2007-04-23: He'll Always Find Me


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Summary: Molly returns home after the incident with Sylar.

Date It Happened: April 23rd, 2007

Log Title He'll Always Find Me

Seekrit 3M Apartment

Not entirely secure about letting Molly out of the house, even with a guardian in possession of an ability, Mohinder's trying to not pace the floors of the Jersey apartment. The scant contents of his bedroom have been rearranged to accomodate files, books and other research materials that will rotate in and out. He's unable to focus on any work. Molly's out with an Agent, yet he still can't feel at ease about it. The responsibility and affection he feels for his ward is too strong to let his mind relax. Giving up on feigning work, he paces his room briefly, before choosing to go into the kitchen to make a cup of tea.

Mohinder was right to worry. It's much much later than when Molly should be home when she finally arrives. Sans bodyguard and looking a lot less chipper and happy than one should after having a day out on the town. Her hand is still clenched around the paper that she was given by Sylar and there are tear marks and dirt smudged on on her face and clothes. A bright red mark where blood vessels have broken appears on her cheek.

The moment the door opens, Mohinder abandons his tea making and rushes out of the kitchen. Any relief that was forming at Molly returning goes right out the window. No bodyguard with her, there's a red mark on her cheek.. He drops down onto his knees directly in front of his ward. The mark on Molly's face is eyed over before he wraps his arms around her, enveloping her in a tight embrace. Molly's state speaks volumes and the geneticist closes his eyes tightly as something not so very nice is uttered under his breath in Hindi.

As soon as Mohinder wraps her up in a hug, Molly breaks down crying in full. Everything she was holding back comes rushing out and she sobs on his shoulder. For Rachel's death and for having to face Sylar again, for everything. She doesn't explain anything quite yet. She assumes she doesn't really have to.

Mohinder's throat constricts with emotion. Most of it anger that this was a failure on his part. His track record has not been great at all. (Not that many people stand a chance against Sylar, still.) He doesn't prompt Molly to speak, he kneels there with his arms tight around her. Rocking her slightly, he remains silent, just letting Molly cry like the scared little girl she is.

It takes a little while, but finally, after a few moments, Molly starts to get control of herself. The sobbing slows to just tears and she sniffles, rubbing at her runny nose with the back of her hand. "He…he told me to give you this." There's no need to say who 'he' is, as it's mostly assumed. She holds out her hand (not the one she just used as a hanky) and holds out the piece of paper that she was given as a message.

Mohinder takes the note and stuffs it in his pocket. He doesn't give a damn what's on it. Not at the moment. Molly's his priority. "Sssh.. let's get you tended to." As if she were a much younger child, Mohinder picks up Molly and carries her into the bathroom. In there, he sets her down on the counter by the sink and promptly starts tending to her. "I'm going to call this in, where did this happen? My bosses need to know.. and I'm going to call Matt." A wash cloth is dampened with water and he's gentle with setting to cleaning up Molly's face. Unless she puts up a protest that is.

"In. In the park," Molly hiccups. The tears are still falling, but even those are drying up now. "Rachel….she…" she can't say it. She'll hope that Mohinder will understand. She doesn't put up any protest for the cleaning up or even being picked up. Right now some babying is in order for the young girl.

"Which park Molly?" Mohinder asks gently as he sets to cleaning Molly's face, careful of the mark on her face. "He obviously caught her by surprise, and that means she stood no chance." Being taken by surprise sort of defeated the purpose of having someone stand watch over the girl. It's clear from the geneticist's expression that he's blaming himself for this. Not that he would have fared better against Sylar.

"I…I don't know." Molly is too shaken to remember where or what it was called. After all, she never actually asked and she's not all that familiar with the geography of New York yet. "It was in Manhattan. There was a building shaped like an iron. And a…a dog park." Just as much as Mohinder is blaming himself, she is wondering what /she/ should have done. Maybe if she didn't distract Rachel or something. "It. He came out of nowhere. And then he disappeared."

Mohinder places a kiss on Molly's forehead as he brushes her hair back from her face. "All right. We can find out from that." The washcloth is rinsed out with cold water, and wrung before he holds it up against the girl's cheek. "Keep that there for a few minutes. We can put some ice on it too." His eyes darken with a flash of anger that doesn't quite leave as he can just imagine how that mark was made. Despite the priority order of calls he stated, when he pulls out his cellphone, the first number dialed is Matt's.

Molly winces slightly when Mohinder kisses her forehead, but she obediently keeps the dish cloth against her cheek and waits for him to finish his calls.

When his phone starts to ring, Matt is at his desk, going over paperwork. He's thankful for the distraction as a break in the amount of concentration it takes to make the words go the way he knows they are /supposed/ to go. Matt /does/ look at the phone long enough to realize it's Mohinder calling, and though his knitted eyebrows affect his voice, he answers the call in a more personal tone. "Hey, what's up?"

Mohinder's expression still looks rather angry, but the longer he looks at Molly, the more saddened he feels. "We've got an emergency. He found her." Already guessing at Matt's reaction, he just blurts it out. "The chutia got to Molly. He killed the Agent assigned to her. He wanted her to deliver a message to me." The doctor's voice is strained, the words terse as the anger wells back up and spills out. There's no need to go into who 'he' is, is there?

There is silence for a moment on the other end of the line, save for the rustle of a man rising from his chair and pulling at some sort of fabric. "Where are you now?" Matt finally asks, but then interrupts Mohinder's answer even before he has had a chance to give one. "No. Wait. Is she with you?"

"Yes, she's right here, I'm not letting her out of my sight. We're at the new apartment." Mohinder's resolve is redoubled, and there'll be no arguing with him at the moment. He adjusts his grip on the phone and helps Molly down from the bathroom counter, "How is your cheek feeling?" Clearly that's to Molly and not Matt. Back into the phone he directs, "That amanus.. he hit her, and scared her pretty badly." Once Molly's on her two feet, he'll steer her to the kitchen for some ice.

"Tell her to focus on me, like…like she was trying to feel where I am." It's said in a whisper, and it's clear from the sound of footsteps and the changing background noises that Matt on the move.

"I'll do that Matt, I need to call this in now. We'll see you in a bit." Mohinder disconnects the call, "Molly, can you focus on Matt? As if you were trying to sense out where he is?" The request is in the tone of controlled calm as he procures a few ice cubes to put in the washcloth. Once those are handed over, he's making his next call and delivering the bad news about Nanny Rachel.

It takes little time for Molly to think of Matt and from there, work up what she needs to try and find him. She does it easily and finds Matt in no time. "Okay," she replies shakily. "I found him."

In the meantime, Matt is searching for that same feeling he had when Mohinder and Molly were hostages. When he finds it, that glimmer of Molly in his mind when she latches onto him, he latches back. But it takes too much focus to talk to her, but he can feel her, and he's not letting go, even as he gets into his car and starts the drive through the light traffic to Jersey.

That tea Mohinder was making earlier to help calm himself down? It's been remembered, but a mug of it is handed to Molly instead, with instructions to sip slowly. Report called in, he drops into a seat at the dining room table. A weary hand is dragged through his hair. "Molly, sweetheart, I'm sorry," his voice is heavy and remorseful as he apologizes for something that was out of his control.

While she's concentrating so hard on Matt, Molly is surprised by the sudden appearance of tea and Mohinder talking to her. It makes her lose concentration for long enough that the connection slips away. Frowning, she focuses again and thinks of Matt. "It's not your fault, Mohinder," she replies, almost distracted.

The one thing that Molly could do to freak Matt out more is destroy that connection. He tenses and curses under his breath when he looses it, but soon he's got her again. Splitting his attention makes it difficult to drive until he gets onto the turnpike, wishing, hoping, praying that he doesn't get pulled over by a beat cop looking to use his pen today. Turnpike driving takes a little less thought, and so Matt tries to project his own thoughts again. (Molly,) he says simply, his voice strained both due to the stress and the difficulty of the feat at this distance.

Mohinder winces as he glances at Molly, seeing that mark on her face. The dirt that's still on her clothes. "I'm responsible for your life. For your safety." It's not that simple, but that's a strong part of what he feels. He pulls out the chair next to him, gesture for Molly to come have a seat with him. "I'm doing a poor job of keeping you safe and away from Sylar."

Concentrating as hard as she can, Molly thinks, (Matt) right back at him. It's a faint sound and she's not really at all used to or good at projecting thoughts. That's not her power. Her brow furrows in concentration, especially since she's trying to listen to Mohinder, too. "I don't think you can," she says softly to Mohinder. She's a smart girl and she's made some conclusions. "He'll always find me."

That one word, even whispered, drives Matt onward until he's pulling up with a screech of tires in front of the apartment building. It doesn't even matter if he still has the connection. By the time he opens the door to the apartment, locking it behind him, Matt is panting, but when he sees Molly and Mohinder, he is clearly relived.

"He shouldn't be able to, and he shouldn't be able to get to you so easily." Mohinder can't help but sound angry as he says that. He seems to recognize that the emotion is not one he usually exhibits, and tries to put on a smile for his ward. It comes across as pained as he rises from his seat. Molly's given a fierce one armed hug, before he steps back. The note is withdrawn from his pocket and smoothed out. If he was trying to calm down, reading the note only made things that much harder. By the time Matt makes it home, Mohinder has coaxed at Molly to put on some clean clothes. He's also relayed the contents of the note back to his superiors.

"He can be invisible. He can go anywhere he wants." Molly finally opens her eyes, not being able to concentrate so hard on Matt without giving herself a bigger headache. "He'll find whoever he wants." She sounds so sure and so resigned to this, that it comes out almost despondently. By the time that Matt has arrived, the girl has changed into pajamas, since she's not going outside any time soon. Something comforting and big on her is just what the doctor ordered. Flopped onto the couch with a blanket and that mug of tea mostly untouched in front of her. Matt coming in perks her up slightly, but this is definitely a girl who is shaken.

Matt is big, and in a few strides, he's at the couch and sitting on it, doing his best to hug the girl without spilling her tea. Tea is hot. He sighs, then looks up at Mohinder for any sort of additional information, knowing that getting it from Molly would only traumatize her more.

Mohinder says a good number of nasty things, thankfully in Hindi, well beyond the simple words he's taught Molly. This news of invisibility.. it's not good.. "Molly, I'm afraid.. we may need you to keep an eye on his location periodically. I don't like having to ask that of you." His laptop has been hauled out, and he's sitting in the living room, sure enough, keeping an eye on Molly. So when Matt comes in, he's updating a report to the Company on today's situation. At the glance from the co-dad, he goes over everything he knows mentally. By now, Molly knows when they are conversing this way, but there's no need to verbalize things again in front of her.

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