2010-05-01: Head Trauma



Date: May 01, 2010


Amrit stumbles around the hospital in a bloody haze, until he gets help from deaf woman.

"Head Trauma"

Mount Sinai Hospital

Today isn't a normal day of work for Emma Coolidge, but it's been a rather busy time for the hospital so she offered to do some overtime to make sure to input everything into the computers. Most of her day has been spent in the file room, hunched over the keys, fingers moving over them quickly. Her clothing is very casual today, since it isn't even really a work day. A baby blue long sleeved shirt is coupled with pair of dark blue jeans, her ear buds tucked neatly into her ears.

It is, of course a trick to keep people ignorant to the fact that she can't really hear, many of the staff know this and know she prefers to be left alone, but any number of people come in and out of the file room and it keeps chit chat down to a minimum.

Working overtime today also means that she gets to help deliver patient files to the ER or any other place in the hospital that needs them. That is exactly what she is doing. Green eyes cast to the ground, the cord of her headphone tucked into her pant pocket, she moves down the corridor for the ER with purpose. Get in and get out.

Late last night, Amrit Ghandi made a mistake on the subway. He thought he could get some information from a bad person, and then punish her for her crimes. But someone interfered. And now he is like… This. Black fedora and black trenchcoat, with a white shirt and black pants. The shirt is stained red and brown with blood both fresh and dried. He has managed to clean up his face a bit, since it too was covered in blood, but his nose keeps on starting up again sporadically, dripping crimson life's fluid down his front.

On top of the bleeding, he also has the worst headache in the history of headaches. The pain is severe enough that he has been close to passing out more than once, and can barely walk in a straight line. Every light source is too bright, every sound is too loud, it's all just… Too much. And yet he somehow manages to navigate his way to the hospital from a subway exit half-way across the city.

He has been here before. When he was looking for his mother's medical records, he made himself unseen and talked a records keeper into giving him the confidential records. It was easy. Easy too to make the woman forget she had ever spoken to him. But now he could barely put two thoughts together, let alone influence someone's mind. It's like a box of painful ice as encased his brain. He would not dare to try to do anything in this condition. Somehow he avoids being noticed, and wanders straight into the ER. He probably should have been stopped, but someone wasn't looking at that exact moment. Amrit pauses in the hallway, realizing he has gone too far. A woman walks past him. A strong hand shoots out to try to grab Emma's forearm. "Where…" he begins, clenching his teeth and closing his eyes, trying to shake off the pain that is crippling his thoughts and speech.

"…Where is urgent care? I can't…" 'I can't go down like this. I still have so much to do. I can't die. Not here. Not now.' he thinks. But he falls to his knees, hand loosening its grip and moving to his head instead.

She didn't bother looking at the person as he passed, Emma knows you look at them, they will talk to you. So she avoids it if she can, what she can't avoid is if someone grabs her. It's enough to get a startled sound from her and she turns to look at him with wide eyes.

Then she notices his condition, her eyes go to his lips as they start to play out the words that spell trouble. The file hits the floor when he starts going to his knees so her other hand can try to slow his descent. Her head whips one way and then the other, looking for some medical staff.

"You… are going to be okay." The words sound wrong, it's a hint to her disability, Emma crouches down, examining him, a hand moving to grip his chin to try and tilt his head up enough so see his eyes. Dark brows furrowing. "Can you tell me what happened?" The concern is plain in her expression and voice. Another glance down the hall she sees a custodian. "Hey!" She calls out to him and gestures to the man on his knees. "He needs help."

She turns back to him and frowns slightly. "It will be okay. Help is coming."

Amrit hears the voice, but with English not being his first language, the lack of clear pronunciation is not that much different from when he speaks himself. Still, he looks up when Emma crouches next to him. He can't see anything anymore. It's all a blur. It is a bit ironic. He can't see, and she can't hear. But he is too far gone to contemplate such things as irony. Instead, he tries to get out some words. He can't say what ACTUALLY happened, of course. But he can give a reasonable recounting of events, omitting the details. "I was… On the subway… I passed out." He takes a deep, shuddering breath, and tries to keep the pain at bay long enough to give out the information. "I woke up… And was bleeding. Nose… Mouth… Nose keeps bleeding. Since… late last night." His Indian accent is probably not going to make it hard to read his lips. He tries to speak very precisely, even if he doesn't pronounce the way native speakers might.

As if to confirm his story, his nose begins to drip again, blood falling in single droplets to land on the floor and the sleeve of his coat.

Having never really seen something so serious like this, Emma's brows furrow with concern, eyes dropping to his lips every time he starts to speak. The way his eyes look glassy concerns her. So she glances down the hallway, before looking to the room near them. "Okay…" She says making a decision.

"Stay right there. I will be right back." She says, straightening and moving for the exam room near them. He can hear the rummaging around through drawers and cabinets, as Emma looks for something. Before long he can see her blurred coming into view again and the feel of something pressed gently against his nose. "Hold that there, till they can get here." Her other hand move to keep him steady, she only hopes they get her soon, she doesn't like how he looks, she'd almost swear it was head trauma, which is never good.

Amrit nods in response, but the motion of his head makes his head hurt even more, so he just nnnnggghs and stops moving. He winces and keeps both hands on the sides of his head, trying to apply some pressure to more painful spots. It helps a little, but is unlikely to actually solve his problem. When he hears the nearby noises, he just waits and closes his eyes. Trying to breathe slowly, evenly, calmly. He needs to get ahold of himself. He needs to fight this thing by persevering. It does not matter how much he suffers as long as he can keep someone else from being hurt.

When the footsteps on the floor approach again, he opens his eyes. Some of his vision has returned, but things are still blurred. He accepts what is placed in his hand and holds it to his nose as directed. No reason not to. This woman is helping him. He will have to see if he can return the favor someday. But for now he just has to endure. There is no way he can die here. He won't permit it.

"Thank you," he offers quietly, and then just waits for further help to arrive.

"You're welcome." Emma offers in return, studying him for a quiet moment. Another glances down the hall in the direction of the Urgent Care, she frowns a bit. What could possibly be taking them so long? Finally, she asks. "Think you can walk, if I help you?" A little blood on clothing never hurt anyone.

"They may be busy and you don't look so good." Her hands move to tenderly touch his scalp, making sure there isn't any noticeable injuries. Her years in residency coming into play. "I'd rather get you to them quicker if we can."

Movement out of the corner of her eye, catches her attention and she sees the custodian bringing a wheelchair. There is relief on Emma's face and she signs a thank you to the man, remembering after wards to actually say it. "Thank you."

Hand move to grip under Amrit's arm, as the file clerk explains. "Lets get you in the wheelchair, then I can take you there myself."

Amrit almost nods, before remembering how much that hurts. So instead he says, "A little more walking can not hurt." He starts to get up, offering, "Headaches are common for me. Headaches and nose bleeds." Then, half-laughing without humor, he says, "But this is the worst it has ever been. I hope I have not damaged myself somehow." He is trying to keep his tone light, trying to will the pain to subside and shove it somewhere else. But it is not going anywhere, it seems.

He removes his hat when Emma begins to examine his scalp gently, giving her easier access. There do not appear to be any lumps, bruises, cuts, or other obvious external injuries. Which means it may be something internal. That is actually worse. When the wheelchair arrives, he pushes himself up, trying to regain his feet, and realizes that the pain had gone away a little while he rested. Standing again makes him dizzy, so he is quick to seat himself.

"I have no medical records here. I am not a citizen of the United States." He makes sure his head is turned up and around so that Emma can see his lips moving. He considers just thinking the words at her, and seeing if he can communicate that way… But in this condition that could be lethal for him. "Medical insurance has yet to decide I am qualified, even after three months. Will this… Complicate my treatment?"

Hands guide him and protect him from falling again, while Emma's eyes stay on what he is saying. The lack of eternal injuries is worrisome, "I'm sure there will be no problem getting you in." Hospitals rarely turn away severe patients, this being such a case. "Once they see your condition, there is a chance you will be seen immediately."

He can't see it, but the woman is deeply appreciative of the way he turns his head towards her, it'll make pushing him and talking easier. She angles him around and starts down the hallway again, after a quick stop to pick up the records she dropped. Since she's helping him, she might as well be polite. "My name is Emma."

Hat kept in his lap, head reclined both for communications and because it seems to be easing some of the pressure in his skull, Amrit accepts this information at face-value. He had heard stories of people who were unable to receive medical treatment due to not having insurance. Thus, he had been a bit worried. So he says, "Good to know." There is a brief silence after Emma introduces herself. Amrit never tells his real name to anyone who he intends to remember it afterwards. He does not know if he can erase the memory of his name from anyone's mind in this state. So… "Bhadrak. Bhadrak Gandhi. A pleasure to meet you, Emma." His father's name might not be the best name to use, but it's the only one that comes to mind under these circumstances.

"Sorry, the meeting was not under better circumstances, Mr Gandhi." Emma offers politely, though the last name is a bit tough for her to pronounce. "But you will get seen, I have no doubt." The Wheelchair squeaks along, she can't hear it, but each time it squeaks, a small ribbon of color is thrown into the air, which is somewhat distracting for her.

Amrit will be able to hear the quiet voices of the people in the waiting room, seems they are approaching the Urgent Care. Emma might not hear it, but she knows they are getting close. As they round a corner the Urgent Care comes into view and Emma wheels the man right up to the counter.

A confused nurse looks at them both and notes the man's appearance. "What..?" Her eyes move to Emma.

"Possibly internal head trauma." Emma offers up, as she sets the file on the counters. "Severe bleeding from the nose… Pupils are dilated. Is Dr. Coolidge working today?"

That gets her a brief nod, the nurse pulling out forms to done. "You want me to tell her you brought this one?" Obviously the nurse knows her.

"Yes, please." There is a short nod of Emma's head in agreement. "I want to make sure he gets looked over thoroughly."

Amrit nods without thinking, and winces, but at least the pain is less than it was originally. Maybe he is recovering already. Maybe he shouldn't have come here at all. But just because the pain is going away doesn't mean there's not still damage. No nerve endings in the brain, after all. If there's something on the inside… He looks towards the nurse that is barely visible and says, "I apologize for the inconvenience." Then he closes his eyes and just tries to relax a bit. He will offer what help he can in regards to information, but there's not a lot he can do otherwise.

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