2008-05-01: Hiro in SPAAAAAACE


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Summary: The bold heroes (and hostage) boldly go where no man has gone before… (or have they?)

Date It Happened: May 1st, 2008



Four people. One teleporter. The intended destination may not be important, because something goes slightly — or really — out of wack. Past teleports have been mildly disorienting at times, this one seems to mess with everyone's equilibrium. As if the whole world just turned upside, insideout and then flipped over on it's side. But then it all settles down. And they 'land'.

Dark carpeting surrounded by a red outline that runs against the walls. Walls which have panels upon panels, computer looking things. Five chairs, three lined up side by side, with a panel of newer computers behind them. Two more chairs seated with panels in front of them. Even more computers, lit up with complicated panels line the back. Above are bright white lights in a circular pattern, with a window on top. Through the window white lines streak by, like stars. A large window on the other far wall shows the same thing. White lines streaking by.

As their captive unfreezes, she finishes what she'd been saying, "'EY!" It's a shocked yell, her hand still outstretched in an accusing finger. But the sudden disorientation makes her stop trying to yell, until her head jerks around to look at them, stumbling. Shannon Goode is a doctor, but after her 'HEY' she doesn't yell anymore, just trying to pry herself free from the grasp. Her eyes narrow angerly, looking around at the— what the hell? Any questioning about who these people are might well be trumped by the biggest one of all 'where the hell are they?'

Ando recognizes this place — once he finishes stumbling, that is. He would be a complete idiot and hardly a fan if he didn't. After gaping at his surroundings in total and complete amazement, he looks toward his friend. "Hiro!" How the hell did they manage to get here? And more importantly: OMG IT'S REAL IT'S ALL REAL.

Bizarrely, the only sound Hiro makes for a moment as he looks this way and that is an excited squeak - his eyes grow wide behind his glasses. It is though his every nerdy dream has suddenly come true all at once and if there was such a thing as a nerdgasm, it may have just happened here and now. Letting Doctor Goode go for the moment, he rushes towards the Captain's chair.

"<Oh my god!>" Hiro begins chattering excitedly in Japanese, "<The Enterprise! It's real! It's real! I can't believe it! What do you think happened? Do you think we … crossed into an alternate dimension?>"

Oh god. Rochelle is suddenly very glad that she hadn't eaten before coming on this trip. The moment they land, there is a loud 'whumph' as Rochelle falls clumsily forward onto the scratchy carpet when she tries to balance herself(she never said she was twinkle-toes); a muffled curse is said into her cheek before the woman pushes herself up into a sit, one palm rubbing her cheek. "What the hell." A pause, while she peers up into the lights. Squint. Then Hiro is babbling, Ando is babbling- "Oh hell no." Rochelle even draws the words out melodramatically.

"I'm with the body builder," Shannon says, looking at the two Japanese men like they're on drugs. The lights on the panels continue to blink, the lines of light keep wisking by. It looks very much as they might have always imagined. Except it's a little smaller in person. Must be like being in the oval office for the first time. It looks so much bigger in person…

"But who the hell are you people and— where are we and why the hell have you brought me here?" She's looking around disbelievingly, almost even disgusted.

Ando is too busy examining the computers, the navigation panel, the stars sweeping past. "<I don't know, but whatever you did— !>" He trails off with a loud "YATTA!" and pumps his fists in the air excitedly. OH MAN THIS IS THE COOLEST LEAP EVER OMG OMG OMG. Shannon and Rochelle? They are kinda ignored. For now.

Unfortunately, Hiro is ignoring Rochelle and Shannon as well - his excitement is too much to actually hear them, it seems. He rushes over to sit down in the Captain's chair, moving this way and that to see if it suits him. After a moment, he lifts both arms into the air and joins Ando in the chorus: "YATTA!"

Rochelle nearly jumps out of her skin at the unfamiliar voice, turning as she stands up to look down at Shannon. Whoops. Oh yeah. We have company. But- The duo jumping up and down in front of them gets most of her eyes, attention-wise, but she clears her throat a little to Shannon.

"I- um. Well, doc, it looks like we're on-" Does she have to say it? "The USS Enterprise. As for why- well, we popped in for a visit and got a bit more trouble than we were looking for." Rochelle can't help but smile, albeit nervously.

"That's impossible, the USS Enterprise doesn't exist," the doctor says in a ba-humbug fashion.


Or not.

"What is going on in here?" a voice suddenly says from one of the walls, where a door is only visible from the right angle. A man walks through in a red star fleet uniform, hair done nicely and looking very much the part. "The tour is already moved on to the Voyager vs the Borg 3D experience— you're not allowed to be in here without a guide."

Shannon crosses her arms over her chest and just looks at the two Japanese boys in that 'I told you so.' way. But at least she isn't waving her arms and going on about how she's been kidnapped. Yet.

Ando's heart almost leaps up into his throat when the guy in the uniform shows up. OMG IT'S THE CAPTA— but no. No, it isn't. What the guide says starts to sink in and his heart crumbles into tiny, tiny fragments. Aww. Then the realization sets in that they've … well, they've leaped into a place they shouldn't be. Thinking quickly, he slings an arm over Shannon's shoulders and grins brightly. "So sorry," he tells the uniformed man, "our girlfriends wanted to see what it was like on the bridge." Oh dear lord.

Hiro blinks, gripping onto the arms of the Captain's chair as though he is not quite willing to accept that it is all just an elaborate set. Despite that, he does finally let go and stand up. When Ando starts talking about girlfriends, Hiro looks waaaay up at Rochelle and then back at the man in uniform. He offers his best (read: poor) effort at a reassuring smile.

"Yes. We are going now."

"Oh, thank God for redshirts…" Rochelle mutters, hands lifting up to her face to brush her hair back at the sides. But then Ando goes and ruins her moment of sheer and true relief(thanks Ando), which just causes her to send him a rather dangerous look before she only glances at Hiro. Right. Rochelle practically smears a sudden smile on her face, stepping brightly into action and aiming for the exit. "I told you all someone would notice. We're not exactly easy to miss, gaw." She almost yells back at the rest of her posse just before she sidles by the redshirt on her way out. Okay, time to go- grab the hostage, Ando. But not like that.

When his arm goes around the hostage, she goes a little rigid. But at least she doesn't scream or turn around and punch him. From the way Shannon tries to pull away, it might make the story a little doubtful. The tour guide (STAR FLEET COMMANDER) doesn't really seem to notice, cause he's too busy looking from Rochelle to Hiro, probably mentally picturing such a relationship in his brain. And the picture may be enough for it to break. "I— well— you're missing the Borg Queen's showdown with Janeway… but… I'll show you the way back to the museum. Your tickets should still work for the next tour in fifty minutes if you stick around. You could also pay the extra money for a photo session on the bridge if— if that's what your girlfriends want…"

All the while, Shannon practically glares at Ando. "This better be some kind of intricate hallucination…" She's not happy. But she could be a lot worse…

Just as long as Shannon doesn't give Ando a reason to keep her mouth occupied, they should be golden. He continues to grin at the commander brightly and ushers Shannon out after Hiro and Rochelle. "Thank you very much, commander." He keeps his arm tightly around Shannon's shoulders the whole way, very intent on getting them back to the museum as quickly as possible so they can get out of here and reorient themselves.

Hiro reluctantly follows along out towards the museum, turning to speak to Ando in their 'code language' also known as 'Japanese', "<We need to find somewhere to teleport out of sight. Or somewhere that we can talk to the Doctor.>"

There are some things that Rochelle has been able to pick up from being around Hiro and Ando- most of that being keywords when they slip into code, maybe some of the connecting words as well. She knows they're talking about teleportation, and luckily enough can hazard a guess that they need somewhere to be. After giving Shannon a cursory look to make sure the woman doesn't suddenly yell 'KIDNAPPERS', Rochelle peers sidelong at Hiro when there is a pause between he and Ando.

Then, presuming the redshirt is still with them- "Hey man, where are the restrooms?" Because restrooms are always right next to each other, and all of them going that direction makes perfect sense, right?

The holographic doctor— oh no just the one they brought with them.

The commander leads them into a corridor that, at first, looks like something out of the Enterprise, but the furthey they go, it looks as if the ship has been partially assimilated by the Borg. Lights flicker as if they're broken, and out of nowhere a member of the Borg walks by, but he breaks character and waves for a moment to the commander, until he sees the tourists and lowers his arm and goes back into character. We are the borg. You are not a threat.

"The bathrooms are right this way," he says, waving them on. "Are you having a good time in Vegas?" he asks, specifically eyeing the big girl. He hasn't even noticed the fact that the doctor is still in her lab gloves and lab goggles. Then again, working in the Star Trek themed casino hotel, he's probably seen people dressed a lot stranger…

"…we're in vegas?" the Shannon inquires, a little weakly.

"Yes, darling, we are no longer on the Enterprise," Ando pipes up immediately, giving Shannon's shoulders a squeeze and a quiet chuckle. "I know you wanted to make out in the captain's chair, but rules are rules. We got caught." Grin! Grin! Bathrooms. "Thank you, Command— " he pauses at the Borg, blinks, then back to the commander: "Thank you, Commander!" And then he starts steering Shannon toward the direction of the bathrooms.

"Did you want to make out in the Captain's chair too?"

Hiro peers up to Rochelle, asking the question and trying to seem non-chalant like Ando. However, Hiro taking cues from his best friend is a horribly bad idea much of the time and, as a result, he appears extremely chalant. Oh well. Now they know where the restrooms are and they can head to them and talk to the Shannon.

Ando steers Shannon away, and Rochelle starts steering Hiro by the shoulders right after he takes the cue. That- well- maybe she could have gone without it. The taller of the women rolls her eyes a little and smiles over her shoulder at the guide before they start off. "A fantastic time. Thanks!" Okay, let's go this way now, please.

The tour guide can't help but shake his head mildly as he walks on, murmuring something about 'one big girl' under his breath. Shannon, on the other hand, looks like she's been struck between the eyes. A gloved hand reaches up to remove the goggles and let them sit on top of her head, perhaps so she can get a better look at the man who's talking about making out in the captain's chair. She's not even a fan. Grouchy face is firmly planted on her.

"The restrooms are straight ahead and on the right," he says once they make it past all the rides, just past the captain's exibit." the commander says in a stunned fashion, pointing down a hallway that splits in two sides. One side for one ride, another side for the other. Past that is a ticket booth. Past that is the museum. Which… is a museum. The history of Star Fleet! The bathrooms themselves are just past a special exibit comparing the various Star Fleet commanders of renown. Kirk and Picard take up most of it. The ultimate question…

As they start walking away from the man, the corridors are pretty empty, the museum not at the peak of it's busy-schedule right now, Shannon finally pulls away from Ando, or tries.

But Ando keeps a tight grip on her until they get to the bathrooms, or at least the doors leading into the bathrooms. He looks relieved once they're away from the commander and throws a glance over his shoulder just to be sure. "How did we wind up in Vegas?" he asks of Hiro, sounding a little disappointed that "Vegas" is not actually "The USS Enterprise".

"I do not know," Hiro answers apologetically, shrugging his shoulders a little before he turns to bow to the Shannon, "I am sorry that we had to bring you with us. But we must find something that was moved from your lab and will need your help - the fate of the world depends on it."

Meanwhile, Rochelle is a bit more careful when it comes to looking out- double checking for anyone else that may be happening upon the four. "We're in Vegas because space-time manipulation is a very fine art, and right now all we seem to have on hand are fingerpaints." If that helps. Then she lets Hiro talk.

"Space-time … you…" Shannon shakes her head, looking at them quietly for a long time as if trying to figure out exactly what it is that they're talking about, and looking at them like they're insane. And perhaps they are. But the restooms, male and female and family all, have quite a bit of privacy. The family restroom might be the best, so they could all go in and lock the door…

"What do you mean the fate of the world depends— I'm not going to help you. I have a good job." Her voice is fairly deadpan for a kidnapping victim taken on a trip through space (and time? hopefully not).

And off into the family restroom they go. Once there, it's just a quick group-huddle and a beaming up before they're on their merry way.

"You have to help," Hiro insists, frowning, "Or you will not have a job left … everything will become very, very bad."

Exaggeration maybe, but as they enter the family restroom he glances this way and that. They can't wait here, as cool as the Star Trek exhibits are.

"Everybody grab on."

"Grab on, but what are we— ?" Shannon asks, but she's already grabbed by her new boyfriend, and the group whisks off through time and space. It's almost like they're tossed onto a roulette wheel. Where they stop… no one knows.


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