2009-11-24: Hire Learning



Date: November 24, 2009


Jaden gets schooled at Radmobile and an ecstatic Hallis get an expense account.

"Hire Learning"

Give 'Em Hell Kid Arcade

Normally, when someone as powerful and rich and amazing as the illustrious Jaden Cain is in a store or something, the place gets shut down. However, Mr. Cain is the type of guy that doesn't want to be treated any differently than he usually would be when doing what he normally does. And right about now, he's decided to bring himself back to one of the places he spent a lot of time (and quarters)… Give 'Em Hell Kid Arcade! Of course, the great Jaden Cain has paid for everyone's games for the day. Which means anybody coming in and playing gets to play for free all day. Lucky them.

Speaking of the great Jaden Cain, he's currently engaged in a battle of Street Fighter IV with some other little kid that's pretty awesome too. Jaden is playing as his favorite character of all time, Ken Masters, of course! It's a pretty intense match and Jaden's focused. Perhaps too focused on the game to realize that the girl that called for an interview would likely be making her way into the establishment at any moment. If she was punctual, that is. Doesn't matter. Jaden's too busy having fun. "Shoryuken!" That was Jaden and Ken. Oy.

Punctual. Punctual. Punctual. It's been running through Hallis' mind all day. Normally she'd be rather relaxed and nonchalant about the whole business but this is the first time she's actually made the call herself and set everything up without the help of her father's assistant. So with a few minutes to spare, Hallis walks through the door of the arcade and pulls off her Oscar de la Renta sunglasses. oh my god apparently letting her father's assistant do the work is better than what she can do by herself because this place is… Well it's like an amusement park.

Decked out in 4" heels, a tight black jersey mini-skirt and her usual wrap, Hallis makes her way through to the cash counter. "Uhm.. excuse me, I'm supposed to have an interview here?"

The clerk looks her over with a faint sneer and shakes his head, "I'm not holdin' any interviews, Sweetheart, but if you want a job I got a camera and a mattress in the back. Know what I mean?" It's said in a rather lighthearted manner, but the leer at the end is enough to give even the most courageous the heebie jeebies.

Jaden Cain is too busy finishing off the poor kid that dared to play against the Master of Ken Masters! As he hits him with a Super Combo, Jaden raises his hands into the air and gets some applause from whatever arcade patrons were taking the time to watch him do his video game duty! "The winner and still champion of Street Fighter IV Ultimate Arcade Battle Royale of Jawsome…" Dramatic pause, because this guy watches way too much damn television. "JADEN 'YOU DA' SHOTOKAN' CAAAAAAIIIIIIN!"

Whether or not there's cheering, Jaden keeps his hands in the air and turns around to look at the arcade as a whole. He's then stepping away from the game, slapping high fives with kids and starting to make his way off in the direction of where the cash counter is. "Hey Jimmy! Keep these things rigged up for the rest of the week, will ya'? These kids need some serious Street Fighter lessons!" Laughter! And the obliviousness to Hallis is the order of the day right now. For the moment, anyway.

The raucous laughter and celebration is enough to grip the attention of Helen Keller. So it doesn't take Hallis very long to whip around to locate the source. There he is. Jaden Cain. His face has been on the cover of enough magazines that Hallis recognizes him and throwing a backward glance to the clerk, she offers a wide smile and shrugs that same shoulder she's looking over. "I think I found my man!" she exclaims in a rather cheerful tone and begins to hip twitch her way over to the laughing mogul.

"Jaden Cain?" It's just loud enough to (hopefully) get his attention as Hallis snakes around his body and into view. "Hi, I'm Hallis… I'm supposed to be interviewing for a job?" From the waist down, she's more appropriate for a club or a cocktail bar, but the wrap is interview suitable, until she takes it off. Tossing it over one shoulder, she reveals a long sleeved t-shirt. It's apparent that someone needs to school her in business attire.

Laughing with Jimmy gets interrupted when Jaden's Spider Sense starts tingling. He actually stops dead in his tracks and flicks his head to the side. Wavy lines may or may not appear over his head, but that doesn't matter because he's turning to meet Hallis before she can even finish snaking around his body. His grin is already plastered on as he offers one hand to shake and his legs make his body step back slightly so that he can get a better look at the female that's decided she wants to throw herself at him. "Hallis? Oh! Right! I remember you!" The lying comes very naturally, after all those years of being a Professional Slacker. "You called about the uh…" Jaden doesn't even remember what the position is for. "… the job! Let's uh… the interview. Yeah, let's handle that."

Jaden frowns for a moment, turning to look around at the arcade. He spots a two seater racing game that's empty and smiles. Bingo. "Right this way. To my office!" He steps back to motion towards the racing game and allows the female to go first… so he can get a look at that ass, duh.

Casting a cursory glance at the unlikely heir, Hallis shrugs and dips into the game… headfirst for maximum asset gazing. So far, nothing has seemed like a regular interview, then again, the only interviews she's ever seen have been on television and they were with celebrities. After she's gotten herself as comfortable as she possibly can, she peeks over to watch him slide in beside her. "This isn't a regular office." The glib comment is made with a small smile. Flirt. Maybe he won't notice the lack of any real skills. "Do you usually hold your interviews in little plastic booths?"

The brilliant smile delivered right after the question is nothing short of the most dazzling one she could manage for a camera. Maybe. Just maybe, she'll get the job based on looks. Right now she can't even remember what job she was applying for. Coffee girl maybe?

"Not all of them. I only invite the girls I actually want to hire into my ride." Jaden jokes as he gets himself comfortable in the video game. "Here's how this is gonna' work. Because I'm me and I can never do anything simple, we're going to see if you can beat me at this here game. It's called Radmobile. I'd ask if you've ever played but you look more like you graduated from the Paris Hilton School of Prada than XBOX University." It's not really a diss, considering that the night he spent with Paris Hilton was simply amazing. He clears his throat though and presses the button to get the game started up and activated. Of course, he selects the Corvette. "This is pretty simple. We race. You beat me, you're hired. You don't and you owe me a date." Grin. "Hows that sound?

"Sounds good, but can we reverse that? Because I really need the job and you don't look like the kind of guy that needs to beat a girl at a video game to get a date." It's the simple honest truth, after all the man looks good enough to date Drew Barrymore off and on for a while. The car she selects is a pretty blue one, to match her eyes. It's got to be good luck, or something. "I think my shoes are much better than Paris Hilton's, seriously, sometimes I think I might have Pradakinesis or something. You should see my collection." And with that, her car is off… well it would be if she knew how to work the game.

"So if I win, you get the job. If you win, I get the date." Jaden's not even sure if he's following this. But then he looks at her screen and sees her little blue car… go in reverse. Frowning, but slipping into something closer to laughter, Jaden just kind of roll his eyes slightly. He can't believe she doesn't know how to play video games. He doesn't even look at his screen, having played this first track so much he's got the obstacles memorized. He's too busy looking at Hallis and then down at teh shoes that are probably not working the game pedal. "Huh. I dunno. When I was dating Paris, I honestly never really looked at her shoes." Jaden shrugs, speaking ever so openly about his many failed relationships. "So. I guess I should ask what your qualifications are. Other than spending money?"

Crap. Qualifications. "Uhm.. Well? I've been a model, I've been in some movies, I put out an album… VH1 wanted me to do a reality show, but… It didn't work out. Paris' was horrible and I didn't want to follow in her footsteps." Finally she manages to wheel the car to go forward, unfortunately it's going the wrong way. "Quick look over there!" Reversal of tactics, quickly she leans over and pushes Jaden's steering wheel. Hopefully, he did look over there because with one hand she's managed to get her car going the right way while the other plows his off the track. "If you lose, I get the job." Hallis reiterates, her renegotiation tactics might not work so well considering she just cheated. But all is fair in love and Radmobile.

Jaden is pretty gullible. Especially when there's always the possibility of there being another female to look at in the room. When he looks, he doesn't even notice that Hallis is doing something to his car and sending it off the road. "Oh! I get it! Piece of cake. I never lose." Jaden's smiling like he's already one, raising his hands to plant his fingers behind his head… before he realizes that his car is headed for a ravine. "Oh SNAP!" And before he can get his hands on the wheel, the vehicle on the screen jumps the ravine, doesn't clear it at all and smashes into the side of the cliff. "Dammit!" Jaden's finally focused on the game again, not even really remembering what he was talking about prior. Oh! "Resourceful. There's a good trait. Anything else?"

By this time Hallis is laughing fairly loudly and careening toward another corner. With some luck she might be able to pull this out and get a good standing at the finish line. "I know where all the best parties are, is that a qualification?" Her eyes never leave the screen as she grips the wheel with both hands and knits her eyebrows in concentration. "To tell you the truth, Jaden, Mister Cain… I don't know what you want to be called, is it okay if I call you Jaden?" For a split second her eyes leave the screen and she gives him a swift sidelong look, then back to the pretty blue car that's rounding yet another corner. "To tell you the truth, I've never had a job before. This is the first time I've been up before noon in years. Except that one Sunday… But that was an accident." Then it's time for another tactic. Very slowly, she lifts one of her legs and places close to the riser. It's possible that the leg will distract him enough to make his corvette fall off another cliff.

Now see, this is just not fair. Jaden's car has just appeared on the screen again and he's about to get back into the race. He's only paying kind of attention to what Hallis is saying, since he's trying to play catch up. He swerves around one of the corners, before he responds to Hallis and her questions. "Everybody calls me Jaden. Everybody except my ex-wife. She calls me Alimony." It's a joke, that would probably have the laugh track attached to it if this were a sitcom. But it's not. Instead, the group of kids off to the side laugh for Jaden's comment. "You uh…" Blinkblink. Jaden's foot pushes down on his pedal, while his hands kind of loosen on their grip on the wheel. Distracted. "… sure you haven't uh…" Wowser. Look at those things. Mmmm. Legs. "… had any kind of job?" Completely staring at Hallis and that revealed leg now, Jaden's corvette goes sailing off the same cliff it just did moments ago. Fail.

Indeed, the joke does earn a laugh, ex-wife? That's a tidbit she didn't know, she'll have to look it up later. And as his car flies off the cliff, she gives a whoop of joy and spins the little blue thing across the finish line. "I WIN!! I GOT THE JOB!!" Turning in the seat, she throws her arms around her new boss's neck and gives him a hug of pure happiness. Then she pulls away just as quickly, blushing, "Uhh… so when do I start and what am I doing? I can text a hundred words a minute if you need a personal texter." It's a skill, really it is. The leg has since been lowered and she's arranging the skirt to pull it down a little bit to preserve a little bit of modesty. "I had a bunch of jobs, but they were modeling and acting jobs. Nothing like… whatever it is I'm going be doing?"

Jaden frowns just a little bit. He's not used to losing at Radmobile. Especially when he's Jaden Cain. Jaden Cain is the master of video games. But then she's hugging him and all the frowning goes away as fast as humanly possible. He realizes that she's straightening herself up and then sits back a bit to glance at her. Hrm. "Retrieval Specialist. I say it, you get it." That's the title he's managed to come up with. "Starting tomorrow, you're on call twenty four hours a day, all the days in a year." Even Jaden's not sure he knows what that number is. And he's reaching into his pocket to come out with a business card. "Here. Come by the office tomorrow and we'll get the paperwork filled out and I'll get you fitted for a jPhone."

Taking the car, Hallis looks it over carefully repeating his words. "Retrieval specialist… Do I get an assistant? And an office?" She's pushing for the full ride now, maybe she'll be able to tell Daddy that she's got an office. Looking at the screen one more time, she fits him with a little smirk and juts her thumb toward it. "Does it include learning how to play video games? Because that was a little bit fun. Especially the winning part." Sly grin. "And what about holidays? Grandmother wants me at her Thanksgiving party and Christmas party."

"You don't get an office. No assistant. But! You do get an expense account." Jaden somehow figures that'll be the best treat of all. Considering that she's already expressed her crazy interest in shoes. "We'll talk holidays tomorrow. And everything else. Just remember how fast you beat me. That's the kind of service I expect while you're under me." Apparently, Jaden's hiring this girl on a more personal level than he is for the company. Either of his companies. "I'm sure I can get you some video games to brush up on. I'll see what I can do."

Squeal! That's the sound that Jaden is treated to when Hallis hears the magic words 'expense account'. She's unable to stop smiling now and she takes his hand, shaking it with both of her own. "Oh thank you thank you! You have no idea how much this means to me." Looking around the small booth, she slooooowly lets his hand go and rubs her hands against her skirt, smoothing it out. "So tomorrow at nine then? Or.. What time do you need things retrieved?" She'll have to get a personal assistant of her own, between all of her little pies, she should be able to come up with enough to pay someone to take care of her… So she can take care of Jaden.

"Ten. I'm watching cartoons at nine." Jaden explains, before flashing a smile and hopping out of the video game. He's on the other side of Hallis faster than even he knows and he's offering her a hand to help her out. "You know. Technically, you're already working for me. So I need you to retrieve something for me by about eight tonight…." Jaden just plasters on his most charming, I'm Rich As Hell, smile as he leaves the bait out there on this hook to see if Hallis takes a nibble.

Taking his hand, Hallis climbs out of the game and lets go to pull down the hem of her skirt again. Ten o'clock won't be such a shock to the system, she'll have to stay sober tonight. Really sober. This means she'll have to make plans with someone safe. The wrap she was sitting on is collected and she looks up at him with an expression of expectance. "Eight? Okay, what do you need me to get for you?" Of course she nibbles on the bait, it's her job to retrieve things and he phrased the request in exactly the right manner. Eight will be perfect, maybe she'll be working just long enough to avoid the bottle… and she'll be able to get to work on time for her first day. Except today is technically her first day, or tonight will be.

"I need you…" Jaden goes into his pocket and comes out with a huge wad of cash. He peels off about a thousand dollars and holds it out to Hallis. "… to get yourself something pretty to wear. We've got a movie premiere to go to and there's no way I'm letting you walk around Times Square in anything less than the best." Jaden winks at the new girl and turns to make his way towards the door of the arcade. "The limo'll be at your place at around seven. You're beautiful!"

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