2007-06-24: His Reputation Precedes Him


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Summary: The doctors are IN.

Date It Happened: June 24th, 2007

Log Title His Reputation Precedes Him

Primatech - Hartsdale Facility

"Hmm… now, where is…"

A man in a clean white lab coat wanders around the facility's main laboratory: the room used by sundry professionals for those tests that don't need the most specialized of equipment. He's one of many white coats in the building, but this gentleman, who looks considerably younger than his sixty-one years, is Dr. Aldric, one of the more prominent doctors here in the hospital wing. He's the only one in the lab currently; half the room is dim, the other half filtering sunlight through a window mostly covered by blinds. Running a hand through his light brown hair, leaving a mess of choppy waves in its place, he wanders along a counter's edge opening and closing drawers. "Could have sworn…"

"Where is what? Oh, Dr. Aldric, I didn't know that you would be in today." That would be Mohinder entering the main lab, bearing a tray with a file folder on it, a few petri dishes along with a vial of blood. "Good evening to you. What seems to be the matter?" The younger Indian man heads over, setting his tray down on a worktable before he approaches the elder man.

"Oh, uh," Dr. Aldric looks up from his current dilemma with a distracted but genial smile for the geneticist. "Evening yourself, Dr. Suresh. No need to mind me, I - aha!" Approximately the sixth drawer he tries finds the gold - in this case, a tiny blue object. A thumb drive. "I left this on the counter. Someone must have had the good sense to tuck it away for safekeeping. It's just amazing how much information can get stuffed into one of these little … little things. Technology," he shakes his head, holding up the drive and eyeing it in old-fashioned wonder. "What do you have there?"

Mohinder offers a polite smile for Aldric's little dilemma. "A most well meaning gesture, I'm sure." He looks over, taking a peek at the drive.. "Hm.. you know those come in 2gig sizes now, right? Hmm? Oh this. Our latest patient in more ways than one, Mr. Maxwell Swan. It seems the guards took pleasure in beating him yesterday." There's a look of disgust on Mohinder's face. "I don't care what sort of provocation he gave, a physical beating was not called for."

Dr. Aldric perks his brows up and turns his mouth down in a fleetingly droll expression of intrigue on the subject of 2gigs before he heads over to the counter that sits in the center of the lab like an island. "Mr. Swan, Mr. Maxwell Swan. Manipulation of… metal… no, magnetic fields," he says, trying to place the name and succeeding. "I saw his paperwork, just for a, just for a flash the other day. He's scheduled for a stress test with me. You said the guards gave him a hard time? I don't know what's in their head sometimes," he says, with a fretting shake of his own head as he finds the USB port to plug the drive into the top-of-the-line computer in front of him.

"Correct. A very interesting man, and I must warn you up front.." Mohinder starts sifting through the items on his tray and tells Aldric from memory, "He is an addict. He confided that the usage of his ability has pained his body, giving him chronic aches. I attempted a placebo, but he caught on. He has become that addicted to pain medication, particularly percocet. At any rate, yes, when he discovered the placebo, he did attack the guards. But not in an attempt to escape."

"I see." Dr. Aldric's attention is derailed fully from the computer, now, and all on Mohinder. His eyes narrow, squinting, behind his glasses. "Percocet, you say. We'll have to start him on more than one rehabilitative program… of course, he, ah, he sounds rather aggressively adverse to change. We'll have to take it slowly. Oh, may I?" the doctor holds out a hand toward the geneticist with the files.

"That is my thought as well. I would like to try and get him weaned off of pain medication and get to the reasons behind the pain." Mohinder says as he sets to working with his samples and the microscope. "Please, help yourself. Mr. Swan seems quite congenial as well. Rational, and more accepting of his position than others."

The older doctor takes the file and holds it open in one hand, sifting carefully through it with the other. He murmurs quietly under his breath as he does so, garbled recitals of what he's reading. "Congenial?" he pipes up in the midst of it, looking toward-Mohinder isn't there anymore. He looks toward the microscope where Mohinder moved to. "His reputation… well, it… I wouldn't have expected congenial. People are surprising." The last bit is said with a fond type of awe. "Have his blood samples been run yet? Oh, are those—?"

Mohinder was starting with the petri dishes, but he gestures for Aldric to help himself to the blood sampls. "I know. It is definitely at odds with his Company file. He reminds me a bit of Hannibal Lector. He took his suppressants without argument after I explained their purpose, just an example of how easily I found him to work with." For now. "I found him most interesting. I left him with some newspapers for reading material. I might leave some scientific and medical journals later. He seemed quite keen to have some."

Dr. Aldric suppresses a shiver, just barely. "I'll ask the kitchen staff to keep fava beans and Chianti off his diet plan," he says lowly in what is a completely serious voice - or at least a good replication of one. "Oh, and no need," he politely dismisses the blood samples with shake of his head, tucking his seat closer to the counter, settling in for computer work. He sets Swan's file down on the counter. "I'll read your findings. With any luck, we'll find low levels of cytokines-IL-4 and IL-10 to determine that he really does have chronic pain. Now, I wouldn't be surprised, dealing with magnetic forces like that…"

Mohinder laughs at Aldric, he can't help it. That was funny. He inclines his head in a nod as he makes adjustments to the focus and magnification on the microscope. Ah, how handy it is to have the image projected on a computer screen. Easier to see. "I'm not sure how much better that would make me feel, having solid evidence. I suppose it makes sense. It does fascinate me to no end, the side effects some people have of using their abilities."

"It would help with directing a course of treatment," Dr. Aldric says in his usual calm voice as he taps several times on the black keyboard set out in front of him. Tap. Tap. TAP, damnit. The screen eventually floods with far too many instances of the same folder. Oops. "He wasn't too badly hurt, was he? I suspect I would have been called in if he was…but, ah, I believe I was at home enjoying dinner at that point."

"That's my train of thought as well. I would think, that it shouldn't be different than the aches and pains of training an athlete. But we shall see." Mohinder says as he peers down at his computer monitor, continuing to make adjustments, saving images, panning the lens where needed.. "No.. Damaris and myself started to tend to him. I had to send a nurse down however. We.. were interrupted. Sylar chose that inopportune time to call."

Dr. Aldric stares at the ultra, ultra enlarged image of white blood cells on his own computer screen - a saved image using the same method as Mohinder, from a different patient. "Sylar!" he says in surprise, blinking at the screen and, eventually, at Dr. Suresh. "… You're kidding," he follows up in a voice devoid of emotion. He reaches up to scrape along the mustache he has growing with the corner of his thumb in thought. Nervous thought. "He— well. I suspect it wasn't a casual call, asking you to go to tea." Pause. "If it was I sincerely hope you said no."

"I wish that I was kidding," Mohinder says in a sour tone as he opens Max's file and starts taking notes on what he sees on his screen. "He called purely to provide further torment for myself as well as Damaris. I doubt he would ask me for tea. Considering I poisoned the last cup I gave him."

"Ah— really. I'm sorry that it didn't stick." The poison, that is. The normally mild-mannered Dr. Aldric clearly feels bitterly about the subject of Sylar. "You know, when I first glimpsed Swan's file I worried… he's… done harm to several of our agents… nothing on the level of Sylar but— well. I suppose his psychological profiling is best left to Eames." He distractedly putters around on the computer screen. "I suppose the call couldn't be traced…?"

"Not as sorry as I am," Mohinder says, then frowns at his screen. Hmm. Something's off here. "Sylar has gotten quite good at not being traced. I find it remarkable that he has yet to be recaptured. The same goes for Kellie." A few more keystrokes are tapped out, more files saved. "I think.. we might be able to rehabilitate Mr. Swan. He seems quite unlike Sylar, in a psychological sense."

"The sooner they're locked up on Five the better. We all wish it was sooner rather than the later it has unfortunately drug onto." Dr. Aldric squints at his computer screen, clicking the mouse with focus for a few moments; the text and images of cells on the screen reflects blue in his glasses. "Hm? Oh, yes, I would hope so."

"Personally… I hope they don't survive to get to that level," Mohinder states, quite bitterly. Did we mention bitter? "I want to go back to living at my apartment. Molly going to school and being as normal a little girl as she can be." Because Bob still has them living at Kirby in the meantime.

Dr. Aldric doesn't respond to the latest variation of Mohinder's bitterness; he does, however, frown so deeply that wrinkles form at the ends of his moustache. "Your Molly seems like a nice young girl. I never saw her much; read her file and gave her a check-up once upon a time. How is she?" he asks conversationally, perhaps to steer away from darker subjects. "Resilient?"

"She.. she is as fine as she can be. Fortunately, she is still a little girl that can be distracted and.. bribed.." Mohinder says with a sad tone. "I am glad that she has a very active and hungry mind. I never run out of ideas to keep her occupied. Unfortunately, her mind is active and Molly.. she's far more intelligent and wiser than her peers."

"It's usually my daughter who's bribing me." Dr. Aldric lets a smirking smile slip. "The last time it was cookies. For the chance to speak with you, in fact. I, uh. I hope she wasn't too…" Brow. Furrow. "Too brash with her ideas." He clears his throat lightly. "You're here late, you know those samples can wait to be analyzed in the morning. You should go home. See your girl."

Mohinder smiles across at Aldric, "Your daughter is a very intelligent and headstrong lady." And he's not just saying that either. "Is that all it took? Cookies? I quite like Cass. I'm just afraid we don't quite see eye to eye." He straightens up and rubs a hand across his eyes before glancing at the time when reminded. "She was not too brash at all. As for the time.. you're right. Maybe I'll bring Molly with me tomorrow. She likes to help in the lab." And there's plenty to keep her occupied too.

"I think I have some lollipops somewhere." That was not simply a random statement - Dr. Aldric is thinking of Molly! He clears his throat once more. "Cassandra and have been having trouble seeing eye to eye lately as well. She gets a viewpoint in her head and it turns into iron. She means nothing but the best. She has one of the best hearts… no, the best heart I've ever seen." He idly commands the computer to spit some readouts from the printer. "Evening Dr. Suresh," he says goodbye the same way he said hello.

Mohinder laughs a little. "She'll clean you out of your supply. I'll have to ask if she'll keep her pet at home.. It was a good idea and a bad one to give her a chinchilla." The geneticist keeps up the conversation as he starts putting things away for the night.. or at least setting them aside where they will be undisturbed until morning. "Try not to worry too much about it. I'm sure this is a hurdle the two of you will overcome." His lab coat is hung up and put away. What he needs to take back to Kirby Plaza with himself is picked up. "Good evening to you as well. Tell Mrs. Aldric and Cass I said hello, please."

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