2007-04-18: Healing Touch


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Summary: After Battle of the Blondes, Peter tries to use the ability that he picked up in the Outbreak.

Date It Happened: April 18, 2007

Healing Touch

1407 - Peter Petrelli's Apartment

With a fresh batch of supplies, including puppy training guide, Peter's still working on the front room of the apartment, with the puppy trapped in a basket that would have been meant for laundry. Snowy doesn't quite weight enough to knock it over, not with it braced down against his desk, so she's out of trouble and out of the way while he moves all the books off of the lowest shelf. The closet door is closed, the double glass doors leading to the bedroom, and he picks up one of the dog toys that somehow found it's way to the floor and tosses it over to her, giving her something to pay attention to for a few moments other than a quest to tip over her cell. The deadbolt is locked, and the knob, but the safety chain hangs unhooked, allowing access to the apartment for those given the key. Which is probably more than should have it.

There's the sound of a key in the lock, and then the door opens, Elle limping in. The blonde has had better days. Her feet are bare, and her women's business suit is both torn at the back and scorched. There's some dried blood on her face, and a nasty bruise on her face, along with a split lip, swollen and bloody.

There Peter is, shifting some old law school books up to the second shelf, and considering boxing those up and putting them in the closet instead, when the door opens. He glances over after a moment in time to see… his girlfriend looking beat up. He blinks quite a bit and stands, dropping the books in his hands onto the shelf in a manner that likely won't stick, and starts to move immediately towards her. "Elle? What— what happened?" There's a hint of noise from the basket, as the pure white puppy with blue-gray eyes peeks over the edge, trying to see what all the activity is about. New person!

Elle looks up. "The girl you had the fight with the other day was a little tougher than I expected."

"The girl I…" Peter repeats, then blinks. "How did you— I didn't…" He shakes his head, continuing to move towards her, touching he shoulders and trying to nudge her into the living room, where she can sit down.

The blonde looks back at Peter. "Because the Company knows, Peter. She limps forward, sore, and she makes it to the couch, half-falling onto it. "And because she's dangerous. She came out of nowhere and attacked you. Something needed to be done."

"She wasn't attacking me, Elle," Peter says, stepping past the couch and opening the bedroom doors, while the white puppy tries to follow, rocking the basket dangerously. Disappearing into the bathroom for a few minutes, he returns with a first aid kit, which he sets down on the table, and he kneels in front of her. "Is she in Company hands, now?"

The blonde leans back. "No." she says, sounding annoyed at that. "She threw a van at me and got away. After she kicked me in the face. Which she did when all I'd asked to do was talk to her." She shakes her head. "Owww…"

There's a flinch, and Peter starts to open up the first aid kit, getting a better look at her injuries before he glances towards the puppy. Stay. He doesn't even say it outloud, and surprisingly the puppy stops rocking the basket. "Take off your clothes. I need to check and make sure nothing's broken." Before, this request would have a very different meaning. Today, it's purely medical. Along with checking for something broken, though… "I'll be right back." He straightens, going into the kitchen to grab a pot for water, a couple of towels, and finally… some frozen peas from the freezer.

The blonde does as asked, and for a change, there's none of her normal coyness, teasing or the like. Elle's in pain, and that generally means pouty, childish Elle. She takes off her clothes till all she's wearing is her bra and panties. She's seen better days. The soles of her feet have little scratches and cuts; with the van blown up, she ended up running away barefoot. Her entire rear…as in her back, the back of her neck, the backs of her legs…are slightly reddened like she was too close to a fire. And of course, she got kicked -hard- in the face, which split her lip and gave her a bloody nose.

GAME: Peter has rolled MEDICINE and got a result of GREAT.

This would be one of the benefits of having a nurse — former or not — for a boyfriend. Bringing in the water, and the towels, Peter looks her over carefully and then starts to clean her off, carefully rubbing a damp cloth over the bloodied areas on her face and feet. Once her face has been cleaned, he puts a closing strip over her lip, and hands her the peas, wrapped in a thing towel, placing it carefully in her hands. "Hold this on your face, while I check out your back and ribs." He's gentle as he touches the obvious areas of impact, for the most part, "Just try to breathe normally, and tell me if this hurts any." He does have to apply pressure a few times, to test her ribs out.

Elle makes a couple winces and whimpers as he works at treating her. She holds her bag of peas to her face and lets it start to numb the area. Her bones seem intact…there was an explosion behind her, and it scorched her suit, and gave her skin just a slight burn, like a bad sunburn. The only real impact was the full-power kick to the face, and thankfully didn't take out any teeth or break her jaw.

With the lack of broken bones, Peter can tell that she's lucky. If she'd had a broken bone… he'd likely have had to take her to the hospital. Or at least someone who knows more than he. "Hold on to that still, but take it off if it gets uncomfortably cold." He touches her forehead gently, then leans in to give her an affectionate kiss there, before he steps off into the bedroom and bathroom area. A minute or two of searching, and he returns with an aloe lotion, something he'd had for use during the summer, but he hasn't used in a while. Took a few minutes to find. Setting it down, he says, "Turn away from me." And he starts to rub it onto his hand, and then apply the cooling lotion onto her back.

The blonde nods, and rolls onto her belly on the couch so Peter can apply the aloe to her back and the backs of her legs. "Ow…" she says again. "That bitch. And I was even being NICE."

"I don't understand why…" Peter says softly, continuing to rub the lotion on her back, as the puppy yips from the basket. She'd like to be petted too! He glances towards her, and all he says is, "Shh." Doesn't work too well, but… he looks back towards her back, frowning. "You probably don't need to go to a hospital, but… you'll want to sleep on your stomach for a few nights. This should help your skin heal faster… but… I'll probably need to give your lip stitches." Which could cause a scar in the future…

Elle looks over to him, and makes a face. "Owww…do we have to?" Elle is not a fan of pain. To put it mildly.

At the whine, Peter draws his hand off the back of her legs and pauses for a moment. Then he takes in a breath and says softly, "I have an idea… it shouldn't hurt as much and you'll have to trust me. It may not work, anyway, but— Do you trust me?"

Elle perks up a bit at the idea of something other than stitches. "Of course I trust you." Peter's one of about only two people in the world Elle DOES trust. The yip from the basket finally penetrates her general haze of "ow", and from nowhere, she asks "Is that a dog?"

GAME: Peter has rolled HEALING and got a result of MEDIOCRE.

"Yeah, that's a dog. I— I got a pet yesterday. She spent the night at the vet getting checked over, and registered…" Peter explains, but at the same time he starts to kneel down closer to her, reaching with his hand to coax her to sit up. There's a reason for this, because he removes the bag of peas wrapped in a towel and lowers it to the couch, and then starts touching her cheeks gently, trying his best to focus on the emotion. Nothing happens at first.

Elle manages a little smile, and she sits up. She closes her eyes as Peter touches her, not sure what's happening, as she waits patiently. She doesn't want to disturb whatever it is he's doing.

GAME: Peter has rolled HEALING and got a result of MEDIOCRE.

Closing his eyes, Peter tries again, reaching to grab the towel from the pot of water and dabbing it lightly at her face, trying to remember exactly what he'd been doing at the time, and how he'd felt. Again, there's no change at all, lines of frustration already starting to appear around his eyes. "Maybe I can't do this…"

Elle leans in just a bit, opening her eyes. "It's okay." she says. "It's just some bumps and bruises. Worst case, I can go see Daddy and he'll have the doctors patch me right up." She leans in to kiss him…not so much passionate as encouraging.

GAME: Peter has rolled HEALING and got a result of MEDIOCRE.

Perhaps this time the kiss distracts him, but his concentration never quite settles. A hand slides up into her hair, while the damp cloth drops from her lip, and Peter returns the kiss. Tenderness definitely carries from his side, though perhaps he'll need more encouragement, because by the time he leans back to look at her lip, nothing has changed. "I don't want you to have to go to your father for this… I don't want you working with them anymore," he says softly, looking up at her with a lost and insecure expression. And there's another mild yip from the basket.

Elle looks over to the basket again. She smiles…and then winces as that makes her lip hurt again. "Ow, ow…" She dabs at it with the pack of peas, grabbing it off the couch. Which mostly gets the pack bloody. "I know, Peter. But he's still my dad."

GAME: Peter has rolled HEALING and got a result of POOR.

The whole situation might be affecting his ability to focus, because… Peter keeps looking up at her, frowning as she resorts to dabbing the bag of peas against her lip again. The hands lower away entirely, and end up resting on her thighs as he settles back on his own feet. "Elle. I'd rather you stay with me."

The blonde looks back at him, a pained expression. "Please, Peter. Don't put me in a position where I have to choose between you and my father." She doesn't want to be in that position; whichever way she chooses she'll be miserable. She reaches down to take his hands in hers.

GAME: Peter has rolled HEALING and got a result of MEDIOCRE.

Peter's realizing that this isn't working, and as she holds his hands, he's getting ready to give up. The conversation may be to blamed, for derailing his emotions. "I'm mostly asking you to let me do it… let me take care of you. I want you— to be able to rely on me." Even if he's failing at what he'd wanted to try out. Failing miserably. "It won't hurt much worse here than it would there… I'm not asking you to stay away from him, he's your father. I wouldn't do that— but you have a choice. Not one or the other… but a choice. That's something they'd never given you."

Elle looks back at him, a long silence. Finally she nods. "All right. I'll stay here." Her answer is quiet. Tired. She's worn out, physically and emotionally, and has had her butt kicked on all fronts today.

GAME: Peter has rolled HEALING and got a result of GOOD.

When she agrees to stay, Peter lets out a relieved sigh and sits up, hands going to her face, and thumb rubbing over her lip gently. With the possibility of her leaving to get fixed up in the Company facilities gone, he closes his eyes one last time… and tries desperately to focus. This time, things work out much better than before.

The split on her lip seals up, that nasty bruise fading away to normal Elle-skin. She blinks as the pain from it just fades away, and looks back at Peter, excitedly. "You did it!"

Eyes open with surprise, and Peter looks her face over carefully, and then both of his hands are suddenly there, and he's pulling her in for a much more forceful kiss than he'd allowed before. Against the wall, there's another yip. Silly humans trying to trade food!

Elle returns the kiss with more zeal, now that it doesn't hurt to kiss! Finally, after she hears the other yip, she looks over that way, and then back to Peter. "Let me see the dog?" she asks, bright-eyed.

When Peter draws back, he's smiling, obviously relieved that his effort hadn't been wasted. Either way… he looks a little winded, perhaps from all the effort. Or the kiss. Either way, his breathing has changed some, as he stands up and moves over to the basket, to retrieve the white puff ball of a dog, with pointed ears and blue-gray eyes. She looks like a tiny white Husky, with eyes like that. "Her name is Snowy," he explains as he settles down next to her on the couch, the puppy in his lap, already leaving white hair on his black pants.

Elle beams brightly…because who doesn't smile at a puppy. She reaches out, petting the puppy, running her hands over the fur. "She's adorable." she says, looking back up to Peter. "What made you think to get a puppy?" she asks with a smile.

"A friend of mine helps out at a dog daycare," Peter explains, not even seeming to think there'd be anything wrong with this, even if he's being vague. "This puppy got dropped off, not to be watched, but abandoned. They were going to take her to a shelter, instead. But…" He's a bleeding heart. "I asked if I could take her home instead."

Elle smiles a bit. She's not a soft touch. But she likes that Peter is. "She's adorable." she repeats, scritching behind the dog's ears. "Hello, Snowy!" And then she looks back to Peter. "So can I get dressed again, doctor?" she teases lightly.

A soft touch is definitely what he is. After all, he kidnapped her after knocking her unconsious, instead of leaving her there to face the potential wrath of her father… and risk never seeing her again. Peter'd wanted to help her. Snowy certainly likes the attention, shifting into the touch, tail wagging happily. And the person whose lap she sits in also smiles warmly, watching her with a look of admiration and affection, that only breaks at the question. A blink later and he answers, "That's nurse, not doctor," he responds, with a hint of a joke in his voice, before it softens, grows more serious, "Elle… I love you." Such an admission, a first time one at that, gets puncuated by a puppy deciding it wants to leap into her lap instead. Luckily her claws had been trimmed today.

Elle smiles. "I was teasing, Peter. I—" And then he makes with those three words. Her eyes widen in surprise, and of course, then a puppy jumps in her lap. She looks down at the puppy quickly, and then back up to Peter. "Peter, I…" She gets nothing more out. The puppy gets swept up in an arm and hugged close, so she doesn't squish it as she leans in to give him a deep kiss.

With her holding the puppy out of the way, she still squirms a bit between them, not sure what's going on. Peter doesn't seem to care, as he gets drawn into the deep kiss, one he returns with affection. When it parts, he presses his forehead against hers, and breaths unsteadily again. That one is definitely because of the kiss. "Sorry, I didn't say anything sooner…"

Elle finally breaks the kiss, and looks up at Peter. "That means a lot to me, Peter. For you to say that, even knowing who I am. What I am." Broken, among other things. "It really means a lot." she says, softly.

Once again, she finds out he's got some kind of obsession with touching her face, or the area around her face. Peter rubs his fingers over her newly healed jaw, and opens his eyes as she responds, watching her as she watches him. The look in his eyes gives away that he thinks she's better than normal perception would probably have him believe— but he believes it anyway. "Learning… that I bring out the best in you," he says, as the corner of his flawed mouth quirks into a smile. And a tail wagging between them from a squirming puff ball of white doesn't seem to mind this. "Just as I think you've made me stronger. Couldn't have left the facility on my own without you…"

Elle nods. "We'll have more to talk about soon…with the setting up of things. But right now, I think I'd like to get to bed so I can lay down on my tummy." Sitting on her thighs is making them hurt from the burn.

There's a blink, and Peter glances over her shoulder and down her back. "Guess it didn't fix everything," he says regretfully, moving back to scoop up the puppy in his arms, and deposit her in the basket again. She hops up immediately, paws as close to the edge as she can manage, trying her best to peek over the top. Tail still wags, so she's not too upset, but she'd rather be playing. Just for now. He'll need to move her into the bathroom for the night. "I'll apply the lotion a few times during the night. That should help with the pain."

Elle shakes her head. Her back is still reddened, and her feet still have the scratches. It fixed her face all the way, though. Elle smiles. "It fixed the stuff that hurt the worst. This is no worse than a sunburn." She stands. "You can meet me in there." she says, as she heads that way.

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