2009-11-14: Hoodie of JOY!



Date: November 14, 2009


Two acquaintances meet in the park. There is much joy and some drugs. And more JOY. And some other things…

"Hoodie of JOY!"

Central Park and Eric's Apartment

After running away from Hallis' apartment, Sydney needed some air. Nothing like watching a couple go from small PDA to all out making out… she shudders and pushes the thought out of her head. Even though it's dark out, she finds herself in Central Park. Fear isn't exactly at the front of her thoughts. But it is chilly out… carefully she pulls the purple sweatshirt on. And then… tingles. Happy tingles. Beaming, Sydney takes a seat on one of the many benches, sharing her joy (and Ivory-like-enthrallment-love) into the park. Several couples begin to demonstrate levels of PDA comparable to George and Hallis, but strangely, Sydney no longer cares… she just sits and BEAMS —utter joy radiating through her entire being.

And down the way comes…a runner. Dressed in a black jumpsuit the young man with short-short hair and a clean shaven face might just be familiar to the beaming and much joyful woman on the bench. Of course he slows his jogging as he notices the sudden demonstrations of affection slowly infecting the area Eric Lancaster comes jogging into. One eyebrow raises slowly at that as he notes the interesting times before he just shakes his head and starts to jog out of the area a little faster….

Only to slow down again…and smile slowly…I mean. Really. WHY should he be in such a hurry. Its such a nice night out, no reason to get anywhere quickly is there. None at all. You should just enjoy it right?

Its then that his dark eyes notice a familiar figure on a bench. Sitting there beaming towards the world. Well why shouldn't he wave? He reconnises her, its Gene's friend! He'll just beam right back!

Is some guy waving at her? That's awesome! Dreamily Sydney waves back, until… wait… she knows him! Kind of. Gene's friend. She stands up and strolls over towards the man dressed in black, "HELLOOoooooooo!" Yes, she is that happy and still grinning ear-to-ear. As she approaches, she offers him that same large, toothy grin. "I know you," she says merrily. "You know me! It's such a good day, isn't it? I nice evening to be in the park!" BEAM. GRIN. JOY!

Something at the back of his mind is yammering at Eric that /something/ is odd about this whole thing. However at the moment there isn't anything he can think of thats wrong about it. He's just happy to see her. "Yes I think you do! You're…" He pauses as he comes to a stop next to her and beams happily right back down towards her. "Sydney right? Starbucks?" He asks as he beams right back towards her before he holds out his hand for a shake.

"Yeah! That's me! Sydney. Syd-ney. SYDney. Sid-knee. Huh, I never knew my name sounded so funny!" Sydney giggles back at Eric. "And YES! From STAR-bucks." Each word is particularly enunciated. She's not drunk, that much is clear. "And YOU. YOU are Eric. That sounds like a word. Sydney doesn't," she continues to beam as she shakes his hand. "How are you, E-ric? Enjoying the park?!"

"Well Syd-ney of Star-bucks," Eric says with a laugh. "I was just thinking how /good/ the park is tonight. Everyone seems to be so very happy! I like it when people are happy you know. Everyone should like that. Right?" He does take the hand, and then seemingly on a whim instead of shaking the hand just pulls said hand forwards and pressing a quick kiss to her knuckles as he bows over her hand. Its just a silly gesture yes, but silly is somehow a very good idea at the moment.

"Well that was very chivalrous!" Sydney beams most happily. "Everyone should be this happy! I don't know what's making the park so GRAND tonight! I mean either it's making me happy or I'm making it that way! But you know what they say: when you smile at the world it SMILES back at ya!" She grins up at him before curtseying (an equally silly gesture), but it makes sense at this moment. "I feel like we should dance or something now!" she giggles again.

"Well I've been called a knight before, so chivalrous is just fine sn't it?" Eric replies with a laugh towards the woman before he nods once towards her. "And smiles are good whatever you do right?" He adds before he laughs once again. "You really /are/ just in a good mood arn't you?" He says with a wink towards her before he decides to well give her a hug. I mean hugs are good right? Its a spinning hug, a pick up of the ground hug, one quick spin before he sets her back on the ground again. "Well there isn't any music I'm sorry to say."

"WHEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" Sydney cheers as she clutches around his neck while in the hug and giggles as she's spun in a circle. "YES! I am in a really excellent mood! So are you, I think!" She continues to beam. And then she adds with that same smile and excited tone, "I could sing!! Then there'd be music!" She begins to loudly sing her rendition of Walking on Sunshine, her arms still around his neck. Oh yes, she's all kinds of happy and freakishly uninhibited at this moment.

"Well now I am at least!" Eric says with a laugh of his own that joins her. "I'm not complaining about it at all either!" A pause before he nodnods. "This is true, but its hard to sing and dance at the same time it is." He replies as he settles his arms around her waist. Long sleeves of course, but no gloves. So his eyes are slowly dialating as he looks down towards her. "You sing pretty good though, so feel free to continue!"

"Really?! I never thought I was good at singing! Except in the shower! I'm reeeeeeallly good at showering in the morning! I mean I'm good at singing in the shower in the morning! I sound good in there, you know?" Sydney tilts her head at Eric. "So what brings a nice boy like you to a place like this?" she keeps beaming! Her arms are still comfortably wrapped around his neck.

"Isn't everyone good at sining in the shower?" Eric asks before he smiles down towards her. "And we are all good at showering…at least we all /should/ be good at showering. I mean thats just bad if you aren't good at it. Right?" He asks of her before he hrmmms slightly as he flashes her an impish grin. "Who says I'm a nice boy? I'm a Lancaster. All Lancaster's are evil you know." He says it lightly before he shakes his head. "I just like to jog, but then I was gonna go back home. I /do/ have music there you know."

"You're probably right! Gene would hang out with an evil boy!" Sydney teases lightly with that same grin. Finally she lowers her arms from his neck, still smiling up at him, "Is that an invitation Mister Lan-cast-er or merely an observation to torture me knowing that music is so close, yet so far?" Smile. Beam. Joy. Flirt. Blame Lena's drugs of awesome.

"He would wouldn't he," Then a wink and he taps the side of his nose with one finger. "Keep the noise about him down right?" He says with a grin and a wink before he pauses a moment to think on her question. "Hrmmm. Well /yes/ to both of them! Its a invitation and if you don't take it its torture both!" He adds with a wink towards her.

"OH right! I forgot!" Sydney whispers lightly as she winks back at him. But her error hasn't phased her joy, excitement, or overall sense of good feelings, in fact, she finds it strangely funny and suppresses a giggle from escaping her lips. "Well I'll take the invitation then! It's a perfect evening! No reason not to accept! Wouldn't want to torture yoooooooooooou!" She links arms with him. "Which way are we going, sir?"

"That way my dear new friend!" Eric replies as he points off to one direction….which is in fact the same direction she just came wondering from. Since he lives in the same complex that Hallis does. "And you wouldn't? I don't know. Some kinds of torture are rather fun!" He adds with a wink towards her before he offers her his arm. Seems he feels like properly escorting her tonight it seems. Hopefully she'll go for it. "Since you did take the invitation, there is dinner involved for you if you want it!"

"Oooo I like to eat!" Sydney chimes before adding with a smirk, "You're probably in the presence of one of the few New York women who does! Dinner —I struck gold tonight!" She winks again tilting her head at him. She's content to be in his company at this moment. And as much as she is enamoured with Ivory, at this moment she's convinced Ivory wouldn't mind. Nothing like drugs to remove any inhibition that might be there. "Wow, I just came from this direction!" she observes with a half-smirk.

"Really? You did?" Eric looks slightly surprised by that. "You live over in this direction then?" He asks as he keeps on towards his own apartment complex. "Oh I know at least one other that likes to eat! However she isn't here right now, and you are. Therefor /you/ get dinner. See. Logic right?" He adds as he keeps on towards the complex, starting at a easy pace that will eat up the distance in short order.

"I did! And no, I don't live there! I was making a house call! See, I'm a ther-a-pist! I do that sometimes! Not often, but when I have to!" Sydney says matter-of-factly in that equally joyful tone. "Soooo weird, client lives in your building!" She giggles at his logic though and tilts her head, "I think eating is the tops! Same with drinking! AND dancing! Singing! LAUGHING! Smiling! Remembering something that makes me LAUGH!" As she lists each of these items she points to a finger like she's purposely listing them off. She's not. Or at least, it's not on purpose.

"Well then Miss Ther-a-pist!" Eric replies as he shows her back into the building and grins easily as he waves her towards the elevator. "I'm not surprised that a client lives in this building. Most people here are a little bit crazy. I think they put it in the building requirements." He pauses a moment looking at her with a seriousness that can only be chemically induced as she lists all the things. "Those…" He says slowly. "…are all very excellent things! Though you left out kissing!" He says in a sensible tone of voice as some voice that he quashes in the back of his mind tries to yammer something about bad ideas.

"Fancy buildings tend to do that," she observes as she climbs into the elevator. As the door closes she promptly puts her hands around his neck. "Mmmmmmm," Sydney says with an amused smile. "Kissing definitely belongs on the list. First kisses higher than others." She gazes into his eyes, observing fleck of colour, "My, my, my you certainly are man-pretty," she bites her bottom lip as she leans into him to him.

Hands around neck. Staring into eyes. Biting lip. Leaning in….

This is where Eric has an Eric-Land Moment.

On one shoulder pops Devil-Eric. Dressed to the nines with a three piece white suit and little horns on his head. "…dude! What are you waiting for?!"

On the other shoulder pops Angel-Eric. Dressed in white robes with the halo and the harp. Angel-Eric pauses a moment there and stares at the scene.

"…well. Aren't you going to object?" Devil-Eric asks.
"I'm thinking! You interrupted me dude!"
"From what? Morning prayer?!"
"Its night!"
"…I know idiot."
"I'm not an idiot dude."
"….did you just call me dude?"
"Dude you are toked up! You could eat a warehouse full of Pringles right now couldn't you!"

Ninja-Eric leaps out from stage left and throwing stars the both of the other two. Then bows to Eric before dissappearing in a puff of conscience.
…but argument ever.

"…man-pretty? Is that a good thing?" He says with a smirk towards her before he's suddenly pulling her forwards and leaning down with a bright look in his eyes. Those eyes though are dark, midnight dark at the moment as he pulls her forwards slowly to deliver a long and slow kiss right against her lips. Right there in the elevator. Not something to do if he was in his right mind…
…but hey. The ninja said it was alright.

"Yes. Kissing defintely belongs on the list, and you certainly are girl-beautiful."

Eyes close gently as Eric's lips make contact. The kiss is deepened by Sydney, the level of passion in it increasing. After several moments she breaks it. Only to plant a lighter kiss on his neck. "Everyone wants to be man-pretty," Sydney whispers into his ear, still beaming. She giggles against lightly at the notion of being girl-beautiful, and leans away far enough to make eye contact once again. "I can think of other things that belong on the list…" She grins mischievously.

Thats so not helping keeping ones thoughts in a line. Not at all. Usually Eric might have been able to realise something was wrong and break free of the influence that is working on him. However his defences were down, his logical mind attempted to fight back even at this late stage of the game and a slight frown appears for just a moment on his features. However that deepened kiss simply washes every bit of objection away after a long moment of passionate silence.

…its been a long time…

A very long time.

Pulling her out of the elevator his eyes darken still further with the pull of his emotions before he pulls her towards one of the doors. A quick twist of a key in the lock and the door opens. With a mischievous grin of his own he's suddenly sweeping her up in his arms, lifting her off her feet before he leans down slightly to whisper. "Well then miss Ther-A-Pist, lets explore these other things." Pause. "And we might have to make that dinner a breakfast." He adds with just a hint of a rolling growl in his voice as he carries her over the threshold of his apartment and then pushes the door shut with his foot.

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