2010-10-18: Heading South



Date: October 18, 2010


The campaign detours for a visit to the old home state.

"Heading South"

30,000 feet over Nashville

It has been insane to say the least. It is almost like the only person she's seen more than herself is George. Evette wasn't kidding when she said that they would get all close and personal. Late night dinners at the office to early morning meetings. Some even wonder if the woman has slept. Sadly, it's been all business and very little pleasure. The ride in the towncar was spent with her talking on her cellphone and all but ignoring his existence. Of course, Evette did not mean this to be rude, just work had to be done and things had to be accompished. Now, they are sitting in a private plane and in the friendly skies. There is a fully stocked bar, posh roomy seats and no cell phone service.

Evette lounges back in the seat near to George, but it's not a real lounge. Her nails strike the arm over and over. She even keeps looking at her phone as if she's waiting for it magically to work. There's a soft mutter under her breath about how she could use it to be an odd stroke of luck that her phone would work. Those beguiling blues turn over towards him hopefully. "So tell me about your family. I'll pull the bios so that I can keep my facts straight." It may be amazing how's one voice can be so sultry…

……… yet so professional.

It almost doesn't feel real any more, it's been going on so long by now. George's first election campaign was easy by comparison - he could throw pretty much all his focus into it - but this time around, he had to actually keep doing the job at the same time he was trying to convince the voters to let him keep it. As infuriating as Evette has been sometimes, if he hadn't handed over most of the details to her? He probably wouldn't stand a chance by now.

At least the private plane makes for an interesting change of pace. Before this, he's stayed on the ground when possible (not an option given the distance), and flown commercial otherwise. But it's just as compressing as even the best first-class sections. How's the president stand it? Air Force One must have some tricks they haven't figured out yet. Or maybe he's nursing a strain of superhuman himself.

"Well," he murmurs, glancing out the window at the squares of uniform green and yellow passing beneath, "my parents are both retired by now, we'll want to keep any public appearances with them brief. People will understand. The wild card's Michelle— good luck getting her to stick to any kind of script."

Evette taps her fingers on the armrest a bit faster. It's almost like she can't calm down like the blood has been replaced by heroine. There is a deep breath and then she nods and stands to pace a bit on the plane the moment the cue to allow them passes. "Well we'll keep Michelle short and sweet too. We'll just have her say that she's in support of you and maybe a childhood memory." Those flashing blue eyes move back towards him. "You should play up your accent a bit more." Eve's lips curve just a trace. "It's charming." It is that rare moment of glimpses to the person she is behind the social masks.

It doesn't last that long though as Evette moves towards another seat. She may have been invaluable, but it's starting to show on her. The long nights are darkening under her eyes while she conceals it with cosmetics. It has taken it's own toll on her. There is a moment that she smiles. "Are you sure your parents don't want me to get some room in some hotel? I don't really understand this Southern hospitality thing. I mean… do I have to pray before every meal and all that too? What if I say damnit?"

George rolls his eyes. "Like I said, good luck with that." If Evette doesn't pick up the clue— well, at least he has some experience dealing with the woman. "And no, they're not too big on that sort of thing, they just grew up with that sort of thing so it's what they're used to. Not to mention a tight budget, early on."

"What we do need to plan out carefully is where and when to visit. Traffic won't be too bad, but sheer distance gets to be an issue— it's about two hours from any one major city to the next. And that's counting Waco and Bryan as major, which is pushing it, really."

"Oh why would we have to worry? We'll just…" Evette tries to interrupt until the rest of it hits her. "Wait.. two hours? My cellphone and everything will work right? I mean.." There is a minor panic to her eyes before she closes it and releases a breath. "So.. are you glad the campaign is almost over?" Eve sits down and smiles as she practices small talk instead. "I mean soon we'll have you all elected and then you can shake my hand and be through with me. Pity. I just remembered how you liked your coffee too." Did she just make a joke? Why yes she did.

"It should. We're on different carriers, so you can borrow mine if it comes down to it— I didn't have any problems last time I was there." But then he wouldn't, of course.

George turns back, glancing over toward the bar… the bottles of vodka are tiny, really, how much worse could they really be at altitude? "It'll be nice to get back to the real job full-time," he agrees, reaching for one and uncapping it.

Evette shifts her weigh and looks towards a window and then then away from it. One hand slides down her outfit as she straightens imagined wrinkles from the material. "Well, that will be good. As well as having this term in office will help your next ones too. So are you excited to see your family?" Blue eyes fall to the bottle of vodka before she looks back to her files. One is plucked out of it. "I will make sure that all my reports and my consulting plan is laid out for your next public relations manager."

His next what, now? George takes a sip - which drains half the bottle at one go, given its size - then sets it aside, considering. "I haven't had a PR manager. Until you came along. I've had PR staff, but the management's always stayed with me."

Come to think of it, maybe he shouldn't have admitted that. It's just opened up an excuse for her to keep the gig going for the entire rest of the term. Or until they strangle each other; it's a toss-up which would come first.

Evette quirks her brow to that that. "You've never had one?" This seems to give her pause. Those lush lips of hers even start to part as she gives into the siren's call. It would be so easy to tell him that he needs her. It would be so easy to put herself on his permenant staff. Those eyes of lapis look him over slowly upon the plane as it flies to their destination. Then she closes her mouth.

"Well you should hire one. It will free up more of your time for your little trinket." She means his girlfriend. The folder makes a noise as she snaps it open. Her eyes studying it as she starts to pull out the .. red pen of doooooom. "Is there anywhere you specifically want to go or do? I've never been to Texas before, so I can't say that I rightly know."

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