2008-03-12: Hero Villain Spy


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Summary: Hiro temporarily comes up against an unexpected roadblock when trying to investigate Pinehearst Research.

Date It Happened: March 12th, 2008

Hero Villain Spy

Pinehearst Research

Fort Lee, NJ

Hiro may have his secret agent within Pinehearst, but given how many people have referenced the organization in the last few months he cannot mask his own curiosity. Besides, he needs to lay down a little reconnaissance and even if he cannot turn invisible he's still fairly convinced that he is the man of the job.

It is late evening when he appears across the street from the headquarters, conveniently concealed by a deep shadow cast by another building and a thick tree trunk. His sword present in the courier's tube on his back, he takes a few steps forward to peer around the tree and look in the direction of the building. It doesn't look sinister.

But some of the people coming in and out look sinister. Okay, not many — but one. It's quiet, this time of night, and sound travels. Before she comes into sight, the sharp clicks of killer stiletto heels — potentially in a literal fashion - can be heard on the pavement all the way across the road, winding around the massive building from a parking lot. Niki turns the corner. She's decked a dark grey business suit — and little else, which is to say, underneath the jacket is just a little bit of black silk somethin'. The spotlights illuminating the building and its double helix statue glint on a plastic ID tag clipped to the bottom of her jacket. She runs a hand through her hair, making it a little more rawr, tossing her head - she has to be in character, to enter these doors. Not that it's all contrived.

Hiro recognizes a familiar figure although he's not quite used to seeing her thusly clothes (read: very clothed at all) - someone he hasn't seen in quite some time. Someone he assumes is a friend. His thoughts towards stealth promptly fly out the window as he quickly trots across the road, being narrowly missed by a truck which blares it's horn angrily. His sneaky approach ruined, he lifts a hand to wave as he finishes crossing the road and heads towards her.

"Las Vegas Niki!"

Niki's brisk stroll — sashaying, because of the heels — stops abruptly and she whirls around at the sound of the truck's horn, but it's Hiro that really gets her attention, of course. She stops herself from exclaiming, but '?!' might as well be written all over her face. Once her initial gaping surprise fades slightly, the woman's brows knit together rather darkly, and she doesn't look happy to see the cheerful time traveller at all. She marches straight toward him, actually reaching out to grab for his tie, fully intending to yank on it like a leash in the hopes that he'll follow. "Shhh!!"


Hiro's surprise and sudden tie-tugging causes him to use a word that did not previously exist. He cannot do much more than be dragged along by his tie, Niki's non-happy look causing him to quickly decrease in cheer. His mouth slightly agape in surprise and his glasses now askew from the sudden jerking of his head, he lowers his voice to a whisper and says:

"Las Vegas Niki."

Sorry Hiro, but, you're being tugged along all the way around the corner of the Pinehearst Research building by Las Vegas Niki. In sight of the back lot but away from the front doors, at least, Niki lets go, leaving Hiro in front of the wall of unusual architecture. Fierce-and-wide-eyed, she stands in front of him with an air of a scolding mother. "What're you doing here?!" she asks, or rather, demands to know. A harsh tone exists in her voice as it's forced low, conspiratory.

"Investigating," Hiro says, although Niki's whole demeanor causes him to pause in his speaking - perhaps worried of getting told off further by someone whom he believed to be his friend. He needs to explain himself, though, as much as he doesn't want to. Pressing his back against the wall, he tries to leave as little of himself to hit as possible out in the open - not really effective, despite the weirdly-shaped wall.

"Pinehearst have something they should not."

Pinehearst has a lot of things they 'should not', but Niki doesn't agree out loud. "You can't be here," is all she says in response, insistent. Her steely stare — not a look Hiro would have ever caught, in their handful of encounters, save for perhaps in the future — flicks away from him up along the building, checking out the corner they came from.

A security camera, positioned high above, swivels toward them, a red light flash-flash-flashing to indicate the watchful eye of technology.

Niki looks pointedly at it before focusing back on Hiro even more pointedly. She flattens a hand against his shoulder, as if to flatten him against the wall. There's no actual force behind it, but from a distance… "Tell me what you're looking for."

Hiro's trust in Las Vegas Niki is rapidly depleting - not an easy feat for someone as naive as he. The fact that she's being particularly scary and telling him not to be there is doing nothing but contributing to his decreasing affinity for the super mom. Despite their being no force behind the hand, Hiro obediently leans back a little to flatten even more against the wall. Despite his behavior, he is defiant enough to stick out his jaw.

"I cannot risk my mission."

With a slightly frustrated roll of her eyes, Niki frowns and shifts from high-heeled boot to high-heeled boot. He's not getting it. That hand jostles Hiro slightly, but there's no real force behind that, either. "What 'mission'? Hiro." Her severe expression gains a hint of imploring.

Hiro looks suspicious, turning his head to one side and looking sidelong at Niki, "You are working for them. How can I know that you will not try to stop us? It is important … I need to help them before they will help me to find something."

Niki glances from side to side, wary of their surroundings. Not many people coming or going at the moment — none at all, right now — but that could easily change. Stern-faced at Hiro, she says in a low voice, "I am working for them, but it's not what you think."

Her cautious glances about were a moment too soon: a pair of security guards turn the corner, likely having been alerted to the little encounter by the cameras. "What do we have here? Trouble?"

"I got this one, boys," Niki says smoothly, adopting a cocky smile. "Caught him snooping around," she adds with a scoff, pushing Hiro against the wall in a fashion altogether more real than she has been all along. It's harder to fool people who are standing right there than a security camera. "Don't worry, I'll tell the Senator. You just mosey along. I'm sure you have more important things to do."

When the security guards arrive, Hiro begins to think himself in great trouble. He gulps, looking truly worried as he glances at the two guards before turning back to Niki and being not at all put at ease by the smile. He squeezes his eyes shut, preparing to teleport away only to find himself shoved against the wall. His head strikes it, not doing much damage but still hurting enough to break his concentration and keep him in place for the time being.


The security guards give the blonde a skeptical look and look at each other, but they leave her and Hiro alone. Security, at least, knows she's more than a glorified sexretary secretary, and there must be a reason for that, right? "We'll be watching."

The second they turn the corner, Niki's smirk drops away like night and day. She relaxes her grip on Hiro — but doesn't let go. "I'm on your side," she says, although she still sounds a bit inhospitable. "But they don't know that, so you're just gonna have to play along, okay?"

"Hai. Yes."

Hiro nods his head. So Niki is a secret agent too! He has many questions, of course, but they will have to wait if there is to be subterfuge. He remains quiet for a moment before he glances back up at her, whispering, "I need the healing blood. All of it."

"Healing blood," Niki repeats with a vaguely questioning tone; but at the same time, she doesn't sound particularly surprised. "Okay." Sure, that sounds like something Pinehearst shouldn't have. She suddenly inches in closer to Hiro, letting go only to shove a forearm up against his throat. The sleeve of her gunmetal grey jacket only just touches his throat. It's all for show; only her intimidating looming that makes it at all believable to a camera. "I think I might know where it is. What part of the building it's in, anyway."

"Which part?" Hiro asks, catching on to the whole charade and looking quite intimidated and 'oh no don't crush my throat, buxom stripper turned deadly suit-wearing corporate lady'-ish, "I do not want to blow your cover. I can get it myself … they will never catch me."

"These … labs. There's serious security everywhere. It's where they keep all the crazy research projects. But it's pretty big— it could be anywhere," Niki says. It's unlikely to be named 'HEALING BLOOD'. "If you go in now, they're gonna know I let you get away."

"They won't know," Hiro insists, shaking his head, "I will stop time." He pauses however, perhaps considering the last thing Niki said to be a threat … she isn't planning on throwing him into the sun, is she?

"…You're going to stop time." Well that's— okay then. Niki hesitates, considering. "Look, I might be able to find out more. What it's called. Where it is. Something."

"I will give you my phone number," Hiro says with a nod, still looking as though he's being pained by Las Vegas Torture, "And you can send me messages. You are a good person, Las Vegas Niki … thank you for helping."

Niki's increasing list of spy duties is added to. "Yeah," she says under her breath. Turning her head away from Hiro just a touch, tipped down so that her hair falls ahead in loose waves — disguising her face from the camera, at least a little — she gives him a soft smile, much more gentle. It's … apologetic. Awfully apologetic. She winces, all grimacing white teeth. "Don't thank me yet," Niki says, and her free hand comes around to punch Hiro in the face.

"Why no—"

Unfortunately for Hiro, his reply is cut short by said punching. Struck in the face, his glasses snap in half and his nose is quite instantly bloodied. Amazingly enough for Mister Nakamura, however, he maintains consciousness. No, wait, he doesn't. He slips back against the wall and slides down for it. He's knocked out a hell of a lot, however, so he'll be back on his feet in a moment.

For now, however, he's bleeding from the nose with broken glasses in his lap and his eyes fluttering both dazed and confusedly.

On his feet? Maybe not. It would have been a lot easier if he passed out. Niki wouldn't feel quite so bad. He wouldn't hurt as much if he wasn't conscious, but she can't bring herself to hit the poor guy again. She crouches down, snatches the broken glasses (oops) and tucks them in Hiro's shirt pocket in a swift move that will hopefully go missed by the cameras, and wraps her arms around the poor guy, hitching her arms under his. She stands up with a little 'umph', not because he's heavy, but because it's awkward, as she starts dragging him toward the parking lot. "I'm sorry," she sort of squeaks as she shuffles backwards in her heels.

"Incredibuh Hulk," Hiro murmurs in his half-unconscious state, not really doing anything to help Niki move him save hanging limply and drifting in and out of awakeness.

It's a quick process, all told, due in no small part to the fact that Niki gets fed up halfway through and tosses the half-awake Japanese man over her shoulder like a sack of potatoes. She stops in front of a dark car and, wincing a little again, reaches somewhat awkwardly underneath Hiro to get her keys out of her jacket pocket to unlock the doors. She opens the backseat and pours him in carefully on his back, tucking his legs in nice and neatly. Just be thankful she didn't go the full mile and put him in the trunk. "Don't disappear, okay, Hiro…?" she says pitifully after shutting him in and climbing in the front. Car, started. "I'll get you some … ice. I think I have some bandaids…"

"<I don't want the purple artechoke,>" Hiro begins, speaking in near-concussed Japanese, "<Catch several and visit the moonbase.>"

He lifts his head slightly to get a better look at Niki in the driver's seat, squinting as though he's trying to make sense of who she is before he passes out.

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