively warm January Saturday in New York City (only -2 C!!!). While there's that slight nip of cold in the air, the sun has broken through the clouds, further warming the city. As such, Central Park isn't empty, but to say it's buzzing would be an exaggeration. Braver New Yorkers are enjoying the sunny weekend, enjoying the sunlight. It's a good day for a busker trying to make a buck on a street corner, enough traffic to make some money, not so much that it's chaotic.

One such busker stands on one of the park paths dressed in a white turtleneck (with black stripes), black pants (complete with black suspenders), and a black beret on her head. Her dark hair is pulled back into a curly haired pony tail, her hands are covered with white gloves, and her face is painted white with black highlights, including black lipstick. Yes: she's a mime. Holding a single finger towards her audience, she signals for them to wait a moment with a strangely cold (what kind of mime is this?!), distant smile on her face while tilting her head before she pretends to blow up a balloon that isn't there.

Among the brave New Yorkers shivering in the crisp air, there's one man who might send up red flags for those who've seen the face many a time. The middle of Central Park might seem safe enough, with people still wandering around, but Peter Petrelli seems to still be taking the chance to be out and about. Hands deep in pockets, he can't help but shrug his shoulders to try and get further into his coat. The scarf also keeps some of the wind off his face and ears, but he still looks as if he wishes to be inside.

There's no ear muffs, and his ears are pinkish. His hair flops in front of one of his eyes, and it looks as if he forgot to shave today, a good amount of stubble on his chin. At the sight of the gesturing mime, he can't help but tilt his head to the side and watch, even grinning lopsidedly at the balloon blowing.

There's a steaming cup of hot chocolate on a gleaming silver cart, letting out wisps of deliciously scented hot chocolate into the air. The vendor sitting on the bicycle seat of the cart is reading a book, by the looks of it, a romance novel as steamy as the drink she's letting chill. "Oh man… forget the showerhead…" The woman murmurs as she flips the page, skimming it quickly and capturing her bottom lip between her teeth. "Mmm Mmm MMM! Rodrigo the things you could do to me…"

Feeling a little bit uncomfortable reading the book in the middle of a park crowded with familes, the woman closes the book and lifts her head to yell. "HOT NUTS!! ANYONE WANA BUY SOME'A MY HOT NUTS?!" Man I could think of a few that… her eyes drift over a few of the men with their children in the park before she settles on the ones without. Oh yeah… definitely him… come on over here daddy-oh, come get some nuts… She reaches up to scratch a little at the curly blonde hair covering her head, without a hat on it was smarter to wear it loose.

The mime struggles to blow up the fake balloon and mimics a strange kind of frustration as she blows and blows and blows, but appears to make no progress. Tilting her head, she furrows her eyebrows and frowns before resting her chin on it in a contemplative pose. After several seconds she stands straight and beams as she gets an idea. She walks up to several members in her audience, holding her not-there-balloon to get them to blow it up. She goes from person to person to give them an opportunity to blow up her balloon.

Staying focused on the mime for a few moments longer, Peter suddenly flinches a bit, kind of like a guy who just got smacked in the side of the head with a rubber band. Or in this case a thought that reaches out through the crowd and attracts his attention. Looking away from the mime, he scans the area, eyes narrowing as he tries to pinpoint the voice. Get some nuts?

It takes a few moments before his eyes fall on the vendor.

The grin is no longer there as his jaw seems to set for an instant. Then it loosens. It seems as if he's visibly trying to relax. Too bad he's a terrible actor. As he walks over to the cart, he remains tense, and aware. "Oh all the things to have to be selling," he says with an unamused laugh. "At least you're not selling hot dogs too." Nuts and weiners, get them here.

Not looking up from her cart, the woman digs into the roasted nuts with the little scoop and begins to stir them around. Her hair falls over her eyes as she shovels a bunch of them into a little paper cone and raises up her gloved hand toward him. "Are you serious man? Who doesn't like roasted chestnuts on a cold day? Three bucks if you want 'em." Good shoulders… great chest… The woman's eyes travel upward until they reach the man's face and then the smile wanes from her features. "Well hello nurse." Comes the leer and wink. "Tell you what, for you? They're free all day."

As the vendor gets Peter's attention, the mime looks towards the cart before a wicked grin spreads over her lips, her audience still rapt with attention. She manages to get the balloon semi blown up before, she gently tiptoes over to the vendor, holding the balloon between two fingers before tying it. Quickly, she sidles up towards the vendor, tilting her head at the pair. She motions for Peter to hold the balloon. She waits with a continued smile on her lips all the while thinking Just take the damn balloon, Wilma.

Well, the actual nurse was meaning— the name of the things being sold. But his humor is pushed aside for the moment as she actually does call him a nurse. Peter blinks in surprise, not seeming to understand that might mean he's cute to her, and instead looks a little stunned. How did she know he's a nurse. He actually takes a moment to look down at his clothes. No, not wearing his nurse outfit today. The confusion passes with a moment of suspicion. "Why'd they suddenly become free after they were three bucks? I think you gotta make a living as much as anyone does."

What? He'd forgotten the mime, until he blinks and glances back over. There's an invisible balloon being held out to him. And it's not invisible like he's invisible sometimes. After a hesitant moment, he reaches out and makes fingers pinch air above her hand, mimicing the taking of a balloon that isn't actually there.

"You've gotta be kidding me, right?" The woman shoves the nuts into his hand and then picks up her book again. "They're free hotstuff, just because you provided me with the face of Rodrigo." Then she holds her book up with a smile and shows him the cover. In her mind the fuzzy picture of Peter's face has replaced the man on the cover, but the character's body remains the same. The woman he's holding? Well of course that's Cody.

…Then they're on the beach… His shirt is stripped off… They're rolling in the surf and her corset gets caught on…. Damnit sharp shell!

The woman's fantasy seemed so real that she actually winces and rubs the small of her back. As the mime approaches and hands off the balloon to the man, the blonde frowns deeply and wrinkles her nose. Get outta here Bozo, the hottie's spoken for.

The mime beams as Peter takes the invisi-balloon. Thank you Wilma! She pretends to measure it with her hands travelling around its volume. Raising a finger to her chin, she tilts her head again, as if considering something. She holds out a single finger, motioning for everyone to wait a moment. Reaching into her pocket, she takes out a sewing kit, and extracts a single pin. With a broad grin she takes a single pin out of the sewing kit and thrusts it towards Cody and then points to the balloon with her opposite hand. Pop the balloon, Blondie. Just pop the darned thing…. I don't get paid enough for this crap… pop the balloon… SMIIIIIILE!

He did what. Peter can't help but blink in confusion at the thoughts filtering from her, until he finally realizes exactly what's going on in his head, and he chooses somewhere else to focus this ability. Wow. That he didn't need to picture. Good thing he only got words, and not the actual… whatever is going on in her head. He looks at the balloon he's not really holding, and looks at the mime. "I think you're probably wanting some of those free nuts too. Must be cold out here." Playing with… invisible things.

And not talking. But he's talking to her instead.

"I'll take one bag," he finally says to the lady getting— quite a joy out of her book. In public. At least she's staying warm.

The woman takes the pin frustratedly, and glares at the mime. "Fine I'll pop it, okay?" She's a little grouchy, her and Rodrigo were REALLY getting along on that beach until..

Then they're back on the beach and there's a palm tree swaying in the wind and the warm water is creeping up the sand where they're rolling around and…

There's a really long sigh before the blonde stumbles off of the stool and comes to a stand. Her hand raises and juts it in the general direction of the balloon, maybe. She obviously missed it becasue her brain is totally full of all the depraved things that Rodrigo is doing to her on the beach.

Stepping behind Peter, the mime waits for the balloon to be popped. Cold and pointless. No one actually likes mimes… they're just really really really annoying… and then pushing that thought out of her head, her thoughts go elsewhere somewhat involuntarily, She missed?! How could she miss!! I'm the effin' mime!! the mime thinks with that same cold, although near-vacant smile which brightens somewhat at the notion of the balloon being popped. Having never returned the sewing kit to her pocket, she rolls it over in her hands as she extracts a small hypodermic needle which she turns over in a single-gloved hand. Quickly, decidedly, as Cody gathers the nuts, the mime takes the needle and attempts to plunge it into Peter's shoulder.

Yeah, mimes are pretty annoying, Peter can't help but think quietly, even as he gives a small smile to the poor woman. It's not as friendly as it could be. Maybe he's annoyed at her too! Or maybe his face being used as a stand in for a romance novel had bothered him. Or maybe he's just extremely paranoid today.

Or every day. And apparently for good reason.

When he looks back at the nut vendor going about her work getting his nuts all warm (this makes for bad mental images again) suddenly he feels a pierce on his shoulder. He looks back rather surprised, opening his mouth…

And then the serum takes effect. Quite quickly.

But it doesn't do exactly what might be expected. The man suddenly disappears. The air he was occupying gets a poof-like sound, a slight sign of warm air where he'd been standing… and a flutter of a note begins to fall toward the pavement.

A note which actually reads:

Better luck next time.

- Peter

When the man disappears with the pop so does his face from the woman's romance novel cover. "Damnit clown… now I know why you shitheads are always crying on the inside… because of bitches like me that get their game interrupted by you!" Then there's a sucker punch of knuckles and fist to the side of the Mime's head as the blonde suddenly attacks the poor clown in front of the group of children. The surprise of his disappearance and the note? Well that's secondary to the fact that the man candy has been removed.

"Shiiiiit!" the mime breaks character as she shoots Cody a pissed off look. It didn't work. All of that makeup and tom-foolery for nothing. Earlier today she pretended to be trapped in a box!! She hates that gag! Plucking the beret off her head, Jo scowls at the note… and then gets a sucker punch to the head. She falls back somewhat before smiling wickedly at the vendor, and reaching out full force to deliver an uppercut to the other woman's chin. The military-trained mime has no qualms breaking character now, it's ruined. No one will be trusting mimes in this city for some time. She steps towards the cart and shoots the blonde a glare. Finally, she reaches over to the bag of nuts that was being prepared for Peter. "Give me those." Beat. "At least I can have his nuts."

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