Simple Help Guide

To create a wiki page, simply type in the name of the page you want to create in the side box under "Create a new page". You'll be given the option to create the page. Choose the proper template from the drop-down box and you're good to go!

The edit link to edit existing pages is at the bottom.

Creating Cast Pages

To make a Cast page, use the instructions above and select the LA Cast Template. Don't forget to upload or link a picture of your character. You can upload by going to your personal Cast page and clicking file on the bottom. Add the file's url in place of eclipse.jpg's in the template.

At the bottom, parent the page to The Cast. Cast pages can be tagged with the most common tags, _evolved or _npc.

Staff will fill out your Actors spot.

Creating RP Log Pages

It's basically the same for RP logs, but of course, you add the name of the log; so [[[Awesome Day]]] would create Awesome Day. On the logs page itself, however, you would add it chronologically under the correct date, like this:

* [[[Awesome Day]]] -- __//Starring://__ Ferdinand and Bill

… to create:

To add the log itself, select the V6 Log Template.

When editing the log itself, remember to replace CharacterName with the name of the character(s) in the scene; twice for each character, once for their wiki link and once for their icon (which will be provided by staff).

Remember to add the date to the top title bar in front of the name of the log in the following format: YEAR-MM-DD: (example: 2011-06-20: More Awesome Day).

Remember to tag your log pages with the names of the characters in the scene by clicking tags on the bottom of the finished and posted page. Also at the bottom, parent the page to Volume 06: Brave New World.


For guidance with editing pages once you've created them, or to edit a page currently in place, handy reference guides are:

… which are linked for easy access in editing page. Also check out the handbook which much of that information is being transcribed into for easy reference and navigation.

Wiki Etiquette

Don't upload offensive images and don't edit another player's wiki page without their knowledge. If you edit a general page, remember to note your changes. That's it! Pretty simple! Wiki happily and wiki often!

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