2007-05-28: Hey Pussycat


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Summary: Conversation in a hospital cafeteria.

Date It Happened: May 28th, 2007

Hey Pussycat

Beth Israel Hospital, Manhattan, NYC

It's a quiet moment at Beth Israel for Jane, early on Wednesday morning. She'd come here with Elle soon after getting the call days before, waking the blonde up and filling her in, standing with her for comfort while she herself worried over both Pete and Cass. The time since has consisted of being in this building a good bit, looking in on them from time to time, without much contact between her or anyone else coming here. This particular moment finds Jane in the hospital's cafeteria, after a cup of coffee. Her guitar and backpack are on the floor by a solitary corner table, waiting for her return.

And who enters the cafeteria after a few moments but Elena? Clad in a tanktop, a pair of jeans, a fitted jacket, and worn sneakers, she looks very much like her usual self - except perhaps a little more exhausted than she'd like. She makes her way through, zombie-like, towards the counter to get herself an egg salad sandwich and a can of Fanta orange soda. Paying for her purchases, she's about to step out when she sees a familiar guitar and a brown-haired head. Walking over, she reaches out to scritch Jane's head gently, much like a cat. "Hey Pussycat," she greets.

It's a simple tank top and shorts with athletic shoes and low white socks which covers her below that hair and head. She leans into the hand and rubs a bit, as a cat would. "Emma," Jane replies with a quiet smile. "Sit?" Fingers wrap the cup and lift it, her intent to delight in the contents as eyes close.

"Sandwich?" Elena offers with a hint of a smile. She looks a little pale, but nothing some sleep can't fix. She takes a seat across from Jane, and cracks open her soda. "How's tricks?" she asks, taking a swig of the Fanta. The cool, sweet liquid was welcome….she needed the sugar. She needed the carbs. Right now her head felt like it was going to explode.

"Yes," Jane answers, one hand slowly moving sandwichwards, and a quiet, slightly bitter smile ghosts across her face. "Tricks are… It's been a long, strange, scary week." An amount of coffee is imbibed, with the eyes closing. Her face is similarly to the pale side, the eyes showing traces of emotion from the week she described. One hand reaches out to rest on and clasp La Latina's, squeezing gently to support and offer comfort.

"Ugh. You're right on that." Elena pauses, and reaches out to squeeze Jane's fingers - a little tight there, but it lessens after she realizes what she's doing. She needed her fingers to play after all. "I'm sorry I left so quickly after you guys arrived at the hospital. I was just so tired. Cass took a lot out of me." She pauses. "How's Elle holding up?"

"I think she's holding up," Jane replies. "And you needed to sleep. Kinda thought you'd be gone before we got there." Her cup is lifted again, liquid drawn from it, and set back on the table. "What happened?" she asks softly. There's no objection to her fingers being squeezed, no matter how tight or long. One hand takes up the sandwich and holds it slowly lifting toward the not so gigantic Forrest maw.

Elena takes the other half of the sandwich. She figures both of them won't have much of an appetite anyway, but at least this way they can keep their strength, which they need. Most people would go on days without eating with loved ones in the hospital, but the young woman wasn't like that. She needed to use her brain, and the brain needed food, so even if she doesn't feel like eating, she forces herself to. "I don't know. I arrived at the tail end of it. All I know is that….Cass got shot. Three times, from the back, through and through. She should've died on the scene, the doctors thought it was a miracle. She almost died at the table too. Peter saved her. That's why he's in a coma now too, saving Cass took a lot out of him."

"I guessed as much," Jane softly replies, "considering Pete. Them being in this hospital at the same time paints the picture, he being who he is, trying to heal would be natural. He healed my leg when I got shot too recently." A small bite is taken, Guitar Woman rarely has appetite issues, despite the shape she's in. Maybe it's the hoofing around New York to play where the mood strikes that holds her figure constant. "So you didn't see it happen."

"No…I was there when he collapsed," Elena says, her voice sounding absent in that. "But I wasn't there when Cass was shot. Lachlan would probably know more. He was already there when I came around - I didn't even know it was happening if it wasn't for Bonnie. She was running lose, when I dropped on a knee to pet her and wonder where her owners were, my fingers came away with fresh blood. That's when I knew something bad happened." She rubs her face tiredly, and horfs down her egg salad sandwich. Okay, maybe she was a -little- bit hungry.

She's hungry, but not that much. Sandwich consumption happens at a much calmer pace, and Jane tilts her head, she noting the state of Elena's mind by her words, and by what she doesn't acknowledge hearing. "And you're you, you went to her and did what you could for her, using your Elena mojo. So glad you have that." Her coffee is lifted, and as she's about to take another sip from it, she quietly comments "It seems to be getting shot week among this group of ours."

"Yeah…." Elena breathes. She would tell Jane about the attempt on Desiree too, but that one had been prevented. That one, her father managed to keep from happening. She looks over at her friend, and gives her a rueful smile. "You know what this means. We all need a vacation." She can't help it, she quips every time she's nervous, or exhausted, or if she tries to keep any negative expression from showing on her face. "I hear Puerto Vallarta's great this time of year."

"Paris," Jane replies. "Jaden and I are going there for a short time soon. Maybe we give you a free ticket. Got a passport, chica? Or maybe a ticket to Madrid for you." She opts not to share Desiree's vision yet. Her mind is elsewhere. "Jack got shot, I got shot, Cass…" Her knuckles grip the table edge for a moment, starting to turn white.

"Cass will be fine, Jane. Peter saw to that, and he'll be fine too." Elena seems too exhausted to explain why she thinks Peter's coma is a -good- thing in this case, and instead she drinks her orange soda. She pauses, and she blinks. "….Europe? You and Jaden? I….I can't take that, it sounds so expensive," she murmurs, even if she -is- tempted. But there are so many things to take care of here, even if she needs the downtime so badly. "That and….I'd hate to be the third wheel." She can't help a slight smile. "I trust things are going well enough between the both of you that you're taking vacations together now?"

"Well, there's a story behind it," Jane answers solemnly. "He mentioned wanting to go to Paris, and thought he might die soon at the time. I recently got shot myself, that figured in my thinking, so I said we should go. I want to play at the Eiffel tower. And what used to be the Berlin wall. You wouldn't be Wheel Three, though. There's plenty for you to do in Paris. Or Madrid."

She smiles. "Thanks for the offer," Elena says softly. "I'll think about it for sure. When are you guys leaving?" she asks, propping her chin up and glancing off to the side. Going to Paris? Madrid? She could see bullfighting, eat genuine tapas….try and learn French and be able to find her way around Barcelona with little trouble at all. It sounded tempting, considering how much stress she was in. "And…you got shot too? Wait…what about…what do you -mean- Jaden thought he was going to die?"

"I did," Jane replies. "Someone I know got into a scrap with someone who scrambles languages, left her with a different accent, and things got worse. So I went to visit the woman, Natalie Foster, and… quickly learned she was a Company agent when she pulled a gun on me. Then she made me speak gibberish, saying she had to get instructions because I knew things, and…"

She takes another sip of her Fanta. Natalie Foster. Scrambles languages? "…..is that why your friend, the one you mentioned. She…something about not being able to read?" Elena pales visibly. UGH. What. She looks like it's a fate worse than death. NOT BE ABLE TO READ? She'd lose her scholarship that way. Bye bye grants. Bye bye chances of being a geneticist. "Peter said he healed you but he didn't say -why-…."

"That's the one I was looking for help with," Jane confirms. "It was so frustrating. She told me what happened, when I noticed she sounded Australian instead of New Yorker, and it turned into a confrontation. Instead of being calm and getting put right, she chose instead to anger the Scrambler. And got her ability to read scrambled. I told her the first rule of holes but she wouldn't listen." Her head shakes. "So Natalie drives off, I caught her plate number, and researched it, paid her a visit the next day to ask if she'd fix what she did, and do what I normally do, warn someone with abilities about a big threat. She pulled out the gun, made me speak gibberish, and I flipped. There was no way I'd just stand there and wait for agents to come get me, Elena. No way I go through that again. So I advanced on her and the gun, got shot." The remembered fear shows in her eyes, the path to that decision.

"Jane what were you thinking?" Elena says after a pause, squeezing her fingers after that moment of silence. Very long silence, actually. "She had a GUN, you could've been….I mean what if it hit something vital?" She looks at her then. Granted she's….the last person in the world to tell her not to take risks like that, she ran off half-cocked to help rescue Heidi, for god's sake. "….so what happened? Is she trying to bring you in now?"

"I was thinking," Jane says simply, "that I'd rather be dead than go through that a third time. Who knows what would happen? Last time they made me think I was an addict. What would a third mean? And I couldn't talk straight, couldn't keep trying to convince her reporting would be a mistake, she'd exposed herself first for having the ability and second as an agent, her bosses wouldn't be happy. If she hadn't scrambled my speech, things would be different. I… I just couldn't stand there and be helpless, just waiting. Wouldn't you… rather be dead than go through what I… we've been through again? I heard you saying once you'd had memories taken." She hopes the latina can understand the decision, the position she felt herself in at that moment. A pause comes, she sips from the cup, and resumes. "Oddly enough, getting shot saved me. Bullets hurt. Pain causes screaming, and Natalie wears glasses."

She pauses, and she looks at the window. "I've not thought about it that far actually," Elena confesses. "I don't know what I would do if what happened to you happened to me. I'd fight it, sure. But…I don't know if I'd trade my life for it. I just know that….there are people who love me who'll try to help me through all of that. Then again of course there's the sheer determination never to be in that position." She looks over at Jane, and she nods. "I don't know when it happened, but it was certainly before I knew what I know now. I count it as a blessing in disguise, that they came for me early and didn't know I was Evolved. Otherwise I'd be having the marks on my neck."

"When we're in trouble, we use what we have. You wouldn't have to take that risk, you could just make her fall asleep and take the gun, get the upper hand." A quiet smile shows for a fleeting moment. "My ability came through for me without me thinking about it at all. She fired, my leg was hit, it hurt, and I screamed. Her windows shattered, and her glasses too, I was able to get the gun from her and call in the airborne medical corps. I think it's over, Elle said she'd put the word 'round to leave me alone." Jane lifts the cup, drawing from it again, before remarking softly "Months ago I never thought I could have that kind of strength, to stare at death and not back down."

"It's amazing what a person can do when determined enough," Elena says softly, letting go of Jane's hand in lieu of finishing off her sandwich. The Fanta can is empty now, and she turns around so she can wing it towards the nearby trashcan. An athletic girl, it sinks in neatly, but there's no smile on her face like it usually does when she makes the shot. Looking over at Jane, she exhales softly. "I'm glad you're alright, Jane," she says simply. "And I'm glad Elle's putting in a word for you."

"Me too," Jane replies. "There was just too much helplessness in my life lately. And that time it was only me at risk." Her eyes track the can. "Nice shot. You science, you dance, you shoot and score. Maybe you should try for the WNBA, chica." Not joking, she means that. "The Jaden thing, well, I just have to keep him from driving. Taking that overseas trip helps with that, come to think of it. He… met Desiree."

Desiree. Elena's head snaps up to look at Jane, and she feels something….a sinking feeling at the pit of her stomach. "He…he did…?" she says. "Wh…what did she say? Something about driving….an accident?" she says.

"Yes," she nods. "There was him driving, listening to music, and coming to an overpass, then getting slammed by a transport truck. A white one." Jane explains. "That's when he mentioned Paris, as in not being able to go there. And my decision we should, soon. It's fairly simple, all he needs is to not drive, but… I want to find the truck. The crash could still happen if he isn't driving, someone else may be there in his place, or at some other location. Drunk driver, overworked and sleepy driver, maybe someone just plain reckless."

"……that's my more complicated problem with Dezi. Whenever she sees a vision, she can't go back to what she sees to see more details. I've been trying….to find a way so she could control the stream." Elena rakes a hand through her hair. "I haven't figured out how yet, but I will." She looks determined at least. "So….just have Jaden not drive? The problem with those visions is, if you change -one- element, the same thing could still happen but in a different way." Like what happened with Desiree a night ago or so with the puppet. "It really needs to be prevented on the spot, I think."

Her nods are brisk. "Like what I was thinking. Just having him not drive isn't enough. The truck and whoever would drive it are out there. Just because he isn't on the road doesn't mean another vehicle isn't in the truck's path whenever this is supposed to happen. We've no clue when or where, except for the overpass angle, but… bridges equal needles and haystacks. Desiree did tell me she lives with you, and will try to get you to give her another vision. I tried by scattering staples, but nothing came to her."

"Whenever she grasps on the thread, she loses it completely. It's a once in a viewing sort of thing. I have a theory it's because Life and Time moves so fast it's hard to -realign- her ability into that exact point and time when things are in a state of constant flux." Elena pauses. "If we had a -time manipulator-, like Drake, maybe she would be able to realign, if my theory is correct. But Drake's left the city." She seems reluctant to even mention that one. "So we're shit out of luck in that one, unless I find someone else." She has no idea Hiro is a time/space manipulator, and she doesn't know Peter absorbed his powers.

"I know another precog," Jane states with a slight grin appearing. "She tends to find me at the right times, introduced me to my band members, actually. Two of them she led me to, the third, our drummer, she led right to me outside the studio. There's… just one problem with this angle," she admits with regret.

"Hm? Another precog?" Elena looks at Jane curiously, propping her chin on one hand. "There's another one running around? Who?" She wonders if she's come across this person and just not know if she's evolved. It's highly possible.

"She's a teen, who can be hard to understand. The things she talks about are a bit scrambled. Rivers and currents." Jane lifts her cup again, commenting "If you met her, you'd remember this one. Trying to figure her out is a bit of a challenge." Her mind heads backward a bit, she muses "There has to be some way of locating the truck and driver. I'll be pondering that one off and on a lot. But, that's not all in my long, strange scary week. I think I got targeted by a telepath or something at NYU recently. Elle too."

"……what?" Elena says, glancing out towards the door. Oh god. Maybe Desiree was right. -Everyone- and their mothers were convening in New York. She rubs her face just a little bit, and she nods, absorbing what Jane is saying. "So one who talks in obscure images as opposed to seeing images in obscure things," she says, contrasting this unknown person to Desiree.

"Yes. It's like she sees options lying ahead, in the immediate future. Say, for example, she knows a musician looking for band members, and meets a drummer, she can see which moves to make, where to lead the guy, so the two come together, and a short time later here she comes, finding me with him in tow outside the studio." Jane drinks more coffee after sharing that, and is back on the telepathy track. "I was at NYU, talking with my band members, when a radio DJ came along. Her name's Alyssa McAlister, Midnight McAlister from WNYU. We get to talking, and she's totally trustworthy. I can just sense it, you know? So I told her about me after she saw how I react to dog whistles, I didn't want to lie. Totally safe. Elle comes along, she joins us, and she can sense it too. Starts talking about what she does, and I mean, what she does. That's when we thought something was odd. We escorted Ali to her work, thinking something was going on, and went home to go over it all. We thought there might've been someone around who can make people do things with the power of a voice, but can't remember any commands, so… we think there was maybe a really good telepath around."

That was interesting. And she was an NYU student too, yeah? Elena ponders. Maybe some kind taking summer classes, because she's never heard of an Alyssa McAlister. Then again, NYU was a huge school. "Interesting…" she says simply, but she doesn't say anything more than that. Power through voice. She can't help but recoil, remembering what's waiting for her back home. And then, she shakes her head, and rubs her face again. She stands up. "Alright…..that reminds me, I ought to get going home," she tells Jane. "I'll let you know about going to Europe with you. Papa….I think he discovered a new use for his abilities and I ought to monitor how deftly he can control it."

"Oh." Jane seems to slip a bit into somberness when Elena speaks of leaving and stands. "We can talk about the truck and car thing another time, I'll try to find, or be found, by the other precog and see if she wants to meet you. But then again, she might find you simply because we talked about it. She's… uncanny." Her eyes meet the other woman's for a moment, or try to, as she asks "You're coming back later to check on Cass and Pete?" And, of course, curiosity hits. "What does your father do?"

"That would be great, Jane," Elena says, pausing by the side of her chair. At the last, she sighs. "Maybe. Or I can sleep. I've been trying to yank Peter out of his coma, but it's….it's taking a while. It's….if you could sense what I can, it's pretty bad." She pauses. "But I can fix it. I think." She rests a hand affectionately on Jane's hair, and she hesitates. The only people who know her father's a telepath is Cass and Peter and Eric and Gene. Finally, she murmurs, "He's a telepath," she says under her breath. "Please keep it under your hat."

"I… I didn't hear anything, Emma," Jane replies. "Thanks for trusting me with that." She's touched by it, clearly, and perhaps put a bit at ease, it generally being her who does the sharing, to have something come in return is uplifting." She stands too and pulls out a ten, offering it. "Since I ate half your food, get yourself something more. I can tell you need it. I should be getting upstairs to check on them, myself."

"Oh god, I don't think my stomach could take any more. Worrying makes for bad digestion," Elena laughs, and pushes her hand gently towards Jane. "Keep it, Jane. Seriously, I'm okay. Besides, friends share." She winks at her. "Come on, let's get out of here, I'll see you to the elevators, and then I'll step out." And with that, she'll head for the door, looking over her shoulder to see if Jane would follow.

Pack is picked, up, and the guitar case, as Jane goes on the move. She chuckles a bit. "Maybe, but I saw you inhale that sandwich half. You're starving. Do something about it." She brandishes the money. "Do I have to put this in your mouth like I did the pear that one time?" As they reach the elevators, she offers "See you soon. Brainstorming, Europe, or both."

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