2009-10-27: Here and Gone



and Rebel

Date: October 27, 2009


A relatively happy reunion is interrupted by bad news, followed by worse news.

"Here and Gone"

Upstate New York

The newcomer has decided to get some fresh air and moved to the back porch of the house. Merrick leans against the post, looking out over the yard. He looks down at his metal cuff on his wrist and raises his wrist in front of him. The air around him begins to shimmer and become solid. The table sized shield shimmering slightly shows of it's existance. His eyes focused on the magnetic flows in front of him. He reaches out his empty hand and grabs the shield. He mutters, "Come on ya wanker. Grow around me."

Sophie has taken to compulsively straightening the house, cooking, and wandering outside aimlessly. She got the most concealing clothes available, keeping the gloves from when she was imprisoned. Mostly, she really hasn't talked to anyone.

Matt, on the other hand, has exchanged his dark sweatsuit for a T-shirt and a pair of shorts. If a volleyball game breaks out any time soon, he'll be well-prepared. While trying to figure out how to contact Rebel over a new and unfamiliar cell phone, he wanders out toward the back and peeks out. "Working on something?" he asks Merrick.

With little to occupy her, (the toys from the local family's boys only carries her so far, mostly because she's outgrown them than because of gender issues), Jamie has taken to one of her old activities… climbing. So she's on the roof of the house today, but peeks over the edge, head upside-down as she looks into the porch after hearing Merrick's voice, "What're you doing?"

As he looks over at Matt, Merrick lowers his wrist and blinks, "Sorry I did not mean to bother any one." He looks over at Jamie and smiles at her. "Hey Jamie…" The air stops shimmering, "With the metal on my bracer, I can bend and shape the ions into a shield but…well I can't force it around me. Something will not allow it…I think the iron in my blood or I suspect my own magnetic field is working against the one I am making."

His eyes look down at his feet as he does not speak but thinks, ((Ya know Matt. I have to apolgize. I feel like a total wanker for what I thought of you. Well that is if you are a mind reader. I kind of assumed it. I am somewhat intelligent yet not a super genius.)) He looks up and smiles saying outloud, "Just thought it might be useful if we do in fact get shot at. I can try and force a dome over us or anyone near me. It just is not working."

Sophie takes a rag in gloved hand, starting to rub the finish off of..mm.. dusting the furniture.

Unfortunately, Merrick's thought falls on deaf ears, as it were; Matt hasn't been listening in on the people inside the house, reserving his ability to check for intruders outside when it's his turn on watch. "Hope we don't have to test that," he replies. The phone gets another glance, but then he pauses and looks up, squinting at Jamie. "Hey, are you all right up there? Is it stable?" Is climbing up on roofs the big thing with girls these days? He'll have to ask Molly, whenever he gets to see her again.

Jamie nods quickly to Matt, upside-down though she is, "Yep, it's fine." Then she grins, "Besides, it's shorter off the ground than the dismounts I did in gym at my old school. Even if I fell I'd land just fine." She sits up straight again, bare feet dangling from the edge of the roof now, though it means she can't see the adults anymore.

For the most part, Rudyard's been keeping to himself around the house and is found more often outside. It's nice to stay outside as much as he can, especially when he thought he'd never set foot from that infernal holding ever again. He's also not sure how creeped out his fellow 'housemates' are in regards to his ability, so best to play it safe. It's been his experience that people are generally not fond of insects and if he wants to commune with them, best to do it off on his lonesome. Not having wandered very far at all, he returns to the backyard proper on his way to the house.

As he cocks his head at Matt, Merrick says softly to himself, "Maybe he can't heard them." He walks down a few steps and looks up at Jamie, "I am sure your fine up there. Yet why don't you leap down and hang with us." He catches Rudyard's movement out of the corner of his eye and runs a hand through his hair before saying, 'allo Mate."

A light swip of crisp fall wind in front of the house seems to kick up a bit of dust. But it doesn't just blow away, or settle. Instead, it gathers, forming the shapes of two humans in the span of just a few short seconds. There is one, a woman, taller, dark brown hair. She is wearing a courdroy maroon coat, a khaki skirt, leggings and faux-Ugg boots. Her hair is up in one of those knitted nets/hats, and she has large, wooden earrings in teh shapes of giraffes hanging down from her ears. A scarf is wrapped warmly around her neck.

"It's a good thing Micah told you to dress warm, it's cold everywhere this time of ye-" She's speaking to the young woman beside her, a girl about 13 or so. Some may recognize her as Molly, Matt's ward. The other woman is Charlotte Corday, whom only Matt would know.

However, Charlotte's stopped speaking as she lifts her head, her face flushed with the cool air - she doesn't take cold very well. Her mouth forms a nervous little 'o' as she sees all the people around. "I really need to slow down when teleporting to your father. I always end up in…crowds." Her grip on Molly doesn't loosen. Just in case they need to run.

Jamie considers Merrick's suggestion a moment, and says, "Ok, yeah." She pulls her feet back up, turning around so she can 'dive' off of the roof, and thus not in a position to see the two arriving. She launches herself, falling, and catches herself on her hands, which allows her to tuck into a roll. Momentum of the fall now carrying her forward, she ends up back on her feet a short distance from the house. She's about to turn back towards Matt and Merrick when she notices the new arrivals. "Um, hi."

A nod is given to Merrick and a soft, "Cheers," from Rudyard. He slips his hands into his pants pockets, as he regards the newcomer. "Settling in alright, are you?" The entomologist doesn't get far in his pleasantries owing to the sudden buzz (ha ha!) of activity in his mind. As soon as Charlotte teleports in with Molly in tow, the insects that have been kind enough to help with watch are alerting him. He whirls to face that direction, steeling himself for a fight.

Sophie is a little shellshocked, it seems. When new people arrive, she tenses hard, spinning that directly as she shrinks back until she sees who it is..

Crowds? Molly's used to crowds to a certain degree, but if they need to run, well, at least she's with a teleporter. Gripping onto Charlotte's hand rather hard, her eyes sweep the fugitives until her eyes land on Jamie…and then Rudyard, but people she remembers from her capture. Finally, though, they land on Matt. He's safe. And he's here. As always happens when she misses someone, she goes running forward to greet him. "Matt!" she says joyfully. Everyone else will have to wait for their hellos, unfortunately.

When Emily makes her appearance for the day, having decided that a long sleep-in was in order, she's once again wearing some of the only clothes that're even somewhat fitting; the clothes of one of the family's older boys, since the mother is…well, she's a big woman. Once more it's a pair of clinging tight faded blue jeans, filled out with curves where they aren't cut to have curves, and another t-shirt, this time a simple red affair. She's found some newer sneakers in the closet, almost the right size, and a fleece jacket that's a little big. Suspecting something's up with the way Parkman keeps…looking at her suspicious like, she's elected to wear her hair up once more, this time in two ponytails off the top back part of her head, but wrapped up and secured in loose balls.

She's coming down the stairs, and into the kitchen, peeting out into the backyard. Emily just manages to catch sight of Charlotte and Molly almost literally appearing out of thin air. "Well now…that's new," she comments wryly to Sophie as she passes through the kitchen and into the backyard.

Hearing a new but still somewhat familiar voice, Matt blinks and turns back to the house, leaving it to Merrick to talk Jamie down from the roof. "Molly!" he calls out, spotting her next and running for her as well. And as if that weren't enough of a clue: "It's cool, everybody, don't worry— Molly, Charlotte, this is Sophie and Rudyard, they were being taken to lockup but we got them out. That's Merrick and Jamie out in the yard." He glances around to see if any of the others are coming out to see what's going on. Oh yeah, there are others.

As Merrick moves to stand next to Jamie, his wrist comes up and the air shimmers in front of him. He says to the girl at his side, "Nice. I can do a flip but that was awesome." He watches the pair and how the react to Matt, as he lowers his shielding in front of him and Jamie. He runs a hand through his hair, "A friend of Matt's it's seems. Everything is right as rain."

Rudyard breathes an audible sigh of relief. "Molly, you're safe," he utters, greatly pleased to see another of the children is safe and sound. He doesn't rush to greet her however, he's not a very physically emotional person. He's also one of those sorts who doesn't know how to talk to kids. (It doesn't stop him from being concerned for the welfare however.)

Charlotte lets Molly run off, crossing her arms in front of her in a little bit of a self-hug, fighting against the cold. She lets out a soft breath, walking after Molly and offering a smile and a nod to every person she passes. Her smiles are genuine and warm and dimpled. "You have quite a crowd here," she says as she approaches, looking around, her earrings making soft sounds as they rub against the materials in the clips, against her scarf, and against her soft skin. "Sophie, right? How are you, I haven't seen you since…." Kory.

Jamie grins and says to Merrick, "It's ok, she was there too, but they let her go early." She runs to make her way closer to the reunion happening, though she stops once she's close enough. To Molly she asks, "Did they really let you go? Or did you have to get rescued too?"

Sophie takes a breath, letting it out and she smiles, the first, as she sees Molly. She turns to Charlotte, curiously, then ahhs, "Yes, of course I remember.." some wryness using that words. "I'm.. here, which is better. I'm glad to see everything worked out, Molly."

As he nods slowly, Merrick looks over at his English friend and says, "Looks like everything is all right." He shoves his hands into his jeans and begins to slowly walk behind Jamie, as he pauses behind her to listen to the conversation between the newly arrived guests. His eyes moving to Charlotte curiously considering her up and down.

Wrapping Matt in a hug - or as much as Molly can wrap a much larger person in a hug - Molly takes a deep breath. It's comforting to be with someone that's family again. While the orphanage has it's perks and it's good things, she's missed her father figure. "I was worried," she says softly to Matt after a moment. Then, she steps back to sheepishly greet the others from her capture. Her eyes are downturned and she nods at the questions and greetings. "I'm glad you all got out," she tells them. "They really let me go." Which is why she's a little embarrassed to see them all now. "Where…are we?"

Rudyard must have been out of it when Molly was let go. "I thought she was on the train with us.." He then shakes his head. Clearly he was out of it greatly. "I'm very glad you're alright, Molly." Eyebrows lifting, a faint incredulous look is shifted towards Merrick, "I wouldn't phrase it thusly, but yes, some things are proving to be all right." He'll hang onto a cynical approach to this situation, thank you. If Molly's embarrassed to see everyone, Rudyard pretends to not notice. Molly didn't ask for an early release, or to be the only one released.

After returning the hug in kind, Matt steps back and looks around. "Still New York, just upstate. The— well, whoever lives here is off on vacation or something, and we needed somewhere to hide for a bit…" As he talks, he picks up an afghan (sorry, Sophie) and drapes it over Charlotte's shoulders. It's ugly and full of holes, but it should be better than nothing.

"So they had you guys together before? Small world, I guess." He scratches his head as he thinks back. "I wish I knew why they let her out early, it might give us some idea how to talk to them."

"If we tell you, then we'd have to kill you," Emily says. Even though she's joking (of course; killing kids isn't her MO), she has a point. The fewer people that know where they are, the better, right? As long as the fugitives themselves know where they are, that's all that counts…and apparently Charlotte and Molly were already able to find them once, somehow. Emily slides herself out of the kitchen door and into the backyard as she answers Molly, regarding Charlotte with a rather…predatory smile.

Jamie grins to Molly and says, "Lucky. But, we all got out ok, so everything's fine. Except they still got Saul, I think. Or I dreamed seeing him in the room, maybe he's down in Mexico waiting for me still." She nods quickly to Matt and says, "Yep. We were all stuck in a room, tied down but could see and talk and stuff. Wasn't 'til later they put those stupid pillowcases on our heads."

Charlotte suddenly finds herself with an afghan around her shoulders. She smiles, the tint in her cheeks becoming a bit more blush than just the cold. "Thank you," she says, softly, pulling it close around her. "I'm not used to the cold, yet. I spent most of my life down south." She smiles even wider at the lovey display of family love between the girl and her father. It's so adorable, families are. Emily stepping out gets another bright smile. "Good evening. My name's Charlotte. Please, no one be nervous…I work on another safe house elsewhere. We're all friends here."

As he cocks an eyebrow, Merrick listens curiously. He still does not have the full story and Usutu did not tell him what destiny had planned for him. He said stick with Matt Parkman and so here he is with the man. Merrick softly adds, "Safe House? We should be going soon. Our extra activities will have gotten someone's attention by now. It has been more then 24 hours."

"Well, if Mr. Mind Trick there did his job write, hopefully nobody even has an idea what you did last night," Emily says, referring to the ATM heist. "And if we give the appearance of some normal family here, normal satellites shouldn't be able to pick us up. They'd actually have to come out here and find us. And if that's the case, I don't think they'd be coming full-force…not at first." Once outside, Emily slides herself up onto the HVAC unit out back, letting one leg dangle down, planting the foot of the other leg up on the unit, holding around her knee and watching everything carefully. Every so often, her eyes dart back to Charlotte. "So you can teleport huh? That's a neat trick."

Matt nods. "Yeah, none of us really had a plan after we got off the train, other than find someplace to catch our breath. I was gonna drop Rebel another line, but—" He holds up his phone, which Molly would recognize as not being his usual model. "You know me, two left thumbs sometimes."

Rudyard nods to Merrick, "We certainly cannot stay put here forever. It's a matter of time before the search is brought this way, as well as attention being attracted." He's itching to get moving again, but where to go next? He's not sure. It depends if he gets an answer to a question plaguing his mind. Then Matt says the magic words, "Matt, I have a question for Rebel once you are able to contact him." A brief glance is cast towards Emily for what she says. Either she's watching enough movies like this or she's got some firsthand knowledge.

Jamie grins again as she looks up to Charlotte, indicating the house, "This isn't a safe house. It's kinda a danger house. 'Cause whoever owns it could come back any time." She sounds like she finds this exciting.

Charlotte smirks at Matt as she hears him. "I'm sure that's not true," she says about his remark about having two left thumbs. Her eyes turn to Jamie and Emily, blushing a bit higher in the cheeks at the conversation. "Teleproting, yes I suppose it's alright. As for the safe house…I'm using it to move children who need help, currently. For awhile, anyway. It'll all blow over soon, I'm sure."

"A normal family?" Molly pulls a bit of a face, looking at everyone here. They're much larger than she would put as a family and with too many adults. "Wouldn't the neighbors know who lived here?" After living in a city, she assumes that everyone knows what the neighbors would look like. Who knows how close the nearest farm is to here, though. Eyes narrowing at the phone, she gives Matt a look. "Where did you get that?"

Sophie takes a breath, staying quiet other than returning Emily's nod. She bites her lower lip, "If the government is responsible for this, where can we go?"

Merrick leans against the porch post, crossing his arms over his chest listening and watching the group.

Matt glances over to Molly. "We've been going out at night— mine's still back at the apartment. Here, can you give me a hand with this?" He works through as many of the menus as he's been able to figure out so far, then offers it to her, meanwhile nodding to Rudyard in acknowledgment.

Rudyard makes a 'tut' noise at Charlotte, "While it is admirable to maintain such optimism at this time, based on the scope of this operation, I find it doubtful that this.. will 'blow over'. I do however find it admirable what you are doing for the children." Direct, to the point, this is something he's never had difficulty doing. A smile is made in Molly's direction, he did admire her pluckiness. For some reason Jamie's optimism is accepted more readily than Charlotte's.

Jamie looks to Charlotte and asks, "That where all the other kids from the train went?" She looks back to Molly and nods quickly in agreement, "Yeah, kind of weird for a family here. But no neighbours noticed us yet, think we're too far away."

Charlotte smile to Jamie. "Some of them, yes. We're getting kind of big, though. A lot of children and very few adults makes for some craziness. But most of our kids are like Molly there - extremely well-behaved and responsible." Ah, if only she knew what Micah was doing and planning. Doe-brown eyes tilt upward to Rudyard. "I've seen it very much first hand; I was briefly taken myself, a few weeks ago. But it's…well it's rather senseless. People do senseless things all the time, but cooler heads will prevail." She believes it. In her own niave, firm way.

"What do you want to do?" Molly takes the phone from Matt to attempt to help him do what he wants. After being with Micah for awhile, she's picked up on how to work things better than before. A glance up toward Rudyard and the others makes her smile shyly. "Thanks. I'm glad to see you made it out okay." She doesn't remember much about being let out. All she remembers is waking up in Matt's apartment again. "You all should come back with us."

"Where is your safehouse Charlotte?" Emily pipes up to ask. "And also, what does it feel like when you teleport? What do you have to think and do to…well, go?" She sounds genuinely interested, and Charlotte's not the first person she's asked a lot of questions about regarding their power. For the most part, the rest of the conversations and the people are locked out. Carpe diem, they say…this is the opportunity to do it.

The young college guy asks, "Come back where? I think we need to find out what is going on and what we are going to do." Merrick's eyes move to Matt as he says, "You the boss mate. I am going where your going."

"Where is it? It's kind of far…a few thousand miles. Well out of United States government jurisdiction. I…think that's what it's called?" She says, unsurely, glancing to Matt - one of the few adults she knows - to make sure. So she's not that educated, but still! "I move people there myself. It's….sort of tingly I suppose. I just think about it - a place, a person, whatever - and I go there." She shifts, a little uncomfortable talking about this power.

Matt leans over and squints at the screen of the cell phone. No, looking at it upside down doesn't help matters any. "Just wanted to send a text message saying that we're here at this number," he explains, adding a number that he remembers from Rebel's messages earlier. Which, with his luck, might just be the message counter.

"Congratulations to you then Miss," Rudyard says quite dryly to Charlotte, making no effort to try and dissuade that line of thought. A genuine smile is then flashed towards Molly, "Perhaps." That would be the 'safe' and sensible thing to do. He just doesn't see himself hiding out of sight for terribly long. Bug-man speaks up in agreement with Merrick, "Yes, I'd like to bloody well know what it is they're doing and to stop them. They've no right, and I'd like to know who 'they' are." Another 'tut' and a snort is made at Charlotte, "My dear, they don't care about jurisdiction, judging by the number of people snatched from foreign soil."

Sophie takes a breath, "Jurisdiction.. unless they have extradition treaties with them. But that'll be moot if they don't know we're there." then coughs, and says, "Or something like that.,"

Jamie brightens at the prospect Molly suggests, looking between Matt and Charlotte then, "Yeah, why don't we? If it's safe there, then we won't gotta keep running and stuff. And if there's other kids there, it won't be so boring," she adds.

Tugging the cellphone away from Matt - he's just making it harder! - Molly starts to type the text message with lightening speed. At least, much faster than Matt could type it. With a few deft key taps, the message is going to Rebel, who, unbeknownst to Molly is Micah. "What's jurisdiction? And why does it matter?" The big words are flying over her head at the moment. While she's a smart girl, she's not really one to watch Law & Order. Once the message is sent, she hands the stolen phone back to Matt. It's done it's duty for now.

Just a few more things to learn, then she should be all squared away. "And you can…take other people with you Charlotte? Do you need to think about taking them too? Or do they just need to be holding on?" Emily asks from her perch on the HVAC unit. To look casual, she gives the jacket she has on a little tug, pretending to need to get warmer, looking casual, as it were.

"I suppose it's safe…." Charlotte says, biting her lower lip unsurely. "I'd have to…ask a lot of questions. Find out a lot of things about you. I mean, I don't want to be rude or anything," she's extremely nervous about upsetting anyone! Sweet thing. "Especially as adults. And I'd need a lot of help - taking care of the children."

"Ordinarily Molly, countries agree to honor their boundaries and not send in police forces to arrest criminals… or kidnap innocent individuals." Rudyard tries to adopt the tone he uses with younger students when he would have those under college age visiting, or lecturing at the museums. "For example, the United States would not send in their soldiers across into Canada to arrest someone. It's basically considered an act of war. Unfortunately, someone's given permission for people like us to be snatched regardless of country."

Emily's question finally catches up to Charlotte. "What? Oh, no, whomever I'm touching just…just comes."

Sophie looks over at Rudyard with surprise, blanching a bit as a word escapes, "Rendition?"

As he looks over at Matt, "I am a scientist Matt…not a baby sitter." Did he just go all Jim McCoy on Matt. Merrick looks over at Charlotte and says, "Not sure I would be much help lass." He shrugs running a hand through his hair.

Jamie blinks, and looks up to Charlotte, "I'm eleven. Don't think that's an adult *anywhere*." Then she looks up to Merrick at his words, just for a moment, then looks back to the others again.

"It could be considered rendition, yes," Rudyard says to Sophie. "Except it isn't quite so illegal, or perhaps it is. My citizenship papers had been updated for Australia. I hadn't lived in the United States for at least a year when they came barging after me. Jamie there was taken from Mexico, and I'm sure there are others. Our captors have shown little regard for our locations and ages."

Matt offers Merrick a shrug. "I don't know what to tell you, man— like I said, nobody told me you'd be coming. Hopefully we'll get something soon now," he adds, gesturing toward the cell phone. "And yeah, Molly was in India when they grabbed her… whoever's behind this really isn't pulling their punches."

Amongst the noise comes that all-too-familiar noise and vibration indicating that someone in the room has a text message. The phone lights up, and the message comes through in all caps, as always: WHO IS THIS? MP? Yes, he's following Tracy's lead and resorting to initials rather than names.

"Yes, but hopefully…well where I've stashed everyone is remote and…hopefully safe." Charlotte sighs, wringing her fingers together a bit beneath the afghan, giving another shiver. She doesn't like to be cold! "More adults might….be helpful. I'm always concerned about safety but we've had no problems." She gives Matt and Molly a reassuring smile.

Sophie takes a breath, 'They used some kind of stun..tazer, I guess, on me." she adds with a mutter, "I really hate being electrocuted.." and then says, "Close to my parents' house. No warrant, didn't even try to just take me into custody."

Jamie, when Charlotte continues to focus on the adults, turns instead to the other conversation happening. She nods quickly to Sophie, "They got me with zappers too. Surprised me, and once it was zapping me I couldn't change. Couldn't do anything."

Merrick nods and shrugs too, "Rebel is the one who confirmed that you were a good guy to me. That is why I came or I would have stayed hidden….well kind off."

Charlotte turns her attention to Jamie, then, nodding with a little smile. "Well we have a lot of children too, and you're more than welcome to come with us. We have a lot of kids your age, and I'm sure Molly's getting bored with just the boys."

Having returned the phone to Matt, Molly pulls a face at Charlotte's comment about boys at the orphanage. It's a strange term, as Molly is an orphan technically, but has since found new parents. Rudyard's explanation is met with a frown and a nod. "I don't think they care about jurisdiction, then." Because, as Matt said, she was in India when she was snatched. "But if we're all hiding in a safe place, that would be better. Easier to fight back."

The vibration heard, Rudyard rushes over to glance at the phone in Molly's hand if he can get close enough to do so. A brief look is cast to Charlotte and despite his previous snark at her, he says in a genuine tone, "I do hope the children remain safe at the place you've stashed them." His attention is then turned back to the phone, now in Matt's possession. "I couldn't agree more, Molly," he says, distractedly, but kindly.

Ok…that's really all Emily needs to know about Charlotte. She slides from her perch on the heating unit, and crosses the backyard to Charlotte. It doesn't take much…she just presses herself close to Charlotte to be ready when the inevitable happens. One of her hands, after sliding it out of the too-long sleeve of the jacket, is placed on Charlotte's cheek, one of the more easily accessible pieces of skin. Then…she does what she does.

Charlotte's attention is on Rudyard as Emily approaches her. "Well, I hope they are as well. We have a handfull of adults there to help with that, but more help would always be…greatly appreciated. Of course there's chores as well, little things like that. The orphanage has it's own farmland and….um…" She studders to a stop as Emily is suddenly very much up in her bubble. A half-step back is taken, but by then Emily is touching her skin. "What are you -" Her speech stops. It's like she suddenly just dropped from her own body, or lost her train of thought. And by then it's too late.

When she does it, both bodies seem to stiffen up a moment, but then, her body winds up slumping foward, right into Charlotte…and her somehow mostly-waiting arms. Holding the blonde woman's body, which looks like it's in a coma or deep sleep, Charlotte's body is smiling…eerily similar to the way Emily did when she found out what it was Charlotte could do. "Thanks for the new toy," she says, grinning wickedly, before..blinking away, taking Emily's body with her.

Merrick blinks as he can feel the tension, Merrick moves to stand in front of Jamie, as he is unsure of what to do. This is a world he is not use too…much less sexy women with the ability to take over someone's body. He stands their like the village idiot for once.

While all this is going on, Matt picks up the phone and opens it up again. It's still as tiny as ever, but at least Rebel kept it short and sweet. YES. RUDYARD HAS A QUESTION, HANG ON. "It's him," he confirms out loud to the group. "What do we want to— ask— Wait, what?" Oh yeah, he heard 'new toy', and given which two people just went missing… Crap. Maybe he should've tried to snoop through the blonde's thoughts after all.

Rudyard is distracted momentarily by Emily and Charlotte. Huh. His eyes narrow after the spot the two disappeared from. Something was off to him about Emily, but there's nothing he can do about her nabbing of Charlotte. Besides, Rebel has answered the message, and Rudyard's itching to text his question to this mystery person.

Jamie blinks, looking up to Charlotte and Emily as all this happens. She's quick, and figures out what's happening the instant she sees that familiar smile, despite never having known Emily's power before now, (she's seen enough cartoons to figure it out though), "Hey, that's…" But it's too late. She wrinkles her nose once they're gone, "Thought she was nicer than that." She looks up to Matt, "Tell Rebel. Maybe he can figure out how to catch them?"

It's not until a few moments later that Molly realizes that Charlotte has gone. As is another woman she was only vaguely aware of. Spinning around, the young girl is obviously surprised at the sudden disappearance of the woman who said that she'd be there to rescue her should anything happen. It seems like she's been left! And while she still has Matt here, she doesn't know what to make of this new development.

Sophie gives a small cry as Emily and Charlotte disappear. She frowns, muttering, 'I should've known all those questions..' she wraps her arms around herself, the 'safe' house no longer feeling as safe as it did.

Following Matt's response, even though he's heard that Rudyard wants to speak to him, Rebel's text comes through quickly. MP, YOUR SON WAS RESCUED. CURRENTLY WITH KITTY HANNER. FOLLOWING THE RESCUE I LOST CONTACT THROUGH CIRCUMSTANCES BEYOND MY CONTROL. His laptop was taken. This is what it means to be a teenager. I PLAN ON RESUMING MY CONTACT IN THE NEXT COUPLE OF DAYS. There is a pause as another message comes through. WHAT DO YOU NEED FROM ME? DID MERRICK CONTACT YOU? Of course, Rebel can't see what's just happened to Charlotte. If he had the response would be very different at this moment.

The young scientist blinks a few more times and just says, "What in bloody hell just happened." He looks towards Matt, "Suddenly I do not feel so safe. Mate I think it is time to ask Rebel our next move. We need to get out of here. The wench just stole your friend. She could bring more back." Merrick is not freaking out yet but he is kind of upset.

Instinctively, Matt tosses the phone aside and rises to his feet. Come back here and show yourself! he blasts out, thinking that maybe Emily just grabbed a steak knife and turned invisible or something… but no, no such luck.

Visibly frustrated, he picks up the phone again and scans the reply. It's a bit fuzzy, but he picks up 'son was rescued' and 'Did Merrick contact' and a lack of anything disastrous-looking in between. YES. NEED PLANS. EMILY JUST KIDNAPPED CHARLOTTE AND DISAPPEARED.

Jamie looks around quickly again and then back to the others. Contacting rebel? Yeah, she figured out to suggest that, but beyond that, she really doesn't have a clue. So she just moves over to stand by Molly now.

There is this eerie silence for several moments before Rebel texts anything back. CHARLOTTE CORDAY!? EMILY KIDNAPPED CHARLOTTE CORDAY?! Could there be another Charlotte involved in all of this? There's another brief pause. I'LL FIND HER. DID SHE HAVE HER CELLPHONE? Plans are momentarily forgotten. He doesn't know that Molly's there, or else this could be done easier.

"Dammit," Rudyard mutters and now the answer he seeks is delayed by Emily's stunt. Sure he's worried about Charlotte on some level, but he makes no effort to hide disappointment. He's had one person on his mind since winding up in custody. He backs away for now, not disguising his sudden turn in mood.

As he closes his eyes, Merrick extends his senses outward to their max range. He grunts, "I don't sense their magnet fields anywhere in the house or on the block." He opens his eyes and says, " I don't think they are anywhere near by." He looks over at Jamie and Molly and says with a chuckle, "No worries lasses. It will be ok."

Matt brute-forces his way through one more reply - MAYBE. GIVING PHONE TO RUDYARD NOW. - before doing just that. Knock yourself out, man. The cop stalks off into the kitchen, pouring himself a glass of water and silently cursing the owners for not leaving behind anything else. He could go for a shot of whiskey right about now.

Rudyard blinks as the phone is handed his way. He was going to sulk quietly until this crisis has passed, but he's not questioning his turn with texting the mysterious Rebel. Quickly, he punches in the following to the phone: Taken from Sydney AUS. GF is Daphne Rousseau. Was she taken too?

Some things really aren't meant to be sent via text. Like getting hit by helicopters, but Rebel has no other way. Or else, he doesn't think he does. YES. DAPHNE ROUSSEAU WAS TAKEN. There's a pause. HER FILE WAS CLOSED LAST WEEK. And yet another pause. I'M SORRY. Some things really shouldn't be said over text…

Jamie nods quickly to Merrick and says, "I know." Totally optimistic even still. Completely oblivious to the bad news Rudyard is getting, she looks to Molly then and says, "Guess you're staying here 'til they rescue her. This place isn't so bad. Not any other kids around, but it's a big house. Not much to do though, either, the toys are all boys' and little kids' stuff."

Rudyard thrusts the phone at the closest person as he sees the text message. The Charlotte and Emily disappearing act is forgotten. Now all he can think of is storming after some bastards and finding her. It's probably good that's all Rebel has to say about Daphne via text. Otherwise, he might honestly go into a self-destruct rage. Considering he hasn't cared about someone like her in, well, ever. Not paying attention to who he hands the phone off too, he stalks off, turning it over and over in his mind where to go next. He doesn't know where he was held, or where to start looking and making a few people /pay/.

Merrick reaches out to take the phone and looks down at the text and sighs. His own fingers begin to type, WE ARE HAVING A GOOD DAY IT SEEMS> SIGH> IT IS MERRICK> WE NEED DIRECTS REBEL. He crouches down on his haunches and runs a hand through his hair.


Merrick nods and texts, I WILL GET BACK YOU ON THAT

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