2007-03-12: Holly And Molly


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Summary: While Molly waits for Matt, Ethan comes over to try and cheer the girl up. Matt makes his appearance and then promises Chinese food. Yes, I know it should by Holly, Molly and Matt but that doesn't rhyme as well.

Date It Happened: March 12, 2007

Holly and Molly

NYPD Precinct

What NYPD precinct isn't busy? So let's skip the description of everyone bustling around and perps being brought in shall we? Shaking his head some, Ethan slips out of his wife's office after dropping off some paperwork. It's about end of shift, but Vi's got a backup going. The man's free to go, yet he's not leaving without his wife.. in other words.. he can easily go back to work. Hands crammed into his pants pockets, he starts to joke easily with passing officers as he takes his time walking through.

What place is safer for a girl in hiding from Sylar than the police station? Molly is sitting and waiting for Matt to finish up something on his cases before he takes her to their hiding place. Sitting at his desk, she's amusing herself by coloring things in crayon while at his desk. Anything to keep her mind off of Sylar being released.

Ethan strides past Matt's desk, "Hey Parkma.. you're not Parkman!" He stops and turns to face the desk and the miniature occupant, smiling broadly behind his beard. "You must be his girl, huh? What'cha got there?" He's not being nosey, just friendly and he likes kids.

When someone comes striding up to the desk, Molly glances up to see Ethan. She's never met him before, but he seems friendly enough. "No, I'm not Matt. I'm Molly," she replies and smiles when he calls her his girl. "That's me." It always makes her happy to be reminded of that. "I'm just waiting for him," she replies to the doodles. They're nothing special. Flowers, bunnies, etc.

"Pleased to meet you Molly, folks around here call me Holly," Ethan says, still grinning at the girl. "Well.. I'm gonna have to go have a word with Matt, making his girl wait like this. You never keep a lady waiting!" He looks down at Molly, then flashes a glance at Vi's door, before winking once at Molly, "But ladies like to keep the men waiting. You thirsty? You want a snack?"

"Your name rhymes with mine," Molly observes without the smile that would normally accompany it. It's hard for her to be happy with Sylar on the loose and having to hide again. She was getting used to being able to not worry again. "It's okay. He's being a detective. I don't mind waiting." She looks around and shrugs her shoulders. "I wouldn't mind some hot chocolate if you have any." It's obvious the little girl is feeling down.

"Sure does," Ethan says, but his grin fades a bit seeing that the kid's upset. "One hot chocolate coming right up, with marshmallows too." He heads off to the break room area to get some hot chocolate. Sadly, it's the instant kind, but it does have the promised marshmallows. He also swipes a couple of doughnuts on a napkin to take back to the kid.

"Marshmallows too?" Molly perks up at that. What girl doesn't love hot chocolate with marshmallows? Even if it is instant. Taking the mug, she raises it up to take an immediate sip and then realizes that /might/ not be the smartest idea. She eyes the donuts, but doesn't grab one just yet. "So are you a detective like Matt?" she asks.

The doughnuts that Ethan sets down on Parkman's desk for Molly are chocolate, with sprinkles. How can you not like a doughtnut that has sprinkles? "Just as the little lady ordered and the doughnuts are my treat." He pulls over a seat to the desk and plops down into it. "Naah. My work's much less dangerous. I get to look over the evidence and crime scenes, looking for clues."

It's hard to pass up chocolate donuts with sprinkles and Molly is trying to make a decision between her mug and a donut. Clearly these two cannot exist together at the same time. "Thanks, Holly. So you're…like those guys on TV? The CSI guys?" Little does Matt or Mohinder know that whenever she can, she watches shows such as those. "That looks pretty dangerous. They shoot at people and get kidnapped and stuff."

A lot of detective work, Matt has found out, involves research and running around. Not a lot of action. Still, finding Sylar isn't as important as finding a way to nail Sylar, and that takes a lot of looking back over files and notes, re-interviewing people, etc. Matt walks back into the bull pen of desks with a large file in his hands and a distracted look on his face, but it wipes itself clear when he sees Molly. And Holly? What's going on? He fears the worst, but Parkman puts on a smile and turns the 'volume' up just enough to hear the thoughts of the visitors to Matt-Desk-Land. "Has Molly decided she wants to join the force?" Matt asks in a strained by jovial tone.

"Exactly," Ethan says with a laugh. "Or maybe not so much. I've never been shot at or kidnapped. I think my wife would kill me if that happened." He looks up as Matt approaches, "And there he is! You oughta be ashamed Parkman, making this lady wait on you. I was about to ditch my wife and take Miss Molly to dinner." Oh he's teasing the detective, and trying to lay it on thick to get a giggle or at least a smile out of the kid. There's really nothing for Matt to pick up from him telepathically aside from that.

When Matt comes back, Molly beams at him. Nothing can get her to smile more than seeing Matt. "Matt!" she had been slouching in her - well, his, technically - chair and she wriggles herself up so that she's sitting straighter. There's nothing to really hear from her other than the normal 'yay Matt' chatter. "I was just waiting for you. Mohinder had to go back to his lab," she pouts a little at that. But she does give Holly that smile he's been working for. "You can still take me out to dinner if you want," she replies. "But Matt has to come too!"

Matt 's smile becomes a little less strained, and he even chuckles. Waters checked, the volume gets turned back off for now. "Maybe we can get something to take out, huh?" He sets the file down and rests a hand on Molly's head for a moment before he looks to Holly. "Can't thank you enough Holly, but I'd thank you more if you could tell me if you checked the floor where that painting was for fingerprints." It might be one of those small details that was overlooked. "Or any of the snowglobes?"

Ethan laughs at Molly, glad to see something putting a smile on her face. "Naah, I'll let your dad have the honors tonight." The good natured man tries to not bristle at Matt. He's just doing his job. Everyone's strained and pissed off. "It's all in the paperwork I set on Vi's desk. I did check, again, and it's all clean. Same with the snowglobes. Heck, I even had the other boys check my work to make sure I didn't miss anything. I've looked at it all so much I could have." Taking his as his cue to shove off, he gets up and puts the chair back where he found it. "Parkman, if I could wave a magic wand and have something appear, I would, cause I want to nail this guy. Fact is, on this case, I'm still coming up with accidental."

The smile wilts a little at the mention of take out. She's been used to Mohinder's cooking for awhile now. However, unsure of where they're going to be, she doesn't know if that includes a kitchen. "As long as it isn't pizza again," she replies, trying to smile a bit more for him. She takes a donut, despite the fact that she might be having dinner soon, takes a bite and then pushes the napkin with more of them over toward Holly and Matt. Just in case they might want one, too.

Matt had a hunch that would be the answer. With a small sigh, Parkman nods. "If I had one, I would. But I'm sure Holcome wouldn't be very happy if the magic didn't last, you know?" Glancing down at Molly, Matt smiles an all too vulnerable and telling smile - he's tired. "Nah, I'm thinking Chinese." Mumbling to himself, he adds, "…how'd a bastard like him get lawyers like that anyway." But, of course, Matt has a hunch there too.

Ethan flashes a smile down at Molly, but doesn't take a doughnut. He got them for her. "Nah, she wouldn't. Besides, can't plant evidence," is said across to Matt. "I'll let you two get going, I need to see if I can't drag Vi off for a bite." Then he's off and walking towards her office, "Vi! You ready? Don't make me call out pet names in front of the guys!"

"I'm okay with Chinese," Molly nods and then takes another munch out of her donut, washing it down with hot chocolate. She's like a mini-version of a cop. With hot chocolate instead of coffee. And with no real authority whatsoever. "As long as I can get Kung Pow Chicken." She smiles at Holly for his kindness and for the food and drink. "Nice to meet you, Holly," she says before he goes off in search of his wife.

Matt nods to his colleague before he slumps down in the chair opposite his desk with a sigh. "Well, Detective Walker, how about we hunt down that Kung Pow Chicken. I could use a recharge before I go over this stuff." And the file gets a few pats. But where to go afterward? "Was the hotel nice?"

"I think that would require some very serious work," Molly nods, trying to look as serious as she can. She /is/ in the detective chair after all. "Can I fingerprint something to help find it?" She shrugs and finishes off her donut. "It was okay. I want to go back home, though."

"You know I want that too, hon," Matt says with a slight squint. Don't hate me, Molly! "You have any buddies from school that you could maybe… I dunno. Have a slumber party with?" Inviting yourself over is tough, but…well, /all/ kids have 'powers.' "You know we're just trying to keep you safe, and…" Parkman looks to one side and then the other before he leans in to whisper, "…I can't expect you to hover over your atlas twenty-four-seven."

Molly shrugs, feeling sulky again. She picks up one of her crayons and idly continues to add to her bunnies and flowers drawing. At least it's better than the eyes and Symbols. "I don't know. There's Jill, but I don't know if she could. It's a school night." For people not in hiding. "I know you are, Matt. And I /can't/ hover over my atlas. I don't know where it is." A distressing thought.

Still no luck finding it? This will not do! Matt stands then, grabbing the file once more and giving Molly a pat on the shoulder. "Then we've got ourselves a case, Detective Walker. We've got to get you Kung Pow Chicken and a new atlas." Maybe it won't matter where they are, so long as they're a step ahead of Sylar.

Molly smiles at Matt, if it is a bit weak. Atlases and Kung Pow chicken will definitely help her. "We haven't been back to the apartment yet, remember?" she points out. "I'm sure it's there…but Mohinder won't let me go look." She lowers her voice. "He knows where we live."

"Well, I won't let you either," Matt insists, putting on his best Dad-Face to do it. He leads Molly toward the exit, the file under one arm and his free hand inviting hers. "Just trust us, Molly." Fathers know best?

"I do, Matt." Molly reaches up and takes Matt's hand easily. Grabbing her doodles, she folds them up and slips them into her pocket. "I'll just get another atlas."

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