2010-01-13: Her Pretty Face



Date: January 13, 2010


KeLyssa gets interrogated.

"Her Pretty Face"

AP Headquarters — Interrogation Room

While the Human Resources room had been used to line up beds full of Evolved humans with tubes in their noses, sedating their abilities, and keeping them in a near-altered state, the set up hadn't ever been conducive for interrogation. No one can answer complex questions while under the influence. Of course, before removing KeLyssa from the sedate set-up she was pumped full of the solution, disabling their abilities as much as possible. Grey is the theme. Cement walls and a cement floor just continue the bland appearance of the cell. A video camera perches in the corner, watching over the prisoners who are interrogated in this room.

The echoey sound of heels on the floor bounces off the walls and through the barred door of the cell, announcing the approach of KeLyssa's captors. The door clinks open as a suited Lt. Commander Katherine Scott (aka: JO) enters the room. Her well-tailored pant suit suits her figure — a very different picture compared to the meter maid she'd played only days before. A walkie-talkie clings to her belt. "Ms. Gallagher," she clucks her tongue. "I'm here for information about terrorists like yourself. You will cooperate." Her lips quirk into a cold-yet-distant smile.

She reaches down to her belt and pushes a button on her walkie-talkie, "Smith. Bring in the other prisoner." At this a female figure with a black bag over her head and hands zip tied behind her is brought in. This one is set down in a chair before Jo glances from one woman to the next, "You both have information. I want it."

KeLyssa blinks. "You…" She says mystified, staring at Jo with recognition. "You…were outside o' the buildin'…where I work. You…you…were the ticketin' person. What're ya…" There's a pause. "Terrorists?" She asks, confused. "I…I ain't no terrorist. Why'd ya think that?" She lets out a long, heavy breath. "I…don't know what information yer talkin' 'bout. I'm a simple assistant. I ain't got no information on nothin'. I book appointments, set up phone conferences. That's all. Whatever ya think I done, I ain't."

Pressing her lips together into her infamously tight distant smile, Jo paces the edges of the room like a tiger circling its prey. "Do you deny being one of those with an ability? Do you deny trying to use this ability on American patriots during the course of your capture?" The hooded figure in the chair slumps down, her head heavy towards the floor. "Miss Gallager, lowly assistants don't send ice from their palms. If that's indeed what you do. Or what is it that you call it? We've been watching you; you've been on our radar," her voice is smooth, sultry even.
"Will you cooperate?"

KeLyssa shakes her head. "I guess there ain't no reason denyin' none that I got an ability." The southern girl states. This woman has seen it in action. "But…I was afraid o' bein' hurt. An' fear causes irrationality which in the case o' the ability caused it ta activate without m'wantin' it ta! I didn't wanna hurt that hot dog lady! I really didn't! I lost control! That don't make me no terrorist. No more'n a person who looses control o' their car due to a faulty break." She takes quick, shallow breaths, showing that she's afraid. "An'…An' that's the first time ice has ever flown outta m'hands like that. B'fore I could only jus' freeze things, make 'em colder." She still doesn't indicate whether she'll cooperate or not.

"But a faulty brake isn't likely to hurt people more than once," Jo observes in that same smooth-as-butter tone. "You, Miss Gallagher, could go either way. When people like you have accidents, people like the hot dog vendor die," her tone is very different now. It's bitter, vengeful, merciless. "Of course, the vendor is one of you freaks." At this she rips the hood off the figure before kicking the chair onto its side with a cool smile on her face. "Ms Suleman, aka — the hot dog vendor — hasn't been cooperating. I thought I would show you firsthand what happens to inmates who don't cooperate…" At this she kicks Cody.

A grunt of pain sounds from the vendor, as the kick meets its mark. Her blonde shag of hair matted with blood and covering most of her face from view. Though the telltale marks from the ice darts still cover her neck. The woman musters as much ire as she can and spits a mouthful of blood to the floor before looking up at Jo with a battered face. "Go… die…" Though by the state of the poor hot dog lady, she's closer to that than the SEAL.

KeLyssa shudders slightly as the hood is taken off of Cody. "I…" She chews on her quivering lower lip before nodding. "Y…y…y…yes. I'll cooperate." She says, fear in voice and visible on her face. She gasps as Cody speaks and spits the blood, icy blue eyes turning to look back at Jo. "Please…don't hurt me. I'll cooperate. I'll…tell you what I can."

"See, Miss Gallagher? Ms Suleman wants me to die — " but then KeLyssa says she'll cooperate, Jo pads around the room again with a wicked smile playing on her lips, "Smart girl. I thought you would agree." With a contented sigh, she leans against the wall. "So tell me, Miss Gallagher, do you know more people like you?" She arches a single eyebrow and takes over her blazer, showing off her holstered gun (one of many weapons the brunette carries with her at any given time).

"D-don't.." Cody says weakly, sipping at some of the blood that's trying to dribble from her lower lip. ".. I can take it…" Then she slumps forward, seemingly unconscious. But she's not, not really, she's just resting until her next severe beating. And by previous experience, it'll be coming as soon as Jo doesn't hear what she wants to hear.

It seems as if KeLyssa's whole lower jaw is quivering now. She shakes her head, letting out a little "Uh-uh" Sound, suggesting that she's saying 'no', that she does not know of others like herself. But then, that question could be taken two ways. One: Does she know other people with abilities? Or Two: Does she know anyone else who can generate ice. Either way, her answer stands.

Jo stretches her neck, leaning her head from one side to the other, and producing a loud cracking noise. At KeLyssa's response, however, she clucks her tongue before planting another kick into Cody's side. "Do you know other people with abilities?" she hisses towards KeLyssa.

It's not a grunt this time, it's a true cry of pain as the blonde tips in the chair and nearly falls to the floor. She's unable to keep much of her balance as her hands are tightly bound behind her. "Ugh…" She's not going to give the other woman the satisfaction of seeing her break. A yelp or a groan, that's not as bad as talking… Never talk….

KeLyssa takes in a shaky breath and shakes her head once more. "N…n…no ma'am. I…do not know of anyone with abilities." Her eyes well up with tears of fear. Why? Why is she being so mean? What did either of them either do to her? "Please…I want to cooperate, but I don't know of anyone! I just want to go home!"

Deciding to try another question Jo tilts her head at KeLyssa and takes a few steps towards the blonde girl, "Well did you know about us?" She steps around KeLyssa, "Clearly you're dangerous and need to be kept in check… accident or not you caused damage. And I'm betting that wasn't the first time. Please recount every supposed accident you've had with that itchy trigger finger of yours… or Ms Suleman gets pistol-whipped." She pulls her gun from her holster.

Cody doesn't really look like she can take much more of the treatment, but she looks up at the woman and furrows her eyebrows slightly and shakes her head. "Don't… tell nothing…" Clearly, the bloody blonde is practically begging for the beating. "…I'm ready to die…" Then her head slumps forward. She's out for the count.

KeLyssa takes a deep breath in. "Did I know 'bout…who?" She still isn't really all too sure where she is. Perhaps she may have been told by a telepath that their kind was being hunted down, but she couldn't be sure. She'd never really dealt with a telepath before. "I'm not dangerous! Honest! If ya've been watchin' me, ya'd know that! I ain't never hurt nobody 'til I hurt the Miss there." She says, a tear falling down her cheek. "I don't wanna hurt nobody." Okay, maybe she did hurt that one person, Leslie…but that was only because he'd hurt her friend and boss Kory first. And she was extremely angry. And she didn't hurt him badly, and no one outside the room would've said anything. She glances to Cody. "I don't wantcha ta die, Miss! I really don't! I don't wanna be the reason ya die neither! Please don't die…"

"If you want her to live, then give me something to work with!" Jo demands. "Did you know about our organization and what we do?!" There seems to be a number of Evolveds that do according to files. She stalks around Cody's lifeless body, peering down at it with contempt in her eyes. "Miss Gallagher tell me something, anything I can use and you both live for another day! Tell me and you both walk away!! Once Ms Suleman is gone, I only have one punching bag left, don't I?!" She's losing her patience causing her tone to become more demanding.

KeLyssa attempts to take deep, calm breaths…which only turn into shaky breaths once more. "P…please. I don't even know who yer organization is! How'm I supposed ta tell ya ifin I've heard've ya if I ain't got no idea of who ya are!" She shakes her head. "Please…don't hurt me. I ain't done nothin' wrong. I jus' wanna go home. I won't use m'power ever again! I swear!"

She delivers another kick to Cody's midsection. "Tell me something! Give me a reason to keep you both around!! We both know Ms. Suleman won't cooperate and now it's a question of whether you will." She paces the room again, her heels clapping against the hard concrete. "You can be the hero here," she hisses, "all I want is information. Information that could save both of your lives. Once we have all we can get from you then you'll both be pain-free. I promise."

At the kick, a spurt of blood comes spewing from between the blonde's lips and onto Jo's pantleg. It's not a pretty sight, for the benefit of the other prisoner, she's probably got some internal injuries that she'll die from later anyway. "No… please…" She's about to break, it's got to be… "I'll tell you…" she manages very weakly.

KeLyssa jumps…or as best she can in the current situation. "Please! No! I don't know who 'you' are!" She winces. "Please…I…" She lets out a little whimper as Cody speaks. "No…I…" She takes a deep, shaky breath in. "There was a man!" She closes her eyes. "There was a man. I heard 'im in my head. I thought I was just goin' crazy. I…I don' know."

KeLyssa jumps…or as best she can in the current situation. "Please! No! I don't know who 'you' are!" She winces. "Please…I…" She lets out a little whimper as Cody speaks. "No…I…" She takes a deep, shaky breath in. "There was a man!" She closes her eyes. "There was a man. I heard 'im in my head. I thought I was just goin' crazy. I…I don' know."

And at the mention of the man, Jo stops pacing. She stands completely still to face KeLyssa. "Man in your head?" she asks while blinking back at the blonde. Her lips quirk into a smile, "Are you in the habit of listening to the voices in your head, Miss Gallagher?" She suppresses a mirthless chuckle as she reaches down to her walkie-talkie.

"Man… talking in head…" Cody repeats slowly, "Puh… Puh…" Then her head drops again, she was about to say a name, damnit! "..lease.. no more…" It's a small groan, begging the woman to stop. Please don't pistol whip the skinny blonde because the other woman won't cooperate!
KeLyssa shakes her head. "N…no. But I'd…I'd…I'd heard the voice talkin' ta me not too long b'fore, comin' from an actually person!" She states quietly. She looks at Cody for a good moment before looking up at Jo. "What're ya gonna do to 'er?"

Lips breaking into a sadistic smile, Jo nods slightly, "And what was the man's name? What did he look like?" She narrows her eyes. "I'll call a medic and have her attended to if you continue to cooperate." She shrugs, "And if you don't…."

KeLyssa shakes her head. "He ain't never told me his name none! I ran inta him in a grocery market once an' m'fingers covered in ice a li'l an' as we parted an' went our separate ways, he went an' spoke inta m'mind! I thought I might be a li'l bit crazy, b…but I swear! It was the mans same voice!" She goes on to describe Matt Parkman, as tears start running down her face.

Satisfied at having drawn tears from KeLyssa's eyes, Jo hits the button on her walkie talkie, "I need a medical team to remove Ms Suleman from the interrogation room. Also a clean-up crew to take Miss Gallagher back to her prison." At this she releases the button. "Miss Gallagher, your help has earned you another day with that pretty face." That said, several large medics enter the room and take Cody out on a stretcher while several others show up to car KeLyssa away.

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