2009-11-23: Hell Hath No Fury



Date: November 23, 2009


Sydney rages following her fallout with Hallis, and sputters the Lena/Hallis story to Eric with little clarity, until she finds some stoicism.

"Hell Hath No Fury"

Hallis and Eric's Apartment Building

Having just left Hallis' apartment, Sydney's hands are balled into fists and her face is strangely pale. At this moment, Sydney's rage is more than evident and radiates through the spaces of the hallway and down the hall into various other apartments where randomly people can be heard yelling at each other. Setting her jaw tightly, she pads down the hallway towards the elevator. Her red high heels clap loudly against the tile.

"Its beginning to look alot like fishmen~~ everywhere we go~~~"
Its November! And Eric is already getting into his version of the Chrismas Spirit. This time with a slightly warped version of Christmas Carols that he's singing along to in the elevator as he rides up towards his apartment. Slightly warped? Alright. HUGELY warped. They are Cuthulu Christmas Carols. Yes, christmas with a lovecraftian theme.

However something starts to annoy him as the elevator closes on the floor that he lives on and he frowns. Peer. Growl. What the heck is getting under his skin, he doesn't have anything to get annoyed over. Dressed in his black jeans with the thick motorcycle jacket in black and silver over that. He washed that a lot at least he hopes he washed it enough to get the Lena off of it all.

Its when the elevators slide open and that wave of annoyance gets even worse that he sees the woman stalking towards the elevator.




Eyebrows furrow as Sydney peers at the elevator, unsure. Sydney's lips curl downward. She's quietly seething, but everyone can tell. Her emotions can't be contained in her own mind even if she wants them to be. Through her still tight-set jaw she manages to hiss, "Yes. It's me." Her fists are still balled, her muscles tense, and her eyes narrowed. She presses her lips into a thin line before forcing an extremely strained (and extremely fake) smile. "Eric."

"…well it seems that you haven't had the best of times," Eric says slowly towards the woman as he steps out of the elevator and peers towards her. A deep breath before he steps closer, trying to clamp down with his own annoyance with the considerable reserves of willpower that he has. It takes him several long breaths and closing his eyes for a few deep heartbeats to get control enough back. "Alright. Either you and I are going to my apartment to talk, or I'm taking you out for coffee. Right now. As you seem to /need/ to vent something off your chest before the whole complex tears itself apart."

Eric's words cause the therapist's mood to change. Jaw clamps down further as Sydney's cheeks flush more. Her lips quiver and so she bites her bottom lip to keep it from moving. Her chin continues to quiver though as the rest of her body responds accordingly causing her shoulders to tighten around her body. She blinks fiercely as her eyes burn within their sockets.
But the blinking is useless. Tears stream down Sydney's cheeks as she gasps for breath and sniffles loudly. "I— I— " she gasps for air amongst her sobs. "I —" sniffle "tried" sniffle "so" sniffle "hard!" At this moment she buries her face in her hands.

Pausing a moment as the woman just slowly looses it right infornt of himself before he shakes his head once and then just steps forwards quickly to slowly put his arms around the woman as she starts to tear up like that. A shake of his head before he enfolds her with those arms and then pulls her into a hug. "Sydney, come on. Calm down…focus on me, just on me alright. Try to get ahold of your emotions, don't shut them down just focus on me." He murmurs softly towards her as he slowly starts to turn her around and point her back towards his apartment.

Absolutely continuing to sob, Sydney has little control over the blubbering that comes out in nonsensical single words, "I.. can't… stoooooop…" She keeps bawling, although she's also in no position to object being redirected from her previous mission. "Everything.. wrong… STUPID… I'm … such… an idiot…" She starts hiccuping as she tries to stops the tears from streaming down her face, her mascara runs terribly. As she reaches Eric's apartment door, she's merely heaving deep breaths, continuing to hiccup as she tries to breathe through her tears as per Eric's instructions.

"Shhh, don't try to stop! Just concentrate on me, try to direct it…" Eric coxes as he slowly directs her down the hall and back to his own room. The door makes him pause a moment before just opens it as quickly as he might and shows her inside. He's trying to project calm in the face of this, but its difficult…I mean his eyes are starting to tear up as well as hers and he fights down a sniffle or two. "Come on though Sydney, I can call you Sydney can't I?" He adds as he shuts the door with a foot and starts to direct her towards one of the couches that he has in the living room. "Just calm down, its alright. You arn't /entirely/ an idiot…" He adds with a smile.

She sniffles as she sits down on the couch she's directed to without any objection. She nods slightly, "Yes. Please, call me Sydney." Eric's calm expression and general demeanour are working their magic on the blonde. She blinks a few times as the tears disappear. Face flushed from the tears, she presses her lips into a line, "Th-thank you, Eric." She takes a few deep breaths, gaining some kind of control over the situation for the time being. And then, after getting a handle on her tears she exasperates, "I tried so hard! I've been trying my best and now it's biting me in the ass! I'm a therapist right? So I have this client… hoodie girl. And she has this enemy who lives in the building who is also a client… I almost… I need to change my notes… because enemy client wants to read them, and I screwed up. Big time. AND I invited hoodie girl and her friend to move in… I… " her face flushes further. With a frown she peers at him, drying the remaining tears from her face. "Does this make any sense?"

"Your welcome," Eric replies wryly towards the woman before he shakes his head. "You want a drink? Soda? BAWLs? Something like that?" He asks as he settles her down on the couch and reaches up to dry his own eyes and draw in a deep and quivering breath before slowwwly letting it out. A smirk and a shake of his head before he looks towards her with a slight smirk. "Oh more sence than you know, perfect sence one might say. I think the two of them have opposite personalities, and you just happen to be suck in the middle. You /also/ happen to be a decent person and want to help." He adds as he settles himself down on the couch next to her.

"A soda maybe… or water…" Sydney sniffles as she continues to quiver slightly. "How did that even happen? What are the chances either of them would show up in my office let alone both? And then… I almost told Hallis Lena's name, but then I didn't and I covered. And then she freaked at me and pseudo-threatened me by calling her father… Ugh. And Ivory's missing. He's supposed to be helping people like us and I'm…" Lips twitch with that same emotion, but no tears. Instead she takes a few deep breaths. She frowns, "I think I'm permanently and irreversibly messed up."

"Which one Hallis or Lena?" Eric asks with a shake of his head. "…and I never did know Hoodie Girl's name. Even if I happened to run into her." Pause. "I'm going to give her the hoodie back." He adds wryly. "And don't worry, I washed everything real well after I met her. I think." He adds as he looks down at his sleeve before he shrugs slightly. He would have been feeling /really/ good by now if he haden't. At least thats how Logic should work. Logic doesn't always work when dealing with Evolved. "…and Hallis is like that. A bit of a spaz…" Pause. "…so is Lena for that matter." He adds with a shake of his head before reaching out and putting an arm around her shoulders and pulling her towards him for a moment, leaning her shoulder against his.

…then she goes and mentions Ivory…

"…you…didn't go and see him again did you?" Pause. Sigh. "…yes. Of course you did. Else you wouldn't be talking about him being missing." He shakes his head slightly before giving her a slight smirk. "…and yes, I think we all are a bit messed up."

"Hallis pseudo-threatened me. I therapist-dumped her because I almost said Lena's name, well the codename she gave me, to Hallis," Sydney explains as she rubs her temples. "You have no idea how incredibly stressful this is. I know what they think about each other. I know they're both just freaked out about each other and that neither is actually a threat to the other, but then I can't say anything to either one." She sighs and just shakes her head. "I don't like being in the middle. But at least it's over. I quit. I dumped Hallis today… except now I have to go change all of my notes to match the sad excuse I gave Hallis for why I mentioned Lena's codename in conversation." Yes, it's all very confusing.

She flushes at the Ivory questions, "Well… I was going to quit being his therapist too, but my boss she… she said it wasn't professional to dump a client over the phone, and she's right. So I kept our appointment and was so sure I was going to terminate our time together, but then… I dunno… he needs me or something… and I'd be a bad therapist if I just abandoned him…" Her cheeks flush.

"I've been living a bit of a double life for oh…going on a year and a half now. I have some little idea at least," Eric replies with a shrug of his shoulders. "…and no I don't think Lena is a threat, she's just scared. Hallis might be more of a threat than she knows, if she /does/ know about people with abilities and she lets her current boyfriend in on that little tidbit of information." He says quietly before he sighs and nods once towards her. "Its best if you change the notes, just to make sure nothing gets given away…" He adds before there is a slight frown on his face as he looks towards her for just a moment as she blushes at the subject of Ivory. Eyes close for a moment before he shakes his head and starts to stand. "I'll get you that water." Is his only words for her as he turns to stroll smoothly towards the kitchen.

"I'm just in the middle of something…" Sydney states as she frowns. "And Hallis definitely knows about people with abilities. I shouldn't tell you that, but she does. In a very drunken state she told me she wanted to help them. But… then she also said she wanted to apologize to the girl with the bad hair who is Lena." Her lips twitch. "I suck at this double life thing…"

"Eric, is there something wrong?" Her eyebrows furrow deeply and frown lines appear in her forehead. "I had to see him again, I like my job and I'm good at it… and I asked him about the train… he's on our side now… although…"

"Then she could be a problem if she decides to drag the Government into things," Eric's voice comes from the kitchen as the water runs in the tap, swirling into the glass that he has brought out of one of the many cabinets. "…damn, almost forgot where the glasses were at this place." He mutters half to the woman and half to himself. "…yeah, its not easy at all. As for the apologizing…it could have just been the drink talking."

He returns though shortly, holding out the glass towards her with his fingers clutching the top as he offers the bottom to the woman. "Sydney," He says slowly before he closes his eyes. There is the slightest defeated angle of his shoulders for a moment as he shakes his head. "No, I'm not going to argue over it. It'll just make me more annoyed, and it won't acomplish anything arguing over Ivory Wynn. Weather he is on our side is irrivel—" he pauses a moment then. "You didn't tell him about Gene and I and Elena did you?"

"Yeah, and she's dating a Congressman which means she has easy access to the government," Sydney purses her lips together as she shifts on the couch. "Yeah, she wanted to apologize in a letter and I suggested she give it to me because I wasn't sure it was a good idea to get the letter to Lena. And yes, it must've been the drink talking judging by our interaction earlier tonight."

"I don't understand why you and Gene have such a problem with him," the statement isn't defensive or angry, it's just there. Left hanging. "I told him nothing. It's not my job to talk as a therapist… what do you think happens in therapy, exactly?" She quirks a single eyebrow.

"Then just try to stay away from her," He adds as he leans against the side of the couch now, his liquid refreshment having been delivered already. "That might work, though it'll be difficult if you want to come here again. Since she lives on the same floor I do." A slight smile crosses his face before he hrmms slightly. "As long at that Congressman isn't connected to Wynn then we likely don't have much of a problem. Though with the broadcasts earlier this might just end poorly."

He goes quiet again then before he sighs and pushes himself off and away from the couch in one smooth motion. It should be noted that Eric's apartment is dark, always always dark. He's turned on a few of the lights just for her. He turns his back on the woman before walking over back to the kitchen and pulling open the fidge to pull a diet pepsi out of the lit interior and throwing odd shadows on the wall and floor behind him.

When he turns back towards her is eyes are serious enough, though his mouth is twitched into a rueful smile. "With what I've heard," He says with a shake of his head. "With Ivory involved just about anything can and likely will happen in theropy. So no, I don't know exactly what happens in his and I'd rather not guess. If you tell me you didn't tell him about Gene then I believe you, thats what matters." He adds quietly as he pops the cap on the soda.

"I… I moved into the building… almost impossible to avoid Hallis altogether now," Sydney notes as she bites her lip. "But at least I won't be conducting her therapy anymore. I'm actually… relieved." And then there's a pause punctuated by a mischievous smile, "Do you want me to come here again?" There's another beat before her smile fades back into concern, "Who exactly aired the broadcast anyways?"

She crosses her legs as Eric turns his back to her. And tilts her head. "I don't understand what you mean… what do you know about the Senator?" Her eyes are narrowed before she restates, "I said nothing about Gene. And I only asked about the trains in passing, and knew about them from another friend. She can like move earth." She lifts the hair off the back of her neck showing her Japanese 'joy' tattoo, "We have matching tattoos on the back of our necks…"

"Well I'm glad you're relieved about it. Thats a good thing, a little less pressure for you means things will be at least a little bit easier to deal with. Right?" Eric asks with a nod towards her before he glances up wryly towards her. "Well I wouldn't say no to it, I /did/ just insist that you come back to my place didn't I?" He asks before a pause and a slight frown on his face. "I dont know exactly who did it. It was a bit foolish though, whoever did it will have made themselves a prime target."

He pauses again before he looks towards the woman. "The only other person I know to have close contact with Senator Wynn showed abnormal serotonin levels in her brain. Something happens to the people around him, or working for him in this initive of his. I don't know if you are exhibiting the same symptoms or not." He says shortly before he blinks a moment. "Earth mover…at the trains…I think I remember hearing about her. She was with the group that was…messy." He shakes his head a moment before he turns to peer at the ink on her woman's neck. "…get them at the same time."

"She was just a kid on the screen," Sydney observes with a sigh and a headshake. "She probably didn't know better…" She all out frowns now, "Well I don't feel different. I do think about him a lot though… but then he's an incredible man…" OH dear. Enthrallment is working its magic. She grins at the mention of Alex, "She's awesome. Totally awesome. We met when we were almost mugged in the park and some gang of people dressed like Darkwing came to save us…" Sydney smirks.

"Yeah, we got the tattoos together! I love them, they turned out well. Hers is like earth or something…" Her grin broadens. She sits back against the couch and closes her eyes after taking a few deep breaths. She's feeling oddly clear-headed now…

"She was, but these people are perfectly willing to go after kids on screen and have the full power of the government to do it. She made herself a threat, and whoever helped her is going to be categorized as a threat. That could be bad." He raises an eyebrow. "See…that right there. Do you usually feel like that about a client that you've met what? 3 or 4 times?" He asks sensibly.


"Dressed like Darkwin—…" A facepalm. "…yeah. I know who that was." Thats all he says about that bit. "Earth tattoo would make sence for a terrakinetic."

"Children aren't able to think like adults," Sydney says simply. "They don't connect consequences to their actions. That's something most of us develop around twenty-five. That's an average though," The words are almost robotic. There's no passion or intent behind them. They just hang in the air. Doing nothing.

There's a pause as she examines Eric for several seconds, "I feel things too quickly for too many. But Senator Wynn is different." The woman uncrosses her legs and her hands fall comfortably to her sides making her entire posture completely open. "I cross too many professional boundaries in general. More with him then others. I don't like it." Once again, the words are lack lustre. They're simply put out there.

"You know someone who dresses like cartoon characters? An odd disguise." No smile. No frown. Nothing.

Well now, isn't this different? Eric's gaze sharpens for a moment as he notes the new demeaner of the woman there. For a moment the just listens, watching her with mildly suprised eyes before he crosses over to sit on the couch next to the woman before watching her intently. "Then why do you do it?" He inquires quietly of the woman who sits next to her. He keeps his voice even and level, his own eyes searching for hers.

"Well as for the cartoon characters, no one would know who they are would they?"

Sydney's gaze meets Eric's but there's still no emotion in it. She just blinks and peers at him rather intently. The answer is simple, it lacks concern or conviction, "I don't know. I don't think I can help it; I can't think straight." Except now. And another time before, but then these streams of logical thought are few and far between and happen at random happenstance. There's a pause. "I don't want to think about him."

"It's true. And the police never caught them for questioning." She blinks again, but her face remains blank.

"Alright," Eric nods slowly towards her, his mind working at a much faster rate than he is doing the talking. "Alright then, I don't know if you will remember this whenever you come out of this or not." He says intently as he reacehs out to place one hand on hers. "I think I know a way to fix this, you might have to trust me but we do and once there is time we will. As soon as we can." He murmurs still quietly towards her.

"I think he's sleazy," logical Sydney begins to fade as the descriptor comes out of her lips. In fact, the woman's lips twitch slightly with a flicker of either frustration or irritation, but logic maintains it's hold for awhile longer, "I do trust you. You made me breakfast." Okay, well it's not perfect logic, but it is Syd-logic. And considering it's her brain, this should make sense.

"…yes I did didn't I?" Eric replies towards her with a slight twitch of a mile of his own before he sighs once towards her and nods. He can tell its slipping away. "I'm going to hold you to that you know Sydney. Trusting me on that." He adds even as he continues to watch her eyes for any flickering vestiges of emotion that might return to her. "And I'll remember what you said."

"You are kind to me," logical Sydney says simply. "Other's aren't," the words have an edge and are punctuated by a furrowing of her eyebrows. Shaking her head, Sydney begins to stand to her feet, her normal self returning. "I… I need to get to the Distress Centre to rewrite those notes." She sighs. It doesn't seem that she either remembers or heeds her previous clarity. Smoothing her dress she glances at Eric, "I need to change them before Hallis sees them, right? That means rewriting each… in a different coloured pen… this is going to take hours…"

Eric stands smoothly as she does, falling silent for a moment before he gives her a wry smile. His eyes still hold a bit of worry in them, but he tries his best not to let her pick up too badly on that bit of emotional distress. "Sydney," His voice quiet as he nods once towards her. "…if I can make a suggestion? Rest here for a bit. You'll be safe and you'll be able to calm down. Take a nap for a little bit, an hour or two. Then go start rewriting them. Sleep on the couch for a little bit, then get going. It might clear your mind a bit."

Head is tilted at Eric as Sydney's eyes narrow. She purses her lips in slight confusion. "I… uh…" She does catch the bit of worry in his eyes, and being the therapist that she is, she gives in, "Okay. I'll stay for a bit. But only a little bit." She does feel weary anyways. The events of the week are certainly taking their toll. She sits back down on the couch and positions herself for the suggested nap.

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