2010-05-01: Hellooooooooo Nurse!



Guest Starring:



Liam, Mike, and Dr. Reyes

Date: May 1, 2010


Aedan gets stitched up by an angel — well, she's hot at least!

"Helloooooooooooo Nurse!"

Warehouse — NYC

Brayden sits at the warehouse of operations while one of his buddies is stitching up Aedan's arm AGAIN. Fortunately with everyone around, Aedan hasn't commented on how the pair got out of the scrape which they'd found themselves. No, instead, the two have been exchanging meaningful glances for days while Brayden has avoided being alone with the other man.

"Eff! That hurts!" Aedan says back at Liam — the man stitching him up.

"If you stopped moving and bursting the stitches open, it wouldn't hurt so much!"

Shaking his head at a small distance, Brayden snaps the lid off a beer before bringing it to his lips and having a seat several feet away from the pseudo doc and his patient.

"Liam.. out." Noelle says with a bit of command in her voice and her heels click on the floor as she enters the room. She's lost all that nervous look and energy she had when she killed that man earlier. Back to the composed Noelle, the one she's learned to be.

Brayden is given a look as she walks over to the Irish man. "So, I can't leave you for one second can I? You must not want round two?" she raises her eyebrows, her accent making the two come our as a purr.

Liam's mouth gapes open. "Fine! Let Aedan die of infection then — it'll be safer for the rest of us! You weren't supposed to get caught in crossfire — " The psuedo-doc storms out of the room indignantly with his hands in the air before disappearing.

Aedan, however, smiles broadly at Noelle. "Ellie, I know you'd have me back 'ny day." He winks. "I bet your touch 's better than Liam's — " he winks again.

Brayden rolls his eyes. "Aedan, look. it was a close call. We made it out, but it was close." He manages an easy smile just the same before issuing Noelle a wave. "Hey Noelle."

"Hey! You and Bray haven't talked much yet, have ye? Ye two should 'ave a beer — "

Noelle gives Aedan a kiss on the forehead and then she's doing what the fake doc couldn't. She's cleaning the wound, though it might sting. She sits in his lap, facing him. Something to keep his mind off the pain. "Now.. don't you move." She says softly as she sews the wound together. Intent on her work. "Heya Bray." She says, looking up briefly from her work to give him a soft smile. "Get a beer? Yeah, we should do that sometime Bray." She says as she goes back to her work. Making the Irish man feel better.. in the non sexual way! Just a little sexual? The lap thing?

And Aedan eats the attention up. In fact, for Noelle, he's perfectly still. PERFECTLY still. He stares at her. "Damn you're too pretty for this work," he says with a dimpled grin. Once again Brayden rolls his eyes. Aedan shoots his male comrade a knowing glance — he can take Noelle for a beer sometime for the team's sake, but that's all it will be: a beer. Aedan still plans to hit that.

"Where'd you learn to stitch people up like that?" Brayden asks with that same easy smile as he hovers and watches her work. For a moment something indiscernible crosses his face. It's not a smile, it's wistful in a way, but it only lasts a moment.

"A learned a little here, a little there." She says giving Brayden a look. A girl can't betray her secrets right? The paramedic turned criminal looks down at Aedan and smiles. "Aw, you're to sweet. I'm gonna start thinking you fancy me or something." Noelle winks at the man before she cuts the thread and puts everything away. Only then does she get up, very slowly. "Now that wasn't so hard was it?"

April 15, 2010 — New York City

The ambulance had arrived on scene all too late and their patient-type was proclaimed Dead on Arrival thanks to the doctor that is riding along on this particular night. According to procedure, the body was bagged and put in the back of the ambulance to be transported to a hospital and thusly to a morgue. Mike Wyatt and his partner were the paramedics on scene along with Doctor Vance Reyes who had been along for the ride. After the pair of men place the body in the back, taking little care to treat it with any gentility (it's dead anyways — ain't gonna get any deader!), Wyatt turns to his partner with a big grin, "Hey, No, do you mind sittin' in the back? I think Dr Reyes is gonna give me that recommendation I need for med school — I just… I need to convince him more y'know?"

Ironically, the good doctor sits in the front of the ambulance already, even though none of this has been cleared with Noelle. Oh dear. The pair of men have made an assumption about something.

"Yeah sure. Just don't kiss his ass too much, yeah?" Noelle says softly with a shrug. She's been in the same room with a dead body. It's not that big of a deal. Noelle sits down on the bench next to the body bag and she looks down at the bag.

"So, were you one of those politicians that was gonna chance the world, eh?" Noelle cocks an eyebrow and snorts. She knows who Nathan was, he's the most famous politician in her opinion. "Why did someone shoot you?" she asks softly, as if the corpse could talk back.

"Thanks buddy," Mike grins earnestly. "I just was really really really nervous — I'll watch out for the ass-kissing and try to keep it to a minimum." He takes a deep breath and pastes a nervous smile on his face, "Wish me luck!" That said, he disappears to the front of the ambulance to sit next to Dr. Reyes.

The body itself is zipped up in a bag and unresponsive because, well, it's dead. Dead things don't talk back, right? Within the body bag, however, Nathan Petrelli is bloodied and broken; exactly what his mother feared. He's soulless and empty, nothing appears to remain. Not even an electrical impulse according to the doctor, but then he never made it to hospital, did he?

"Really sucks to be you.." Noelle notes to herself and then she's tilting her head. She.. so she's kind of curious to see what he looks like in person. Noelle looks towards the front but her partner is way to nervous and busy looking at the doc to notice. And so she takes a hand and unzips the bag. Her eyes don't really widen as she takes in the sight of the dead man. "I'm so sorry."

She says softly and then she's looking away and out of the window. Well.. her partner there just made a really sharp turn.. there goes the ass kissing. Which results in Noelle falling forward, placing a hand out in front of her to stop her fall.

..A hand that lands on Nathan's chest. Her eyes widen as they change to a shiny golden color.

And while Noelle looks on his face, he looks lifeless. Empty, even.

Yet something under the surface is still at work, particularly as he's touched. Within moments Nathan's colour begins to change. His wound closes up.

Meanwhile, for fun, Mike lets the good doctor turn on the siren. Yup, it's all in good fun.

And then, suddenly, he sits up gasping for breath, eyes wide. "Where the hell am I?!" he demands.

"Bloody hell!" Noelle picks up the first thing she can see, which happens to be.. a bedpan? And takes it swings hard to hit Nathan in the face. As the man sinks back to the world of the sleepy, Nol peeks over the bag and tilts her head.

"You alright there?" Oh boy.

"W-wait — " the Senator begins as he opens his mouth to object and reassure Noelle, but then, he doesn't actually know that he's supposed to be dead. And sure enough Nathan is out for the count, knocked out cold by a bedpan. Awesome. He looks dead-ish again.

"Everything alright back there?" Mike calls. "I heard noises — you messing with the dead body there — didn't think you were into that Noelle —" Yup, now he's teasing. Just what every woman who woke up a dead man dreams of….

"Everything is fine!" She calls nervously and she zips the body back up. "Don't you try and blame me for your perverted ways, I have the video, eh?" Noe tries to smile and then she's turning away and wringing her hands. Looking down at her hands.

"Maybe I should cut the buggers off.. shit."

Present Day

"Well, your learning will come in handy around here," Brayden assures before taking a swig of his beer. Hopefully not too handy; assuming they can avoid some scrapes. The lumberjack dressed Calvert reaches into a drawer and takes out his whittling — he's working on a train-shaped whistle. Again.

Aedan is beaming now, "That was easy. It's so much better when you do it." He's got stars in his eyes. Yes, he's enamoured. "I… I owe you dinner still. In fact, I think you've earned yourself a steak Ellie!" Beat. "Shall we?" he offers her his arm.

"Why.. I believe we shall." Noelle says and then looks over her shoulder at Brayden as she leaves with Aedan, off to dinner and maybe some other things.. who knows? Things have been getting more and more intense around this group of folk.

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