2007-04-01: Hobnobbing


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Summary: The Emperor of the United States (and Protector of Mexico), the Tsarina, and a scientist go for a stroll in Central Park…

Date It Happened: April Fool's Day, 2007


Central Park, NYC

Late in the day it may be, with the sun resting just above the horizon, but the parkgoers don't show much inclination to go home. This probably has something to do with the clearing of the day's clouds and the generally warm temperature. Wearing short sleeves (blue) and jeans (black), Evelyn is seated in the grass, legs crossed and a book held on one knee. The backpack the book came out of is nearby. She isn't reading, though; the teen seems to have been distracted by the spring weather, watching the joggers, bikers, tourists, kids, kids with dogs, and pigeons all going to and fro.

Angel Comes into the area she seems to be looking for a nice patch of ground for herself , finding one under a tree she sits down and opens her own backpack taking out a laptop and perching it on her lap.

Meanwhile, Randall is wandering through the trees and benches, and… hiding Easter eggs. Either he's got a badly screwed-up calendar, or more likely he's taking advantage of the true date to get away with some public weirdness without as many funny looks as usual. A few passersby do pick up some of the eggs and carry them away, the kids with excitement and the adults with vague bemusement.

Eventually, Evelyn catches sight of Randall, working his way across the park. She studies his strange behavior for a bit, trying to figure out… what… wait… Blink. The girl chuckles, then, as she figures out he must be hiding… something. Putting the book away and standing up, Ev' shoulders her backpack and moves towards Randall, hooking her hair behind her ears where the errant breeze can't play with it so readily. Angel's arrival is noted - but lost as one among many.

Angel Looks up and spots randall as well and evelyn moving towards him and lifts an eyebrow . She herself puts her laptop away and stands up cocking her head " What in the world ". She moves over towards him wondering what the man is up to.

Randall straightens up from a crouching position with just one egg left, red with gold glitter: a quick-and-dirty knockoff of a Faberge pattern. Noticing Evelyn as she approaches, he walks over to her and moves to place the last egg behind her ear. "For the tsarina," he intones, with what must surely be mock gravity.

Evelyn starts in surprise as Randall suddenly reaches behind her ear, her hands coming up to catch the egg before it falls. This time, she ignores the hair that falls in her eyes. "Thanks…" she says, nonplussed. The teen studies the egg for a moment, then peers up at Randall with curious interest. "If I'm the tsarina -" Sure, she'll play along. Sort of. "- who are you?"

Angel Comes closer herself she lisens and watches mostly keeping an eye on randall with the teen , She's waiting to see if he's some kinda crazy or just intresting.

Randall takes a step back, easing the strain on Evelyn's neck. "Joshua Norton, Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico, at your service." A polite hand is offered. He takes note of Angel's presence in passing, having seen her once or twice before.

Head canting slightly, Evelyn takes a moment to consider Randall. Then she grins, accepting the handshake. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Norton," the girl replies, dipping her head. She gestures towards the park before them. "Shall we walk?"

Angel Blinks and smirks " Didn't the former Mr. Norton die over a hundred years ago good sir? " Seems she dosn't know what the date is or forget and most of this is totaly lost on her.

Randall glances back and forth, inclining his head to Angel. "Actually, there's a fascinating story behind that, but unfortunately it's too small to fit in the margin. If you'll excuse me?" He does, after all, have fellow royalty to attend to. "Lead the way, Miss Romanov, if you would be so kind."

Evelyn smiles at Angel. "I'm sure there's some mistake." Like her forgetting the date. Evelyn taps a finger against her cheekbone, turning back to Randall. "Or perhaps Mr. Norton has finally located the Fountain of Youth?" Shoving her hair back again - annoying breeze - Evelyn turns and resumes walking. "My pleasure." She casts an amused glance over her shoulder to Angel. Tag along, if you like, her expression suggests.

Angel Smirks and tags along she does , she dosn't want to be the thrid wheel but this looks intresting as she moves along with the girl and the man wondering what's going on till she looks at her watch and blushes " Oh it's april first "

Randall shakes his head. "Rumor has it that de Leon located it off the Florida coast, but I have an unfortunate allergy to the white sands. Actually, I owe my youthful appearance to a steady diet of eggs and cod liver oil." It could be worse; he could have gone out and found a clip-on set of bunny ears.

Evelyn stifles a smile at Angel's belated realization. Reasonably well, too. "That is most unfortunate," she says to Randall. "I should think the Fountain the more pleasant option." The teen takes a moment to dig in her pocket for a hairtie, getting her hair out of her face once and for all. "I may well find old age preferable to eggs and cod liver oil. What about you?" she asks Angel.

Angel Giggles and nods " Anything but that " She curls her nose " Yuck , i'm a scientist and even i can't stand the stuff regardless of the medical applications "

Randall clucks his tongue. "I know you scientist types," he muses, slipping his hands into his pockets. "You're the ones who say that bumblebees are aerodynamically incapable of flight, I believe?" Though the Easter egg supply has run dry, he does still get waves of recognition here and there from people who saw him earlier and are still hanging around; he waves back to them in proper imperial fashion, ducking quickly out of the way as a bicyclist cuts through heading the other direction.

Evelyn blinks at Angel. "How could that be? They quite clearly /do/ fly," she observes. Watching Randall wave back at people, she almost doesn't pick up on the bicyclist until it's too late; she also dodges the path hazard, if without much grace. Backpacks can do that to you. Resettling its weight, Evelyn rejoins Randall and Angel on the path, eyeing the bicyclist briefly as he continues on his way.

Angel Was going to retort before she also jumps out of the way and smirks " They do fly but they are not arodynamic witch means they are very efficient is all " she shrugs " And I'm not that kinda scientist anyways "

Randall takes a few seconds to compose himself once again, then grins. "I think they did eventually figure out how it works, but I forget the details." One of the hazards of such an advanced age, no doubt. "But enough about the native fauna— how has the New World been treating you in your exile?"

"Ah. That is good to know." She looks to Angel. "What kind of scientist /are/ you, then?" A moment later, Evelyn's attention is redirected to Randall by his question. "Most well, thank you," she replies with a smile. "I find the weather much more pleasant."

Angel Smiles " Mostly physics right now but I hold phd's in math , physics and a master is quantum mechanics I work at the university trying to figure out how the universe works ".

Randall dips his head. "Actually, I find myself in much the same pursuit, though I gave up on the university setting a little earlier than you did." He leaves it at that. "You're right about the weather, it's done wonders for your complexion since last I saw you. I admit I was afraid for your own mortality for quite a time."

"Ah. The oldest question of all. I wish you luck," she tells Angel, offering the woman a smile. Evelyn arches a brow at Randall's remark, then lifts her hands, drawing them out to either side at chest level. "As you can surely see, you need have no such fear now," she assures him. "Although, however belatedly, I do thank you for your concern."

Angel Smiles brightly and nods her head " Thank you your highness " . She smiles starting to play along a little now.

The young man's pace slows as he reaches something of an incline, then he stops to lean back against a tree whose branches start high above the ground. "I do hope I'm not keeping you from an audience of your own? Mine appears to be concluded for the evening, and I find myself at something of a loss. Perhaps a visit to one of the nearby importers of Armenian coffee beans?"

Distracted by a farewell wave to the departing Angel, it takes a moment for Evelyn to catch up with Randall's words. "Hm? Ah -" She glances at her watch. "I do have some small amount of time left to spare," she agrees. "While I have yet to find any of the brews offered to my liking, I have observed that most import other items as well. It would be my pleasure, Mr. Norton."

Starbucks, NYC

The emperor's subjects, if they can be called that, fail to recognize him here. He gets to stand in line, just like any common schmuck. "There was some mention of schooling, earlier," he offers. "Have you taken up the city on any of its various facilities in that regard, I wonder?"

The prospect of standing in line doesn't seem to disturb the tsarina in the least, either. "I have," Evelyn replies. "There are indeed quite a number of facilities available. It was a daunting task to select one." But she doesn't seem in any particularly hurry to name which one.

"Or possibly two or three, in the case of the supplicant from the Royal Astronomer's office." Randall falls quiet as he peruses the menu, simultaneously contemplating what to say next. Must see how long they can keep going without breaking character. "In any case, I trust they were accommodating in their schedule of tutors. While the city admits of rapid transit, it also places high demands on one's time, compared to the leisurely pace that we enjoyed in our childhood."

Evelyn doesn't need to look at the menu for long, so she watches Randall peruse it with a small, amused smile. "Indeed. I believe it has worked out better than I might have expected, though you are correct - it is dreadfully easy to be left behind by the speed at which things move. I must confess, I sometimes wonder if your people ever do stop and simply enjoy the day around them."

Randall shakes his head. "Not often enough," he replies, before continuing the belated-Easter theme with an egg salad sandwich. And a can of Coke, the earlier allusions to Kenya and Java notwithstanding. "But at times, the wheel simply turns too quickly to admit of anything else; then one's only hope is to hang on as long as possible, and choose wisely the moment to let go and give over to Fortuna's whim."

Evelyn opts for just tea. Nothing more. "I find it is when the wheel turns most quickly that time for reflection is most important," she notes. "It is difficult to make a truly wise choice otherwise; I do not see how can they reasonably hope to turn it to their own advantage without such consideration."

Randall gets the sandwich to go, so that it winds up encased in plastic. It's not quite 100-year-half-life convenience store fare, but it'll keep for at least the rest of the evening without a problem. "Thinking under pressure, yes. I've had to work on that myself recently, on more than one occasion." At this point, he lowers his voice to a conspiratorial whisper. "Did you hear about the recent violence in the Chinese district? Many casualties, I'm sorry to say."

Noticing that Randall clearly isn't intending to linger in the shop, Evelyn takes her tea and drifts back towards the door. "I had heard mention of it," she affirms, nodding a bit. "Only in passing. A most dreadful occurrence." Another glance at her watch; a faint frown passes across her face. "Unfortunately, Mr. Norton, I must soon take my leave; as you said, the wheel never does stand still, and there are always more audiences on the calendar."

Randall pantomimes withdrawing a nonexistent pocket watch and flipping it open, then nods and inclines his head. "M'lady. May our next audience not be so severely delayed. And plant the egg somewhere where it will do good!" he adds, as an afterthought.

Since she probably couldn't perform a curtsey to save her life - and isn't wearing the right clothes for it anyway - Evelyn settles for a deep nod. "Most certainly. The company was, as always, a pleasure, Mr. Norton," she says with a smile, before heading out the door and down the street.

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