Helen Muth
Portrayed By Amy Adams
Gender Female
Date of Birth November 14, 1976
Age 33
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Place of Birth New York City, NY, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Publicist to Nathan Petrelli
Known Relatives Gregory Muth (father), Catherine Muth (mother), Taryn Muth-Biggs (Sister), Will Muth (Brother), Amy Muth (sister-in-law), Howie Muth (nephew)
Significant Other None.
Known Abilities None.
First Appearance 15 Minutes of Fame

Helen Muth is an experienced political publicist working for Nathan Petrelli to protect him from the press as he gets his memory back.


Helen is the youngest of three very driven children. Her parents were speechwriters and chief of staffs for presidents, governors, senators and were very involved int he political scene. Though personally, they were more conservative, they never let that interfere with their jobs or politics. They worked on staffs of both liberals, conservatives, democrats and republicans and instilled in all of their children the sense of public duty and public service. It was never any question as to where all three of them would end up. Though all three of them managed to end up in different branches of work for the state, they all are doing their duty to make the country better. Her brother, the eldest in the family, worked hard and managed to get into Harvard Law. Her sister opted for Yale, but Helen attended Princeton, choosing to stay close to home and enjoy an Ivy League education. At Princeton she, like her siblings, enrolled in political science and communications.

Her college years went by without much to speak of. She went through all the milestones of college boyfriends, friends, and extracurricular activities, however she was always very focused on her work. There were bench marks that she had to reach and she wasn't about to allow her personal life interfere with that. However, even then she knew the importance of appearances and gave herself a personal life. It may not have been as filled out as the rest of her school life, but it was still there. Always a determined woman, when she knew what she wanted, she went for it and normally got it.

She received her first internship on Trent Bolton's first campaign, and managed to become a permanent member of his communications team following his election. She proved herself an invaluable member of the team; however, there was little opportunity to move up. Frustrated by the lack of mobility and not being taken seriously, she started searching for other opportunities. When Nathan Petrelli chose to run for New York Congressman, she saw the perfect opportunity and took it. It was a fledgling campaign that had promise, though it was considered a long shot. It was his first campaign and so they were more willing to take on someone with limited experience. Once again, she started as the lowest rung on the totem pole, but based on the team's efforts Petrelli was elected… only to give up his seat.

A third time, she found herself starting at the bottom with Callum Harris' campaign for Senator. Harris won the election. Senator Harris and Helen had a very deep connection and she easily moved up under his leadership. She trusted him with her career and thought that he was someone she could finally work for for the rest of her life. Instead, she was saddled with a scandal. The details were never fully leaked to the press. Only enough to get the public outraged and demanding blood. The scandal involved mismanaged money from the campaign being used for personal purchases. Harris used Helen and another staffer as his scapegoat. Though his statements said that he stood fully behind his two staffers that they didn't defraud money from the campaign knowingly - or so he would like to believe - that they would no longer be working for him. Helen left his employ completely disillusioned in public life and serving her country. Used and tossed aside, she slinked off the political scene for what she thought was forever.

Working in the corporate industry, Helen was constantly hounded by her family about her slinking away from her duty. They, of course, never believed the spin that Callum Harris put out about her and thought that her leaving politics only smacked of the guilty. For holidays and every phonecall home she made, it involved questions about when she would pick up another campaign. She would get helpful clip outs of candidates starting to gear up to run, but she ignored them. They even helpfully told her about Nathan's new run for office, which she denied being interested in. She called the office to congratulate the Senator and the staff for their win, but she wasn't involved with it. Finally, though, she got a fateful call from a friend who was also a Petrelli staffer. Nathan had been found after his disappearance for months. He was in desperate need of some help in the publicity department, and as he had already known her from before she was a perfect woman to fit the role. Though she had her reservations about going back into politics, it's really where her heart is and she couldn't help but take this offer. It pleased her parents to no end.


  • November 12th - Nathan returns with amnesia.
  • November 13th - Helen learns that Nathan has changed considerably, dragging him away from a night of partying with some young adults.


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