2008-01-15: Honey, I'm Home


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Summary: Gabriel returns to a scorched room, no Elle, and a static'd agent.

Date It Happened: January 15th, 2008

Honey, I'm Home

By this point in time, the sprinklers in the room have gone off, and the front wall on the inside is scorched; this isn't visible from the street, but the smoke is. the door is wide open, and the cloud filters out like steam in the winter air The window is cracked from the inside, and at least half of it lies on the sidewalk outside. Something happened, but there's not an immediate clue as to what.

Inside the room, Lawrence has dragged himself through the mess of exploded television parts to the wall, where he sits against it with his legs out in front of him. His neck is craned back, and his head rests against the wall behind it; his mouth is open in a slight panting, as if he is trying to regain the rest of his world all of a sudden. Rollercoaster Elle is long gone, and so are her things and bag. The agent is scorched by electric marks in places along his torso and arms, his face is flushed and his hair is disheveled like the rest.

An odd thing is happening on the street. It sounds as if someone is walking down it carrying bags with items inside clinking together, but neither the person carrying the bags or the bags themselves can be seen. Gabriel is putting his invisibility to good use, but there's not much he can do about the sound. As long as he doesn't run into anyone, he'll be okay.

He's nearing the hotel, eyes automatically looking towards the room he and Elle have been occupying. It only takes a second for the smoke to register, and he breaks into a run towards the room, dropping his bags once he's close enough. Sticking his head in, he drops his invisibility so Elle can see him, and he calls out her name as he looks around, not yet spotting Church. "Elle!"

The noise of feet alerts Church first- and by the time Gabriel drops his invisibility, he has become curious. One of his eyes is squinting for a moment to focus, and both of them are still red from the fact he is not ashamed to cry. Though hardly about the scorched coat and suit, and his aching body. If Gabriel does see him now, Lawrence probably has the Least Surprised Face Ever.

"She's gone." He only mutters, but Gabriel of course, will be able to hear him.

As soon as Church speaks, Gabriel turns to him, extending his hand in the man's direction. He picks the man up, holding him up against the wall by the throat, yet he still stands a good five feet away. Telekinesis has its uses. "Where is she?" Gabriel says, his voice calm, flat. It isn't long before Gabriel begins to squeeze his hand, cutting off Church's airway. He has no intention of killing the man, but he's wasting no time in getting answers.

The response isn't quite a frightened one, contrary to the usual. Though Church can feel his stomach whirl around nervously as Gabriel lifts him right out of place, coat and arms hanging, he just squints back at the previous villain and allows the outsides of his eyebrows to lift in a critical inspection. Grk. Not much else to do right then, is there?

"'S'ard t'answer if yer'chkk-" Wait for it. "-chokin'me."

Ol'Larry barely gets it out, but it comes. "Sh'fine. Gone."

The ex-killer doesn't let go, not just yet; he has one more question for Church. "Who do you work for?" he says, the pressure on Church's throat relaxing so he can breathe easier. He answers the first question, no reason to choke him further. at least he's complying with the force.

The man gets a strained look on his face- but at the question. His eyes swivel to the faraway floor, sad and shameful. "Who do you think, Gabriel?" Church rasps back, and continues fast before Gabe can start another question. He probably will want to know why he came, anyway. "Angela sent me for her. But she's like a daughter to me. Wouldn't take her back like that…" A relationship of twenty-three years, condensed in six words.

Dropping Church, Gabriel turns to the room, a look of anger flashing across his face. Angela. How dare she ask him to do what she did, then send the Company after Elle? What does she expect? Gabriel made it clear to Noah and her that they just wanted to be left alone. He doesn't know what Elle's plans were overall, but he's sure the Company wasn't part of them.

Gabriel steps between the beds, kneeling down and grabbing a duffel bag that contains some of his clothes. Luckily it escaped damage. He slings it over his shoulder, turning back to Church. "You can tell Angela to be expecting me." With that said, he heads towards the door, intending to gather his painting supplies and head to the watchshop. Hopefully Elle will already be on her way there.

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