2008-02-27: Hospital Visit


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Summary: Cam and Sophie visit Kory at the hospital.

Date It Happened: February 27th, 2008

Hospital Visit

Mt. Sinai Hospital

It's been a busy day as being laid up in a hospital. Dr. Cameo has gruffly checked in, smirked at Kory, insulted her playfully (because it's no fun to pick on a patient who's really not cowed by the cultivated bullethead attitude, and really, how intimidating is a cranky doctor with a bad limp and a perpetual 5 o'cock shadow when you've spent a week in the clutches of a guy who loves you but is just a teense more screwloose than is safe?), and left her to her own devices.

Tito swung by with the comics they delivered on Wednesday so she'd have something to read, though he didn't stay to keep her company. Randall made an early visit, but had to get back to whatever he's doing on the Wheel Of Employment this week. So Kory is nose deep in a copy of Green Lantern, propped up on pillows, and drinking from a positively enormous cup of water, on doctor's orders to make sure she flushes her system.

Sophie has some time, and she has had Kory in her thoughts quite a bit. Its an odd situation. She really barely knew the girl before this all happened, but still feels like she knows her so well. So, that is probably what has Sophie tapping on the door of the hospital room during visiting hours.

Kory looks up from the comic, and sets it aside. "Oh, hello, Sophie," she says, with a smile. A little bit of a blush. Is she here to see if Randall's here? A bit of bewilderment crosses her face briefly. "Come on in."

Sophie walks further in. She says, "I was just checking to see, well, how you were doing. I would've brought something, but I don't know what you'd want."

"Really? That's…that's so nice of you," Kory says, stunned. "I mean…you barely even know me." But she's clearly touched by the gesture. "Don't worry about it. The company alone is an appreciated gift, I promise."

Cam navigates his way through the hospital, and finally, after ending up in the wrong wards three times, ends up in the right ward. Then, a moment talking to the nurse later, and he makes his way into the room, "Kory?"

Sophie says, "Oh, it isn't any trouble. But, really, would you like me to bring something next…" then she turns as there is a new arrival. "Oh, see, other visitors." as she moves to the side to let Cam get to Kory.

"A pillow for Randall would probably be the first thing I could ask for. He didn't say a word, but I think he put a crick in his neck sleeping in that chair," Kory tells Sophie. Then her face lights up as Cam pokes his head in. "Cam! Hi!" She waves. She'd get up to hug him, but still attached to monitors, IVs and the like.

Cam glances up to Sophie, but then smiles to Kory and hurries over to stand by the bed, "Hi." He says, smiling, "Really glad you're ok. Was really worried."

Sophie nods, "I had a feeling he wouldn't be leaving very often." she says, smiling. "I'm glad to see you seem to be doing better, though." she looks over towarde the new arrival, saying, "Oh, I'm probably intruding. I'm Sophie. I was.. just around when they found Kory. I'd been in the store once, and I kind of wanted to make sure she was alright."

Kory reaches out to touch Cam's chin with her fingers. "I'm sorry I worried you," she says gently. "I don't think Leslie intended for things to go as far as they did. Other than the drugs, he was a perfect gentleman. The worst he did was kiss me once." Which of course lends credence to the bleak words Leslie spoke saying something similar.

"You're not intruding, Sophie. This is Cam. He's cool." She smiles at him, sharing an inside joke with the boy. "You're a friend now. I mean, you helped Randall find me, get me home safe."

Cam bites his lip and nods a little bit to Kory's words, a flash of guilt on his face. He looks up to Sophie again and says, "I don't mind." He adds, as he's introduced, "Hi."

Sophie smiles, "Oh, a friend." she says, 'Its good to meet you, then.' she pauses, at the flash, but she turns to Kory and says, "There were so many people working for that." she then smiles, "You have some pretty good friends."

"Really?" Kory seems to vaguely remember a brunette woman trying to be kind to her in her drug-addled state. And a big scary bald man. And a smirky man with gingery-blond hair. "I …I had no idea. I'm very lucky." She ducks her head. "Lucky to be alive, and lucky to have such good friends."

Cam nods a little and says, "When we were at the Lair with the guy that took ya, there was a whole bunch of people there, mad. Ian, Tito, Mr. Jones, KeLyssa…" Then he adds, "KeLyssa wouldn't let me help rescue you, but I made posters… dunno if they did any good."

Sophie nods, "Being new in town, I agree. Most of my friends are hundreds of miles away."

"You…you made posters?" Kory asks, eyes shining. "And it wasn't exactly a rescue," she says. "I was sitting on a bed with my hands and my ankles tied. And somebody came and teleported me back to my own place." She looks solemnly at Cam. "Honestly? It's a good thing you didn't come. Where he had me …the weather was not your kind of scene." But she's touched that he made posters, and it shows.

"Yes, but now you have friends here," Kory tells Sophie. "You can count me among them for as long as you like. I don't forget kindnesses like yours."

Cam nods quickly to Kory and smiles, "Yep. Didn't know what else to do. Had to do something to help." He looks back up to Sophie again and adds, "Mine too, if you helped."

Sophie blushes a bit, and she says, "Oh, anyone would. But thank you both, I'm glad to hear that." she then grins at Kory, "Are you allowed to have food other than what they serve here? I could get you something like that next time."

"Yeah, I think so. Just…" Kory pauses, wincing. "Nothing with pomegranate in it, okay?" She sighs. "I don't know that I'll ever be able to eat anything like that again." She shakes her head, but collects herself. "You helped a lot, Sophie." She gives the other woman a very serious look. She won't go into detail in front of Cam, but hopefully her expression conveys her seriousness, her sincerity, her gratitude.

Cam looks back to Kory curiously at her stipulation about the food, but just nods a little. He then says to Kory, "How long do you have to stay in here? I'll come every day you're here. I'd stay all the time, but no way my new foster family'd let me."

Sophie shakes her head, as she says, "That boy sure did know how to run a metaphor into the ground, didn't he?" she sighs, "Kory, Kore, pomegranates? Did he realize that made him Hades?"

Kory beams at Cam's sweet determination. "Leslie gave me pomagranates. I should've realized the symbology," she admits, grimacing. "And the way he called me Kore." Not Kory, not Kor. But Kore. "And yes, Soph. I think he did realize." Which is why she looks a little sad, perhaps. "So…not my fave flave just now is all." And glad for the change of subject, she adds, "You have a new foster family?"

Cam nods quickly to Kory then and says, "Uh-huh. Furnace got stuck on at school and had to come here. Guess 'cause they couldn't find Niki, they moved me to a new family."

Sophie doesn't, of course, know this part of the story. But, she does listen for the moment.

"She…they didn't find her?" Kory looks a little stricken. "I'm sorry, Cam."

Cam blinks, and says, "Oh! We found her. But she's been staying out at this company called Pinehearst, working for them and they're helping her get her memory back I guess. But guess she was out of town or something, she didn't get in to the hospital until late, and by that time they'd already arranged things."

Sophie looks a little relieved, by proxy. She murmurs, "Oh, thought we were going to be looking for someone else now."

Kory turns, at the mention of Pinehearst and goes to the pile of stuff on her nightstand. The Pinehearst name is on the card left for her with Charlotte Corday's number. "Oh." She examines the card, shrugs, and sets it down again. "I'm glad she's okay. And that she has her memory back." At least Cam seems to be taking it all in stride.

Cam shrugs a bit again and says, "I don't know if she *has* it back yet, but they're helping her. That's what she said, anyway." He then comments, "The new family, they're ok I guess. Lotsa rules… and have to go to church."

Sophie smiles a bit. "I suppose that could be hard getting used to. I had to do the same when I was living at home."

Kory gives a dainty little shudder, and looks away. "Haven't done the church thing in …years." More explanation than that is not forthcoming. "So — what's going on in the world? They won't let me have TV because they want me to stay calm."

Cam nods quickly in agreement with Sophie, "Yeah, it's… weird. Gotta talk and act a certain way there too, still not used to it." He looks back to Kory and says, "I dunno, nothing interesting I've heard about."

Sophie shakes her head as she says, "Nothing important I can think about." she chuckles, "It probably defeats the purpose if it drives you crazy, you know."

Kory grins at Sophie. "I don't doubt. That's part of why I don't go." She seems to catch the odd resonance in her choice of words, but shakes it off. "Oh, come on, there has to be something interesting in the world."

Cam shrugs and grins a bit sheepishly, "Might be. I never watch the news. Hardly watch TV anymore, even, 'cause my foster parents got so many rules about what I can watch."

Sophie whoas, "They do sound strict. But it is better than those who don't care what you do. I know.." she grins, "It probably doesn't seem that way now."

Kory smiles faintly at Cam. "Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, isn't that the saying?" she asks him with a wry expression.

Cam nods quickly in agreement with both, and grins a bit, "Yeah, I guess it is. And they're not *that* bad. They let me go out whenever I want, long as I'm back by curfew. Just not used to so many rules, I guess."

Sophie nods, saying, "I can understand that. It has to be difficult getting used to different families."

Kory draws her knees up to her chest. "Wow. We're just a cheery bunch today, aren't we?" She shrugs. "I can't wait until they let me out. I am so bored."

Cam grins up to Kory again and says, "You're back. And you're ok, not lost your memory or anything. 'Nough for me." He grins and says, "I'll get used to my family, so it'll be ok eventually."

Kory beams at Cam. "You're a very optimistic person," she tells the kid. "I should emulate you." "Is…is Leslie all right," she wonders aloud. "I know it seems a silly thing to ask after all we went through because of him. But …I don't know. I just dont have it in me to hate him for what he thought was a grand romantic gesture."

Sophie has to look curious about that too. "He is.. I can understand what drove him." she rubs her forehead, not wanting to elaborate too much, 'More than I would want to. But I hope he finds the help he needs.'

Cam shrugs a bit to Kory and says, a bit sheepishly, "Not that much, really. Just right now." Then he nods quickly and says, "He's ok. A bit of frostbite, but fine."

Kory blinks. "…frostbite?" But they were in Ber — and then it dawns on her. "Oh, Cam, you didn't…!" She covers her mouth, not angry with him, but shocked.

Sophie really doesn't have any idea, but she doesn't know. She looks puzzled. "It really isn't that cold out there, is it? How'd that happen?"

Cam bites his lip, looking a little ashamed at Kory's expression, and says softly, "I was mad. Wasn't thinking." He looks down and shrugs a bit.

"Well, good to know," Kory says. "And maybe it was just he wasn't prepared for the weather. He'd planned to whisk me off to some sunny tropical locale." She shrugs, realizing Sophie isn't in on that secret.

Sophie is, unfortuntely perhaps, not that clueless. She notices Cam's reaction, then she pauses, "Oh, yes.. I guess that's it."

"So — you mentioned class?" Kory asks. "What're you studying?"

Cam glances up to Sophie as she says that, and then looks back to Kory. But, now, he stays quiet, just standing by Kory's bed and listening to the conversation.

Sophie looks over to Cam, saying, "Yea, I'm going to college. I JUST started, so taking lots of stuff I remember from high school. What are you taking?"

Kory leans back into the pillows, allowing her two friends to exchange info and conversation without her for a minute or two.

Cam looks up to Sophie again as she asks him, and answers, "I'm in grade 7. At Brubaker. I take whatever they tell me to take right now," he says with a bit of a grin. "Next year I get to pick a couple."

Sophie ahhs and nods, "I remember that. Some classes end up fun, others.. not so much. The teacher matters, though."

"I …breezed through college," Kory admits. "But I don't sleep much." Well, she didn't. These days, from her ordeal, she seems to be sleeping nearly the hours an ordinary person does. "I don't miss it. Envy's not pretty."

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