2007-07-22: Heartbreaker


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Summary: A waterfight ends in an exasperated Gene leaving Jaden and Elena to their own mischievous devices. The infamously unpredictable CEO reveals something to Elena she doesn't expect.

Date It Happened: July 22, 2007


Beachside Resort, Barcelona, Spain

She was out of her element. Granted she's never been on a beachside resort in Spain before, and after looking around, Elena can't help but wonder whether she'll manage to be able to tear herself away and head back home to New York City.

Clad in a simple, dark blue bikini, with a sarong tied around her hips, the young woman puts on her shades, toting her book and a large glass of Sangria. No sign of the boys yet - she honestly has no idea what they're doing. It's obvious now she DOES have some sort of piercing - there's a silver navel ring on her bellybutton with a small dragon charm dangling from it. Her hair is pulled up. Maybe after she finished a few chapters or so, she could go for a swim.

Adjusting the towel draped on her forearm, she moves for the poolside chairs. There's a little divider between the pool area and the beach itself. The sun is high in the sky, the waves are a deep blue, and the swimming pool waters sparkled. It was a good day to get a tan, or a bunch of shenanigans. She quirks a brow, watching a handsome, middle-aged man schmooze at a pair of older ladies by the pool side bedecked with diamonds and all sorts of bling. Huh. Maybe he likes them older?

Shenanigans? Gene does not like the idea of shenanigans, not one bit. That could be the reason why he's been laying low these last couple of weeks. While he agreed to come out to Spain, he's still be laying low. He rarely goes out. His contributions to conversation are limited. While Gene is a terrible intervert by nature, he's almost to the point of reclusive. Despite this, he still comes out from time to time to be among his friends, even if he isn't one for talking.

That being said, the young genius makes his way out a bit after Elena does, dressed in a simple dark red t-shirt and some black surfer swimtrunks. He has a pair of cheap flipflops on that appear to have already begin to die, the straps almost coming out of the foam holes. Keeping with unique set of priorities, he has on a pair of Oakley sunglases with a brown frame that matches his hair all too well. In his hand, he has a PDA of some sort, just calmly tapping away. As he looks up, he sees Elena begin to settle down. He watches her closely until she seats herself, then just begins to avert his attention toward the PDA as he moves to take his seat.

Where In Spain Is Jaden Cain?

The Shadow knows. But he ain't here is he?!

Anyway, there's doesn't seem to be any signs of Jaden Cain anywhere on the beach. Even over there in the center of the crowd of girls where a longer haired Jaden Cain stands, there's no sign of Jaden Cain. However, it couldn't hurt to take a listen…

"So what you do is, you add a little coconut oil to the moisturizer. Lather it up and apply? You'll be as smooth as the silk in my shirt." Jadinne's offering some Pretty Boy tips, as he stands there in his silk short set. The girls are paying rapt attention, that's for sure. Some of them have been having skin issues.

Anyway, as Elena decides to pass by and on towards the poolside chairs, there's a creak in the floorboards underneath her. Nothing to really worry about, that's for sure. Except for the toy grabby hand that inches out and pinches on the end of that girl's sarong thing.

Suddenly… YOINK!

Shenanigans? Gene does not like the idea of shenanigans, not one bit. That could be the reason why he's been laying low these last couple of weeks. While he agreed to come out to Spain, he's still be laying low. He rarely goes out. His contributions to conversation are limited. While Gene is a terrible intervert by nature, he's almost to the point of reclusive. Despite this, he still comes out from time to time to be among his friends, even if he isn't one for talking.

That being said, the young genius makes his way out a bit after Elena does, dressed in a simple dark red t-shirt and some black surfer swimtrunks. He has a pair of cheap flipflops on that appear to have already begin to die, the straps almost coming out of the foam holes. Keeping with unique set of priorities, he has on a pair of Oakley sunglases with a brown frame that matches his hair all too well. In his hand, he has a PDA of some sort, just calmly tapping away. As he looks up, he sees Elena begin to settle down. He watches her closely until she seats herself, then just begins to avert his attention toward the PDA as he moves to take his seat. He doesn't notice Jaden's attempt to be super sneaky… Likely better this way.

"Hey Gene, Jadinne!" Elene calls, lifting her hand up in a wave and giving them both a smile…..just as the end of the sarong is grabbed. She doesn't notice until it's too late….it's suddenly WISKED off her like a sharp breeze. She drops her book, her towel, and almost her Sangria. "Ack! Let go!" She cries, grabbing onto the end of the silken fabric and tugging on it, trying to pry it from the toy hand that's got it between the floorboards. Unfortunately, she's a bit of a wuss - she can't manage to GRAB it….until she loses the tug of war and the cloth disappears between the floorboards.

An eyebrow twitches. She gets down on all fours, and peers through the cracks to try and find the culprit. "Why you— where are you?" she growls under her breath. As nice, and extroverted, and as chatty as she is - she's still Ramon Gomez's daughter. And Ramon tends to growl when he's caught the scent of something. Elena, on the other hand, just wants her sarong BACK. She feels naked without it!

The two older ladies laugh at something the debonair, forty-something year old says, right off the side of Jadinne and his Spanish harem.

Whomever's underneath the floorboards of this place, well, they don't make a sound. In fact, they are no longer where Elena is looking. Instead, they are somewhere else all together. Traveling underneath the floor is always a fun time. Though, if she keeps looking through the hole, she'll see her sarong down there. The problem is that it's really hard to get the floorboards up from the top. Good news for whomever the thief underneath is.

Jadinne looks up through the Spanish Harem, spots Elena and gives her a little Mr. America wave. "Oh, that's my girl, Elena. She's cute, huh? Not girlfriend. Friend. She tried the coconut oil too. I'm telling you… it works." Could he /be/ anymore Metro? Really?

Another floorboard pops up and it just happens to be behind Elena's -all fours- location. Something of a snicker is going on from down there without much other warning…


The chaos of Jaden's antics causes Gene to blink, glancing up to see Elena without an article of clothing and now getting hit in the behind with a latex object filled with water. Thankfully for all present, it was just a balloon. Still, the young man doesn't really laugh, really not finding much humor in such things. Putting his PDA in his ultra geek extreme waterproof case that is strapped to the side of his swimsuit, the young man moves toward Elena.

"Problem?" Gene asks in a simple stating of the obvious.

She isn't fast enough. Elena snatches up her sarong from under the floorboards…just as she's nailed on the ass by a waterballoon. What answers Gene is a SHRIEK, her body jerking upwards and water droplets flying all over the place as the area around her rear….is now soaked. She stands up, EYEBALLING the floorboards and the hole where the culprit vanished. When Gene asks her if there's a problem, she turns around, and gives him…………..a smile.

"No problem at all, Gene," she says sweetly, turning to head off camera. "No. Problem. At all."

She vanishes for a few moments.

When she comes back from view, she has a gardening hose in her hand, a manic gleam in her eyes. She was soaked, dressed in something too skimpy to her liking (though as far as bikinis go, it's quite modest), and she kicks up a couple of the floorboards.


She drops down into the bottom, whips the hose around, and turns the water in FULL BLAST.

Solid Cain tries to stay quiet under the floorboards, but there doesn't see to be any movement. He lets his guard down, thus not using the Spidey Sense that he was born with. Instead, he starts to creep towards the nearest opening and then… HE'S BLASTED BY AN ONSLAUGHT OF UNDENIABLY INTENSE WATER OF UNIMAGINABLE… wetness.

"Oh son of a brachiosaurus!" As he's blasted, he tries to dodge backwards, jumping up and smacking his head into the floorboard! "Ugh!" With a grunt, the floorboard cracks and Jaden goes down to the ground below! Face down! Not even moving anymore.

This can't be good.

As Elena and Jaden have their water wars, the young inventor merely does what he does best after inventing… staying quiet and on the sidelines. Moving toward the seat he planned on taking before, the geek sits down. After all, if Elena said she was fine and it's just water, then it should be all good. Pulling out his palm pilot, he just begins to work on something. Likely work-related, but even when in another nation, he can't stop working and researching.

"HAH! Victory is mine!" Elena points at Jaden's prone body victoriously. "Jaden Cain. Billionaire. The youngest person ever to be handed the reins of a software empire. Just. Got. -Served-." Yes, she's enjoying this way too much. She needs to blow off some steam and Jaden, whether he likes it or not, just gave her that. She grins…and then realizes Jaden's not moving. "…….okay Jaden, seriously, this isn't funny anymore, get up."

She pokes her toe gently on his side.


He still isn't moving.

She gets down on one knee slowly, reaching out to touch the side of his neck. "…….oh -come on-, you're tougher than this!" she groans. Panic doesn't settle in yet. This COULD be another ploy. But she does roll him over on his back. "Come on, Jaden. Wake up." She'll pat his cheeks around.

Jaden Cain is alive.
Jaden Cain has a pulse.
Jaden Cain disappears the moment he's flipped over.


Dropping down from above, from somewhere off camera, is the real Jaden Cain. He's decked out in what could only be a swimmer version of the Solid Snake outfit. Shorts, a tank top, a headband… and twin super soaker bazookas!

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" comes his heroic battle cry of vengeance as he pulls back on the triggers of both of his bazooka soakers, which are aimed at the distracted body of Elena Gomez. With her fine self.

Oh my god he did not.

….he did.

Elena SHRIEKS, ambushed by bazooka super soakers and flailing around with her garden hose. "Oh my god are you— ORUIOURIOURHUJGRHGHGTRHGRHG!" The sexy sounds of water pouring out of her mouth can be heard by all. She can't help it though, her laughing is interspersed with shrieking, and she pulls the trigger of her hose again to fire towards Jaden. Granted she has limited range - the hose does have a limit after all, but she's trying to soak him in regardless. And then, she'll leap after him, chasing him with the hose. "GET BACK HERE, JADEN CAIN. OR SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES!"

Jaden isn't too quick to get out of the way. He takes the waterhose in the chest and shoulder. "Damn you vile woman!" comes the Stewie Impression (which is spot on, btw) and he gets blasted backwards! His body spins and he falls to the ground, rolling as the bazookas are dropped and scattered. He grunts a little bit, reaching out with one hand to grab hold of her water hose. It's good to pay attention to her surroundings…

Of course, Elena should know better than to mess with Jaden Cain. On either side of her head, suddenly, there are Jadens. Each of them holding a Desert Eagle styled soaker pistol… to her head! "Freeze." "If you so much as blink, you're wet." "Dude, she's already wet." "Hahaha. You said wet." "So did you!" "Yeah, but I didn't mean…" "OH YOU ARE SICK!" "WHAT?!" "SICK MAN! SICK!" "She's hot, okay?!" "Just shut up!" "No you!" "I am you!" These two shut up and get back to holding their pistols to her head.

"Tell me, Ms. Gomez…" ANOTHER Jaden appears. This one's wearing a suit and sunglasses and even has a little ear-piece in his ear. "What good is a water hose… if you don't have any water?" That's when Jaden Prime gets back up to his feet and holds up the water hose. He smiles, victoriously and folds it over.


Elena gapes as she remains crouched on the ground, with the Desert Eagle pistols pointed at her head by two other dittos. Sometimes, she can't help but think that perhaps maybe, just maybe, she ought to quit now before she's really outnumbered. As she remains crouched there, trapped, her heartbeat quickens, adrenaline pours hard and fast into her system. She could feel her heartbeat jump paces in leaps and bounds. Her dark irises wink gold, the shiny color bleeding into the normally dark irises. She can consider this practice to one of her most favorite uses of her power.

She knows which Jaden is the real Jaden Cain, her heightened awareness homing in on her boss.

She could feel her muscles tense up. She shifts, she almost looks like a cat ready to spring.

"What good is a water hose without any water?" she asks, cocking her head at Jaden. And then, she smiles. "Nothing. Nothing at all. You're right, Jaden."

Her eyes narrow.

"So I just won't use it."

Her boosted self suddenly launches forward, her arms reaching out towards the Real Jaden Cain………….to tackle him.

Right into the swimming pool.

"Ah fuc-"

Jaden's cut off by the breast tackle he's ever received. Wait. Best tackle he's ever received. So when he smacks into the water of the pool, he just goes down without a fight. The Dittos disappear and Jaden actually behaves himself enough to not cop a feel. Which is definitely something he wants to do right now in this time and place. He goes down into the water and swims a bit away from Elena to give her some room as he floats back up to the surface and catches his breath. "Oh, you are so dead…"

She resurfaces, tossing her dark hair back and sending water spraying everywhere. Elena is panting, her cheeks are flushed and her eyes are bright with mirth, but she's grinning, splashing Jaden a bit with water from her palms. "Well, I'm not dead yet!" she says cheekily, sticking her tongue out at him. But she's still laughing, and splashes him a bit more. Of course, the papparazzi are taking pictures in the bushes, but she has absolutely no idea that this is going on. Her eyes are dark again, the Boost having worn off the moment she hit the water. She's actually quite pleasantly surprised that Jaden's behaving himself. ………..as much as he could behave himself.

She looks around…and frowns. "Eh? Where did Gene go?" she wonders. Did he go back inside again? Man.

Jaden splashes around the water, since he's capable of swimming enough to keep himself from being a drowning case. Though, CPR from Elena would be awesome. Unfortunately, he's got a crush on the girl. So he kind of wants her to kiss him of her own accord, not because of the old Pretend To Drown So That The Buxom Lifeguard Rescues You And Performs CPR Until Your Tongue Enters Her Mouth trick. "Eh, probably to a nerd convention or something." Jaden's not really caring and even waves his hand around to see if he can't, y'know, make her forget about that dude for once.

"You're amazing, you know that?" Holy crap. Sincerity from Jaden Cain. Somebody mark the calendar.

"Don't be mean," Elena chastizes, giving him a look. "You know we're the closest people he's got to having actual friends. He's had it rough before." As in, someone actually tried to burn his house down while he was a baby, but she's been told that in confidence. Swimming around Jaden, the last comment earns him a blink, and then she colors. Even despite the golden tone to her skin, people can tell easily, but she does laugh, and she flicks a wave of water at him playfully. "Why? Because I managed to get you despite being outnumbered 3 to 1? You -let- me win, Mr. Cain. I CAN TELL." She's teasing him, he can tell by the grin she's flashing at his direction.

Looking upwards at the sky, she shields her eyes with her hand. "Besides. Compliments aside, you're pretty great yourself. I mean, I know you have a rep and everything but even from the beginning I knew there was more to you than you being…you know. Rich and crazy. I mean, you always go out of your way to help out people you never met. Because unlike other people, you actually have the means to be able to help your fellow man instantly. Anyone in your position would be selfish….but not you."

Funny how Jaden can't splash her back. Maybe he's just really enjoying her company. Being in the pool with the girl of his dreams and not being able to touch her is kind of messing with his brain. But that's okay. He'll get over it. Eventually. Or work up the nerve to actually ask her out for serious. Instead of, well, just being the lecherous CEO that he makes everyone think he is. It's what happens when you're the son of a big time (in more ways than one) Skinemax star.

"Eh, I'm not that special. I just do whatever I feel like. And I feel like this money belongs to the people more than it does to me. I never even knew I had a father, so all these billions of dollars? Righfully everyone's else but me. So I share."

"….so…." Elena pauses, suddenly struck by how little she actually KNOWS about her boss. She turns her back around against the edge of the pool, leaning against it so she could look at him. "I know your Dad died….pretty recently, yeah? So he just…left you everything? Just like that?" she wonders. She was pretty sure she heard that Mr. Cain didn't even know he HAD a son until just recently either, there was something in the news about probate court proceedings and all of that. She purses her lips a bit, pushing her wet hair away from her eyes.

His logic however is so simple she's a little stunned by it, but then she gives him a small smile. "Well, lucky it went to you and not someone like Normandy Osbourne, yeah?" she ribs, poking him gently on the side. "…is that why you had the Cain Foundation set up?" she asks. "Because something tells me that isn't exactly the sort of idea coming from the ex-chairman's head."

"That old dude? He hated me for whatever reason. Probably because I'm all young and hot and he's old and busted." Jaden raises his hands and points at himself. "New Hotness. Right here, baby." Just in case, he keeps his distance. She's trying to talk to him and be serious. He doesn't want to be all pushy or something. Sexual harassment would not look good. "Uh… yeah. I guess. I mean, there was never anything established to help me out when I wasn't rich as hell. So I figure why not help out the littler guy?" Another shrug.

Jaden finds himself staring at the water. As if, well, trying to figure out how to do something. "Hey, Elena?" He sighs and splashes at the liquid for a little bit. "Could…" He frowns, trying to find the right wording. He's usually never flustered. Ever. "Why'd you let me bully you into working for me? I mean… how many messes of mine have you had to clean up already?" Aw.

She can't help it. Elena starts laughing. "Men in Black? I think I've seen that movie a dozen times?" At least she gets his references. Besides, she tended to do the same. And yes, sexual harassment will not look good - she can hurt him if she wants to in order to discourage him. Luckily she's not that sort of person. "That's really cool, Jaden," she says sincerely. "No really - I mean it. I…." she pauses, and laughs. "You know when I was in high school, rich kids made fun of me all the time. You know? I was poor, latina - I reminded them of the people who picked up after them in their gazillion-home mansions. But after meeting you and Eric and… I guess my perceptions changed a little bit. I thought all rich people were out to screw the little guy but it does help to learn that you didn't always start out that way. It explains a lot, I think."

When she watches Jaden stare at the water, she blinks at him. She hesitates, at first, because he….somehow looks so forlorn. But she does extend her fingers eventually to touch him gently on the shoulder. "I didn't really let you. I made the decision on my own. You….it's not like I don't see that you're a good person. You helped Cass out, and then you just…kept helping the people I cared about out. I figured the least I could do is watch your back. Besides, I thought you'd be a ridiculously fun boss to work with and I was right. I don't think I'd have it any other way." She removes her hand to rest it on her heart. "I swear."

Jaden is still in his little forlorn attitude when he finally decides to look up from the water. He takes in everything that Elena's saying and then his eyes fall on her. He's quiet… lost in a daydream now. Imagining all of the craziness that can't be going on right now because of the fact that, well, she's working for him. They could be off somewhere making out or something. "What if there was another way that, I dunno, could be even better than the way things are now?" Jaden's words just start coming out of his mouth. "Would you be willing to give it a shot?"

"……" Elena tilts her head at him, quirking her brows. "….well, it depends on what it is," she says slowly. "I mean, I can't really give an informed opinion if I don't know what you're getting at, right?" She turns around then, bracing her hands on the pool edge and shoving herself upwards and over the edge of the pool. She turns around, slipping her legs back into the water, and pulls a spare towel over to her and starts rubbing the terry cloth against her hair to dry it. "What is it? Another idea?" she wonders. "The entire bluetooth bulletin board thing was pretty genius - once Gene builds a working prototype the directors will be pretty sold."

This isn't going as well as he'd hope it would. Jaden's running out of bushes to beat around. "No, nothing like that." And he even waves a hand around to show the adamantness about this not being some business venture. "This particular idea has nothing to do with EvoSoft. It has to do with me." Finally, he works up enough nerve to look up at her. "Us." He's hoping the look on his face will be enough to explain this, since he's looking like one of those outsider dudes trying to ask out the top cheerleader, before getting hunted down by the athletic dudes and brought to high school justice.

"…….." Elena blinks a little bit at him. One could almost see the little cuckoo birds popping out of her head at how blank her expression is at the moment as she looks at him. Cuckoo! Cuckoo! "….us…." she repeats slowly. "You mean….." She pauses, and then, an epiphany settles on her face. "……you're not….talking about…."


"….fighting crime and cleaning up the streets for real are you?" she continues. Because she JUST flashbacked to the party at the Crystal Pavilion where she got bat signaled and her boss wanted her to wear the Robinette costume and make an appearance as his sidekick. "Because….well, you're probably a braver person than me but I don't want to get shot at."

Jaden sighs and shakes his head. Though, he can't help but to smile a little bit. "No. That whole save the world thing? I kind of gave that up. Some of us got the goods and others? Well, others are like me. Not exactly build Ford Tough, if you know what I'm saying." Because he damn sure ain't built to be taking on crazy criminals and what not. "No, I'm talking about …" Jaden figures he might as well just come right out and say it.

"I want you to be my girlfriend, Elena."

When he tells her that he gave up on the entire Saving the World thing, Elena opens her mouth - but decides to close it. Now didn't seem like the time or place to tell him 'Yeah, boss, the world needs saving because people are going to die at some point in the future and I'm one of the crazies trying to stop it.' Not while in Spain, while he's clearly having a good time and getting away from the people trying to throw him out of his birthright. So she just keeps her eyes on him, wondering just what he's getting at. Unaware of what's to come. Unaware that people are trying to reach her phone and that there'll be a message waiting for her in New York once reception kicks in.

When Jaden says what he does, her eyes widen at him. She gapes at him, there's really no other way to describe just how she's looking at him right now. "…wh…wh…..didn't you just….break up with Jane?" she wonders. "I….I didn't even think you saw me that way, it…"

She sighs, raking a hand through her hair. First Eric, now Jaden? What the hell? How did this happen?!

"I…Jaden, I don't want to ruin anything…" She had already ruined ONE friendship at home, managed to salvage ONE here, and now she's struggling with another one. "I work for you, and I'm your friend. And…I've…I've…been trying to get over….somebody and I haven't…."

Hands go up. Quickly. He was ready for this. "It's cool! I figured." The hurt is in his eyes, but it disappears so quickly it can hardly be noticed. He's Jaden Cain, after all. Master of not having any emotion except for: Bat Shit Insane. "I'm glad we're friends and co-workers and all that. We can keep it simple." He finally climbs out of the pool himself, not even bothering to find a towel. He just starts shaking his body like a dog or something. "I mean, I /am/ a pretty simple guy." He winks, just to let her know that there's no hard feelings in her not wanting him.

She's gaping at him still, but then Elena glances down at her lap. Even when he winks at her, she suddenly looks -exhausted-. "I'm sorry," she tells him softly. "I don't….it's not like you're not a great guy. You are. If I knew you better, maybe….but….I just….before I left there was this…" How the HELL did this happen? How did she get from Just Friends with three guys to this? Was she expelling those same biochemical signals again? GOD. This was so typical. Apparently she could have any guy on the planet, even someone rich and influential like Jaden Cain, and the ONE time she actually falls, the guy ejects her like a waterballoon from a rowdy houseboat. "…I can't right now. It wouldn't….be fair to anyone."

Jaden is still shaking himself off. He's having too much fun being a silly fool to really even come off as serious as he was trying to earlier. Not that he's even getting dry like this, but it allows him to lighten the mood and that's always a good thing to do when you get shut down like Microsoft Vista running more than on program at a time: BSOD BITCHES. "Shhhh. You don't have to explain yourself." Jaden just shrugs, helplessly and looks genuine for a moment, "I'm willing to bet you're worth the wait…"

She heard the same thing before. Elena can't help but smile somewhat ruefully, even if she's still not looking up. There's another moment of silence, and then she pushes away from the edge of the pool, standing up and draping the towel on one shoulder. Looking over at her boss and friend, her smile tilts a little higher on the corners of her mouth. "….thanks," she tells him quietly. "I just…I already ruined something, back home. I don't want to ruin anything else. You all mean a lot to me. I don't think I could handle any more— you know?" If she had pockets, she would tuck her hands in right now, but as it stands….

She lifts a hand to ruffle his dark, wet hair gently, and gives him a broader grin. "Come on. Let's go eat. And you can tell me a story," she says.

Jaden finds himself over by Elena and holding out an arm to escort her wherever. "Unless you plan on wearing black leather, carrying a whip and stealing things just to get my attention, I don't think you could ever ruin what we have."


"On second thought, I'm all for the leather and the whip. But no stealing things to get my attention. Just text me or something." His crazy referencing jokes probably fall on deaf ears, but whatever. So long as he hasn't broken anything.

Now all he has to do is find out who hurt her… and make sure they never walk again.

"Man. I don't think I'd be able to pull off what Michelle Pfeiffer did in Batman Returns," Elena tells Jaden, but she does smile when he offers his arm like the proper gentleman. She takes it, of course, and they start heading back into the hotel proper together. "That and….I think I'd only hurt somebody if I used a whip. But I promise. No stealing things from you." But she does look relieved when he mentions she could never ruin what they have. So much so that she turns her head and plants a light peck on his cheek. "Thanks, Jaden," she tells him softly.

But at the last, she can't help but laugh. "Deal. I'll text," she says, lifting her hand. "Scout's honor. So….you in the mood for….what?"

And so she heads off with him, chatting amicably about things like how they ought to get back at Gene for ditching them at the pool.

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