2007-04-24: Healing Vocal Cords


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Summary: Jane and Peter meet up after their encounters with Elle.

Date It Happened: April 23rd, 2007

Healing Vocal Cords

Peter Petrelli's Apartment

Maybe five minutes, give or take one, after Elle unsealed the apartment door and left, a hand pushes it open again. A female shape, much taller than the electric blonde, enters slowly. She might even be crawling through it. Jane's face looks pained, and only mildly angry. Mostly she just hurts and looks worn. Sounds are made of a quiet sort, not so much speech, however. Managing to mostly close the door behind her she flops down on the couch and leans her head back, closes her eyes, and whimpers a little.

In the five minutes since the blonde woman left, Peter woke up, went to the door, and then left it unwelded. There will need to be a locksmith to fix that, but he'll worry about it later. He's stripped off his scortched through shirt, and thrown it away, and changed into a simple button up and gone to try and coax his puppy out of the bathroom, or at least insure her that he's okay. He's there when the door opens again, and he steps outside to see. Relief shows on his face, when he sees who it is. Reaching up to button the shirt up, he moves towards the couch. "Are you okay?"

Being spoken to, the brunette stirs slightly. Her eyes open to regard him, and her head shakes a bit. Speech follows, not that it's really intelligible as such. Jane sounds very much like a dental patient with a mouth full o' novocaine. This face causes her to sigh and scan the room for paper and something to write with, as a mildly worried expression starts to settle in. Voice is important to her, maybe even more so than most.

GAME: Peter has rolled TELEPATHY and got a result of GOOD.

That's… not good. Peter moves around in front of her, to get a look at her face, and noticing the fact that she can barely talk. "Hey— Jane, it's okay. You don't have to talk. This is me, remember? What happened." Sitting on the table in front of the couch, he abandons buttoning up all the way to lean forward and look at her carefully, trying his best to concentrate. Mind reading need to work for him sooner or later.

The head tilts to one side, studying him, as if it takes a moment to register what he's doing. Once that sinks in, however, she becomes very mentally expressive. 'I came back a few minutes ago, the door wouldn't open. I was about to pull out the phone and call you, when Elle came out. I spoke to her, told her my name, and… it didn't go well. She gave me current to the arm, it hurt, but I didn't back down. Saying I didn't know her would be a lie. I told her things like I'd not abandon a friend, but I also wouldn't contact her again. It'll be her choice whether or not to come to me when she accepts the truth. So she said she'd stop me from saying I know her. There was another shock, and now… I can't really feel my tongue, Pete.' Thinking that brings a flood of emotions, the sense of being crippled, afraid, helpless along with an expression to match them.

Good thing that he successfully heard all of that. By the end of it, Peter's looking very worried, but he gives nods of confirmation, to her he know she's being heard. The tension in his forehead shows signs of headache, but he reaches forward and touches the woman's face, hands on both sides. "Listen, it'll be all right. I might be able to do something about this. It's another ability to can add to my list, if I haven't told you to add it already." He's not sure if he did. He's told so many people what he can do, he's not sure what he's told who… "It may take a few minutes, but I'm going to keep trying. So just… stay calm. We'll get this fixed."

GAME: Peter has rolled HEALING and got a result of AVERAGE.

She watches his face, not pulling away from the hands on hers, and tries to calm herself. A moment later Jane's mouth opens and words follow. Spoken words, in that familiar voice. "Thanks, Pete," she offers. The expression: relief and amazement. Thoughts and emotions match the words and facial display. "Damn. That was… But it's not all bad, maybe. I mean, she's in denial, do you remember that from me? But she also came to see you, and came alone." After she goes silent, the eyes widen with surprise, it sinking in more fully what just happened. "Wow. Is… is that how Nathan got fixed up?"

When it works on the first attempt, Peter pulls his hands back and breathes a sigh of relief. Almost as if he didn't expect it to work. It took many minutes to heal the broken face that Elle'd gotten from that Pamela woman. "You're welcome. I'm just glad it worked…" He lets out a sigh, as if this has made him a little tired. "You weren't completely in denial, you just had less reasons to believe— but at the same time you wanted to believe. You didn't want to think you started doing drugs. She… it's her father's company. She loves her father, no matter what he'd done to her." So why would she want to think he'd betray her that much? "No, not— exactly like that. An ability, yeah, but not this one. Elle was here and I talked to her," he adds, idly rubbing his chest, which had been zapped rather thoroughly. "Snowy's still cowering in the bathroom. Elle really scared her."

Slowly Jane nods, the mention of parents bringing up her own memories. "I get that. No matter the issues we have, or had, most of us still love the ones who made us. Including me, despite Mother trying to marry me off like a piece of breeding stock for another blueblood family. Dad was in on it too, but he at least supports me chasing happiness, after I kept my end of the deal and did law school. There'll… always be part of me who wants to be seen as the dutiful daughter in their eyes. It's why I listen when Mother calls instead of blocking her number outright."

There's a nod of understanding, as Peter's had issues with his family as well. But he doesn't clarify on this. Instead he stands up and heads towards the bathroom, to pick up the whining puppy, who still doesn't look as if she's doing too well. "With the door busted— it's probably best you go stay in a hotel. If she thinks you can't talk anymore, she might leave you alone for a while, right? Doesn't sound like she's mentioned her worries to anyone yet, either. So… we can hope /you/ won't be gone after. I'm more likely to be. They /know/ she was with me. As far as we know… she didn't tell anyone she'd been talking to you."

"Right," Jane replies quietly, with a nod. She checks out the puppy when Pete brings her out. "I haven't met this one yet. Snowy. She looks like her name." There's a pause. "I've met two people who hear animal thoughts." One hand is held out in offer for the puppy to check out and smell, if her owner will bring her close enough and the dog has any interest while she becomes a bit pensive again. "I did meet someone else Elle knows. I had her over for a movie night, she wanted her friend to come, and she did."

"Really? Two people?" Peter holds the puppy, trying to calm her down if he can, but hearing animals thoughts isn't quite up there at mastered skills yet. He settles down on the nearby chair, petting the puppy in an attempt to soothe her. "I might have met them." But he's hesitant to mention them, in case there's /more/ than two… "So you met someone else… okay. Then when you get a hotel room, pay in cash and give a different name at the registry. It shouldn't be too difficult. But staying with me might be more dangerous. She came to /my/ place…"

Tilting her head when he says he might've met them, Jane seems curious, but doesn't ask who they are. Unless there are three or four, they may be speaking of the same persons, but it's an established protocol not to out anyone directly without consent, which neither gave. Instead she replies to the issue of hotel procedure, nodding as she does. "I can do that. I'll get you word where I am. Or I may look for another place she might not think to go, where I won't be alone if anyone comes. If you contact Mr. Bishop and want me along, I'll go with you." She begins to collect the small amount of belongings brought with her and put them into the bag.

"I'm going alone," Peter admits, giving the puppy a light rub on the top of the head. "Mainly because I intend to cause a lot of trouble if he doesn't give me a few things back. I don't want anyone else involved in this." There's a hint of a cold threat in his voice, as if 'cause a lot of trouble' could potentially be very bad for more than just him. "I'm going to drop the puppy off at a trainer soon, and I'll give them instructions to keep her or find her a nice home if I don't come to pick her up. I'm also going to leave a computer with some information with Cass Aldric. If I don't contact you every day, go to her and figure things out. But whatever you do, do /not/ come after me. I mean it."

She wants to argue, this can be told simply from looking at her face, but Jane can tell by seeing his and the way he chooses words there won't be one. "I want you to tell me something, Pete. Those marks you told me about… researchers in the wild often mark animals with computer chips to track them, and recently I think things like that are even being done with household pets. Do you think these marks mean I'm accessible on some radar screen the Company has?"

"I don't know," Peter admits. "Bob said they're not being used anymore. Are you sure you didn't have then before? That the Company hadn't caught you once a few years ago, even just one year ago? And sent you off with a memory hole nbut no drug back story?"

There's silence for a long moment as Jane considers this angle, perhaps racking her memory in search of anything like that just to be sure, before she replies "I don't have holes going back beyond February of this year. And I'd doubt they snagged me at some point in the past that long ago, because… what would have been their reasoning? I didn't develop my ability until early February this year. That doesn't, of course, mean I wasn't in their hands before being captured in the raid I can't remember being in. Bob says they're not being used anymore? I'd… like to take comfort in that, but…" She doesn't elaborate, they've already discussed this since discovering Elle's erasure. "I want to know what he says, and if it wasn't his order, what he says if anything about how he plans to clean house." She finishes packing, sets the bag by the door, and sets about putting away the guitar into its case. "Either way, I don't really plan on being alone. They don't get at me again without a fight."

Peter nods slowly. "I don't know. I'll talk to him. And I'll let you know." But in the way his voice sounds, he doesn't seem to care about the outcome of this talk except for a few things. There's no house cleaning that would satisfy him right now, most likely. "Best not to be with me, though. Not right now." He sounds rather bitter again, though not directed at her, by any means.

Once her guitar is packed up, placed with the portable amp on top of the lone copy of a Black Canary comic issue in the bottom, Jane closes and slings it over one shoulder. The backpack is grabbed and slung over the other, and the bag is lifted by hand. She's moving for the door. "Be careful, Pete. See you soon." And out she goes.

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