2007-05-25: Hospitals Make Laurel Paranoid


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Summary: Laurel stops by to visit Daphne before heading out of town for a photography gig.

Date It Happened: 25 MAY 2007

Hospitals Make Laurel Paranoid

Some hospital in NYC

Daphne still has a hell of a headache right behind her eyes. She's here for a little while at least, just for observation, even if she wants to get out of here. At least she has an excuse for why she missed work, though… The CT scan showed a little damage, something equivalent to a concussion. She's been claiming that she doesn't remember what happened since she arrived at Natalie's apartment, but she's aware that the girl's ability did something unanticipated.

Still in the hospital gown, she's sitting on the edge of the bed, bare toes just touching the floor. She's got an IV that she's seriously considering pulling out, though it's likely they'll put it right back in if she does.


They'll put it in another vein, but they'll definitely put it back in! Best not to bother with it, right? Right.

It isn't easy to get to see someone in a hospital even when they call you there. First of all, Laurel was busy on a job when she got the message, and she had to write down the information of the hospital on a wedding napkin. And when that ended, she still had to finish the reception. Plenty of time for a CT scan. Luckily, they only paid for her for a limited amount of hours, so when the time ran out, she packed up her cameras, dropped those off at the apartment, and hurried to the hospital.

After a few moments of figuring out where she went off to, she gets led there by an aide. Knocking lightly on the side of the open door, she steps inside and moves towards the chair. "Hey there. What happened?" The aide turns and leaves, after checking to make sure everythings in place in the room. Including the IV.


When Laurel arrives, Daphne smiles. The whites of her eyes are still disturbingly red, but it's not really bothering her. She can still see, anyway, even if it's a little itchy. She waits for the aide to leave before she even starts to explain.

Shifting in the bed, looking toward the hall outside, she says, "Officially, I don't remember," she says in a quiet voice. Hopefully Natalie will corroborate that, though as long as Daphne maintains that she doesn't have a clue what went on, anything Natalie says will be true, at least as far as the doctors know it. Notably, the accent is nearly gone; there's still a hint of it, but it's not even close to as bad as it was before.

"Asked some pigeons to help me find Natalie. Got into an argument, she did that… thing again. My nose started bleeding." She'll procede to tell the rest of the story - the splitting headache, the ambulance, arrival at the hospital. "They say I have a concussion."


Everything that her friend says is taken in, and it only takes a few sentances for the other girl to speak up in a surprised, "Hey, you sound a /lot/ better." Laurel does listen to the rest, though, but the first bit surprised her. Almost normal! It's a relief. There's a touch of an accent added in, but she sounds so much more understandable. "Wow— at least she changed it back. Guess all that— whatever she was doing— caused a lot of— well it must have hurt you." Obviously!

"But you'll be okay. The nurses said you were almost ready to be released. Which is good… I'm so glad it's just a concussion." It could have been a lot worse, right? Like… permenant brain damage! Or something. Concussions are just… swelling, right? Usually goes down.

"And your job isn't in danger anymore either. That's good… You can— you can read now, right?"


"Yeah, she couldn't fix it entirely, I guess." Then again, Daphne wouldn't have tried, either, if she and Natalie's roles were reversed and Natalie was bleeding. Daphne's not even going to ask; she's already on the way to unlearning this, and she can live with the little bit she has left. There's no reason to risk another episode like this.

"She took away my ability to speak entirely first," Daphne says. "That's what did it— At least as far as I can figure. I guess she felt guilty. I think I woulda left there still… Scrambled." That's the best way she can describe it.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Wouldn't even need to be here if I remembered what happened." And… Technically, she does, but telling people about Natalie's ability is out of the question. "Sure hurts like it's more than a concussion— " She pauses, looking across the room where she sees a sign in plain text - "Please turn off all cell phones? Yeah, I can read. Everything looks fine. Lemme tell you, that was /weird./ And yeah, I put a call into work, and I'm on sick time instead of suspension now."


"At least you're okay now," Laurel says, reaching over to touch her friend's hand, giving her an odd look before she glances towards the odd monitors. She doesn't know what half of them do— but the one with the IV bag hanging off it is attached to her friend! She knows that! "Really glad you can read and everything. And the whole… accent thing. It got really hard to understand you after the second time." Second time her best friend was a big jerk to a stranger. Of course she had reason…

Part of her has to wonder… "Do you think maybe the— maybe what happened at the Zoo, with the puppy— maybe it caused some damage and made whatever it is she did to you… worse?" Does that make any sense? She's not sure! Does ANYTHING they can do make sense?

"Listen— I can stay with you for a few hours, but then I need to go home and pack. I'm— are you going to be able to watch after Lucky or should I get my parents to come by and feed her for me?"

That's her other option, but she'd love for her friend to do the honors. At least then her bunny will be in company who understand's a rabbit's unique quirks and needs.


Daphne nods, turning her hand over so she can hold onto Laurel's for a brief second, before she lets go. She does look harried, tired, even if her eyes weren't completely bloodshot. "I couldn't even understand me. I dunno what she did, Laur… After the second time, it's like I couldn't… I don't know. Whatever she did— "

Daphne quiets for a moment as a nurse comes into the room to check her IV, make a note on the chart, then leave.

" —Whatever she did, she was really good at it." Her head leans back on the pillow, eyes closing. "Had my parents pick up my car. They came by earlier, n' I think my dad managed to get it back to my house without crashing it. They're watching the animals while I'm here." Daphne tilts her head a little, giving her friend a look of confusions, before nodding. She understands… "It might? I don't know, it just felt like when she scrambled me the last time, she was…" Trailing off, Daphne shakes her head. "I dunno."

There's a smile and a shrug that follows. "I can still watch Lucky. I'll bring her home with me for awhile. She can play with Shadow." Shadow being her black rabbit that was Lucky's roommate while she was getting better. "You're not gonna worry about me while you're gone, right?"


When the nurse arrives, Laurel just moves out of the way, watching her quietly with some odd interest in what she's doing, and a nod and word or two. Just saying hi. Being friendly. Someone has to be! But she knows her friend can be that way too. Once the woman is gone, she looks back at Daphne and waits for more words, nodding in relief at what she's got her parents to do. "Good to have parents in town, huh?" she admits, knowing more than a few people who have parents that live in other cities or states, making it difficult to call on them for help of any kind. Her little zoo needs someone to feed it. She'd hate for the ferrets to suddenly decide Shadow's a treat.

"Oh good. I didn't want her to be lonely while I was gone." She's already thinking of getting her a boyfriend, since she spends so much time working on things. It's hard to spend enough time with her mostly black rabbit.

Worry about her while she's gone… "Well, I'll worry less now that she's taken everything back. Fixed things. But— you should really work on… not taking your anger out on people. I mean— I know /why/ you were mad. The puppy, that's tragic and terrible, especially since you… felt it… but…" She could have avoided a lot of trouble.


"They were a little freaked out that I have an Australian accent now," Daphne says with a chuckle. "There's this thing the doctors think I have, though… Explains it well enough. Can't remember what they called it, though, but it made sense. I mean, my parents have an accent, so they can't think it's too weird. I'm glad they came by, though." Of course they would, they're her parents! It's just… good to have people around. "Almost told 'em what really happened, but I don't think they'd understand. Maybe one day." She'd like to tell them before she can't, at any rate.

"Lucky'll fit right in, you don't have to worry about that, at least. Where is it you're going again?" Somewhere for that camera thing she does, with the pictures.

At the admonishment, Daphne sits up again, rolling her eyes. "Well— " Yeah, she doesn't really have an explanation for what she did, because it was so completely random, and … Well. "I'll work on it. I didn't expect her to be able to… You know. I mean, normally I wouldn't do anything like that to the zoo patrons, but… That's why I was off on my own. So I wouldn't." She reaches out for Laurel's arm again. "Thanks for putting up with me while I was being an idiot."


"It sounds neat, though, whatever it is," Laurel says, looking over at her friend with a smile. Her boring old New Yorker middle class accent is boring. In fact, her schooling took proper training to keep her from getting a dumb Brooklyn accent or something worse. And if there's a condition that the doctors can write it off as? Even better. "Definitely not yet. But if there's so many of us just… walking around… sure they'll find out someday." Though they might get found out as is already and get written off as tabloid stories! … Mmm.

Anyway… "Lucky's pretty good, yeah. She's even gotten use to the flash of the camera." That had been important! Once she got used to the flash, things were great between them.

"It's okay. It's done now— and hey, you'll get reminded of this every time you talk now." Which kind of sucks, but… "Do know you were upset, so— don't think you're an idiot. Just had something bad happen. That's all. Bad things don't happen every day." Though animals do die every day… Mm… "So…" She looks around, then picks up a magazine that's sitting nearby. A very girly magazine. With one of those 'how to find a perfect man'. "Want to read a magazine?" Since she CAN read now…


Laughing, Daphne shakes her head. "I'll lose it eventually. I hope." It's always going to be her 'primary' dialect, though she can cover it up well enough already. "I kind of want to /tell/ them, you know? Not… Have them find out that their daughter's a mutant by accident. I just wish I knew that when I tell them, they're not gonna flip out." As far as abilities go, Daphne's is pretty harmless, until she has an elephant stomp someone.

A rather flat smile is offered at the revelation that she'll be reminded of what she did every time she speaks now. "Well, yeah, that's a good point. Guess I have to be careful. S'funny, I went for months without knowing there were any more people like me out there, and after we had lunch that one day, suddenly I've met… I dunno, half a dozen, at least." Taking the magazine, she looks up at her friend for a moment, then adds, "Y'know, you don't have to stay if you're bored. I know you're leaving in the morning. I'm just glad you could stop by beforehand."


"Maybe you'll tell them and find out that they can do something too. Never know, right?" Laurel says, giving her shoulders a shrug. "You could always start with what the girl who did this to you could do. And— maybe if they believe you on that and don't try to tell you to see a shrink, you can throw in what you do." Or… not. Either way there's options of how they might NOT freak out. The last one might work best, considering how odd things have happened to their daughter in the last few days.

"It's not that I'm /bored/ you know— it's just— I'm not a fan of hospitals. They make me…" Paranoid? What doesn't make her paranoid? "I'm glad I could stop by, at least. Especially to find out what really happened."

And you know, she never answered that question. "An art gallery is doing a special… seminar in one of the British Virgin Islands. They want to add the whole thing to a magazine spread. Think it'll help them get more rich people to sign up to learn how to paint, you know? There's wild lizard things, there. The island's famous for them. I'll get you some pictures." With that, she reaches over and touches her friend's hand. "You take better care of yourself. Your animals need you, right?"


Daphne gives Laurel an odd look and a smile. "My parents? Nah." There's no way. Right? Though she read in that Activating Evolution book that this could very well be genetic. It's just that her parents have always been so … normal? That would be the word for it. Slightly affluent, caring, /French-Canadian,/ but still totally normal. If she were to find out that her mother was really some sort of superhero, or her father masqueraded as a villain, she'd probably go crazy. But Laurel has a good point. She could talk to them about what just happened. Make it a joke.


"I don't much want to be here, either," she says, looking at the white walls, the old TV that's currently off, the empty bed next to her that'll probably have someone in it at some point before she leaves. Hospital food, the gown she's wearing, the needle sticking in her arm that stings every now and then… "Gonna take a cab home tomorrow, though.

"And have fun. Sounds like a good gig. You get to buy me lunch when you get back." Photographers make a lot of money, right? Enough for a meal, certainly. "I think I'm gonna pass out now, anyway, so I'll see you when you get back."

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