Heather Noyes
Heather Noyes
Portrayed By Alyson Hannigan
Gender Female
Date of Birth June 9th, 1990
Age 17
Zodiac Sign Geminii
Aliases Heat
Place of Birth Junction City, KS, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation TBD
Known Relatives Samantha (mother), Benjamin (father)
Significant Other None
Known Abilities Clairvoyance (ability to tell if others are Evolved and what their power is)
First Appearance Finding Abilities


Born to Samantha and Benjamin Noyes, Heather grew up on a farm on the outskirts of Junction City, Kansas. She never went to a public school, instead being home-schooled while she helped out on the family farm. It was a large farm, too. Over 100 acres of crops, another 50 for cattle. And of course the hen houses and other smaller animals.

Throughout her childhood, Heather made friends with the other kids on other farms nearby. She learned to operate all sorts of machinery. Tractors. Threshers. Using a mule to plow the fiels manually. She did it all and helped her parents grow a thriving small business out of it. It was a good life. Except for the headaches she would get every now and then. Her parents initially dismissed them at first, but as they got more frequent, they traveled to Topeka for a specialist. They didn't find anything wrong with her, and gave her migrane medication which seemed to help out. However, what they didn't know, is some of the blood that was drawn from Heather was sent into the Human Genome Project.

On her 16th birthday, after years of being headache free, the headaches returned in full force. Heather had a hard time during her party, and during the opening of presents, she experienced one of the worst headaches yet. But the message came through loud and clear. She turned and looked at one of her best friends dead in the eyes and said "You can read minds, Cindy?" Her best friend looked totally stunned, and proceeded to call Heather crazy and disturbed. Strangely enough, Cindy disappered a few weeks later. The story was her family sold their farm and moved to another state. But it seemed all to suspicious. From that day forth, Heather knew there was something different about her. She could look at some people and not feel anything. But others….others would give her a strange feeling. As though her mind was trying to tell her something.

By the time her 17th birthday rolled around, Heather now knew she had a gift. A gift at reading people. But she didn't know exactly what she was supposed to be reading. Like an American trying to read a book in Japanese. She started checking out books in the library, hoping to find an answer. But little did she know, the answer would soon find her.


Heather's power is a form of Clairvoyance. She can look at a person and know if they are an Evolved, or normal person. If they're Evolved, she can take it one step further and determine what their power is. Her power is limited though. She has to be able to /see/ the person in order to use her power. Video footage doesn't work. However, vision enhancing equipment does. Example, binoculars or night vision goggles.

The power manifests itself as a voice in Heather's head. At first it is just broken sounds with a word here or there. Like <different> or <earth>. As her power progresses, the voice will become more clearer and concise. Like <That one is evolved> and <He/She has Subatomic Transmutation>.


  • March 8th, 2007 - Recruited for The Company by Claudine
  • March 11th, 2007 - Encounters Lissa, who has a power similar to hers. Major feedback loop ensues.


  • "Ya'll ain't from around these parts, are ya?"



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