2010-04-24: He's Just That Into You



Date: April 24, 2010


He's just that into you… and every other girl around…

"He's Just That Into You"

Fly By Night Cocktail Bar

It's a fairly busy night (or rather very very early morning) at the Fly By Night Cocktail Bar. Janet's cohorts are off dancing to the music while she sits at the bar sipping a run and coke — it's not fancy, but it's what she's in the mood for today. Drumming her fingers on the bar she sips at the drink and glances about the room. Until her gaze falls upon her neighbour: one Jorge Rodriguez only a table away. She virtually spits out her drink as her eyes widen and she turns around and attempts to hide her face by raising her arm on the bar as she wonders whether Jorge's mother sent him here to mack on her — nothing like getting hit on by thirty-year-olds who still live with their mothers. She shudders and her lips curl into a frown like she's smelled something vile.

Luckily, the infamous Jaden Cain is only 25 and his mother lives with him. Kind of. So, there shouldn't be any issues with the way he's about to layeth the macketh down, right?

The Billionaire Brat has been in the back room for a while, which is why the most delicious of the bartenders has been missing. He comes out first, straightening his tie and wiping away imaginary dust. He winks at the cutie girl he had playing lookout and makes his way off towards the bar. The blonde locks of his recently made-out with bartender can be seen peeking out of the door after him. She's smitten. It happens.

Jaden's Hottie Sense starts tingling as he approaches the bar. He immediately narrows his eyes, zeroing in on the fine somethin' somethin' that's trying to hide her face or something. He kind of follows the line of sight back to a table, causing an eyebrow raises and a smirk crawls onto his lips as he decides to approach from the other side. How he managed to get over there so quick, that would be anyone's guess. But… there it is.

"You know. It'd work much better if you grabbed me by the collar, slammed me onto the bar and started making out with me." Jaden says with a smile, leaning his arm on the bar next to Janet. "He'd be so furious with jealousy, there's no way he'd stick around."

"Excuse me?" Janet lowers her arm and tilts her head at Jaden now. "That was oddly bold," she ships at her drink an then announces matter-of-factly, "But I'm not that kind of girl — thanks for the offer anyways — but I'd rather avoid him altogether some living situations are better if they're moderately peaceful at the very least." The doctor straightens in her seat and tucks her hair behind her ear.

Despite her words, she is smiling, "Does that line ever work? I mean do the ladies just swoon when you say that?" With a small giggle she sips at her drink again and glances behind her to where Jorge is still sitting. Lo and behold, he sees her and stands from his seat — fortunately the bar is busy enough that he gets stuck behind a small crowd of people. Janet's eyes widen as she glances at Jaden and then back towards Jorge. She's caught between a rock and a hard place here.

"Never has." Jaden admits, smiling as much as he possibly can. Which, for the record, is a lot of damn smile. He just finished making out with the bartender and already he's macking on someone else. This is a good early-morning-night! "I was kind of hoping you'd break the cycle." Jaden holds a hand up, using the Live Long and Prosper fingers. "I promise not to spread any rumors about a beautiful woman making out with random billionaires at the bar. Vulcan Honor."

Jaden catches up on the conversation, though, since his mind was wandering to everything else that could be happening with this woman rather than just talking to her. "If you're about to tell me that you live with the Lawnmower Man over there, then we're definitely going to have to change your living situation." Jaden grins. "I happen to be in the market for a roommate."

Janet snickers, and then glances back towards Jorge who isn't assertive enough to navigate his way through the crowd. "Nah, not a roommate. His mother is my neighbour; she's been trying to set us up for years!"

She shrugs, "Honestly though, I've made it clear I'm not interested, have never been interested, and will never be interested, some people can't take a hint, but then I suppose there is some merit to persistence — " she hmmmms as she sizes Jaden up. "You look familiar," her Jorge distraction had kept her from really looking at Jaden carefully until now.

"Have I seen you in the grocery store? — oooh! Or maybe Walmart! I have a love for affordable items. Especially like first aid items, or video games. Or electronics — " the last word is said with an odd kind of reverence.

Jaden just kind of preens a little bit as he starts to get recognized. He even pulls on his blazer and straightens out his hair, as if trying to make himself look more like himself. Or the billboards that have his face plastered next to the new jPhone 4G that's coming out so soon it can't get no sooner.

"Some people say I just have one of those faces, y'know? I mean, the chances of me being Jaden Cain, CEO and President of Evolution Software, have to be so slim, right?" Jaden just kind of smiles, before some sleight of hand causes his jPhone 4G (yes, he gets it early.) is spun out into his hand and set down on the bar. That should help her realize that he is, indeed, the epic business mogul!

Jaden winks and points at the phone. "That's for you put your number in, by the way. Otherwise, I won't be able to contact you with merited persistence."

Other women might swoon, some may start blubbering nervously, and others might think Jaden a total scheeze. Janet is several of the above. "Well it's a gosh darned pleasured to meet you, you know the jphone looks really great I bet it'll be better than the last one and I — " the phone is on the table. ON THE TABLE. He's found her one weakness. She glances from and then back to the phone before picking it up. No, she's not loading her number — not yet, anyways, she's swooning at the technology. "Ohmygosh this is amazing. Seriously, I gotta get one of these. When is it out? How much does it store? Will it sync with my calendar?" She rolls her eyes, "I'm always losing appointments — "

Meanwhile, Jorge is managing to make his way through the crowd; Janet is too distracted to notice. So far.

While Janet may not be paying too much attention, one of the Jadens in the crowd is keeping a close eye on this Jorge. He has to make sure that this fool doesn't mess up the game that the Jaden Prime is trying to run on the woman at the bar. If that's even Jaden Prime. Who really knows. Playing the role of 'Secret Service', this particular Ditto reaches up to touch his ear, while peering at Jorge. Huh.

The Jaden at the Bar, though, is focused on the way that this woman has fallen for his trap: jPhone 4G. It works every time. In fact, Jaden has already gotten comfortable with his leaning on the bar and he's smiling at her. "It'll be available to the public in a couple of weeks, actually. But my close, personal friends will be getting theirs in the next couple of days." Oh snap. Was that a hint? Bribery? Nah. He's not that— yes he is. Ahem. "We broke the mold with this one, though. There's a full Terrabyte memory card in this baby." Apparently, Jaden doesn't care about 'secrets' being 'leaked'. He's proud of his toys! "Having the jPhone 4G is like having a personal assistant in your pocket. Syncing with your calendar is a total understatement." Jaden pauses for dramatic effect. "Try full on remote computer access for size."

Tech Talk. It's like Dirty Talk for Geeks.

"Ooooooo," Janet is mesmerized by the phone. "That is amazing! Seriously, I've been dying to know what it would hold — totally am a wait-list for one, even though I shouldn't really, but I mean look at it! It's so pretty~ " she turns it over in her hand, still in a state of wonder, admiring the hardware now. "I'll be able to pull up my files if I switch office locations — or could have info at home if I need to… seriously. AMAZING." She's absolutely beaming now. The technology is just that awesome. And then with a quirk of her eyebrow she manages to kind of flirt, all in the name of technology, "So… do you have a lot of close personal friends, Mister Cain?"

Jorge is zeroing in on his neighbour — he's making a b-line towards her, but gets stuck in another crowd. Poor unassertive fool.

Jaden is practically grinning like some sort of evil mastermind as he watches Janet become more and more enthralled by the jPhone. Who knew that being the Master of Technological Evolution would help score him some serious babe-age. Well, apparently, Jaden knew. Otherwise he wouldn't be exploiting his position and technology.

"I can honestly say that there's only one person that I want to get to know up close and personal, right now." Jaden straightens up, still grinning. "Oh, here's a feature we added." He leans a bit closer, reaching out with his finger to activate the touch screen. With practiced ease he gets to the Preferences and pulls up Security. What appears on the screen is a list of the different 'sections' of the phone and whether or not they are Password Protected. "With the jPhone 4G, you can actually sectionally protect your phone. Say you lose your phone, or some loser steals it, they could possibly get into it. But they'd be hard pressed to figure out how to get into any personal information, if you choose to separately password those things." Which is why he has his Phone Book on Lock. Too many women look through his phone. Heh, heh.

And now, for the ultimate question. He just has to drop it.

"So. Want one?"

"Woooooooooow," the password protected sections astound the doctor. Janet could like sync her patient files and never worry about them being breeched. Her eyes widen as she scans through the locks on Jaden's phone. Placing the phone back on the bar she half-smiles. "Who wouldn't want one? I think you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who wouldn't want of those babies, I mean look at it! — if I ever have children they won't be as beautiful as this phone! Or as smart! And that's saying something because I am kinda smart. Most of the time." She grins broadly. "Sorry, I'm rambling." She cringes, it's a force of habit, and really she's been kind of good this time.

Decidedly she offers Jaden a hand, "I'm Janet McCarty." Beat. "Are we close personal friends yet?"

Finally Jorge makes it through the last crowd to approach Janet. He straightens his jacket and his collar before he notices his brunette neighbour getting chatted up by the billionaire; he hesitates.

Jaden does two things at once in this moment. As he raises his hand to shake the offered one that's coming from Janet, he kind of nods his head. It could be taken as an answer to Janet's question, but it's actually a signal to his security.

"On it." Jaden says, peering over the top of his dark shades. He pulls his finger down from his ear. Dressed in suits that are so obvious they're not obvious, for shaded men swarm on Jorge as fast as they possibly can. They hit him from all sides, effectively moving to make sure that he can't get to Jaden and Janet at this moment. One of them speaks. "You should go." He sounds exactly like Agent Smith. Scary. "Now."

Meanwhile, back in Jaden Prime Land, the hand finally attaches to Janet's and he shakes it, but his hand lingers there, as if waiting for sparks to fly. "As a close personal friend of Jaden Anthony Cain, I hereby invite you back to my place to collect your jPhone 4G, before anyone else has one, as well as a delicious breakfast prepared by Yours Truly." Jaden smiles. If you're not going to lay it on thick, don't lay it on. Candy's Advice. "And, if you're a good girl, I'll even throw in a personal tutorial to show you everything it can do."

And Jaden's tactics with Jorge are very effective. In fact, the man tenses up, "Why? I just got here — just gonna talk to my neigh — " he stops midsentence as he realizes he's actually surrounded. His eyes widen as he nods. "I have to go home and… iron my cat…" At this he nods and begins taking a step towards the door.

Janet presses her lips together as she considers how to respond. "I don't know about the women you spend your time with Mister Cain, but as much as I desperately want one of these phones, I'm not in the practice of whoring myself out for technology." Beat. "Or anything for that matter." Ironically though, she doesn't let go of his hand and she's still smiling. "Unless you just mean breakfast. I eat, I talk. I do it all, my friend!"

The Jaden Agents stick close to Jorge to help him get himself escorted out of the building. Should be much easier to make sure he doesn't try to double back or anything. They all share the same exact smirk, too. It's kind of creepy. But whatever.

Jaden raises his other hand, since he's too busy holding onto Janet's to make sure she knows he's still interested. "Sex is reserved for after the third date." See? He has morals. Kind of. "I would just like the chance to get to know you and your eating habits. You can learn a lot about a woman by how many pancakes she can down."

The Agent Jaden escorts are creepy so Jorge doesn't try doubling back, he's not sure why he's being escorted out, but he lets it happen, mostly because the entire experience is enough to rattle him.

"Alright then," Janet's ear-to-ear grin grows. "It's decided then! I can come back to your apartment and have breakfast. But you'll be shocked at how many pancakes I can eat. I looooove pancakes. And waffles. Mmm. Waffles…" Her cheeks flush. "Sorry. Rambling again."

Jaden grins, mostly because Janet just dropped the Bomb. He can't believe that she just went there. "Oh no you didn't. That sounds like a Waffle Challenge to me." Jaden is then tossing way too much money on the bar to pay for Janet's drink and providing a sufficient tip, while moving to pull Janet along with him towards a different exit. Can't risk running into himselves. Paradox. "I wouldn't completely be opposed to a kiss on the cheek, at some point, though. Just sayin'." Oh, this is going to be a crazy morning.

"It is a waffle challenge. Oh the gauntlet has been thrown, my friend!" Janet's eyes narrow as a playful smile spreads across her lips. She's easily guided to a different exit. "If your cooking is good enough you might get a kiss on the cheek, I'm not wholly opposed to such things on a first — whatever this is." She glances at the exit and then chortles, "Do you always take the back door?"

"Let's just call this a Pre-Date." Jaden wasn't sure what to call whatever this is either, but he just goes with the first thing that comes to mind. As far as the leading of Janet to the back door, he just kind of smiles as he pushes open the door. "Only when I drive KITT." And, almost as if it was on cue or something, when the door opens, the classic black car, with macro'd red light, is parked right there, waiting. It's so awesome to be so damn rich.

"KITT?" Janet's mouth gapes open. "That's — that's…" her eyes widen as she steps around the car. "KNIGHT RIDER?! You OWN the car from KNIGHT RIDER?! That's — " her mouth gapes open again as she inspects the details of the car. "I get to ride in the KNIGHT RIDER car?! SERIOUSLY?!" Now she's smiling. "Sorry, I'm just kind of… wow. KITT…" She stops at the passenger side door and then turns back to Jaden, "This is freakin' awesome."

Jaden pulls out his jPhone (yes, he picked it up. don't be stupid. he doesn't work for Apple.) and holds up a finger to Janet. "Wait 'til you see the parking garage. This is nothin'." Jaden smiles, before pressing an activation code into the phone. It connects to the bluetooth on the car within seconds and the doors unlock and pop open. Oh technology. "Thanks, KITT." With that, Jaden is tucking his phone back into his pocket and climbing into the epic vehicle from yesteryear. The inside of which has been completely replicated from the original KITT. Yes, it's freakin' awesome.

"I gotta get me one of those phones~" Janet virtually sings as she climbs into the passenger seat and runs her hands over the dash. "Oooo sorry, I can't help but touch it — it's soooo shiny!" Buckling up her seatbelt. "Well, now that I've seen your wheels, I have to note you can give me a ride any — that's not what I meant." Her cheeks flush, but she's still managing to smile through her embarrassment, "To the Jaden cave!" No, it's not the batmobile, but it may as well be. It promises to be an interesting morning.

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