2009-11-17: Hiding from Shadows



Date: November 17, 2009


Faced with the paradox of avoiding a woman she can't remember, Hallis calls for help.

"Hiding from Shadows"

New York

The day has been quite normal thus far. Sleeping until early afternoon, an audition for a bit part in a movie, coffee, then back to the apartment to get ready for the night. Yes it's Tuesday, but the weekend is really just around the corner. First thing on the list though is a phone call to a certain someone. Laying on her bed, Hallis curls up and dials the phone, letting it ring and ring…

Washington, DC

A couple hundred miles and a split second away:

"—and they're going to hammer the teacher certification issue again. You know their playbook, make sure you beat 'em to the punch." Congressman Dawson's office has been hopping since six in the morning, though with overlapping shifts and smoke breaks; the man himself and his evening crew are unsnarling some details over now-empty bags of drive-through. With the coffee threatening to run out, he's grateful for the familiar name showing up on caller ID. "I'm here," he answers, catching it just before it goes to voicemail as he walks away from the others.

"Well hello to you too!" Comes a cheerful voice on the other end. Hallis rolls onto her back and begins to play with a few tendrils of her hair, twisting them between her fingers. "Are you busy or do you have a little bit of time to talk? I tried to call when I thought that you wouldn't be too busy." She's a little bit hesitant, but excited to be talking to him finally. Especially since the previous night they only had time for a few texts back and forth.

George doesn't have a bed handy, no matter what they say in the movies about the Kennedy Suite, so he contents himself with leaning back against the wall. "I think—" A pause while he double-checks with the others, but by now they're already buried elbow deep in Powerpoints and spreadsheets. "Yeah, I can take a few minutes, what's up?"

"Oh, I just needed to hear your voice, first of all. Second, I wanted to ask if you had time for me to come and visit sometime this week…." Hallis pauses at this point and breathes a small sigh that can likely be heard at the other end of the phone. "And I met another one, you're right, it could be anyone. I'm starting to think that I'm the only person in the whole world that can't do anything."

"Oh, I seriously doubt that," George replies, with as little mirth to his voice as Hallis sounds like she's feeling. "Friendlier circumstances this time, I hope? And tomorrow's already shot to hell, but the day after should be good… seven-thirty, say?"

"Pencil me in, I have so much to talk to you about." Again Hallis stops for a moment, her slow breath the only clue that she's still on the line. After a moment or two she begins to speak again, this time a little quieter. "I found out that it was a woman that stole my memory. There's so many holes in it, George. I can remember things happening, but there's dark patches where she should be."

George doesn't answer right away, taking some time to ponder the new news. This is no simple matter of being slipped a mickey, then… "Not so friendly, then. First of all, be careful— whatever was going on, if she did that the first time and it only half-worked, she might decide to get more… drastic next time. So what do you remember— do you know her name, her face? Her voice?"

Hallis heaves a very deep sigh, "I don't remember anything about her. Nothing. Not a sound, not her face, not even how tall she is. She could be anyone. Agent Ivanov said that I need to stay away from her… but how do I know who to stay away from? He wouldn't say anything, I think she works with him or something. Or she's involved with the Flint the Fireman or Knocks the strong man." Again there is a small pause before Hallis whispers into the phone, "George, I'm a little bit scared."

Getting to know Ivanov better has been somewhere on George's agenda, ever since he acted suspicious that one time in Chinatown. This only serves to move the priority up a few levels. "What did you tell him, exactly? What did he tell— You know what, go ahead and come tomorrow if you want, I'll still be swamped but I can ask someone to keep an eye on you for the day. And I'll see what I can do about… things." Unless Felix feels like talking, there's precious little evidence for normal channels to follow up on. He does know a few people with abilities, but can any of them help with this?

"Really George? I can stay here if it's too much trouble. I need to talk to Doctor Falkland, and…" Hallis frowns at the phone and licks her lips slowly. "Can I pack for a day or two? I should be back for the weekend, there are a few parties that I promised to go to and Soleil will be in town." Perhaps there's a secret night life in Washington that has yet to be explored, she'll have to make a few phone calls. "Is it alright for me to stay until the weekend? Will you be back in New York on the weekend too? Should I hire a security company?"

"Whatever you think is best." George is increasingly running on limited information here. Who's this Doctor Falkland, and what sort of doctor are they? (He was too fuzzy-headed the other day to remember much of Sydney's introduction.) He decides not to pry, though, if it's important enough then she'll volunteer the answers. "I'm going to check on something on this end, I'll let you know what I find out, okay?"

"Alright George, I can't wait to see you. I almost want to jump on a red eye tonight, but I made plans." Hallis' mood seems quite lightened again, her voice taking on a quiet tone reserved for their moments alone. "I'll take pictures for you tonight and send them over a text, okay?" With a small giggle, she leans back into her pillows and makes little plans.

Pictures. Great. Like the ones she sent last time, to the point that he had to ask her to limit it to a couple per day in case he was in a meeting. "Thanks for the warning," George quips, shifting the phone to the other side. "Hey, they're making the throat-cutting gesture at me, can I let you go for now?"

"Aaalllright. I'll see you tomorrow. I'll text you when I get into town, alright?" Hallis doesn't wait for the answer before she blow a kiss into the phone and grins. "I'll keep the pictures as good as possible, okay? Just because I know you're working. But if I get drunk there's no guarantee."

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