2007-11-22: He's Ill



Guest Starring:

Armstrong Lewis

Summary: Returning to the Headquarters to take care of some business. Tyson finds another auditionee, only… Tyson isn't feeling too well…

Date It Happened: November 22nd, 2007

He's Ill

Bronx, NYC - The Brawler's Headquarters

Tyson finds the Brawler's HQ deserted by the time he arrives, having had to lose Alex along the way. "The contamination scare must've sent everybody home…" He pauses, coughing a little, "or to the doctors…"

That thought more than anything kept him feeling uncomfortable, especially since he wasn't feeling too well, himself. "Let's think… did I have any of the meat?" Tyson thinks back on the times he had taken a break from fighting as he makes his way up the stairs to the restaurant area and picks up a menu. Examining it, he begins to frown. "No, didn't eat that… That sounds gross… I don't know… I was kind of out of it. It /was/ good though…" Whether or not it was a result of a supposed illness, Tyson wobbles a little even though he isn't moving. Putting a hand to his forehead, he ponders what he should do.

"I don't think I feel hot… maybe I should go to the doctor's just in case." That said, he starts heading for the exit, set on at least being cleared of any proposed sickness, that might have only been in his head.

At any rate, it was then that as Tyson left the vacated Brawl Hall, footsteps other than his would be heard.

"Hello?" Tyson calls out, not able to see who was coming in from his position, yet, "Franky?" He hopes.

"Nope." Came the reply, it was a man's voice. It wasn't Franky. Whenever the boy was able to see him, though, he would see a large muscled man wearing a black jacket.

"Oh?" Tyson replies, moving down the steps to the ground floor where he was able to see the guy coming in. "Well, we're closed right now. The Gemini Meat scare hit us and right now everybody's probably at the hospital or at home, I don't know, I just got here."

"Well…" The man begins, "That is unfortunate because I wanted to check this place out, get in a fight or something."

Tyson perks up at that though, coughing as well. "A fight, huh? Well, I am the Junior Brawl Commissioner, I could give you an audition…"

"Really? You'd be down for that? Because I was hoping to get signed up for the Winter Tournament you've got going on, but fighting a kid… I don't want to hurt you or anything…"

"Trust me, it'll be fine. What's your name, anyway?"

"Call me Armstrong."

"Armstrong. Nice name, not foreboding in the least."

"That's what I'm hoping for… So, how do we do this?"

By this time, Tyson was right in front of Armstrong and making his way to the sign up table where the clipboard was. "Just sign this and we'll get started."

"What's this, liability?"

"Yeah, just legal stuff. Nobody wants to get arrested."

Armstrong laughs as he signs, "Right, right. It makes sense." Finished signing it, Armstrong hands the clipboard back. "All right, let's get it on."

Tyson looks over Armstrong's signature and smiles weakly leading him over to one of the rings had hadn't gotten much use lately, the main fight ring. The reason, of course being that the rings might have been contaminated as well. Climbing inside, he offers a hand to help the other guy up.

Following the kid to the ring, Armstrong starts swinging his arms to get warmed up. "It's been a while since I've been in a fight… Hope I'm not rusty."

// Continued in The Sick, The Strong, and The Brave

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