2011-03-09: Heroes Coffee



Date: March 9, 2011


Kyle and Seth meet randomly at Common Ground. They talk over coffee about many things, including a common last name?!

"Heroes Coffee"

New York City: Common Ground

Though it's mid-week, for those that just recently turn 21, they'll drink, every day of the week, if they had their way. And with work at an all-time low right now. Not many go play around Coney Island, this time of year.. Kyle doesn't have to be there right now. He'd been up all night, drinking. And is just now waking up. But instead of drinking his coffee at the small apartment, the little dude went out. He has other things to do today anyway. Here he is, in the coffee shop. Having climbed up onto one of the stools, to order his early afternoon wake up juice. One might think he was a young child sitting there. As short as he is.

Seth soon enters the shop wearing a baggy sweatshirt, preppy work-out pants, and his puma's. Who said you had to look frumpy while being a graduate student! He looks around the coffee shop with a clear grin upon his face. Seeming to glide his way toward the counter to order his own caffeine enriched beverage when he encounters a small man sitting upon the stool. He can't help, but chuckle. What a cute little boy, he must be one of those kids that thinks it's cool to order hot cocoa at the local coffee shop. It isn't until Seth is right behind the short man that he realizes he might have mistaken the other patron's age. He then suddenly starts looking around seeming a bit more awkward than the rest of the normal patrons awaiting to order.

Kyle soon has his order and climbs down. Then reaches up to get his drink. He heads for one of the tables, and settles in with his caffeinated goodness. His small hands grasping the handle and cup, that seem a bit awkward in them. "Hey how's it going?" he asks Seth on his way by, trying to be friendly and polite, in that typical awkward, little person voice. Smiling at him even. Just being friendly and polite. An odd thing in this city, and despite the fact that he's looking a little hung over.

Seth quickly orders his drink after nodding and grinning at the little man that seems to be talking to him. It's only after the short delay of service that Seth slowly makes his way over toward Kyle. He motions to another chair of the guy's table before asking, "Would you mind if I joined you? The cafe is a little crowded in the mid-day rush." His accent is clear and distinct, Seth is clearly from Ireland and with a little more knowledge one might even pin-point the accent to Dublin specifically. "I apologize if I'm a little awkward. I've just not had the opportunity to meet a person such as yourself in the city…" It comes out soft spoken as if Seth isn't sure being completely honest is the best viable option.

Kyle seems not to mind, either way. He nods, "Yeah sure." indicating the seat. "Help yourself." his accent is distinctly NYC, he was possibly born and raised here. Or at least the latter. He just chuckles, "It's alright.. we are a rarity. One in twenty-six thousand to one in fourty-thousand births resulting in dwarfism. I'm pretty much used to it." idly drinking his coffee as he speaks. "Name's Kyle."

Seth promptly sits down seeming to almost fall into the seat with a comfortable posture most college students so often obtain. "Thanks, I really appreciate it." He then sips his coffee too with an excited look upon his face. "You know, I think I heard that somewhere. Though being the kind of person I am, I kind of look for people around me with… shall we say higher risk of inequality. I'm one of the graduate students at NYU studying for my PhD in Sociology." He then extends one of his free hands to Kyle before saying, "My name is Seth Greene, though you can call me Seth."

Kyle nods, "Ahh, well you want inequality, look no further. Between the Dwarfism, an Orphan, and working at Coney Island, not much left to be equal in." though when Seth mentions his last name, Kyle's brow lifts a bit. "Greene eh? Well it's a common name, so I am sure you are not related, but that's mine. Well, according to my paperwork, my mother's. Before she threw me in the system at birth. Because of me being, what I am." He nods though, "There are a few shows on TV about people like me. Of course I've never met them."

Seth seems quite intently interested in Kyle as he speaks of inequality he has faced. Nodding his head at appropriate intervals Seth says, "I see, I totally believe in striving to treat everyone with equality and fairness. I'm actually quite sorry modern society isn't decent enough to understand that differences is what makes us as a species so strong." He then looks surprised as Kyle speaks of his last name. "Oh, no kidding! How ironic, though yes. It was quite a common name back in Ireland." He then shakes his head taking a long sip of his own coffee before saying, "Well from the looks of it, you're doing well for yourself. You're not dead yet, so at least that's a large accomplishment. Right?"

Kyle nods, "Yeah, I believe so as well. Once I hit eighteen, and was out of the system, I was pretty much on my own. Finding jobs, when not in college is bad enough. But despite the American's with disabilities act. Who have no office skills, can't get much of anything manual labor wise. It's either carnie side shows, or Coney Island, acting or something illegal. I would rather act over all, but until I can get established, a portfolio, an agent and all that stuff that costs money, I'm pretty well screwed." he shrugs though. "And like you said, I'm alive, that's a pretty good accomplishment. I'll find my place, sometime. Meantime, I'm legal now, got an ID, and been having fun tormenting the bouncers and bartenders."

Seth seems to relax a bit more, leaning back in his chair as Kyle speaks. "Yes, the amounts of jobs accessible to people is astounding sometimes. The most qualified and skilled people rarely get looked at sadly enough." He then chuckles as Kyle speaks of getting his ID. "Well just don't overdo it… tons of people kill themselves with alcohol poisoning each year."

Kyle nods, "Yeah, and that's normal sized people. Doesn't take much for me. Not yet anyway. Least I don't drive.. that would make things worse." No that they can't drive, he's just he's glad he doesn't, right now. "But yeah, I'm careful as can be. More fun to torment the, and make them try to kick me out, before I can even have a drink. Though a couple places have thought my ID was fake and called the cops on me. Was rather funny actually."

"Only stands to reason…" Seth says with an edge of nervousness. "It's always smart to not drink and drive. That's why I love New York City with their cabs." He then chuckles as Kyle speaks of establishment's thinking his ID was fake. "Well I can believe it, most people don't exactly expect dwarfs to be sitting up at a bar drinking. Though I can see it happening, I mean everyone who lives after twenty-one surely goes to the bar at least once…"

Kyle nods, "Yeah, though my first party was with my friends from Coney Island, other employees. They always through the best parties. And, better to drink at home, then out at times. Then you got their apartments to crash at afterwards. Not a menace to society that way." He finishes his coffee and waves down a server for a refill. "Though, doesn't take much of this to get me a bit looped either." he says, with an indication to the cup.

Seth nods with a grin as he begins to sip at his large coffee once more. "Yes, well that also makes sense." He then looks around slowly seeming to be lost in what to say next. "So… uh… yeah." He pauses as he watches a nearby male patron enter the shop before leaning over the counter to order their own coffee. His eyes instantly land upon the man's 'assets' seeming to lose focus on Kyle for a moment.

Kyle doesn't really seem to notice where Seth's eyes are. Not that he'd mind either way.. he's still trying to deal with his hangover after all. Digging in a pocket, for something for his headache. And with a fresh cup of coffee.. something hot to help make taking them easier, he's set. "Perhaps, if you're up to partying sometime, we could hang out, or something, if you want." He can potentially see them becoming friends, possibly.

Seth's attention snaps back like a rubber band as Kyle speaks once again. Seth looks a bit confused before he realizes what the other man has asked, "Oh yeah. Sure!" He then looks down taking out what looks to be a business card. It almost looks completely new as it has his cellphone along with some contact information as say he's some kind of assistant college professor. He slides it over to Kyle across the table. "Call me sometime, maybe I can find some time to get away from my finishing dissertation for a while. Writing those big long papers always takes something of the sanity out of my life." He chuckles seeming to find his comment somehow funny.

Kyle smirks, then takes the card, looking it over. "That works, cool." Digging for his wallet and tucking it away. Then, out of the blue, "You know with the ironic same last name, and you saying it's pretty common in Ireland. Makes me wonder if my mother has Irish blood. Won't ever find out, I'm sure. She's here in New York state, somewhere. So can't even ask. And Though I may be curious, I'm not going to look for her to find out. She might have done what she thought best for me. And they have no idea who my father was. I don't think I even want to know that. Better off being me, not worried about why I am me."

"You never know laddie, it's completely plausible." Seth says with a beaming smile. "That's totally a healthy way of looking at things Kyle." He then sips a little more of his coffee before emptying his cup. "Damn, looks like I'm out." He looks around slowly before looking back at Kyle. "I probably should get going. I have a lecture I'm supposed to sit in on before I take over for Professor Albert next semester. Such a delightful old man he is…"

Kyle glances at the time, "Aright, we'll see ya soon." he rises.. as well and heads up to pay for his coffee. "Have a good one there, and don't get too bored." He's sure, lectures are boring. "I need to as well, I got some appointments, and I need to get to the library. I need to send some Emails out. Wish I had my own computer maybe by summer's end, I'll have enough saved to get one."

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