2009-10-04: Higher Up



Date: October 4th, 2009


In her quest to put herself as high up as she can above those she deems inferior, Emily draws the attention of a mysterious voice. Prometheus makes a return, telling a killer her place in the chain.

"Higher Up"

Emily's Hotel Room - New York City

Seated in his car, Gene sighs as he looks to the phone number displayed on his laptop. After using his own custom internet program to get a name to the face, it was only a short matter of hacking into phone databases in order to get Emily's cell phone. Another federal crime, but with Gene knows that if he ever gets caught, it is unlikely that he will ever see the light of day again anyway. Taking his cellphone, he hooks something into the exposed back, wires dangling about a few feet, connecting the phone to a small box.

"Time to pull a Batman," Gene offers quietly before pressing Call on the Sprint phone.

The call takes a few seconds to process before it goes through, despite being only a few hundred feet from where the receiving phone sets. It's 12 stories up in a downtown hotel, one of the big national chains; it's in a room with a nice view, one of the suites with a single big bed, couch, desk/workspace, big TV, the whole deal. The ringing echoes through the room, over the din of the television. Before she answers, she makes sure to check the number. "Blocked? What the hell?" she mutters, sitting at the desk in front of her laptop, checking emails in a bathrobe. She presses a button and picks up the call. "This'd better be good, because I have no idea who you are" comes her gruff response.

The voice is right out of the movies, digitally altered to be something dark, sinister, and most importantly, nothing like Gene's. Of course, because of who Gene is… It sounds almost exactly like Darth Vader. Breathing noises like the iconic character are inserted here and there. "I'd have to say the same thing about you. After all, Prometheus does not waste his time on those without vision. Now, before we begin, I have one simple question… Why do you kill?"

Always one for a bit of dramatic flair herself, she can appreciate the voice on the other end. She's no stranger to the voice of the Dark Lord of the Sith. "That is an interesting conversation starter, to be sure. The answer is hardly as intriguing. I kill because I can. I kill because it's my God-given right to do so." Biological imperative seems to hold great importance in her mind. She's better than humans, and so she can do what she wants.

There is a short pause as the person on the other line considers. "No shame. No remorse," he states simply before offering the all important question. "Why?"

"To make the world a better place" she replies, casually. "Just because humans have climed to the top of the food-chain, why should Darwin's theories break down? There are individuals who have attained post-human status."

"So, you kill because you wish to be the top," 'Prometheus' replies without breaking a beat, swift on the heels of Emily's words.

Though Prometheus can't see into the room, Emily is smiling. She's since curled up onto her chair, pulling her feet up onto the seat and pulling her legs close to her chest. "Yes, absolutely."

The mirth carries into to the other side of the phone, though it is not returned. Or is it? Hard to tell with Vader's voice. "There are other Evolved out there, those that wish to defend humanity… Those immune to your gift. Would you risk your own life, merely to kill and be so 'blunt?'"

"I'd risk my life to eliminate those who would seek to defy the natural order of things" she says, with a little nod. "Those Evolved who choose to defend humanity forfeit their place in the natural order."

"So, you wish to fight alone regardless of who your foe is. You really want to die because you kill without vision? Because you wish to be on top in the most animal like way possible? How…" There is a few seconds pause before Prometheus finds his words. "…Disappointing."

Inside the room, her brows furrow; she begins to look frustrated at the fact that she's being compared to an animal. "What're you saying? Are you trying to tell me I'm going to wind up dead because I'm a predator?" She quiets for a moment and thinks. "Are you suggesting you want to help?"

"I do not help murderers. Those that prey on the innocent to cover for their shortcomings." Prometheus waits until Emily begins to speak, interrupting her if necessary… Or ten seconds, which ever one is the shortest period of time. "Tell me, what do you know of god that held my name?"

"He…stole the fires of the gods and gave it to humanity. He was a titan guardian of humankind who was renown for intelligence." She says it all matter of factly, but her smile on the other end takes a wicked little sneer as she recalls his fate. "And as I remember, when Zeus found out about that, he had him bound to a rock to have his liver eaten by an eagle, only to have the liver grow back the very next day."

The man of myth replies with the same tone as before, "Indeed. Those that help the weaker are destined to fall at some point. But my fate will be sealed by those greater than me. Not lesser. So, I will offer you a simple choice. You can serve me and I will reward you. However, if you continue on this path, I will be forced to consider you my enemy. You do not wish for this to happen. For even if you did manage to stop me, I know of Zeus. And unlike the end of the legend, he would come to my aid and not my destruction."

"So what exactly would working for you entail? Do I get to continue my plan? Do we have the same goal?"

"Your goal is vague. Your goal lacks vision. If you prove to me you are worth of power, it shall be granted to you. Of course, if you wish to continue to act like an animal, you will have to be stopped." Clearly, Prometheus giving the carrot and the stick way of business ago. "I am hoping your misguided efforts are merely due to a need for acceptance and responsilibity, not a desire for blood. Am I wrong?"

"I won't say that you're wrong, but I also can't say you're totally right. It's true my actions are unfocused…and as much as I hate the idea of being a tool for someone else's use I'm going to reluctantly agree to your offer. If you can help me solidify my vision of the future, then I think we'll get along famously."

"Of course. In order to figure how best to use you, we will have to share some information. I will start. I am Prometheus. As you can likely imagine, I am Evolved, gifted with abilities like yourself. My powers are hard to explain, but they involve manipulating technology to my choosing. It is how I found you. It is how I will find you if you abuse the trust I am giving." While Gene would want to turn in Emily, there isn't a court that would convict her and the Company is evil if what Elena told him was true. So he has to make due with what he can, as he wants to try and turn her into a hero rather than have her go around killing people. "…I know your abilities force people to do things against their nature. I require more details."

That's…a touchy subject. But, if he's able to find out her information, to contact her, to know that much about her ability, maybe he is telling the truth. And really, if the worst case scenario happens, she can just (make an attempt to) go off-grid for a while. "It's not that I make them do things against their will…it's that I make them do whatever I want, whatever I wish." It's with a certain sense of pride, and a sneer on her lips that she reveals, "I'm a puppetmaster…I possess them and use their bodies however I wish."

His guess was right. While not as dangerous as Sylar, perhaps, Gene figures that it's clear that he has to do something. If left to her own devices, no telling WHAT she could do. If guided in a different manner, that could be a mighty gift indeed. "I see. So, you go into one person at a time. That's why you had to use the cop to kill everyone rather than having them all kill themselves. Considering how your actions can make you seem obvious to those that would hunt you, for now, you will only use them when someone requires saving. I will be giving you a watch soon. It will function as a GPS tracker. While you may feel it is something that I use to keep tabs on you, it will be something to protect you as well. If you are in trouble, it can be used to bring help and it will let me know where to send it."

The final thing of orders are given before Prometheus goes on. "If the police contact you, you will work with them as best you can. I expect you to not turn yourself in, but do not hinder their investigation. Considering how little they know at large of Evolved, the case will go unsolved and gather dust. As long as you do not push the matter with similar crimes, it will become forgotten. Now, do you have any questions?"

The other end of the phone is silent for a few moments as she thinks things over. Anything to avoid people coming after her, right? That'll just make life easier. If this Prometheus wants to help her get a free pass for what she's already done, she's willing to tone things down for a while, to wander off the path for a bit to get a better idea of where she's going and stay in the shadows a bit.

"That's…reasonable enough. I don't like it, but I'm willing to go along with this…" she says, before pausing. "…for the time being, at least" she quips to end her statement.

"This is not something 'for the time being'. This is a choice. If I come out of this conversation feeling you will go back to your killing, Emily, I shall take actions accordingly. Now, do I have your word that you'll agree to the plan. If you choose to forgo the deal for something else, we can discuss it then. I am willing to offer you a chance of redemption once to be reborn to someone better. I will not offer it a second time."

"Sure…I understand." Even though he can't see, she's nodding on the other end. She's not about to give up all her thoughts though, thinking about how this might play out.

"I'm glad you do. If you have any questions, I'll be giving you a phone that can contact me. If it is opened, it will destroy itself. Until next we meet," 'Prometheus' states before he hangs up. The young genius sighs as he looks to his phone. "I sure hope I know what the heck I am doing here."

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