2009-09-23: Homeward Bound



Date: September 23, 2009


Ivory keeps his word and comes to remove Molly from the holding facility.

"Homeward Bound"

Building 26 - Human Resources

The way they come down the hall, it could be considered something close to the Imperial March. White jacketed doctors or scientist types are on either side of the dark man in the center of it all: Senator Ivory Wynn. He adjusts his tie as they get to teh door of the room, that has guards like a mofo on the outside of it. He nods to one of them and the unlocking process happens. Senator Wynn allows the other guard to enter first, before sending the doctors in with a nod and then, finally, entering into the room himself. Both doctors are silent too, even though one of them is holding a small metal case. Interesting.

In and out of consciousness constantly, Jamie's been losing track of time, but the sound of the marching doctors and Senator grabs her attention, pulls her through the haze back to reality for a few moments anyway. Hardly able to move her head or even focus her eyes, she still does the best she can to try to see what's going on.

At her table, Molly remains prone. As her straps have been tightened and her sedatives upped, she's been in and out of consciousness. If she notices the arrival of Ivory and the doctors, she doesn't let them know. Much like the other prisoners, she seems to be asleep.

Senator Wynn shakes his head a bit. "Watch them." is said to the guard, as he heads directly over to Molly's table. The moment he sees the little girl up close and personal, the stone visage of Government Man fades into something a bit more soft. He even has to take a breath and force himself to raise his hand to reach out for the girl's cheek. "Molly? Are you awake?" he asks, his voice as whispering as he can make it at this point in time. The 'feeling guilty' tone can be heard in his voice too, if someone listens that close.

Jamie stops her attempts to see what's happening after a few moments. She's still awake, though, listening to the Senator (not that she knows who he is) and Molly (if she replies), just resting there for the moment.

The calling of her name and the touch of the hand on her cheek starts Molly awake. "M-Matt?" She's been hoping that her father figure will come and rescue her, but it has still not yet come to be. When she opens her eyes lazily and realizes that it's someone else, someone she doesn't know, she attempts to jerk her face away from his hand. "Wh—-who are you…?" Her words a slurred a little, still under the influence of all the drugs in her system.

Ivory immedately holds his hands up. "Hey, sorry. I'm here to take you out of here." Ivory says, trying to sounds as apologetic as he possibly can. Kids are not supposed to end up like this. Not at all. He sighs and motions for one of the doctors to come over. "I need you to relax. I'm going to take you home but… I need to give you something first. It's going to clear all that bad stuff out of your system, okay?"

Take you home? It takes Jamie's foggy mind a moment to remember that Max said someone would be coming for Molly. He never did explain why just her, though, so she speaks up, she has to ask, "What about.. the rest of us?"

But Molly isn't the only kid here. There are others. There are many other people here, not just younger people. In Molly's experience, doctor's aren't going to be here for good things and she's not about to relax. "Why me? No! Leave me alone!" There's no bad stuff in her system other than the sedatives and that will leave as soon as they take the tube out of her nose.

Sophie slowly begins to come to. After that last event, they probably overmedicated her a bit. She is really groggy, "Wha…?"

"I can only do so much, Molly. They wanted me to start with you. I'm working on getting everyone out of here as fast as I can." Ivory speaks honestly. "You have no reason to trust me. If I were in your position, I wouldn't trust me either. But if you don't let me take you out of here now, they won't let anyone go." Ivory frowns a little bit, lowering his head, "Please. We don't have much time." He looks up then, nodding at the doctor. The other doctor opens the case and reaches in to grab the small needle that's resting on the inside. He holds it up, looking at the cloudy liquid on the inside and then turns his attention to Molly. Ivory reaches down to offer Molly his hand. "Do it." is the order given and the doctor leans down to inject Molly in the neck.

Jamie says softly, "What about me?" Her voice is slightly whiny this time. (What do you expect? She's 11 and miserable. Stubbornness, though, keeps her from crying.) But then she's quiet again, with no idea what to say that might change the man's mind. So, she just listens.

There's not anything that Molly can do, really, to stop the doctors from injecting her with whatever it is they have in their syringe. The touch of Ivory's hand against hers is one that she shouldn't accept, however, she does. It's reluctant at first, but then she grasps it tighter in fear. This is not a situation that she would want to find herself in. Maybe she should connect the fact that he's ordering them to give her the shot along with everything else, but for now she connects it with a reassurance.

It takes awhile after everyone enters the room for Jezabel to become fully coherent, but once she is she quirks. "What's going on?" she questions, her voice cracking, though not as bad as it had on previous days, not after the talking session with Rudyard the other day. "Jamie?" she questions of the younger captive, who she seems to trust a decent amount.

Sophie is blinking blurrily. Probably one of the reasons it may not work, she can hardly see the man, still. She mumbles. "What's going on?"

Oblivious to any vibes he may be giving off just by being the room, Ivory holds Molly's hand as tight as she needs him to. He sighs and shakes his head, knowing that the others in this room are probably going to be upset. "Get her out of this and outside. I'm right behind you." Ivory tells the doctors and the guards, who seem to comply fairly quickly and with a pep in their step as they work together on getting Molly unstrapped and things of that nature, to escort her out of the room. Ivory steps away from Molly's bed and waves a hand to the others. "I'm working on getting all of you out of here. You have my word on that." he explains, trying to keep this blanketed. "I'm working directly with the President to see to it that you're all returned to your homes as quickly as possible. Just, bear with us a little while longer."

Jamie answers Jezabel and Sophie both, "Letting Molly go." She wants to go too, obviously, and seems to be just growing more upset. As much as she can be, given the sedatives flowing so heavily through her system.

Whether Molly believes Ivory or not is a totally different story. For now, sedated and drugged, and shot full of whatever it was that was in the syringe, she doesn't seem to know the difference between good guys and bad guys. Especially whether Ivory is one of them. "Max…" she drifts off. "Jamie…Sophie….Rudy…" She only knows a handful of the captive's names. But she calls them out. She doesn't want to leave them alone. But, she doesn't really have much of a choice in the matter.

Jezabel blinks as she realizes that someone's come to take one of them out. "But…" she gives with a frown, though she says nothing more. "Only her?" she questions, her voice carries an edge of spite to it, as much as it can, at any rate. "Of course, leave the rest of us to suffer while taking out the one that just showed up…" she huffs with annoyance, it's about all she can do. It's not that she dislikes Molly, but she's annoyed that she gets to go and the rest have to stay.

Sophie can't really do much here. But she's not buying what that man she could barely see said. She sighs, 'I wish I had something that could let me get loose.."

"I'm sorry. I'm doing the best I can." Ivory explains, before just turning and heading to the door. He must get out of here before too much other stuff happens to the people in this room. The doctors, definitely, make sure to escort the littlest Molly out of the room also, before the door slams back closed and the locks are done up once again.

Jamie says a soft, "Bye, Molly." After that, she doesn't say anything more just yet. She just lays there quietly, not really knowing what to say, probably. She just waits, listening until they're gone.

Though Molly attempts to struggle a bit, there's little she can do. She's strapped down to a table and there's not much room left for any sort of movement. Out of the room she goes with the doctor's and Ivory. "Wait…" she tells them, but it's not use, she's gone and there's nothing she can do to stop it.

Jezabel makes an attempt to get out of the straps holding her down. Her attempts are, however, feeble. The teen bites her tongue, that or she'll let out a shrill little scream, and she doesn't feel like breaking any eardrums.

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