2009-10-03: Heroes Among Us

Starring: Gene and Sydney


Date: October 3, 2009


Sydney searches for answers after the pair's discussion at the Oldcastle Pub and Restaurant.

"Heroes Among Us"

Central Park

Still feeling rather perplexed from her last conversation with Gene, Sydney sits on a bench alone in Central Park, with a loaf of bread (sticking out of a brown paper bag) sitting beside her. Her eyes are encircled with dark lines. Fatigue is setting in. Every few minutes she rips small pieces of bread from the loaf and throws it towards some birds. Consequently a number of gulls are flocked around her. She stares blankly as they flock to the various breadcrumbs.

With hands in his pockets, the Geek God moves down the sidewalk, the droid R2-D2 with him this time around. He doesn't have his nicer attire on, this time dressed in a simple t-shirt with Darth Vador's head on it and some blue jeans. "Hey," Gene offers meekily, unsure of exactly how Sydney is going to respond to him.

"Hi," Sydney offers equally meekly. Her lips curl upwards ever so slightly at the sight of R2 again, but they resume, their pseudo-emotionless expression seconds later. She picks up her loaf of bread, and then taps the bench next to her, motioning for Gene to sit down. She toss the rest of the loaf towards the birds, but cringes when the birds all flock the larger bit of bread. She furrows her eyebrows and then leans back in her seat. "You left me a lot of think about," she speaks towards the birds more than towards. She pauses and then asks, still distant, "Are there more like her?"

As he sits next to Sydney, Gene's attention is mostly toward the birds as they struggle over the bread. They savagely tear into it, fighting for what they believe should be all theirs. After a few moments silence, the young man rubs the back of his head. "Well, um, depends what you mean by 'her'," he answers simply.

Feeling even more perplexed now, Sydney turns away from the birds and stares at Gene, unsure of what to ask now. "I'm … confused." She frowns. She considers everything for several moments before clearing her throat, "You told me, that blonde. You think … you think she's special or something." She takes a deep breath. "It was so unbelievable, but Officer Mendoza wouldn't have—" She realizes she's making little sense so she rests her elbows on her knees and then her chin on her hands. "Okay. One question, at a time. The blonde. Are there others like her?"

"With abilities? A few. It isn't like there are an Evolved on every street corner, but there are always those with abilities that others lack. Some are way stronger, others read minds, but to know what someone's abilities are often require seeing them in action, or special people that can figure it out with their own abilities." Gene looks around, still wary as usual. While this location allowed Sydney to feel safe if Gene was not as noble as he claimed to be, it still is public enough to make him worried of unwanted attention. He waits for a jogger to pass on through before continuing on. The jogger gives the droid and the human couple a stare, but says nothing to them. So much the better, in Gene's mind. "If there are those that abuse their powers, sure, likely just as many normal people abuse being bigger or richer than the rest of their peers."

"Right. So there's more of these people." Sydney narrows her eyes into small slits as she watches the birds again. "So anyone could have an ability?" She feels strangely uneasy in the park too, particularly considering she's chosen it. "This is all very sci-fi." She runs her tongue over her lips as the butterflies flutter in her stomach. With another deep breath, she side-glances Gene, "How do you know so much about these abilities?"

"Because I know some people that have them. Some people use their gifts to help people, not to harm them," Gene states as he leans back, his eyes to the sky. He acts like the information is getting pulled out of him, despite the fact he is giving this all willingly. Finally, he lets the final bombshell drop, though not with as much confidence and awesome as he would like. "People like myself."

Shock. Awe. Confusion. These are all words to describe Sydney at this moment. She sits staring at the birds for some time in, what she deems as, growing silence, but the park is still a buzz. Another jogger runs by, smiling. For a small moment, Sydney smiles too. A moment of clarity. The smile fades shortly thereafter, but she's more at ease now, "What can you do?"

There is a long awkward pause, Gene redding as he coughs. "…You want me to lie and tell you I have a really awesome power, or you want the truth?"

"The truth," Sydney says simply folding her hands in her lap. And then she adds, "I have no power. Anything is more awesome than that." She smiles weakly and then winks while adding, "Unless being overemotional counts as a power." She rolls her eyes at her own lame joke.

"You ever heard of Forge? The X-Men, native american, got to have a fling with Storm before she broke up with him and married Black Panther?" Gene waits for the response, before just shaking his head. "Anyway, I can build stuff. Just about anything I want to, given the time and research. I can't make a laser gun… But I can make your laser pointer run on a third of the power it usually needs. I can't make a flying car…" Gene pauses for a moment, giving the matter serious consideration. "Well, maybe I could. I haven't tried that yet. Anyway, that's my ability, I don't fly, read mind, teleport, any of the good stuff."

At Sydney's calm of no power, he looks over toward Sydney and hrms. "It's okay, you're still useful. It's the only reason why I told you about Evolved. That and to make sure you don't get killed by one. Okay, so TWO reasons. Because you're useful, protect you from being dumb, and because you're cute. Okay, the three reasons…" Gene shakes his head. "Gwen was right, I do get worse the longer I talk. Should keep myself to the sexy one liners."

"Yes, I have heard of Forge. I was thinking of comparing the people with abilities to the X-Men, but wasn't sure it actually worked that way. Like that abilities were even remotely comparable," Sydney comments idly, nodding a bit at Gene's explanation. "Are all of you people with abilities organized like the X-Men? That would be. Awesome." She blushes a bit at her own enthusiasm, particularly considering her uneasiness just minutes before. "How am I useful? I can't do anything special." She shrugs. And then her cheeks redden further, "You think I'm cute?" And then a last, "Who's Gwen?"

"If you didn't know you were cute, you must have had the power of Enhanced Denial or something," Gene states with a smirk. "As for your usefulness, you have a tie in with the police. You get information to me that sounds like it's Evolved, I get it to the people that can make a difference. We aren't really organized like a team, but I have friends I can call on if I need to." The question of Gwen is just left unanswered, as if Gene hopes the question never existed.

Sydney blushes further. "Well. Thanks." She side glances Gene. "For the pseudo-compliment." She smirks and she nods a bit, "I suppose I do have an in with the police. And questionable ethical standards." She bites her bottom lip and sighs. "Thank you for telling me. I'll avoid the blonde as best I can." And then she frowns. "I should stay on the case, right?"

"Questionable? I wouldn't say that. You wanted to help a hero and so that makes you good. It's lame logic, but some of my friends use it so…" Gene shrugs off the matter. "Yeah, stay on the case, just try and solve it like before. The woman responsible, I'll handle. Hopefully, this will be the last time you see her commit a crime like this. If not, well, I dunno what I'll do. But it will be my concern. I'm serious when I say I don't want you getting hurt. Evolveds live a freak as crap life. Your career, your family, your identity… Every part of your life is at risk." Sighing, he looks over toward Sydney, giving a weak smile as he does. "So, um, I guess that's it. Not much more to tell."

"Well I almost feel like a hero. Even if my ethics are in question," Sydney says simply, biting her bottom lip. "Well. I guess I'm not that at risk then, am I? I'm sorry life is so… complicated for all of you." She frowns a bit as she stands to her feet. "I'd love to hang out, but I need to get to class. Hopefully I can focus on my lecture notes." She begins shuffling off, but before she disappears, she adds, "I'd love to grab a coffee again sometime. Call me." That said, she wanders off towards the university.

Gene's eyes shift to the bottom lip, as if the biting draws his attention for some reason. Coughing, he gets up as she leaves, he almost raises his hand to state that he hasn't gotten her number, but she's at the university, he can just find her number and give her a ring. It isn't as if hunting down people is something he hasn't had to do before. This time, it will actually be for a nice encounter. Coffee. Coffee is nice.

"You see that, Artoo? I'm having coffee. That's like code for 'I'm interested in you, but not enough to ask you for a date'."

The droid turns to Gene, giving a couple of chirps.

"Screw you, I ain't botching this up. I'll just take this as a nice friendship and see where it goes from there." With that, Gene sighs. "Now that I've got that done, time to do some heroic hacking. The Geek God's work is never done." With that, he turns and makes his way in the opposite direction to move toward his car.

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