2007-12-21: Holiday Gifts


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Summary: Cam wants to get Christmas presents for his friends and Niki helps him pick some out.

Date It Happened: December 21st, 2007

Holiday Gifts

New York City

Having been saving up from his job with Joule for weeks, except for a comic here and there, Cam's decided to buy Christmas presents for everybody himself. Of course, being his first time shopping for himself, other than Micah he hasn't got a clue how to know what to get anybody. Which is why he asked Niki for help. As they step through the doors into the store, he's saying to Niki, "I saved up a hundred and fifteen dollars. Hope that's enough."

The department store should have variety. On a budget. Last minute Christmas shopping. It could be worse-at least there's still a few days left, right? While the stores try hard to inspire the holiday spirit (of spending and giving), Niki tries hard to seem like she's inspired. The holiday season isn't picture perfect for her family for a longshot, but Cam's Christmas present mission makes her smile as she walks with the boy into the store. "A hundred and fifteen dollars? That's great, Cam! I bet that's more than enough. Who d'you have on your list?"

Cam smiles at Niki's answer, "Great." Then he considers, "You.. gonna get yours later so it's a surprise. Micah, know a comic he wants but dunno if you got it for him. The original X-Men Volume 15. Gotta figure something else if ya did… um.. Monica, wanna get her something awesome to say sorry for being mean sometimes. And.. um.. Kory, and.. guess that's it." He looks a little unsure. Choosing who to give presents is new for him too.

"I have to make one last stop at the comic store," Niki says. Her last visit was kind of interrupted, after all. "If you wanna get X-Men, feel free to beat me to it," she grins at Cam as they venture further in the store. "And, you're not mean to Monica, honey. She's so busy these days, she could use something to relax with. Umm…" She veers around a crowd, looking around the store.
Cam smiles again, "Cool." He follows Niki along, looking around at the displays and the crowd. "I guess.. I been mad at her a few times, though." He then asks, "What's she like to relax with? She doesn't play video games much. And she has to read all the time for school."

"Well…" Niki peers up at the various signs telling shoppers which way to go to get to x aisle as she maneuvers around with Cam. "You could get her some nice bath stuff… but then she'd probably know you had help," she says with a grin.

Someone's wallet is on a counter next to them as they argue with their wife. As Cam and Niki pass, the boy's hand almost reaches for it, but he stops himself at the last second. Even if he could manage without Niki noticing, he doesn't want to do it with her here. So he continues following along, and as she looks back at the last he grins, "Yeah. For sure wouldn't seem like me… um… what about music?"

"…I'm… I'm not even sure what music Monica likes." Sure, they've been living in the same house for awhile now, but, well, life is distracting from the small details sometimes. Niki, looking down an aisle, doesn't seem to notice Cam's moment of pre-emptively stopped thievery. "Hey, I know," she suggests, "Let's go check out the movies. Something with lots of action." Somewhat of a 180 from relaxing, but…

Cam grins and says, "Yeah! That's cool." He keeps close to Niki… his short height gives him a more difficult perspective to navigating the crowded store, so he lets her actually lead the way. "What kinda action movies does she like, ya think? Martial arts? War? Superhero? Gotta pick one she doesn't have, and Micah doesn't either too, I guess. If Micah has it, she could see it anytime anyway, so not as cool."

"Hopefully we can find something we don't already have at home," Niki says, marching toward Electronics, making sure Cam's close-by all the while. "Mmm… maybe something with… ninjas?" Quirking a brow at herself for the thought, she stops in front of a display and looks down at the younger shopper. "You'd be better at picking out something cool than I am."

Cam thinks about that, looing at the displays as they get to the movies, and says, "Hasn't been too many cool ninja movies in ages. But… Jet Li makes the *best* martial arts movies." He grins, picking Fearless off the shelf.
"If you say so," Niki, taking the twelve year old's word for it, laughs a bit as he takes the movie off the shelf. "I don't know Kory very well, but she seems fun. You have any ideas in that head of yours?"

Cam clarifies, "Jet Li's Chinese, ninjas are Japanese." Then the next question has him frowning again, "Dunno at *all*. All I can think of is comics and movies, and she's got a whole store full of both of 'em."

That won't do. Leading Cam out of the Electronics department, Niki tries to come up with another holiday shopping angle for the Secret Lair employee she's only met a couple of times, but who means a lot to Cam. "She wears fun little t-shirts, right?" Niki vaguely remembers Kory sporting a giant robot. "I bet I could guess her size. There's a funky clothing store nextdoor."

Cam shrugs a little to that and grins, "She wears fun everything. She was dressed like a reindeer the other day." Then, though, he brightens at the mention of the other store, "Yeah, that'd be cool, let's check there."

Done deal, then. Thus decided, Niki heads with Cam to pay for the first gift before going to the other store. "Are you excited for Christmas this year, Cam?" she asks, a tinge of curiosity seeping into her words, particularly as she adds — with some considerate caution, "What did you last year?"

Cam nods quickly and says, as he follows her towards the lineup at the register, "Yeah, it's gonna be great! Well, wish Micah could have his dad there, and my mom and dad would be there, but it'll still be fun anyway." Better than the previous year, anyway, which he describes next, "I was by myself, in the park. I was still scared of… you know," he says, not wanting to outright say freezing people in public. "So I didn't go to a shelter or anything."

The woman's expression sobers — she glances down while they wait in line. She wraps an arm around the boy, reassuring comfort. "We make the best of what we have. And— who we have. I'm glad you're gonna be with us for Christmas, Cam."

Cam leans a little against Niki but smiles up to her with a nod, "Me too." He then says, "I was scared they were gonna come back, take me somewhere else before Christmas. Glad they didn't."

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