Hiro Nakamura
Portrayed By Masi Oka
Gender Male
Date of Birth August 6th
Age 28
Zodiac Sign Leo
Aliases Takezo Kensei
Place of Birth Tokyo, Japan
Current Location New York, NY
Occupation Hero, Landlord, and CEO of Yamagato Industries.
Known Relatives Kaito Nakamura (Father, deceased), Ishi Nakamura (Mother, deceased), Kimiko Nakamura (Sister)
Significant Other Ando Kitty Hanner
Known Abilities Spacetime Manipulation
First Appearance Genesis

Hiro Nakamura was a mild-mannered computer programmer and Japanese salaryman. Now he's a time-traveling superhero. A lot happened between point A and point B.


One would find that despite a rather extraordinary background, Hiro Nakamura was always directed - even pushed - to be ordinary. Despite being the scion of a wealthy family and slated to become CEO of Yamagato Industries, Hiro was more interested in comic books, science fiction, roleplaying and video games - all things deemed to be the province of youth and not that of a respectable, self-sufficient man. Regardless of the fact that he was a dreamer more interested in the realms of fantasy than in reality, he was still a good son and when his father directed him to take a position as a computer programmer (a level three computer programmer no less) he did as he was told and began working at Yamagato Industries.

Despite working in a cubicle and carefully examining mind-numbing code day in and day out, Hiro never really became grounded and instead found himself with more time to fantasize and dream. He plastered the walls of his cubicle with images from comic books and video games, set himself up with a '9th Wonders' screensaver and let his imagination run wild. A socially awkward young man, Hiro made friends with another individual equally awkward in social situations by the name of Ando Masahashi. Although they did tend to bicker from time to time and Ando was more conscious of reality than Hiro, they soon became best friends.

But then something strange happened.

The train was late.

The train was never late. A train running late in Tokyo was about as common as a solar eclipse. That is to say, it was not common at all. It was at this time that Hiro began to believe that he was indeed special and not just because he was the heir apparent to Yamagato Industries - no, this was far bigger than that. Hiro could bend space and time. He knew it. All he needed to do was prove it - so he set to work doing just that.

Hiro would sit in his cubicle for hours on end concentrating. He'd screw his eyes shut and ball his fists and focus all his willpower towards making time slow. And one day - Yatta! He did it! By sheer force of will, Hiro made the second hand on the clock in his cubicle slow for the briefest of moments. It was proof positive that he was special, that he did have powers and he was going to be a hero. Of course, Ando did not believe him at the time - even when he teleported himself into the women's bathroom at a Karaoke bar.

Even though Ando wouldn't believe him, Hiro was convinced that he was special and that he would become a hero. He was not sure how, of course, until he experimented with his powers on the train home and found himself teleported to New York City - except this was New York City five weeks into the future. After a celebratory shout in Times Square and greeting everyone he met with a cheerful hello, Hiro found a copy of '9th Wonders' that had not been released yet - a copy with him on the cover. Seeing it as a sign, he made off with it (through the rather unheroic method of theft) and found the address of its author - Isaac Mendez - on the back cover.

After finding Isaac Mendez dead in his studio, his brain having been removed, Hiro was confronted by the police who believed him responsible. After a conversation across the phone with Ando and a look at a local newspaper, Hiro learned that he'd teleported into the future. It was at that time that he saw, out the window of the apartment, a nuclear explosion tearing New York City apart. Shocked, Hiro managed to teleport himself back to Japan at the moment he'd left for the future. With his 'comic book of the future' in hand, he knew what he had to do - save New York.

After convincing his friend that he had powers by saving a schoolgirl from being run over by a truck (thanks to the prophetic 9th Wonders), Hiro and Ando set off to the United States. The comic directed them to travel to Las Vegas and so they did, having a falling out after they were caught using Hiro's powers to cheat at various games in the casinos. Stranded in what seemed to be the middle of nowhere, they went their own separate ways for a short while before they met up yet again in Las Vegas.

And so the adventure continued. Hiro met and lost Charlie, whom he would go on to call his Gwen Stacy - his first love. Despite an attempt to be taken back to Japan by his father and sister, Hiro continued on with his mission to save the world. A trip to the future, a (near-victorious) encounter with Sylar and a swordsmanship master class with his father later, Hiro found himself in Kirby Plaza facing off against Sylar. Despite managing to run him through with his sword, Hiro was thrown a great distance by Sylar's and was forced to teleport to save his own life. Unfortunately, the stress of the situation caused him to greatly overshoot and he found himself in Kyoto, Japan.

In 1671.

Amazingly enough, Hiro found him right in the middle of a legend he remembered hearing tales of as a child - the legend of Takezo Kensei. Determined to make sure the legend played out as Hiro remembered it, he used his powers to try and help Kensei along - only for things to reach boiling point when Yaeko, the object of Kensei's affection, fell in love with Hiro instead. It all came to a head when Kensei changed sides, taking Yaeko and Hiro hostage and agreeing to help Whitebeard conquer Japan with a cache of firearms. After confronting Kensei and managing to destroy the weapons cache (and Kensei took, or so it seemed) Hiro knew that it was time to return to the future and fulfill the last part of the legend. He would leave Yaeko, the woman he loved, behind - metaphorically cutting out his own heart.

Upon returning to the future (or the present), Hiro found himself right in the middle of an explosion!



Hiro knows people.





  • Hiro is not actually named after the English word "hero", but after Hiroshima, Japan.
  • Hiro's AIM screenname is "yattaimhero".
  • His favorite video game is the SNES role-playing game, Chrono Trigger.
  • Despite his unathletic build, training under Kaito Nakamura and his battles in Feudal Japan have turned Hiro into a surprisingly formidable swordsman. At the end of his adventure in the past, he was able to overcome Adam Monroe in a duel at Whitebeard's camp.
  • However, Hiro is still extremely clumsy.
  • Hiro does not know how to drive.
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